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  1. A crash playing mission wwtw (Who watches the watcher?) 2.11 very early on: Went downstairs from the starting area, wondering how to get out, picked up a board ... and bang! An invalid longjmp sounds pretty unhealthy. Will try again, and update this post accordingly. Edit: Sorry, could not repeat.
  2. Alas. I got spotted again. Just starting "Down and Out on Newford Road" with beta 7, entered the church in the first courtyard, and after a while heard "hiding will not save thee" and saw a builder searching with his hammer out. Of course, the stealth score was firmly all zeros Also, a strange map of some island has popped up as part of the last few missions I've played. Don't think it's part of the mission... Edit: @Dragofer, can I ping you on this one please? Looks like there's still a stealth/alert loophole in the latest version
  3. I had go hunting back quite a long way to find my initial report of the bug, but here it is (there's quite a bit of conversation following, mixed with a bunch of other 2.09 beta stuff): followed here: Actually, going back is pretty confusing, and I don't seem to be able find my original message about the screen being messed up. This hasn't changed very much when I just inadvertently tried it, though this time it was the top half of the screen that was scrambled rather than the right hand side.
  4. Yes, that's how I knew my autoexec.cfg wasn't working anymore; setting 32 bit colour is the very first line in that file!
  5. Sure (though haven't tried the // comments yet), but I was a bit surprised to see autoexec.cfg suddenly stop working halfway through the beta cycle -- what's changed?
  6. Oh yes. My graphics card (an elderly HD6950 if I remember correctly) produces messed up graphics when 64-bit colour precision is selected. Unfortunately there seems to be a graphics driver bug, this was discussed at some length on this forum about a year ago.
  7. The latest beta (2.11-5?) seems to be ignoring my autoexec.cfg file. The first two lines are: seta r_fboColorBits "32" seta tdm_mainmenu_confirmquit "0" and it's kind of pretty obvious when these are missing! This was working on the previous beta, so something subtle has changed in this area. I do notice the following message in the console output: Couldn't exec autocommands.cfg - file does not exist. Has the filename being looked for changed? Edit: Certainly adding a soft link (`ln -s`) from autocommands.cfg to autoexec.cfg seems to fix the issue. Edit: Oh, but now the log is full of Unknown command '#' messages. Are commands comments not supported now? (Don't remember seeing this before...)
  8. @Dragofer, with your test map I was able to reproduce the issue fairly quickly: While the guard is walking away walk left into the darkness Once the guard has turned around walk into the light so he can see you Guard goes quickly into alerted mode, score goes to 3 Walk straight back into darkness. The timing here is a little tricky... Score goes to zero, guard continues searching with sword out Think this is a clear stealth score bug!
  9. Well, that was interesting. I did as suggested, and ran `testmap stealth` without first loading bcd itself ... and got the attached screen: I've had to compress the screenshot in gimp (reduced JPEG quality to 10) to upload it, but it's a pretty truthful representation of what I'm seeing. Here's the corresponding log: ]testmap stealth ---- dmap ---- --- LoadDMapFile --- loading fms/bcd/bcd_stealth.pk4/maps/stealth WARNING:Couldn't load map file: 'fms/bcd/bcd_stealth.pk4/maps/stealth' ------------- Warnings --------------- during running dmap... WARNING:Couldn't load map file: 'fms/bcd/bcd_stealth.pk4/maps/stealth' 1 warnings reloading guis/msg.gui. reloading guis/mainmenu.gui. --------- Map Initialization --------- Map: stealth idRenderWorldLocal::InitFromMap: maps/stealth.proc not found TODO: Sys_SetClipboardData ERROR:Couldn't load maps/stealth -------------------------------------- WARNING:idSession: triggering mainmenu watchdog
  10. @Dragofer, I'll have to try and repeat, but it certainly sound very like what I was seeing. Did I quickload at stage 4? Really can't say for sure, but know I saw the guard prowling around with his sword out and a score of 0. The transition (4)->(5) sounds fragile to me, but I'll have to see if I can definitely break it. Suspect I did duck into hiding at point (4), so my concern would be the guard becoming fully alarmed with a zero stealth score. I agree that this business of having the stealth score permanently on show very much changes the game. Will also give your mini-map a try.
  11. But ... but ... Could have sworn I've been using ` all this time, but maybe my muscle memory is abandoning me?
  12. Thanks, that works. Is this new?! Will try to remember. Think we need some way to communicate this change... Here is my viewpos, or somewhere around here: ]getViewPos 3591.34 -2224 218.25 48.1 -116.2 0.0 I am extremely high up, and I think the guard was in the courtyard directly below when he spotted me ... or maybe coming down the stairs, will have to wait through his cycle and see what happens. ... No, I got the position wrong. I was on the ledge below: ]getViewPos 3636.76 -2224.59 54.25 29.4 -118.4 0.0 Here I am visible, and there's quite a lot of possible activity depending on exactly what he sees. I think I can provoke a number of responses from this position.
  13. Now this is odd. I can't bring up the console all of a sudden. There used to be a hard binding to ` (seem to remember there's an old Linux issue which means this can't be rebound, and I've bound ' to my "put weapons away" command) ... and it's just not working today. Am trying to get that blasted guard to spot me again, but it's proving pretty tricky: I have a save which I think was before he spotted me last time, but so far all I've achieved is two level zero alerts. Will let you know what `getViewPos` is once I can figure out how to do it!
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