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  1. @Dragofer, I think there might be something wrong with the unofficial Painter's Wife you linked above. I found a reference to the "AAS32 OUT OF DATE" here: and it appears that this is something to do with AI pathing ... and I have indeed noticed a guard walking in circles near the start (descend to the street, go left to the end of the cul-de-sac past the gate, and there he is).
  2. Just tried loading that, and it's looking promising for me. One odd thing: when I started the map I briefly had the following message (or something like it) at the top of my screen: WARNING: AAS_RAT OUT OF DATE No idea what this means! Edit: Maybe I misremembered the string: ran it again and got WARNING: AAS32 IS OUT OF DATE
  3. Just for definiteness, can you tell us what running lspci |grep VGA reports? I get 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Cayman PRO [Radeon HD 6950] Alas, I don't know how to interrogate my driver version, but I know it's stock install. Thank goodness that AMD finally works properly out of the box, but guess I need to think about upgrading ... once the graphics card market has stopped being insane!
  4. Man, I so do not miss CRTs! The flicker (even 100Hz monitors are not great at times) and small screens and bulk ... and sheer weight if it's a reasonably large screen. No, don't mourn the old CRT.
  5. That's certainly what I was talking about. It's always very strange seeing the guards &c dancing their way through the doors, but I understand that it's hardly worth the animation effort that would be involved to change it.
  6. Alas, no, setting r_gpuBufferNonpersistentUpdateMode 1 makes no difference: frame rate is less than 0.5 fps! For what it's worth, I'm attaching three config files, with the following behaviour: Darkmod.cfg.baseline: this is my reset .cfg file which I've used for numerous missions without any problems. Only TPW generates the issue in question, which for this file is a frame rate both in game and in menu of less than 0.5 fps. Darkmod.cfg.half_fps: this is setting r_gpuBufferNonpersistentUpdateMode 1 as suggested, alas is indistinguishable from .baseline. Darkmod.cfg.20f
  7. Yes indeedie, something is wrong indeed! This problem isn't new to this beta, I had to set r_usePersistentMapping 0 for 2.08 ... but only for The Painter's Wife. There is something special about this mission that uniquely challenges my card. For reference, I've just played through Volta 2 (Cauldron) on my baseline settings without a hint of trouble. I've been managing my config as follows: Delete Darkmod.cfg Run up TDM and exit immediately Add the following lines to the end of my (newly created) Darkmod.cfg: seta tdm_door_auto_open_on_unlock "0" seta tdm_m
  8. Standing just here: 576.4 5954.59 264.25 -0.2 -8.8 0.0 murders my frame rate (back to 6 fps). I'm staring straight at a closed door (and it won't open anyway), no-clipping through it takes me into an area of blackness and my frame rate further, even to 3 fps! Something in this map is doing strange things to my graphics driver!
  9. Those settings didn't work very well. Am back to 6 fps and it looks horrible as well! At the moment I'm getting reasonable performance with high quality shadows, but with r_usePersistentMapping off. Can post a complete .cfg if that's helpful.
  10. Very interesting. I still get the occasional drop down to 6 fps, but two settings seem to make things good: Setting Shadows Implementation to Maps Setting Soft Shadow Quality to High Interestingly if I set the quality high and then down to a lower setting my fps drops to 6. Not sure whether to do my updates here or over in the beta thread, think here might be better focused.
  11. Apologies! It is (old system): i5-2500K CPU, 16 GB RAM Radeon HD 6950 (2GB RAM) Fedora 33 with stock drivers Hmm. Setting r_useNewBackend 0 doesn't seem to help, in fact seems to make things worse: I start with 4 fps ... but turning Soft Shadows on seems to make things better! Not really sure how to sensibly investigate this.
  12. I'm getting some very fishy performance variation with The Painter's Wife. As described over here, I've had to set the undocumented feature `r_usePersistentMapping 0` to get usable performance: without this setting, both menu and game run at less than 0.5 fps, with the setting menus run at 50 fps and game runs at around 6 fps. I'm pretty sure there's a regression from 2.08 here: although I didn't measure it, I got playable performance and 6 fps isn't really playable. An interesting extra data point is this: if (using the in game video settings menu) I change Shadows Implementation from
  13. Oh my goodness: switching Shadows Implementation from the default (Stencil) to Maps makes all the difference in the world: I can now get typically 20 fps or better. However, there is something really odd going on: on the street just below the balcony where you enter the map (what's the command for printing your location, please?) is a vent with steam coming out of it; by looking at this vent and then looking away I seem to be able to switch between 6fps and 20+ fps. Definitely something fishing going on...
  14. I've take then time to pin it down: it's `r_usePersistentMapping 0` that makes the difference. I'm now trying with beta 2.09 and am actually measuring the FPS, and I feel I have a regression: I'm now getting 5fps, which isn't really playable, and I'm pretty sure that this missing was perfectly playable last time I tried it (with 2.08, but didn't think to measure). I cannot find these settings documented anywhere: am trying the options at Wiki Performance Tweaks, and nothing else seems to help. Think I'll post over at the beta testing thread.
  15. I think this is true: the door opening is particularly noticeable, this is something you're watching all the time in game, and the magic of a character standing a yard away from a door, waving their hand, and the door opens, is always a strange sight.
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