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  1. This weekend I've had a unique opportunity to compare not two, and not even three, but four 2-1 transformers

    • 2016 HP Spectre 13
    • 2017 HP Envy 15
    • 2019 Yoga 720-15
    • 2020 LG Gram 13

    Among other things I tested sustained 3D performance with TDM.

    TL;DR Intel Iris does not make sense in 15W chips (well, it did not on 14nm)




  2. I'm going dark

    Feel free to reassign all my tickets and delete unfinished work (multi-light shaders, x-ray view, etc) in trunk

    Special thanks to @nbohr1more and @stgatilov for putting up with my countless bugs and making great company

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    2. JackFarmer


      You've been of great help during testing of my first two releases.

      Thank you for your help and stay healthy!


    3. stgatilov


      Sad to hear.
      I hope you are OK, and it's just real life that needs attention.

      Thank you for working on the game!
      Despite my complaints, you have improved TDM a lot. Without you, rendering would have been near Doom 3 level still.


    4. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      Duzhenko, whatever it is, I hope everything will go well for you. Thank you for all the hard work so far for the community. Come back anytime you'd want. As far as I'm concerned, the door will be always open and the light always on for you. Best wishes, P.

  3. Sounds like a driver issue. 39 is half of 80
  4. Is there any problem with idTcp? I would try to reuse it
  5. You could investigate this for other users who will stumble into this too later on. Both r_usePersistentMapping 0 r_useFenceSync 0 disable speed optimization, so you might want all them on, except the one your driver has a problem with.
  6. @grayman Do you need the shadows too? What about preemptive/XOR lighting? Something like this: mark the moon light 'second main' mark all indoor lights 'first main' for any entity that has a 'first main' interaction, skip the 'second main' interactions for any entity that does not have any 'first main' interaction, generate and render 'second main' interaction
  7. Try run TDM in a window r_usePersistentMapping 0 r_useFenceSync 0 Check your r_glCoreProfile post your TDM console log
  8. They have 1GB VRAM and the driver is stumbling on the VBO size Old AMD Linux drivers must be even worse in OpenGL than Windows
  9. IMHO it defeats the purpose by making the false impression that to play _any_ mission your system must be able to play _all_. But even then, it does not address the video settings, which by definition are intended to support the wide array of system specs. And what is "playable"? A lot of people don't think 60 fps are mandatory. What about resolution? The more I think about it, the more I like the wiki to be the right place for this, along with per-mission forum threads.
  10. I think we can't force this down everyone's throat but realistically how many players would decide to handicap themselves if this was an option? The game is entertainment, not crime simulator. Immersion-wise it's up to you to decide if you're actually 'grab' the loot or 'tag' it. 'Tagging' means you found it and it disappears from the list of the loot you have to search and discover in this mission.
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