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  1. @stgatilovcorrect me if I'm wrong, but isn't r_glCoreProfile 2 resulting in FCC? I'm still confused about these technicalities. What context do we get with r_glCoreProfile 1 and does it also fail with the dumb radeon 6000 drivers?
  2. The problem solved? (Other than how to "make it look cooler" - I prefer to deal in school physics formulas)
  3. I stopped with a workaround good enough for me but yeah, if the windowed mode won't cut it for you then you're facing the bigger problem - unfortunately the Linux community does not contribute to TDM, like, at all. Feel free to step up.
  4. Sorry, what are "projected" lights and how are they marked if they have a special designation? If it's what I think - the frustum planes are simply not parallel - then there's no branch. The relevant code e.g. in ambient interaction fragment shader is vec3 lightProjection = textureProj( u_lightProjectionTexture, var_TexLight.xyw ).rgb;
  5. Wow How many fps in Painters Wife? What screen resolution? I remember having <10fps on a Core M5 Lenovo Yoga 11 in 2016 with small maps like Thomas Porter 1: Knighton Manor
  6. Ironically, this is also a manifestation of a bigger issue that portal subviews don't get visportal-clipped which is the unfortunate luggage from the 1.x days. Some maps actually rely on it for proper sky rendering.
  7. In fact you may actually have multiple mirrors per single storage texture, as long as they don't overlap on the view projection This particular bug was caused by both mirrors being "on the floor", one behind the other. I have expressed my opinion that the skybox mirror is redundant.
  8. The daylight setting was surely a pleasing surprise
  9. That code should be used somewhere otherwise I would have deleted it already
  10. The current system has a certain advantage that it forces the mapper to acknowledge multiple mirrors as a problem of its own If many mirrors just worked out of the box, what would stop mappers from abusing it like they tend to do with everything else? This particular map is a good example. A big mirror is rendered every frame, but few if any have noticed its existence at all.
  11. I understand the confusion The material language describing subviews is quite odd, and I added to that myself when some time ago when I made the code ignore some of the material parameters while people keep trying the older examples that don't work for them any more Do we have any docs on material language in the Wiki that you based your attempts on? If so, we need to update the docs so it's clear that fragmentMap sends a texture to a GL program (shader). It has no relation to what texture is used as a render target for subviews. It also has no use in 'legacy' stages (that no
  12. Did you know the portal sky here has a reflective water in the bottom? Just wondering if anyone at all has noticed it, even though everyone has paid a performance price to render it every frame. @nbohr1more @Melan @Bikerdude I believe this needs to be fixed on the FM level. Here's the technical explanation: At the view pos where this bug happens we have two mirrors rendered every frame 1. the small puddle in the room; material name is "textures/darkmod/decals/dirt/puddle" from "materials/tdm_yan_textures.mtr" 2. the bigly "sea" in the skybox; material na
  13. Busy week at work and at home My head hurts (maybe butt too) when I'm looking at that portal sky game code Need some vodka before diving in
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