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  1. Do the doors even make a noise that the careles watch reacts to?
  2. IVONA Amy my love. too bad she is with amazon now and better than ever.
  3. thx for sharing. the pictures got thief vibes somehow imo.
  4. its a rly good idea. i like it alot, could produce tension before the next watch walks by.
  5. for me its ambience, similar to the following link. most fms does'nt have this. some are just silencio.
  6. Every FM should have a SR as an option on hardmode. This saveroom option is what the Dark Mod needs IMO. I know its a designchoice, the map has to be build around it, but it is possible to add it later on afaik. The saveroom option would make every FM more qualitative and the playthrough more thoughtful. Anyway, i love it and it fits superb.
  7. Thank you Bienie. I like your FMs, alot. Can you tell me why the FM isn't available in the Mission Downloader ingame? Edit: I have found it.
  8. did not know that there are fan missions for TR. interessting. thx https://www.trle.net/sc/levelfeatures.php?lid=3372 https://www.trle.net/bBtB.php
  9. could be possible by adding the toggle 0 1 to the _impulse23 cvar, but i'm not sure.
  10. Strange isn't it? From childhood, we have been told that the universe is endless. It was said that there are millions of worlds out there... and that none of them can be reached. They said that they were thousands of lightyears away from us... Baaah. What if this is not the hole truth? What if, we live in a multiverse - where a thin membrane separates worlds from each other? And this membrane is not as strong as it seems. Seven worlds, seven variations of Earth, were instantly merged. Those few who survived, called this cataclysm: THE SHIFT. And then, you came... the herold. You only carry the core, which has the power to resolve the current stalemate. I do not know how many time i have repeated these words, every time, one you fails, i have to start the story again. The Core does not allow the herold to die definitely. But each time, you have to learn this world anew. One day, one of you will succeed - and then, everything will end. I know you do not have time to understand the details, but do now get this conserted with those outside. THEY SIMPLY... DO NOT UNDERSTAND!
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