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  1. Some screenshots presenting ray-traced effects from Nvidia's website:
  2. Even if your monitor doesn't support the resolution, higher bitrate means image quality will be better. This is especially true on Youtube which has low bitrates. 4k will look much less compressed than 1080 even on a 1080 monitor.
  3. Released earlier this month. Uncensored version of Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" which shows more clearly what happened to the main character. Actor who played Jeremy died in 2016. Directed by Mark Pellington, 1992.
  4. They'll be releasing couple of remastered videos of Alanis Morissette over the next week. Starting with "Ironic" from 1996, directed by St├ęphane Sednaoui: "Hand In My Pocket"; directed by Mark Kohr, 1995 "You Learn", directed by Liz Friedlander, 1996 "You Oughta Know"; directed by Nick Egan, 1995. This one's less sharp (recorded on 8mm perhaps?). Parts that are crisp look like they have been edited from photos. Flea plays on bass and Dave Navarro on guitar (they are not in the video though), "Head Over Feet"; directed by Michee Laurita and Alanis Morissette, 1996:
  5. That's certainly true. Original RPG has a lot of goofiness. For example there's a character named Adam Smasher It's closer to Johnny Mnemonic than Schindler's List for sure.
  6. Some videos by Eurythmics and Annie Lennox where also remastered. The company that did the scanning also did other music videos, some of which have not been published yet. There's some great cinematography here and Annie Lennox is a good actress. 1986, directed by Willy Smax. Stop motion scenes sadly remained in low resolution: 1987, directed by Sophie Muller 1989, directed by Sophie Muller 1990, directed by Sophie Muller 1992, directed by Sophie Muller. Starring Hugh Laurie and John Malkovich. For some reason uploaded only in 1080p. 1995, directed by Lennox and Joe Dyer:
  7. This one's a bit newer (2002). Directed by Mark Romanek.
  8. 4k version of "Sledgehammer" exists but it's behind paywall on itunes. Youtube has a teaser only:
  9. I just saw HD remaster of "Zombie" by The Cranberries and it looks spectacular. Video came out in 1994. It was directed by Samuel Bayer who also did "Smells like teen spirit", among many others. Recently I've been mildly obsessed with the idea of high definition remasters of old music videos. When I saw "Alien" movies for the first time on Blu-Ray after watching them for years on vhs tapes recorded from television, it was like seeing them for the first time. I'm of course talking about proper scans of 16mm or 35mm film. Youtube recently has been uploading many upscaled music videos advertising them as HD. Some people have been attempting to upscale videos using machine learning, but results aren't good. Some music videos from 80s and 90s are true pieces of art. A lot were made by acclaimed directors like Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, David Fincher, Anton Corbijn. Hell, even Michael Bay. Of course original film needs to still exist for a proper remaster to be even possible. If any special effects were originally done in post production in low resolution, those would have to be redone from scratch, which would be expensive. More on the subject by Tom Scott, Some other examples: Directed by Dom and Nic; premiered in 1997. At 2:49 you can see people cloned in post production. Not an MTV era, but definitely worth seeing. Directed by Peter Goldmann (1967):
  10. Materials from photos with one click: https://magazine.substance3d.com/ai-power-2d-painting-a-massive-boost-for-substance-alchemist/?utm_source=Substance Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Alchemist2020_2
  11. Blender 2.83 is out. It's a long term support version, meaning it will be maintained for two years, even after newer versions come out.
  12. Things like dynamic global illumination, advanced physics, destructible environments, that sound reverb they mention at 3:05 and just the scale of maps that you can make, all these things can enhance gameplay. Modern editors are also far more convenient to use. You can just drag and drop your assets. Now you won't even need to make low poly models (realistically you will for at least some models because high poly scans or sculpts take too much memory).
  13. I just learned that Dave Greenfield of the Stranglers died from COVID-19. His keyboard playing was a signature sound of the group and made them stand out from all the punk bands of the era.
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