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  1. Classic case of pathologic corporate update obsession, microsoft edition. Those updates tend to offer nothing most of the time, yet something new breaks. It’s almost as if dozens of my clones are employed there!
  2. Depends on what you call 'console log' Game console GUI works for me
  3. To be able to repeat the warning I'll need a test map
  4. For example, i7-12700KF Or generally speaking any top-5 single core speed rating cpu
  5. Do we want fur in TDM? Like https://duzenko.github.io/webgl/

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AluminumHaste


      I get 240fps which is monitor cap. Looks nice.

    3. duzenko


      My integrated graphics can barely do 60

    4. AluminumHaste


      Well, integrated graphics...

  6. Off the top of my head the versions of compiled and original are different
  7. My Uber rating (as a passenger) is 4.71. Is there still hope or should I just kill myself? What's yours?

    1. Epifire


      That's outta 5 (highest possible) right? That doesn't sound terrible tbh. I've never ridden in any kind of taxi in my life but just from a quick search 4.6 is a sorta passenger average. So if that's true, you're .11 above average! :P

    2. AluminumHaste


      I strive for closest to 0 as possible. I leave shits in the backseat, smoke, and drink and vomit all over the car.

      Make sexual passes at the driver whether they're male or female.

      Haven't been banned yet.

    3. Nort


      I've always wondered if I'm expected to talk during taxi rides. The driver always attempts to make smalltalk with me, about some sporting event, and so I have to awkwardly tell him that I don't talk to strangers, and that I'm honestly just paying for professional transportation. I'm sorry, taxi drivers out there.

  8. https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/21333-tdm-wont-run/&do=findComment&comment=471717
  9. There's the mini-ITX option, but not sure if any of your two GPUs will fit into it - and it would require a new motherboard - and a new monitor purchase at destination A friend of mine relocated twice internationally with a PC, _two_ monitors, and a kid. No idea how he pulled it off. When I asked, he said "I put it into the luggage"
  10. You should absolutely get a discrete GPU. They are not that expensive. As for reliability, just turn VSync on and switch the GPU driver to power saving mode. Intel HD5500 (15W). Iris 540 (15W), AMD Ryzen 4650U (20W) have all disappointed me greatly. I also own one with a discreet GTX 1050 and it's so much better. OTOH its old CPU is stuck at 2.5GHz, so I'm sometimes cpu-limited in some missions. Maybe the full-power chips from the Ryzen H series are slightly better, but they cost as much as discreet GPU models and are generally rare. The integrated graphics has always been about cost saving, never about competitiveness. So discreet only, and equally important to have two memory slots or at least 32GB soldered. Ideally with a CPU that can turbo-boost to 4GHz. I would ironically advise a macbook, even though I don't own one because I like my notebooks to have touch screen interface. I'm curious to see how Apple silicon fares compared to x86 gaming market.
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