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  1. English is not my first language, nevertheless I'll give it a go: (~Quantity of smth) ---> "Liability: 0" ---> "Faults: 0" ---> "Oversights: 0" ---> "Alert escalation:0" (Level of....), or simply as listed below as a single word ---> "Escalation: 0" ---> "Disruption:0" ---> "Disturbance: 0" ---> "Annoyance:0" ---> "Negligence:0" ---> "Sloppiness:0 --->"Carelessness:0" Stealth score really is a weird one but it's oddly challenging to find something better.
  2. Yes, the sheet-covered furniture pieces mostly for me too. As I intend to search many nooks and crannies, I have gotten stuck on about 20% missions I play. Noclip sounds like a perfect counter.
  3. EDIT: Just now found the console commands. They should be of much help. Thanks for the great game. I try moving in every direction, also while crouching or trying to jump. Hitting with sword, blackjack, readying arrow shot, leaning, mantling.. Sometimes it helps and sometimes I have to restart. Was wondering if there is some way to nudge the character? Make them clip through objects with a command that I don't know about? Happens way too often and I don't like to use saves to minimize my losses, as it ruins the game for me. Everything else about the game is.. close to perfection... other than falling to death where I expect character to climb down. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.
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