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  1. So I tried the newest beta driver for 6850 (I only tested with the WHQL the first time) Honestly I expected the same black GUI but AMD managed to get over their assheads with that one It just... crashes on qglGetProgramiv(... GL_LINK_STATUS ...) with the manylight shader Thank you, AMD, for setting the eternal gold standard in shit baths driver quality reputation
  2. Could you elaborate on this? Do we show save count anywhere in GUI?
  3. Never mind, it's particles overdrawing
  4. @stgatilov How is it possible that r_usePortals 0 hides animated models?
  5. @cabalisticThere could be a a vertex cache issue here r_skipModels 1 sometimes doubles FPS with little changes in draw call and tri count The backend spends most of the time in RB_DrawElementsWithCounters Curiously the zombie pit in the same map has higher FPS
  6. NHAT mission 1 view pos 1705 3835 -68 -13 -25 0 old backend: 32fps new backend: 26 fps What is the command name to show CPU and GPU times? Can't find/remember it.
  7. They are very much incompatible with 2.09 The C++ infrastructure does not exist, so nothing to tweak really Mappers welcome to discussion, but my guess is we already have a fire particle and fog for this effect volumetric.fs volumetric.vs
  8. What could go wrong? (C) It's not like we use FLTK to service a nuclear reactor. It's just a GUI toolkit.
  9. And the mappers did not show much interest
  10. Svn 9429 I also took the liberty of centering the window when it shows @stgatilov What version of FLTK are we using? The docs here mention a Fl::screen_scale function, but I can't see it in our includes. I think we should switch to 1.4 for this to work correctly as stated here I also want to point out that the installer does not work in non-ASCII file paths. This either needs to be fixed or explicitly mentioned on the Download page/checked inside the installer itself.
  11. Also. do I need to wrap the _SILENCE_EXPERIMENTAL_FILESYSTEM_DEPRECATION_WARNING with a if(MSVC) ? It needs to happen before add_subdirectory(zipsync) , so it can't be inside that later `if`
  12. Thanks That helped Do we want to add these *.vcproj files to source control or ignore list?
  13. @stgatilovAny particular steps to get the installer to compile? I import from CMAKE from inside VS2019 but then it fails to build Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error C2039 'string': is not a member of 'std' C:\dev\tdm\dmsrc\tdm_installer\out\build\x64-Debug (default)\tdm_installer C:\dev\tdm\dmsrc\tdm_installer\zipsync\Utils.h 34 Error C4430 missing type specifier - int assumed. Note: C++ does not support default-int C:\dev\tdm\dmsrc\tdm_installer\out\build\x64-Debug (default)\tdm_installer C:\dev\tdm\dmsrc\tdm_installer\zipsync\Utils.h 34 Error C2143
  14. Actually, the TDM installer is the only blurred auto-scaled UI I've seen in months. That's why I'm bringing it up - in 2021 it's no longer norm. Off the top of my head I can't remember any Windows program I'm using more or less often that does not at least want to support HiDPI (even if poorly) Would you like me to look at it?
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