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  1. The entire score system would be fixed simply by appending a negative in front of the score. Like Golf, less is more and it immediately gets visually communicated.
  2. I actually have an entire month planned of Dark Mod uploads this October for Youtube.
  3. I've finished the video; it won't officially publish until Halloween of this or next year but to be quite blunt this mission is one even the author is working on a guide for so I figured I'd save anyone here the time and toss you all a very early video.
  4. Objectives fulfilled is shown in the video. This is on hardest difficulty in the newest version. Edit:
  5. A bug to report. I love this mission and am midway through routing it for video showcase purposes. Direct messaging and posting this in the thread this to you to ensure visibility, ERH+.
  6. Is the updated version in the mission listing yet?
  7. seta gui_mediumFontLimit "0.30" seta gui_smallFontLimit "0.15" seta net_socksPassword "" seta net_socksUsername "" seta net_socksPort "1080" seta net_socksServer "" seta net_socksEnabled "0" seta win_ypos "0" seta win_xpos "0" seta sys_lang "english" seta s_decompressionLimit "6" seta s_useEAXReverb "1" seta s_numberOfSpeakers "2" seta s_doorDistanceAdd "450" seta s_globalFraction "0.8" seta s_subFraction "0.75" seta s_playDefaultSound "0" seta s_volume_dB "0" seta s_meterTopTime "2000" seta s_reverse "0" seta s_spatializationDecay "2" seta s_maxSoundsPerShader "0" seta s_device "default" seta
  8. My compass renders as all white, ensuring I can't use it effectively. Images of the problem and the settings I have: https://i.imgur.com/Z7P6jkk.jpg https://i.imgur.com/TyEwpqE.jpg https://i.imgur.com/c2pMqhb.jpg I'm running TDM no tools due to AMD card. System specs: Computer Information: Manufacturer: Lenovo Model: IdeaCentre K330 Form Factor: Desktop No Touch Input Detected Processor Information: CPU Vendor: GenuineIntel CPU Brand: Intel® Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz CPU Family: 0x6 CPU Model: 0x2a CPU Stepping: 0x7 CPU Type: 0x0
  9. It would appear that whatever was wrong has been fixed, and I'm not sure how because this is without altering drivers, applying any patches or disabling soft shadows. Will report on altered conditions if it comes up again.
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