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  1. Finally you give me the time I need to finish something before I have to download the latest enhancements again! If all goes well, I will now be able to finish my two missing campaign missions with 3.8.0. Should you then want to escape your hometown for a few days soon, you know where I live...and I will arrange a feast for you that hasn't been seen since the days when Austria was still part of Bavaria!
  2. As someone who likes nothing better than writing dialogs, briefings and texts for audio logs for missions, from my point of view I can only agree with @Narrator I love giving my texts to real people and giving them directions here and there (quite often I dont even have to do that, because the guys already recognize from the text what I want from them). So in the future, even if it would be legally okay, I will prefer to continue working with real people....Cyberline Systems can keep its malicious technology, because I know where this will lead, at the latest when Arnold is at my door!
  3. At first I thought you had to be logged in to read (or it did not work when I first clicked on the link?), but that's not the case; but I didn't notice it until two days too late. As usual, I didn't really understand most of the technical questions, but it was interesting to read how a good stealth game should be made. However, this is actually a question that should be answered by gamers. Anyway, thanks for the insights. What else would interest me personally, do you still have contact with people like sparhawk from time to time? I've been reading backwards a bit, and from what I read, his posts make a lot of sense, especially when it comes to project management. @greebo@nbohr1more
  4. Knowing that it was artificially generated, I now immediately said that is not real. However, if I had not known, then I would have most probably thought it was real...
  5. Shocking, shocking, shoking, and I blame those who put so much pressure on mission designers to use volumetric light. It will be our undoing and I feel you, my friend!
  6. I rest my case. But this is not a British phenomenon; can be found in France (not so often) and Germany (definitely more often) as well.
  7. Not sure if I understand correctly, but at least Volta 2 and HHVF include sequences where the player has to carry a body and changing the mantling behaviour would effect the intended gameplay. There are most probably more missions with that mechanic but I can't recall ATM. However, the T1/2 behaviour as a default in TDM would have made my mission design in HHVF much easier, because I had to desgin a certain area around the fact that the behaviour in question is missing. Otherwise, though, have to agree with Stifu on your first question; it would probably change things in too many missions now. That would probably require rough and roughest interventions in the geometry. A non-trivial task nobody is willing to take over.
  8. Yes, that's at least my recollection. Keep the CM model as simple as possible. I always use simple cubes for this.
  9. I take it you need a CM for a moveable entity? If so, then check this.
  10. I've always wanted to ask about this, because I had the same problem; even on a minimally detailed map, the framerate immediately went down dramatically, and so I took it out again (though it looked fine).
  11. There will be a final chapter. Since it is a massive project, I am afraid it will not be released before 2024. Also have an attack of mapping allergy right now. If you haven't played it yet, you can try "The Black Mage". It's not part of my series, but it plays very similar as I have co-authored it. The voice actor is long time DM voice talent contributor AndrosTheOxen. I have to agree with you, there are definitely similarities to John Cleese. Of course, I also asked the latter, but he didn't have time again. He won't get any more cake for Christmas!
  12. This also existed with 2.05 and 2.06. As far as I can remember, it always occurred when stairs were created from brushes. The workaround was to simply convert everything to Func static. Since 2.07, however, I haven't observed this anymore and don't currently see it in my work with Beta 4 in similar constructions.
  13. Wow cool, the statement was true for the 2.10 release and I was not able to create the effect for large lights - have not tried it with newer beta versions or dev builds. Good to know that it's more flexible now.
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