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  1. @stgatilov Seems like an asset bug darkmod\guis\readables\parchment_rapscallionpirate.gui line 84 Good catch on that uniform value
  2. Comes from the font material Comes as surface color from inside GuiModel
  3. Would you consider switching to Windows 7?
  4. Second that The option is usually useless but in this case it can do all the difference And the same goes with image/normal compression As has been mentioned already, 2.08 uses more VRAM with the new triple buffer vertex cache. (Wait, or was it 2.07?) But it also does persistent mapping on modern GPUs with a fallback to yet another temporary VBO which can result in all kinds of issues on old low end systems. @Pascal8888 Please report your VRAM usage as shown with e.g. Afterburner or Windows 10 Task manager
  5. Not much to suggest the console log and the GL trace are from different runs (x86\x64, different drivers, different game folders, core/compat profile) memory corruption api tracing somehow affects the driver to return different states
  6. Sure looks like the latest version Used 4000 generation cards cost starting at $15 in my area but I'm not sure anyone would be willing to sponsor buying one for testing. I remember owning a 4850 around 2010 (ol' good days). It cost around $80 back then and it was a solid, respectable mid-range GPU. What can you buy for $80 now? Still, it was the only GPU I ever owned that had serious driver issues (short of Intel 3000 of course, but I never used it for gaming). Remember Rage? Every now and then AMD likes to drop the ball with OpenGL support.
  7. What is the radeon driver version?
  8. Let me be the first to congratulate on this tremendous personal and community achievement
  9. Try quick save/load Most likely duplicated light interactions in the engine render cache
  10. Arguably SS maxed out could be more expensive but I'm not sure how much samples the highest GUI option binds to in 2.08. We already have angry reports from "high-end PC" gamers that they can't get 60 fps at 4K 16xMSAA and SS maxed out Imagine their pain when they can add 2x scaling into equation I'd even go as far in the opposite direction and disable MSAA higher than 4 in GUI So the answer is: to prevent non-technical user from getting trapped in a slide show and spreading negative feedback over the Internet. Anyone knowing what they're doing should _experiment_ with high settings via game console, already suspecting possible performance loss. If you're curious, the original reason for that is related to FBO changes. You may know that TDM has been fixed to run in user's desktop resolution (at least on Windows), to improve 2D font rendering, work around screen flashes when alt-tabbing, and obsolete the legacy screen resolution maintenance routine. Now the scaling option was specifically added for low-end systems that are too slow to render 3D in full resolution. It was a side effect noticed later that it could be used as a kind of VSR or AA alternative. So the >1 values are for advanced users who already have a working alternative of MSAA.
  11. opengl's default bilinear AFAIR LOL, did you mean to quote 'GPUs' instead of 'integrated'?
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