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  1. Thank you, and my commiserations to the day guard. Edit: Looking forward to more provocations from @LePetit_Baguette_69!
  2. I am perplexed. On the face of it this is a troll, but from a highly respected mapper, from the notorious troll @LePetit_Baguette_69 and but there is something hiding here I cannot find and I would be grateful for a clue of some sort. I have found but nothing else, however
  3. No, and it should be. I have the following lines in my autocommands.cfg file: // The following implement // r_frobOutlinePreset 4 seta r_frobOutlineBlurPasses "1" seta r_frobOutlineColorA "0.7" seta r_frobOutline "1"
  4. Just installed the first 2.12 beta and switched to altham (A Night in Altham). Started mission and was simply exploring the configuration menus ... and it crashed! I've attached a a good part of the log below (starting from reload, presumably triggered by selecting the mission): Unfortunately the actual crash: *** longjmp causes uninitialized stack frame ***: terminated signal caught: Aborted doesn't look terribly illuminating. This missing seems to have triggered an awful lot of error messages ... is the mission itself sound to test? Think I might switch to something older to start with... Edit: Restarted the mission ... and it seems to be playing normally now. Hmmm
  5. @Dragofer thank you, that was it. I was closer to the end than I realised!
  6. I think I could use some gentle hints. Have found the following in the main mansion and seem to have run out of things to do: Ground floor seems deserted, and didn't find anything of interest in the basement and that seems to be that. Having read this thread I have clearly missed something rather basic! The first floor guards are all on high alert, but think that's because I took some conspicuous loot. It's been surprisingly easy to maintain zero alerts so far, but I seem to have missed most of the mission...
  7. I'd be unhappy about this, and I think this setting has been around for as long as I can remember. I definitely prefer to open the door as a separate action after unlocking it, gives me more control with interacting with whatever is going on. It can take time to unlock a door, and having the door suddenly open when you're not ready for it can land you in trouble!
  8. Looks nice. Is there any prospect of running it on Linux?
  9. No problem, it's not really all that off topic ... but it would probably be good to fix the bug as well, if that's feasible!
  10. Don't think I do. The mission in questions has the short name vfat1, and the following content in its darkmod.txt: I eventually resorted to this walkthrough to get it done. This uses the name "Vengeance For A Thief 1 (Angel's Tear)". Curiously, I can't find anything mentioning Angel's Tear in the missions database you linked to, but there is a reference in this post. Oddly the description for vfat1 in the missions database appears to describe the "tear" as having already been stolen.
  11. Not too sure where to report this, but found another mission which soft locks if "Open Doors on Unlock" is not set, namely "VFAT1: The Angel's Tear". To be precise: So a bug in this particular mission. I am running dev16818-10434, but I suspect this isn't relevant in this case ... the mission isn't worth replaying in another version to check, to be honest. I was lucky to have a save file from before opening the panel!
  12. Don't know if it's helpful, but with the latest dev build (dev16818-10434) I had two or three crashes when head-shotting zombies while playing In The Black (forgotten the mission, will try and work it out). I was going to report it, because it seemed quite repeatable, all the crashes were in exactly the same location ... but then it went away.
  13. Hey ho. My poor elderly HD 6950 has been upgraded to a shiny new RT 6800 and it all works again. It had a bumpy start (AMD drivers were pretty shit back in the day) and a bumpy end (bit rot).
  14. Thanks for the effort, but alas, no change.
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