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  1. If I do another update to this mission, I'll add this suggestion. There is no built-in function in TDM to record game play. You'll have to use a 3rd party recorder. Or, F12 (on the PC) does a screenshot, which might be enough to help me figure out what is happening. Next time you fail, don't move, look down, and take a screenshot with F12. You should see the tile looking down - you don't even have to be right in the middle of the tile.
  2. Glad you're enjoying the mission. I'm surprised As for the beggar
  3. The readable editor in my DarkRadiant seems to be broken on my installation. When I bring it up I get this ("Shader Not Found"): When I select the GUI Definition browser, I get a bunch of errors in the DarkRadiant log: 2022-09-26 12:22:04 (57608) Unknown token encountered in GUI: rect-100 2022-09-26 12:22:04 (57608) Unknown token encountered in GUI: , 2022-09-26 12:22:04 (57608) Unknown token encountered in GUI: -10 2022-09-26 12:22:04 (57608) Unknown token encountered in GUI: , 2022-09-26 12:22:04 (57608) Unknown token encountered in GUI: 500 2022-09-26 12:22:04 (57608) Unknown token encountered in GUI: , 2022-09-26 12:22:04 (57608) Unknown token encountered in GUI: 400 2022-09-26 12:22:04 (57608) Unknown token encountered in GUI: rect-100 2022-09-26 12:22:04 (57608) Unknown token encountered in GUI: , 2022-09-26 12:22:04 (57608) Unknown token encountered in GUI: -10 2022-09-26 12:22:04 (57608) Unknown token encountered in GUI: , 2022-09-26 12:22:04 (57608) Unknown token encountered in GUI: 500 2022-09-26 12:22:04 (57608) Unknown token encountered in GUI: , 2022-09-26 12:22:04 (57608) Unknown token encountered in GUI: 400 2022-09-26 12:22:04 (57608) Unknown token encountered in GUI: rect-100 ... I searched for "rect-100" and found several in *.gui files. For example, book_bamberg_gothic_both_curl.gui has: windowDef rightPageBackground { WORLD_SCALE rect-100, -10, 500, 400 background "guis/assets/readables/books/book_rightpage_curled_01" matcolor 1, 1, 1, 0 } Note, no space after "rect" and before the "-100" I haven't been editing readables for a while, so I don't know when this started happening. I uninstalled and reinstalled DR 3.3.0; still have the problem. I ran tdm_installer to ensure my DM install was up to date (2.10). It must be something local to my configuration, because if this was happening to everyone we'd have heard about it by now. Does anyone have any ideas what is going on here?
  4. Thanks for the explanation. I suspect it is spurious; I’ll go ahead and use the dll.
  5. The numbers are in tdm_player_thief.def and tdm_propagated_sounds.def, which are in tdm_defs01.pk4. tdm_player_thief has a bunch of entries that start "sprS_". E.g.: "sprS_footstep_wood" "footstep_default_walk:-3.6" That means that the volume of a footstep on wood is defined in footstep_default_walk, adjusted -3.6 (dB?). In tdm_propagated_sounds, you'll find sprGS_footstep_default_walk entityDef sprGS_footstep_default_walk { "inherit" "atdm:propagated_sound_base" "vol" "42.6" "dur" "100" "alert_factor" "0.35" // AI can hear footsteps at a distance but don't react strongly to just one "alert_max" "12" "editor_usage" "Propagated footstep sounds from the player" } which has a volume ("vol") of 42.6. So presumably the game subtracts 3.6 from 42.6 to calculate how noisy the footstep is on wood. Other materials have other adjustments in tdm_player_thief. And of course there are other adjustments, for example based on the distance the sound travels to the AI. So if you're interested, have a look at those files, especially tdm_player_thief.def and the sprS_ settings, which give you a indication of the relative volume changes from different surfaces. Edit: I just realized some of this is discussed here: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Setting_up_Individual_Propagated_Sounds_and_Estimating_Volume
  6. While upgrading to 3.3.0, BitDefender antivirus reports this: "The file E:\games\DarkRadiant\modules\sound.dll is infected with Gen:Variant.Tedy.207462 and was moved to quarantine. It is recommended that you run a System Scan to make sure your system is clean." Should I be worried?
  7. I've spent a couple of hours searching, but I haven't found anything in the code that adjusts awareness automatically, based on difficulty level. So, either my memory is faulty, or my code-scanning skills are bad. (Either way, not a good look for me ). But at this point, I have to withdraw what I said above (or as Ron Ziegler would have put it, my previous statement is inoperative).
  8. It’s been many years since I played the original, so I won’t be useful as a comparison tester (old vs new). But if you’re looking for another pair of eyes, I can give it a go
  9. Great mission. Excellent use of space - as @gokudo said, compact and dense. I love missions with a tight use of geometry/geography. Fairly difficult - I had to get a couple of hints from this thread. And I didn't get any secrets (wasn't really looking for them) - I'll try for those later. Thanks!
  10. I vaguely remember stumbling across this in the code once. But now, for the life of me, I can't find it. Perhaps I'm remembering wrong - I'll keep hunting.
  11. I just checked my notes, and it was WS6 ("Baleford Museum") which was never released. So unless you were a beta-tester, you won't have seen that. I had the privilege of testing that mission.
  12. I've played a couple of missions where a specific event was timed - e.g., you flipped a switch that opened a vault, and then had 2 minutes to get to the vault before it automatically closed. That was reasonable, because you could take your time to "clear the path" ahead of time, by knocking out any guards that might slow you down. I think this happened in one of the unpublished William Steele missions (WS6?). I vaguely remember a similar mechanism in another FM, but I can't say which.
  13. I concur. I've seen this a couple of times when developing maps. I ended up moving the chair around a bit, as @geegeesuggests. Not a very satisfying solution, since I'm never really sure I totally fixed the problem (the deaths happen intermittently in the first place).
  14. @ThiefetteGlad you liked it. My other missions: Mission of Mercy, The Heart of St. Mattis, Now and Then. And I've got another one coming, probably next year.
  15. Just FYI, William Steele 6 & 7 were never released, so they won't be on any server. I have no idea what's up with the rest of the missing missions.
  16. For a split second when I was reading this I thought you were referring to grayman, not bikerdude. I was like, "whoa, are we talking about a séance?"
  17. @KopfrkinglThanks for the comments - glad you liked it. As for the
  18. Yes indeed. Overriding the properties of an entity is a key mechanism to DR editing. Have you done this tutorial? https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=A_-_Z_Beginner_Full_Guide_Start_Here!
  19. I figured it was by design. It certainly don't make sense from real-world xray point-of-view. OTOH, who's to say how cameras and xrays behave in the Dark Mod world? Maybe the camera isn't sending electronic data to a screen (as in our world), but actually opening a "view portal" to the camera location. So you're looking at the actual photons coming from the source. In which case, the xray glasses might behave as I hoped. (I'm not saying that physics/magic should behave that way in the DM world, I'm just saying that it might. If it doesn't, that's cool). Here's an example of the scenario I have in mind: There's a room that has objects can be xray-viewed. The room is heavily-guarded and has security cameras that broadcast to a Security Room. The player can either a) sneak into the room, avoid guards and cameras, put on the glasses and look at the xray item, or b) find the Security Room, put on the glasses and look at the screen when the camera is pointing at the item. Two ways for the player to solve the problem, which is always nice. If the DM world doesn't work that way, no worries.
  20. What about xrays + camera screens? I've got a security camera with a display screen, as described here: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Security_Camera_(2.10%2B)#Sending_the_camera.27s_view_to_a_Display_Screen. The camera is pointing at an entity that's been configured with skin_xray. If I watch the Display Screen with the xray glasses on, I don't see the xray version of the entity. Is that by design? Is there a way to make this happen?
  21. I've done some more testing, and as far as I can tell the AI never sees a visual stim when it is on a func_fracture that's been shattered (in fact, AIs don't appear to see visual stims on unbroken windows either). In a certain way, that makes sense: the glass isn't there anymore (even the shards are gone after 5 seconds or so). I've got a simple workaround. I made the window frame a func_static, and gave it the AIUse=AIUSE_BROKEN_ITEM spawn arg, and set up the disabled STIM_VISUAL on it. Then when the window shatters, it sets enables the STIM_VISUAL on the frame. When the guard walks in, he notices the broken window and goes on alert.
  22. Thanks, this makes sense. But I still must be doing something wrong, because I can't get it to work. Maybe some detail in setting up the visual stim. Is there a mission that uses this technique that I can look at? Edit: I think the visual stim doesn't work because the guard can't "see" the window (because it's clear glass). So I think the solution is to put AIUse spawnarg on the window frame, and then when the window breaks set the visual stim on the window frame. The guard can see the window frame (because it's not clear), so the stim will happen. I'll test this fully tomorrow.
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