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  1. J'espere que vouz continueres avec Vitalic Fever! P.S. Sorry for wrong grammar; trying to improve my skills, once again!
  2. Without your help, this would have not been possible. Thanks a lot for your help, once again! Jack
  3. That;s a bit vague, I am afraid. Thus please clarify:
  4. I just checked on both my notebook and my PC with version 2 and I could kill both of the revenants in the crypt without failing the mission. I really do not know what`s causing the problem on your end and I am very sad that in general it caused you so many problems.
  5. I just checked and it works fine for me. I take it you tried a savegame generated with ver1? If so, then I am afraid this does not work as I think the savegames contain specific settings (team settings included) from the mission version the savegame was produced with. Sorry, I forgot to mention that when announcing the release of ver2.
  6. The readable which triggers the new objective includes the following
  7. Version 2 includes a new command to stop music once and for all when you walk through the golden door. Can you post your darkmod.cfg and the savegame for @stgatilov This problem was fixed with version 2 as well.
  8. @stgatilov I made changes to enable: - custom main title picture - custom video briefing - custom main title music (sometimes also for in-game menu displays) - loading picture I did not change lines other than for the subjects mentioned above. Jack
  9. In the room with the fire elemntals: are there still "living" undead?
  10. @duzenko @stgatilov Is there a chance you could help him? As for the picture and the red headlight AIs:
  11. @duzenko @stgatilov I am at a loss here. Could you be so kind and try to help him? Strike that, his last paragraph was added later and I did not see that.
  12. @tapewolf Together with @Jedi_Wannabe you have been the only one till now to mention that! ...you also have an M1 at home? As for the Books of the True Believers:
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