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  1. Must have overread this. Using MCs is the better choice, see running time 25:00:
  2. I know what you have in mind, but there is no equivalent property for human AI. The best you can do is the RIT method as recommended in the posts above (and you seemingly have already applied the method yourself), but that requires you to use many path entities that you obviously want to avoid. However, if there was a patrol mode property for human AI, it would cause a serious gameplay problem: players could not learn the human AI behaviour anymore and that would lead to a lot of frustration when trying to ghost the mission.
  3. @Acolytesix Please post your editing questions here as Geep's beta testing thread is, well, for beta testing his latest mission. As for your questions: I do not know the Komag tutorials, but I imagine that Sotha's and Springheel's tutorials mentioned above are much more up to date when it comes to mapping techniques.
  4. I recommend that you at least check out the following mapping courses from Sotha and Springheel. Let's map TDM (Sotha): Sotha's videos teach you how to completely create a small mission, from the idea to beta testing. It also includes explanations for the readables and objectives editor. TDM New Mappers Workshop (Springheel): Springheel's videos from this course focus on the most important principles (e.g. on the Visportals), but later on then deal with issues such as the use of keys, AI paths, the creation of water and relating surface effects. Personally, I
  5. @nbohr1more Ah, that's the reason; I thought this was already included with 2.08 as this version number was written in the topic header. Thank you for the info.
  6. @nbohr1more How do I get the cool effect you have posted? This was added with 2.08, but I cannot activate it...? When I use the command given here, I receive some sort of "white" frobbing effect.
  7. Sorry, no plans for mapping (except the next update for HHTLC) before September. If there is time this summer, I will just expand grayman's original story draft for TBM. @greebo: All these cool new features in such a short time period, amazing! If you need a break, get on your car or take the next train and come over to my place! I then will organize for a BB (Bavarian Barbecue) with fireworks and loud rock music honoring your efforts future generations will still talk about! Jack
  8. Try shifting the candle a little bit like: 2350.13 525.125 72.9981 Then it works on my end: https://streamable.com/rx13in
  9. Well, received my Subnautica Below Zero BD two days ago for my PS4. Same technology used as for the previous game...but that is what I wanted.
  10. Well, you have invested 24 hours of your free time and you actually managed to publish something playable. Why don't you simply use this draft for the next challenge, something like: 1. Geometry remains, but will be visually dramatically enhanced and polished with new details and assets. 2. Add readables, better patrols, better lights, etc.. And set yourself a time frame of let's say four weeks with subsequent beta testing? Then you can alter everything in a more relaxed way and the result will surely be a cool addition to the current mission portfolio with similar vib
  11. Just checked the Boy Lag channel and he already added his playthrough videos (4 of 5 secrets), 1900 loot):
  12. Edit: Why did you give my previous post a "confused" ?
  13. It does not look that bad -the ambient and the spare lighting really create a weird mood. It would just need more time for details and so on. I really like the atmosphere of the setting and Have a good nite sleep and thanks for your efforts!
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