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  1. Hi, can you add EFX to St. Lucia?

  2. Anyone else have trouble reading the black text on gray? I usually have to highlight things to read them.
  3. Looks great, but the volume of AI footsteps should be lowered. Seems odd that their shoes are just as loud as the player's voice from that distance.
  4. I like it, I'd love to see more too. I think you have a terrific narrative voice Spring.
  5. I never really had any opinion on the story's content, however I did enjoy the structure, like way it was told and its creativity. I liked how it wasn't the same old: "I need money for rent; I don't like X, so I'm going to frame him; There's a rich place I can rob to retire, I have an informant blah blah blah etc etc. ToSL's story was unique and well though out. I never found a spot where I thought it didn't make sense. Nbohr1more I think you should continue your criticism and you can PM me suggestions if you'd like. I will not take it personally at all; it will help make a stronger campaign. I love feedback.
  6. Posting from my phone: I dont tjink a sequel to ToSL would be a good idea it has a self contained vibe all over it and tbh it was small. As th original author of that map u can bet i paid a ton of attention to the feeback i read about it and u can expect much more and better from omens which i personally have been working om since the release of ToSL. The amount of time sunk into it at this point is why i dont think any future ofixial campaigns are possible. But even of it isnt offial i can guarantee just by ToSL and RTTC feedback that the Omen maps will blow everyone away from a detail, size, creative and architectual point of view. So hard to type on a phone!
  7. I don't either, but I doubt the rest of the team would agree with me lol. I like the idea of having more of the top FMs released with the game though. We could even take it a step further and help create some nice graphics for the intro to set the tone for the mission. But that comes down to man power, which I think the original mappers would probably be happy to help with. Just an idea. I think that would be the most ideal, however I have no idea how difficult it would actually be to implement that.
  8. "We" is the team. TDM as a whole. edit: I poke around in the members section, but I haven't seen anything. However I'm not confident enough to assume I didn't miss anything.
  9. So we should rely on what exactly? I don't mean to sound like I'm attacking you: do we have any plans at all to increase playership or are we going to just keep doing what we are doing and relying on the same people to keep creating maps? I could potentially see the stand alone helping. And tbh: TDM will never have an official campaign which is part of this mod's problem. I'm for any sorting function to display which maps are good and which are not. It would at least be a step in the right direction if an editor did it.
  10. Which is the problem. Additionally we don't even rank high with ease of use in terms of how a player would find a good map. A new player may download a crap map and give up after that impression. The game feels disjointed because of a mixed bag of quality, themes and quality. Let's not forget Thief1 and 2 had solid campaigns behind them that inspired people. If we want to be like Little Big Planet we should at least do more than host the maps. This is true, however it isn't good enough to prevent stagnation. We should review our forum registrations and see when we had our highest number of new registrants and what events were taking place when that happened. I can't do this, I'm not an Admin. We should also review how many TDM downloads we were getting and during which TDM events. This would remove any guessing about what drives new players to TDM. I would also question just how important the factor of a "good" community is in attracting mappers. I was personally not attracted to TDM by the community at all, I was attracted because I liked mapping from my previous experience mapping for halflife 1 and I liked thief 1. I'd argue a good community keeps mappers, but doesn't attract mappers. Although I agree with you this will be better in 1.08, the reality is there are only two default missions, it's not that much. I also agree with you about the downside to our system. But that is a big downside, see above. Although I don't think a "Game Library" is an attractive name, it sounds better than a "Toolset." Have we renamed our content so we no longer refer to ourselves at a "Toolset?"
  11. I think if we rely on doing what we are currently doing now, the answer will be no. Even if the campaign or really good maps are released, the information will spread just as it always has to the same people who do not actively play TDM right now. TTLG, thief blogs, MODDB etc. There's no new market there. What I have always wanted to see is to have some I-celebrities talk about us. For example if Carmack mentioned us in his blog, if the Yogscast did a play, if Yahtzee did a play, if we got into PC Gamer etc. But the biggest issue is, the mod right now has no official gameplay because it's a toolset. It needs to be messaged as a full game people can play, because no average person would want to spend time downloading and setting up a toolset. The idea of playing one map at a time is honestly not appealing unless you've already been a fan on Thief. This is where I think the campaign may break some new ground and why I've nagged everyone on the team for one for so long. If you can download TDM, play a campaign, decide you like the game, then you are much more likely to try random one map missions. Otherwise it just wont penetrate mainstream or new markets imo. I'd love to get into this more and try and help out but I'm busy atm with other priorities, including tdm priorities. TL;DR Maybe
  12. I don't think any amount of maps will boost TDM's popularity. Even if we had the most perfect maps released for TDM why would that be incentive for anyone to start the lengthy process of mapping for the game? I think if anything it would be a temporary rise in playership.
  13. I think they read my comment on this forum and decided to leap into action and release something. Jdude wins
  14. I think we found the solution to the State's fiscal crisis. CUT ALL SIGN PRODUCTION!
  15. I wonder how often they update that population on that sign. Do they just spray over it and rewrite it, or build an entire new sign?
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