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  1. FMs have used it since time immemorial; I have to support it. It's used when authors want to make a fancy readme, ie. with colors, bold/italic, images, centered text, links, etc.
  2. Hello all. Author of AngelLoader here. There were never any plans to support TDM in AngelLoader, as I figured the in-game system was adequate enough. Adding TDM support would not be impossible, of course, but would require quite a lot of work to shoehorn it into a loader that's mostly designed around NewDark games and the way they work and are structured. For example, TDM doesn't really have the concept of some external "FM archive folder", it just keeps the FMs in an "fms" subdir, doesn't it? And it doesn't really have the concept of a set of "local installed FMs" vs a set of "local not-installed FMs", but rather just "existent FMs and then one that's 'the current one'". Or something similar anyway. I'm sure there's lots more differences too. Also, if you wanted to download new FMs, you'd have to go in-game to do it anyway, then go back out to your external loader, which seems kinda awkward. I mean unless the external loader also duplicated the download functionality so it could replace the in-game one completely... but honestly that's more than I'm willing to take on. Also, regarding Linux, AngelLoader pretty much can't be made to run on it natively for reasons, unless you're one of the lucky ones who can manage to get it working on Wine (some can, some can't - I haven't been able to). It's tied to WinForms because of the RichTextBox (it needs to be able to show .rtf files) and .NET kinda has no UI framework for Linux, not even MAUI supports it... there's Mono but its WinForms isn't a perfect clone either... I can't move to modern .NET post-Framework versions either because the dark theming breaks. WPF has a RichTextBox but it's unusably slow. etc. It's a whole mess. So, really, given AngelLoader has to support rtf and a bunch of other legacy Windows-y stuff for its Windows-y games, and it's designed with Thief-y assumptions, it would probably be better to write a new loader from scratch that only does TDM and can run cross-platform. You'd get rid of all the irrelevant complexity of a Thief series loader (including the need to display rtf!) and you could use Qt or something to have a nice uniform cross-platform look and all. But I'm not a C++ coder, I only know C# and just barely enough C++ to fumble out some simple things, so I'm not the one to do it. Anyway, AngelLoader is open-source MIT so anyone can feel free to fork, learn from, or take whatever they find useful from it.
  3. Boy howdy, I remember recording for this! Feels like back in the mists of time... Looks fantastic Goldwell. That intro is production value supreme right there!
  4. I didn't get the door conversation in my LP at first either. The one guy walked up to the guy at the door and said his first line, then got no response and walked off again. I believe it was because the guy at the door was on first alert (or whatever TDM calls it), as he settled down shortly afterwards. I replayed that part in my next video, being careful not to cause any alerts, and the convo worked then. It also worked the first time I played off-camera with an earlier version.
  5. Very nice! Happy to see that standing-around AI thing I've been grumbling about has been fixed. Also great to see the inventory grid.
  6. Fortunately I've heard some VAs I really admire say the same sort of things at times. "All I can hear are mistakes". So it's as you say, even for pros. That's what I like to hear! I was afraid I'd got through half of it already
  7. It's funny. I hear myself speak every single day, yet hearing myself Voice ActTM is slightly uncomfortable and weird, like how it is the first time you hear yourself recorded. Heheh. I've got other VA bits in missions coming out sooner or later as well.
  8. This is absolutely wonderful! It's just the kind of thing I've been wanting for years in either NewDark or TDM, and I can't thank you enough for going ahead and making it
  9. Welp, here's my first video. Goofed around too much and got into some trouble at first, but things are looking good so far.
  10. Here is my playthrough. I feel bad that I don't think I honored its atmosphere/mood enough. The teleport-to-black-and-looks-like-a-freeze thing sort of put me in the wrong place mentally, I think, so I ended up maybe not being quite in the immersed state of mind, I guess. Still it was a good story and a cool surreal little mission. I thought the main character was interesting too actually. Not your typical Garrett-type who just happily steals everything not tied down and doesn't care, but something a little different. Always neat to see. Incidentally, I didn't find the fourth ending.
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