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  1. Try the following: set the npcs' reaction to noise higher via the console by entering tdm_ai_sndvol 2 or 3. i recommend to use not higher than 3, cause if the value is too high, the npcs will hear you from much further away, which could brake the game. with this setting you need to move slowly more often and running around like a beheaded chick is no more. it somehow works for me. maybe u want it harder, then make the movement a bit slower with these settings. e.g: pm_mantle_fastMediumObstacleHeight 0 pm_fastLowObstacles 0 pm_creepmod 0.75 pm_runmod 2.00 pm_walkspeed 60 pm_mantle_push_msecs 1200 pm_mantle_hang_msecs 1125 pm_mantle_pushNonCrouched_msecs 825 hf
  2. It's the mosst Immersive Sim i have ever played. Feels like a openworld Thief, but in this, the player is a Detective. https://store.steampowered.com/app/986130/Shadows_of_Doubt/
  3. FAQ: https://cataclysmdda.org/steam_faq.md Storepage: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2330750/Cataclysm_Dark_Days_Ahead/ Reddit:
  4. i see a bluefilter on the screenshots. is there a way to add this filter to other fms via console too?
  5. bummer i couldnt code. will someone continue the project?
  6. I don't like PVP too, but the PVE aspect is very hard, i mean rly hard. It's possible not to fight against other players at all, if you are able to hide in the shadows that is - and the randomteam is dead.
  7. It's Steam Demo days and i would recommend you guys to try out the demo of Dark and Darker. It's a Dungeon Crawler, Battle Royale, slow paced game - in which you have to hide in the shadows from other players from time to time. https://store.steampowered.com/app/2016590/Dark_and_Darker/
  8. "AI Speech Synthesis for FMs" by u/that1sluttycelebrity
  9. here use this link and never miss again its my startpage https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/discover
  10. Do the doors even make a noise that the careles watch reacts to?
  11. good idea. do it. edit: the spyglass would come in handy more often... like, the thief with really bad eyes, on the glasses will help to scan for items further away.
  12. IVONA Amy my love. too bad she is with amazon now and better than ever.
  13. thx for sharing. the pictures got thief vibes somehow imo.
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