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    1. jaxa


      Wow, that's good. Also, delete your two other status updates plz.

      Non-non-violence is in line with the other hype intro scenes of the series: https://youtu.be/nBIo0Z0MJLw

    2. Arcturus


      It's made by Daniel Thron, creator of the original ones.

    3. datiswous



      Also, delete your two other status updates plz.

      It's not possible to delete your own status updates. Same as with posts. The only thing you can do is report your own post and ask for deletion. I reported the other 2 status updates.

  1. Netflix in browser has capped resolution. If you want full resolution you need to install a desktop application. Here it says that the only browser to support 4K playback is Microsoft Edge. It's to prevent easy screen grabbing.
  2. @ChronA It will sometimes see its own mistakes when prompted. In this case it either was blind to it or wouldn't admit it for some reason. I pasted 1 + 1 + 1 + 2 = 4 as a simple prompt into ChatGPT (free version) and it corrected me: Same in Bing precise mode. In a balanced mode it will rather google "1 + 1 + 1 + 2 = ?" first, and only then correct me that: The emphasis by Bing. In the creative mode however... Was it instructed to just agree with everything the user says? That patronizing emoji is icing on the cake, lol.
  3. How does it compare to Bing? Bing supposedly uses GPT4? It still struggles with seemingly simple tasks. It has obvious blind spots. It struggles to write a regular poem in English that doesn't have any rhymes. On the other hand it absolutely cannot write a poem that rhymes in Polish. It will happily write you a poem in Polish that doesn't rhyme. When asked which words in the poem rhyme it will list words that don't rhyme. It has problem with counting letters and syllables too: "Write a regular poem in English that has an equal number of syllables in each line." "Birds chirp and sing their sweet melodies" - how many syllables are there? Can you list them? Check again bro. It generally will do worse writing in languages other than English for obvious reasons - the training data. When asked to write Polish words that rhyme, it sometimes will make up a word. Sometimes a Polish word paired with an English word (but when asked it will tell you it's Polish), sometimes it will write words that don't rhyme at all. It clearly doesn't "see" words the way we are. Neither literally nor metaphorically. Not to mention it can't hear how they are pronounced which is important for rhyming. Some of the problem may come from the fact that language models are trained on tokens rather than letters or syllables. Couple of months ago people found that there were some really weird words that were invisible for Chat GPT or caused erratic behavior. It later turned out to be that there were a bunch of anomalous tokens, like Reddit user names that were cut from the training data. That caused errors when they were used in prompts. It was quickly patched. Edit: Just had a discussion with Bing: So how many are there? Check again bro. "One plus one plus one plus two equals four." Do you see anything wrong? How many "ones" are there in that sentence? Can you write it using digits? You still see nothing wrong? It seems like once it gets it wrong it has a hard time seeing the mistake it made.
  4. Stanford and Google created a video game environment in which 25 bots interacted freely. Edit: it was already posted by jaxa. Running something like ChatGPT is still very costly. We will probably need to wait until the cost goes down before it's used on a large scale in video games. Other way machine learning will be used in video games is in animation. Ubisoft has created a "motion matching" system that's expensive to run and then used neural nets to compress it to the manageble size..
  5. Yes, I used control nets with a prompt describing the subject and style. There's also a seed number which by default is randomized, so each time you get slightly different results. When you get something that looks ok you can do some changes in editing program and then run it through img2img, again with a prompt. You can do inpainting where you mask the parts you want to alter. You can set weights that tell the program how strictly it should stick to the prompt or to the images that are used as the input. There are negative prompts too. Here are Cyberpunk concept art pieces that I converted using Stable Diffusion. It took quite a lot of work and manual editing. Original artwork by Marta Detlaff and Lea Leonowicz.
  6. Perhaps that line I drew in the middle was interpreted as a hole bunch rather then one fruit. I fixed it in Gimp and run through Stable Diffusion again. If you want a specific result then some manual work is required.
  7. I copied formatting directly from Bing, looked good for me in a Light theme. I changed it.
  8. It's ethically dubious that AI was trained on works of artists without their consent. If you ask the program to generate art in a style of a particular person, that means that artist's work has been in a training database. And now it may put that person out of work. On the other hand how can you reserve rights to some statistical properties of somebody's work, like colors or how long on average the brushstrokes are. On the other hand there had been cases in music business like the infamous Robin Thicke vs Marvin Gaye where people were sued for using similar style, even if melody and lyrics are different. Here is a possible intro to a “Thief: the dark project” mission in a style of main protagonist Garrett: Bing got a little confused at the end.
  9. I've been playing with Stable Diffusion a little. Old 512x512 textures could be upsampled this way. By using original image as input for "img2img" and existing normalmaps in the "Control Net" it's possible to create an infinite amount of variations. Or using only the normalmap as a guide one can create a new style while keeping the old pattern. Original: Generated:
  10. It gave a link to Minecraft mod for some reason, but the answer is pretty good. I find Bing to be more truthful than at least the free version of ChatGPT. I had a conversation with Bing the other day and it wrote me a plugin for Blender, even though I don't know any Python. It took couple of hours, but it went better than my previous attempt using ChatGPT. 119 lines of code, nothing too complicated. Of course there are memory limitations to how long the generated code can be, but that's not going to be a big limitation for too long given the speed of progress we've been seeing. Large language models "only" predict words, but as some people pointed out, if you want to predict text accurately, at some point you have to start to "understand" what you talk about, whatever that means. I recently watched this interview with AI researcher Geoffrey Hinton and he shares this view. Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder also says something similar. On the other hand we know that those models don't think like we do. I've seen this interview with an interesting example. If you ask Bing: "A rose is a rose, a dax is a _" it gets confused. In my opinion that's a fairly intelligent response, even if the bot needed some help.
  11. There are .map exporters for older versions of Blender. I once made this in Blender:
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