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  1. Drivers are updated, hardware is the same, still using the fresnel repack and this happened. Settings shown in video, nothing changed, but hopefully something that can isolate, simplify and complete this issue. If the black box in the upper right isn't obvious enough at 9 seconds let me know, I can adjust brightness/contrast in post. I wouldn't actually know how to go about doing that, I'm savvy with software to some degree but would need help. Edit: Got another one right after. I can't cover this mission, this bug is too common and too unpre
  2. Update: The fresnel repack doesn't seem to have made an impact. I was lucky enough to catch this one on footage.
  3. Posting this here early in honor of that mapper whom I believe I have the closest relationship. Hope it helps anyone in need.
  4. Installed, attempting and will keep you posted.
  5. UPDATE: They do not just come in black. I'm getting semi-transparent red blocks here. They were gained while staring in this direction, I am unable to replicate this on video. Edit: Better view here, angle of execution. Lower right.
  6. Not sure how helpful it is but it is possible to get multiple squares. It is also possible for a square to pop up much later than another square.
  7. Very excited for any kind of dark theme. I miss when the forums did not light my entire room at night.
  8. I tried disabling frontend acceleration and the differential was negligible. I have not tried setting OBS to high priority. My specs: Computer Information: Manufacturer: System manufacturer Model: System Product Name Form Factor: Desktop No Touch Input Detected Processor Information: CPU Vendor: AuthenticAMD CPU Brand: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor CPU Family: 0x17 CPU Model: 0x71 CPU Stepping: 0x0 CPU Type: 0x0 Speed: 3593 Mhz 16 logical processors 8 physical processors
  9. This doesn't even happen in-game with OBS. It only shows in recordings, not in live gameplay. I found this out hours after finishing the videos. It is reproducible. No. Windows.
  10. After thoroughly trial and error testing the possible cause of low FPS in recordings I can safely warn everyone else that despite having a strong graphics card ambient occlusion absolutely tanks output. This doesn't show while playing the game, just in the finalized video. Not sure whether this is to be filed as a bug or a sad side effect, either way I hope this helps out in the coding process! About a minute in the framerate takes a drastic drip. I am not sure what areas in particular cause this, what angles or why. Equal amounts of drop in framerate are present in low to high.
  11. Thank you for the solution! From what I can tell there is some loot left outside the boundaries of the accessible map. Never mind, false alarm. Got it confused with another mission I was routing. 100% completion is not possible.
  12. Correct, I have not modified The Dark Mod with anything resembling that which people would not have in base install.
  13. Confirmed more or less. Once the bug is in effect it won't go away based on console command.
  14. I've finally had time to cover his missions, would it be tasteless of me to put an "in remembrance of" with photo in the videos this much later on?
  15. Apologies for the resurrection of a thread for whom the author is banned, but I'm seeing absolutely no means of access to this loot and I can't find any rope arrows in the mission. Are there any solutions? As well, are there any water arrows for use ?
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