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  1. @taffernicus Weird, I can't reproduce this. What version of DM are you using (2.11 or 2.12 beta)? And what platform? Thanks.
  2. Sorry, my mistake. There is no key for that grate - you have to throw a switch that's at the guard shack. Sneak up behind him and you can throw the switch over his shoulder - he doesn't notice lol.
  3. On the second floor of the warehouse, head to the southeast corner - behind some crates you'll find a ladder up. And just in case you need help at the next floor,
  4. Strange things you’re seeing. There was a hang/CTD early in beta, but that was fixed. If it happens again, capture your log files (darkmod.log, qconsole.log).
  5. The keys don’t work on the doors - they just unlock the buttons to call the elevator, or the buttons within the elevator. Once you get the keys, use the elevator to get around. The attic key was back in the previous apartments, the Garden Tower Flat (I think that was the name). It provided a short cut getting from that apartment to the hallway with a guard.
  6. s_volume or volume are not valid tokens in an FX file. So I think you have to do as @datiswous suggests, and clone (and modify) the soundshader.
  7. My apologies - I completely forgot to credit you in this mission. Now and Then does give credit in the readme. Sorry.
  8. @Marbrien Glad you liked the mission. You found some of the harder loot - and you are so close to 4k! I assume you got all of the paintings (behind glass) in the cathedral, and the 3 hammers. A few of other ideas: Anyway, hopefully that'll get you over 4000. Actually, there is a key to the bishop's room - it's on a chair.
  9. This post has a series of progressive hints:
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