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  1. Hunt out the playthroughs by @V-Man339: these are pretty definitive demonstrations of how to ghost on TDM! Don't know about rules though.
  2. Regarding names that don't fit on the loading screen, it would be helpful if the annotation marks (update/translation/new) could be visible even if the whole title isn't visible. I also am surprised that I have quite so many updates marked as available; I'm suspicious that TDM is a bit muddled about the missions I already have downloaded. Is there a good way to check this? For example. I saw Requiem marked as available for update, so I took a copy of my existing fms/requiem directory, let the updater do its thing, and the file dates have changed ... but the .pk4 files are identical
  3. Can't straightaway say I'm a huge fan of the new bright outline around frobbable objects instead of the older highlight mechanism which seems a little more subtle; can I switch between how frobbability is shown?
  4. Is The Painter's Wife well optimised? It murders my system, and buying a new graphics card is off the table until the semiconductor market recovers from its current doleful state (I want a reasonably high end AMD card ... good luck with that today!) The Painter's Wife is really the only mission that I find unplayable, so it would be interesting to know where it fits in this conversation.
  5. I'll dig into this tomorrow. As you say, radeon-profile might have the CPU frequency, it was easier to screenshot a console output! Integrated graphics? Ick. Dunno actually, have never used it; guess I'll have a look. I got the same strange messed up numbers for VRAM with radeon-profile, so I'm certain something is up with the driver support. Regarding the CPU usage, the way Linux top works is rather odd: it reports 100% for one cpu busy, so if all four CPUs were maxed out we'd be seeing 400% CPU usage! You can see the individual core reports at the top, and it looks like the load i
  6. Yes, `seta r_fullscreen "0"` seems to do that; the tests over on the other thread are using that option.
  7. Ok, I happen to have a save game on the second from top floor of the bordello. At my starting point I have good FPS, and radeontop and top report sensible looking results: CPU usage hovering around 90% CPU (so I probably am CPU limited, despite having four cores), the graphical pipelines looking sensibly busy. Unfortunately it seems that something is massively wrong with the VRAM (and GTT, what is that?) usage report; I get the same ridiculous numbers with radeon-profile, so I suspect it's a driver level problem. From this spot I can walk upstairs to the top floor, got
  8. Sorry about that. Works for me I though `seta r_fullscreen "2"` was doing the maximised window thing, but I can try setting this to 0 and see what difference it makes. No idea how to do these monitoring tasks, to be honest! I can use `top` for cpu monitoring, no idea about VRAM. com_smp is set to "1" Pretty well anywhere in the game will cause trouble, to be honest! Happens most often when looking at closed windows and walls, curiously enough. I can hunt out a specific scene and configuration, but I guess the best thing is for you to recommend a starting config se
  9. I'm quite willing to play! I'll be grateful for you help in investigating. I've played most TDM missions. My hardware is pretty old, but I'm not planning to upgrade until the current component availability crisis has passed: I'd like to upgrade to a high end AMD GPU, think am going to have to wait another year for that given the current supply chain for everything electronics these days. My hardware and software stack is, as posted over here: The key points are: 1/ a 10 year old Radeon HD 6950 card (with 2GB RAM); 2/ 16GB system RAM; 3/ up to date Fedora installation (now Fed
  10. Alas. Even with my best efforts at trying various options I can't get The Painter's Wife to play a reliable frame rate. A lot of the time it ticks along in the 20 to 30 range ... and then it'll drop to 6fps. Sometimes it goes back up and stays up for a bit after I look elsewhere, but a lot of the time it just sticks there. Going to have to give up This is using the latest drop from the mission thread.
  11. @Dragofer, I think there might be something wrong with the unofficial Painter's Wife you linked above. I found a reference to the "AAS32 OUT OF DATE" here: and it appears that this is something to do with AI pathing ... and I have indeed noticed a guard walking in circles near the start (descend to the street, go left to the end of the cul-de-sac past the gate, and there he is).
  12. Just tried loading that, and it's looking promising for me. One odd thing: when I started the map I briefly had the following message (or something like it) at the top of my screen: WARNING: AAS_RAT OUT OF DATE No idea what this means! Edit: Maybe I misremembered the string: ran it again and got WARNING: AAS32 IS OUT OF DATE
  13. Just for definiteness, can you tell us what running lspci |grep VGA reports? I get 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Cayman PRO [Radeon HD 6950] Alas, I don't know how to interrogate my driver version, but I know it's stock install. Thank goodness that AMD finally works properly out of the box, but guess I need to think about upgrading ... once the graphics card market has stopped being insane!
  14. Man, I so do not miss CRTs! The flicker (even 100Hz monitors are not great at times) and small screens and bulk ... and sheer weight if it's a reasonably large screen. No, don't mourn the old CRT.
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