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  1. Looks good so far. I have couple of questions. Are you programming with C++ ? Did you know how to program before you started this project? Do you have a sound propagation system, like doors blocking sound etc. Is it something that's vanilla Unreal is capable of or does one need to code that in?
  2. Witcher 3 budget was split 50/50 between production and marketing. It will be probably be similar here. I finished CP2077 yesterday. Still need to check remaining endings. It's a fantastic game. It's not perfect. It may not be the best RPG ever, best shooter ever, best stealth game ever, best sandbox ever, best story ever. Whatever, I had a great time, even with occasional bugs. One can definitely see the amount of work put in it. Story is shorter than Witcher 3, there's some filler in form of sidegigs, which are very similar to each other. On the other hand combination of stealth and act
  3. After 14 hours spent in the game I finished the prologue. I'm playing on GeForce Now (bought a subscription for a month). Usually game starts quickly, but from time to time one has to wait in a queue. One time it took very long, but changing server in settings helped. There's some video compression, but it's not bad. Chroma subsampling makes small menu fonts a little less sharp. I haven't got any crashes or show stoppers so far. There are glitches in this game for sure, mostly visual like missing animations. It can spoil the experience a little bit. I saw a major character play idle anima
  4. They started patching it. 1.04 just came out fixing some progress-blocking bugs. They also toned down flashing lights during 'braindance' people were complaining about. I'm yet to play it. I want to upgrade my PC, but now I'm thinking about playing it on Geforce Now before I do that. When Witcher 3 came out PC gamers were complaining that the game was downgraded with consoles in mind. Now console gamers complain that you need high end PC to run CP2077.
  5. Have you played Hearts of Stone?
  6. I played Witcher 3 comfortably on a computer that's below minimum requirements for CP2077. Anyway here's a short fan-projekt I worked on for quite some time:
  7. "Cyberware" menu in the trailer (at 2:39) looks pretty deep.
  8. "Freedom! '90" - directed by David Fincher, 1990. Shot in London. Video features models: Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, John Pearson, Todo Segalla, Peter Formby and fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti.
  9. Aaaand it's postponed again. New date is December 10th. On a side note, they announced winners in art contest.
  10. One of my favorite hidden features in "Deus ex" is the fact that security bots can run out of ammo. After three minutes it says "out of ammo" and just goes away:
  11. Deus Ex was supposed to have a mission on the moon, but it was scrapped.
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