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  1. I must be dumb but I can't find the last key in the
  2. That was it , thank you. I want to record this mission as my next play through.
  3. I don't know if the forum has a looking for thread, i couldn't see one. I am looking for a mission where you go in to a mansion it is normal at first until on the upper floor you follow a glowing mouse in to a room and all of a sudden it is over run with undead.
  4. Playing this is my most viewed LP on my new channel so far... I wish I would had pushed through to getting all the items for the well, oh well! :)
  5. From the looks of it , it may be a month or two before I can get back to coding.
  6. Here is an upload, it is not polished by any means... been a little busy with too many other things lately.... sorry. alternate. TDMLaunch.7z
  7. It's written in c# but I use MS Visual Studio so not sure how hard it would be to put on other platforms.
  8. Getting close to what I want, just need to finish implementing notes and rating, it will read the FMS folder and gather the info and will launch whatever FM is selected fine.
  9. So, I will use the missions.tdminfo to get info only out of it and then gather the rest from each FM directory as much is available. I will create my own config file with the rankings and notes.
  10. Since you can launch from command line, it will be relatively easy to make a launcher . I have already started and plan to have it at least slightly usable in a day or two.
  11. Does TDM write its location in a registry somewhere that I could easily grab or will I just have to let the user browse to the location of their TDM install?
  12. Yeah , I think we need to talk to Fen about adding TDM in to AngelLoader, I am pretty sure he makes the source available.... I will try and hit him up on TTLG.
  13. Can FMs be installed and run from command line in the dark mod? If so then an external launcher wouldn't be so hard to make, but I really haven't looked in to how the missions are installed and launched so just curious, it may be near impossible for all I know.
  14. Yeah I'm just talking about a launcher that you can write notes in and score things for your own personal use and search for certain levels like a lot of the thief fm launchers.
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