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  1. jaxa

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Supposedly, a small portion of the game takes place on a Moon base. I'll be interested to see that and if they plan to expand it after launch.
  2. jaxa

    Free games

    Europa Universalis II https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Europa_Universalis_II https://www.gog.com/giveaway/claim
  3. jaxa

    2016+ CPU/GPU News

    4K TVs (but not OLED ones) are downright cheap, 4K video is becoming prevalent, 4K gaming is real (in reality, most people still do 1080p). 8K and up, meh. Unless you are talking about VR, where 16K is probably the end goal, but foveated rendering will reduce the GPU requirements. 1000 Hz displays are a legitimate target.
  4. jaxa

    2016+ CPU/GPU News

    On the other hand, RTX 3080 has a VRAM deficit with only 10 GB, which will hurt it in some games at 4K resolution (more going forward). AMD will put 16 GB of VRAM in its flagship RTX 3080 competitor (6900 XT or whatever it will be called) and one or two more models. It might also have a cut down card with 12 GB. Nvidia will respond by releasing a 20 GB version of RTX 3080, and a 16 GB version of RTX 3070. The price tags will be high. Nvidia made a mistake by using new, power-hungry, and expensive GDDR6X. It should have used cheaper GDDR6 and included more of it to begin with.
  5. jaxa

    2016+ CPU/GPU News

    Ryzen 9 5950X, 16 cores, 4.9 GHz, 105W TDP, $800 Ryzen 9 5900X, 12 cores, 4.8 GHz, 105W TDP, $550 Ryzen 7 5800X, 8 cores, 4.7 GHz, 105W TDP, $450 Ryzen 5 5600X, 6 cores, 4.6 GHz, 65W TDP, $300 All available on November 5. 19% higher IPC, 26% higher gaming performance at 1080p. Should beat or tie Intel in most games. As you can see, prices are up about $50 across the board from the Zen 2 launch prices. AMD is pretty confident these are going to fly off the shelves.
  6. jaxa

    2016+ CPU/GPU News

    AMD Zen 3 CPU announcement on Thursday, October 8. https://www.anandtech.com/show/16077/amd-announces-ryzen-zen-3-and-radeon-rdna2-presentations-for-october-a-new-journey-begins These will probably beat Intel's CPUs at gaming for once. Expect somewhere between 15-25% better performance. They may launch 8-core 5800X and 12-core 5900X first, and 6-core 5600X and 16-core 5950X in December. Zen 2 prices will probably drop, so you should hold off if you were going to buy a 3900X or something. Edit: What are you confused about?
  7. Here's the message I sent to Fieldmedic on August 23, 2013: To answer Chakk's critique, if you look at Thief 2, it got weird FMs like Kill Factory, Incubus, The Flying Age, etc. All that's needed is someone dedicated enough to map it, and people willing to play it.
  8. I had this idea 7 years ago, but I was too lazy to do anything with it.
  9. Sony has been projected to sell twice as many PS5 consoles as Microsoft sells Xboxes. Death is unlikely for Sony. Sony is the worse company though, and if Xbox 3840 can draw blood, good for them.
  10. They are contractually obligated to keep Ghostwire and Deathloop as PS5 timed exclusives. Bethesda is such a mess, this could easily be an improvement. Just don't preorder any of these games.
  11. Minecraft + Raytracing > TDM ?
  12. jaxa

    2016+ CPU/GPU News

    I've heard that a lot of companies (like Apple) will not like it. They would prefer a more neutral party like SoftBank, or more of a joint venture between several stakeholders. I'm not sure what improvements Nvidia ownership would bring to a consumer. More frequent additions to the Tegra lineup, more Jetson Nano style dev boards, a lock on future Nintendo console hardware (ARM + Nvidia GPU)? Their ARM customizations could be made more official. None of that seems to matter. Let me know if I am missing something. The real thing keeping ARM Holdings honest is the threat of businesses s
  13. jaxa

    2016+ CPU/GPU News

    https://www.anandtech.com/show/16077/amd-announces-ryzen-zen-3-and-radeon-rdna2-presentations-for-october-a-new-journey-begins Announcements for Zen 3 CPUs on October 8, and RDNA2 GPUs on October 28.
  14. jaxa

    2016+ CPU/GPU News

    The real performance should be : RTX 3090 = RTX 2080 Ti + 50-70% RTX 3080 = RTX 2080 Ti + 20-30% RTX 3070 = RTX 2080 Ti + ??? 20 GB variant of the RTX 3080, 16 GB variant of the RTX 3070 might be available later. Nvidia can put a 3080 Ti in that gap later if AMD kicks some ass, or they could cut down 3090 to only 12 GB VRAM. (One rumor is that Nvidia is putting away the "Ti" and "Super" branding because it confuses consumers.) A new Titan will probably come in at $3,000 with 48 GB memory. PCIe 3.0 (Intel) will be a slight bottleneck for these GPUs. AMD's upcoming top GP
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