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  1. I also have the desk lever bug. With noclip I can see the lever in the desk (I think behind the right hand centre top panel), but can't operate it, but at least I can get into the hidden room and operate the lever there! Beautiful mission, very demanding, but so much to explore. I'm about 150 short on loot so far, feeling slightly punished for having gone straight in on expert, but I can see this will be well worth returning to to look into the side missions and other extras. A little less unkind on the ghosting on Expert than CoS1, where I found hiding to be cruelly difficult once inside the mansion, which gets painful when trying to find your way around... again I suspect I should have started on an easier level! This feels like a very refined mission. I hope the desk lever bug is fixable!
  2. I've started playing this mission, and have hit this same bug. I presume I'm playing the right version (recently downloaded): darkmod.txt gives the title as "Briarwood Manor_1.8", readme.txt says "Version 1.7" on the first line, but the last line reads "14th Oct 2019 Fixed a shadow problem in upstairs servants room.", and the checksum is: $ md5sum briarwood_manor.pk4 1a2f55f4ccafbc66bbe5e10f16ebd975 briarwood_manor.pk4 (I have to say that TDM makes a bit of a mess of mission versioning... ?, and let's not talk about the downloader ?.) I was very amused when hunting around in the opening area and I sat down to go through my equipment, and thought: What the hell?! I'm a professional thief on a dangerous assassination mission, and I've left all my gear at home! I must be a blithering idiot, what can I have been thinking. Ah well, I have the save file with frobbing disabled if that would be helpful, and the bug is completely reproducible. I am also on Fedora (XFCE) with TDM 2.06.
  3. My apologies. It's definitely my mouse, it's causing trouble elsewhere. Sorry about the noise.
  4. I'm finding the right mouse button to be very unpredictable at the moment. Sometimes nothing frobs, sometimes I have to hold to open doors, etc. However, there is one symptom which is very clear: lock picking doesn't work at all, instead I have to hold down Enter. I *think* this is new since updating to 2.07 (and the hot patch for lighting issues). Has anyone else seen anything like this?
  5. I have just applied this hotfix to a freshly updated 2.07 install, and can report it fixes my lighting issue. My machine isn't AMD, instead it's Intel integrated graphics. Without the hotfix I was literally in the dark -- not blind, but definitely invisible to all AI! Am not sure what information is helpful for testing: system is Fedora 29, my graphics is described (lspci) as "Intel Corporation HD Graphics 620 (rev 02)".
  6. I finally got around to have a slightly deeper look at this problem. One word: Wayland.
  7. I guess I could use live boot to test that out ... hmm. Guess I'll try and take a look. Also I should try a different window manager, daft not to have tried that before now.
  8. freyk, are you being deliberately obtuse and unhelpful?
  9. If i use that, but search for alt-tab problems or focus for doom 3 on linux, in stead of tdm, i got several sollutions. Good for you. Do you feel like posting them? Have to say I'm not finding anything useful. Maybe you're not actually reading the links you're finding, maybe your Google is primed differently, maybe you're using a different search engine, really I've got nothing to go on. Unfortunately what I'm finding is pretty worthless: https://hardforum.com/threads/keyboard-not-working-in-doom-3.841377/ This is someone back in 2004 with the same problem but no solution. https://www.reddit.com/r/Doom/comments/3hr8a4/doom_3_refuses_to_take_any_keyboard_input_except/ This guy's problem went away on a restart. https://steamcommunity.com/app/379720/discussions/0/357286532030362140/ Unhelpful So freyk, if you've actually discovered something useful, perhaps you could be kind enough enlighten us? Two things are different about the machine that's not working from other systems where I've had no problems: 1/ gnome 3; and 2/ Intel integrated graphics (which actually works very nicely). Hard to see how this can be related though.
  10. I'm going to try bumping this question again; don't think "lol gaming on linux" is terribly useful, particularly as otherwise TDM seems to run very nicely. I'm now running a fresh install of 64-bit 2.06 on Fedora 28. Yesterday I was able to use alt-Tab to somehow move the focus over to the game, but today all keys go to the original launch console. Any workaround to be able to actually play the game would be nice. I'm pleasantly surprised to see that sound now seems to work perfectly out of the box, and graphics settings are easy and well behaved. I think the only strange problem is the keyboard focus.
  11. How do I add tags? This question should at least be tagged with "linux", if nothing else.
  12. I'm hoping that at least somebody on the TDM development team uses Linux.
  13. Well, I've managed to game on Linux for pretty well the whole of this century ... but it certainly is a frustrating experience. I mean, just talking about TDM, I'm dismayed that it's taken so long to get sound working out of the box ... or on the other hand, I'm delighted that sound suddenly now just works on 2.06 beta! My focus problem certainly is annoying. I've had problems somewhat like this in the past with Wine (and worse), but I seem to have a weird workaround for the moment.
  14. I have a very strange issue with TDM on Fedora 27. I have freshly installed 2.05 (and for comparison the 2.06 beta, only just heard about it) on a freshly installed Fedora 27 system ... and when I launch TDM from the command line the command line console continues to get my key presses! Eventually I have found that if I have a second application running, then I can apparently Alt-Tab to it (ok, not quite stock, I've enabled Alternatetab in gnome-tweak-tool) and I get keyboard events and everything works properly ... in 2.06 beta, even sound works out of the box! Is this a known problem with a more sensible known fix or workaround? A couple of explanations for clarity. If I don't launch a game, but just start tdm, type keys, exit (using the menu), then all the keys I pressed are visible on my terminal application. When I have another application available it seems that after I press Alt-Tab the keyboard events go to TDM as they ought to.This looks like a pretty obscure interaction with the Gnome desktop!
  15. I would be grateful for an optional "ghost" (do not be detected) objective, as in The Heart of Lone Salvation.
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