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  1. Shadow maps require much more video memory. Also, they are less tested and have both general and TDM-compatibility issues. Then open world, online multiplayer, PBR\RTX, etc, LOL
  2. Good catch on that epsilon bug. Sorry I mis-ported it from SSE.
  3. @greebo Doesn't the bugtracker use the forum account?
  4. The only thing coming to mind is one being x32 and other x64
  5. BTW I updated to 1909 and VS profiler still does not work (No code was running...)
  6. I have zero real world experience with steam bots but my imagination suggests that swords should be pretty useless against thick metal structures if bots have vulnerable circuitry in outside parts they should be knocked out pretty easy do bots make any use of electricity? I'd think electric contacts are susceptible to short-term disruption when kicked
  7. Classic dll hell I for one am deeply frustrated but those errors. Since it just works for everyone else, it's clearly a MS ball drop. VC14 is vs2015, right? Didn't we compile 2.07 with 2017? Do you have the VS2017 installed and does it also fails when run under debugger? See what toolset is configured in VS solution config. After that, only MS support can help.
  8. I assume only unzSetOffset64/unzGetCurrentFileInfo64 need sync point? Or what is the point of unzSetOffset64 here? By newer version I meant that D3's original zip interface could be thread-unsafe but since that the lib might have evolved in this regard and now offer some other approach to do this?
  9. I think I found the 'state' you were looking for It's the zip file current position, changed on line 2725 in FileSystem.cpp I leave it to you how to best address this. Maybe the modern version of our Zip library can do this better in another way. Off to midnight mass now
  10. So I created a `test.seq` disconnect purgeimages loadgame And run python repeat.py test.seq However it only issues those commands once and just sits there after the map loads What am I missing to make it repeat?
  11. I think that function is not called for files in pk4's? And both the .map and loading background .tga are packed. Can you run disconnect; purgeimages; loadgame looped in game console automatically?
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