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  1. The portals are not embedded in brushes - see attached file. The respective positions are really as depicted in the editor screenshot above. Hm... vp1.map
  2. The console reports the three portals to be useless. However, I need them for correct sound propagation. Is there a way to force VP calculation...or do I have a fundamental misunderstanding here...?
  3. Woman from Iran living and making music in the Netherlands (as far as I recall):
  4. @Araneidae There are two possibilities to pass the weir and both have to do with one room you already have located: You have entered a storage room in the basement through a ducting. Two ways to procede: 1. In this storage room, there is a fuse. You can pick up the fuse and place it on the roof inside one of the cranes... 2. There is an office in the groundfloor, check the working desk. There is a readable and a key. The key is the storage key that allows you to open the storage room from the inside. I hope you play version 3. If not, I strongly recommend you to switc
  5. That's my boy, thank you for your quick help! Jack
  6. LFM stands for "LookslikeAliceinWonderlandFanMissions" - It is a well known code among insiders. As for the "The Sword", I think he refers to the black and white tiles and the strange architecture in this mission...and to the magic, of course. But I could be wrong - never really understood the predominant American obsession with that British book. However, I really liked American's McGee's Alice (the first game) for its dark approach. That had something.
  7. Man, as a fellow German countryman I expected you to know about the origin of all supernatural beast creatures: The Bavarian Wolpertinger! Ich hoffe ich konnte Dir hiermit helfen.
  8. Very good arrangement, thank you for that! At some point I will update HHVF again. Then these awesome tables come in at the right places.
  9. If only I would have seen this before HHTLC was released. These blue guys would have been perfect to point out that they belong to a different class of Elementals and they might be friends of the player!
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