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  1. Can't see any reference of a compression tool on that link
  2. Does either of them support RGTC?
  3. .map/.proc/.cm files can take a while to load, as well as AAS parsing Then, there are also scripts, def's, materials
  4. Unfortunately VS2019 profiling does not work for me But image_preload 0 will do the job - try it.
  5. Good question that I can't answer fully ATM. D3 offers two automatic conversion options: via the r_writeCompress_something cvar that is supposed to let the GL driver do the conversion and then simply bit copy the result from the VRAM. You'd think that driver's on-the-fly compression is fast but image quality might suffer. using an external command-line tool. Supposedly this is the recommended option. We still need to decide which 3rd party compressor we want to use and how to wire it to TDM (command line params, etc) Feel free to try either of these but keep in mind that texture loading is only a fraction of total map loading time. I'd like to get the RGTC conversion completed but afraid to touch it before 2.08 is out
  6. https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=4902 Where are we on this? Is there a demand for further improvements in this area?
  7. You'd think so, but in reality a lot of people want to play TDM on old computers, that don't support Vulcan at all That, and there's really nobody volunteering for actually doing such a move
  8. I think it was a bug with FBO/PP that was fixed in 2.08
  9. Added a cvar to trunk svn
  10. tdm_force_savegame_load 1 Looking at console font now
  11. I got it almost working but... 20fps in Main Menu and 2fps in the Outpost for a few seconds and then the driver throws an Access violation That's all everybody needs to know about PowerVR and their Windows drivers.
  12. It's not like fence sync could give it any boost
  13. OK, glCopyBufferSubData is another missing bit.
  14. We could replace string first and fix the GLSL later when we know that everything works It's a one file vs many files change
  15. We could workaround with a runtime string replace under a special cvar?
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