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  1. Microsoft is giving you a refund for all the ebooks you bought over the years, and you've therefore concluded that you're not interested in video games anymore. Awesome logic there. And then to top it off, you play the completely irrelevant race card for no discernible reason. Great post, can't wait to see what you come up with next.
  2. I'm really surprised we haven't seen a indie attempt at Thief show up on Steam yet. TDM has proven that it can be done. There are literally dozens of System Shock clones, but not one Thief attempt.
  3. I don't think Biker was banned from TTLG, I believe he kind of pulled a jtr and asked the admins to remove his username from the boards completely. This doesn't delete your posts, but it makes it so you cannot search for them by name (I think).
  4. I think there could be major issues with this one - way too subjective. And part of the reason we're even discussing the topic at hand. I also don't like being able to use another author's material just because they cannot be reached. How long of a period should they have been gone for before it's OK? And what if they just switched emails and no one knows about it? I think in these scenarios, the mission should just remain untouched. The shortest and simplest way to sum everything up in one statement is this: Don't copy paste anything unless you have the author's permission in some form.
  5. I haven't come up with anything in TDM yet, but I have made some missions using dromed. I will say, I can't see any situation where if my work was copied pasted and then used without it being brought to my attention first that I'd be OK with it. Even if things were moved around and changed afterwards. Something like that just seems lazy, and I can't see any positive twist on it. These missions are supposed to be personal creations. That said, I don't think Biker was maliciously trying to steal anything or do anything unethical. I do believe his intentions were good, and I think sometimes he just doesn't think of the ramifications of what he's doing and how it will be perceived. He's usually doing something like this while helping someone else out, not just creating his own mission. So again, intentions are good even if the methods are questionable. From what i understand, there's a bunch of modular and prefab stuff available now for the mod, so there's really no good reason to copy and paste from anyone else anyway. Unless you're just completely out of ideas, in which case, you should probably not be doing any editing anyway. I do think it's going a bit far though to talk about encrypting and protecting pk4 files, and wondering if your work is covered under some public domain ruling (sorry, not real familiar with that stuff). Especially when that fear leads you to the extreme situation of just not releasing anything period because you think it will be stolen. This is all supposed to be for fun, and a hobby, and no money is exchanging hands. I think this community is more than capable of policing itself. And I don't think this practice is so rampant that it's out of control and can't be monitored. So in short - Copy and pasting from missions is bad, unless A) it's from your own mission or you get permission first. That's just common sense and common courtesy, IMO.
  6. Not sure if all the taffers over here at TDM are aware, but 24 new missions were just released as part of a contest celebrating the 20th Anniversary of The Dark Project. Check em out when you can. http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=149369
  7. A bit late to the party here, but if anyone is interested in programming specifically related to games, then Gamemaker Studio is a great place to start. It's fairly easy to learn and get going, and there's tons of youtube and web tutorials out there that are really helpful in getting an actual game up and running. Gamemaker has it's on language called GML, and I've heard it's similar to Python (no firsthand experience though). I should add too that several commercial games have been made with Gamemaker, such as Hotline Miami and Hyper Light Drifter.
  8. Ok, but shouldn't the updater know when it's updated to the latest version, and if so, then move on to updating the actual mod?
  9. I just updated from 2.05 to 2.06, and ran into the same issue I had the last time I updated. And the time before that. If you don't go to "Advanced Options" and tick the box that says "Don't let the tdm updater update itself," you will just run into an endless loop and never get the update completed. So my question is - why does this option even exist? The process seems entirely broken. Shouldn't the option be check marked by default? I guess I don't see what is accomplished by even having this as an option. Most software updates just run, update your software, and then exit. Done. I must be missing something here? If so, I'd be curious to know what it is. Edit: OK so now, even more confusing stuff going on. When i first posted, TDM was in the middle of updating. Now it appears that I'm stuck in a new loop, where the updater is continually trying to download a file called: tdm_update_2.05_to_2.06.zip (234.8 MB) from just about every server available. It's been going on for about a half an hour now. I guess I'll cancel it and try to re-run it.
  10. @Biker - Just a thought, but why not just stick to making your own missions? It's obvious you love to build things and be creative, and you're good at it. If you're only working on your own stuff, nobody can tell you what to do and there's no risk of rubbing anyone the wrong way. Even if it's not permanent, maybe just for a little while? That way you can still contribute to the community and all of this other drama goes by the wayside.
  11. I disagree completely with the pacman comment, most of the levels are big and open, with a lot of verticality, and have multiple paths to your goals. It's not a linear game at all. @Springheel - What do you mean by the AI being "robotic and unrealistic?" Most AI have their patrol paths they walk along, and when the spot something they come over to investigate. Pretty similar to Thief and TDM from what I can tell.
  12. I seriously doubt Detroit Become Human will an open world game, that's just not the kind of game that Quantic Dream makes.
  13. Just played this - really good smaller scale mission. Quite claustrophobic in parts, but even for an occasional KO guy like me, I was able to manage playing on Expert and ghost it. Nicely done, good tension with only a few AI. The was a bit hard too find though, a subtle clue would have helped. @Biker - A few things I noticed if you're fine tuning for an update: -Going up the stairs from the kitchen to the first floor, the player is forced to crouch. You can't just walk up the stairs normally. The guard made it by I couldn't. -If you climb into the dumb waiter space and the waiter is not on your floor, you get stuck and are forced to reload. -Readable typos - Lady's diary, page 9, "to found" should be "too fond." Cook's diary, page 7, "dry is unmentionables" should be "dry his unmentionables." Thanks again, fun mission.
  14. This is why people don't think of you particularly well and that you're difficult (one example of many many): So, in one breath you consider the mod abandoned (as in no updates, this was back in July), and now you're accusing it of doing the complete opposite. Make up your mind.
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