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  1. Well I've finished it in the end. Overall an enjoyable and hugely impressive mission with my favourite area being the Cathedral. My problem with this mission was that I felt everything was too big, first the sewers although not too much of a maze I found them frustrating because if you didn't find the next item you needed to proceed it could take you an age to find that item with almost everywhere looking the same I found myself too easily lose my bearings. The Town was easier but I felt went on for too long, as again the forest was too big for my personal preference, again I spent an age backtracking looking for that elusive cave or side pathway. As for the Cathedral I found that to be the perfect size, I was expecting after the town to come across a monstrously sized building that went on for ever so was pleasantly surprised and it looked great. Yes I found everything in the end (with a few hits from the forum) but I get greater satisfaction from missions that tended to be less spread out, smaller being better IMO, others I'm sure prefer the opposite. The puzzles were spot on, I'm not that keen on tough mind bendingly painful puzzles but everything in this mission was fair and reasonable, with books and hints easily found and near to the actual puzzles themselves, so thank you for that. I didn't achieve the loot target (about 400g short) thankfully that was an optional goal, and I only achieved 1 good deed, obviously my experience as a TDM players is sub par, I really ought play more. Anyway thanks for one whole day lost wandering around your monster sized mission, it was great fun overall and I look forward to your next mission.
  2. Thanks, already had the those, but had spent half an hour trying to work out how to open the doors to the big cage to get to the control panel inside. Assumed it was another mini puzzle.
  3. How do you get beyond the generator room after the sewers?
  4. I've done something stupid, not sure what but my game got stuck with the map of the sewers open and annoyingly all 3 of my saves (both quicksaves and an earlier hard save) are at the same point with the open map showing, I can move around but obviously can't see anything apart from the map and the edges of the screen. Edit: Solved my Grid was active, hardly ever use that function so didn't realise. I've got the Gate key but can't find where to use it, anyone? Edit 2: Curse of the forum, find it withing 2 mins.
  5. I rarely play TDM mission nowadays but was persuaded by a couple of people over at TTLG that this is mission was very much worth it, so I installed 2.10 loaded this mission and intended to spent an hour resetting all the keys bindings to my choosing (I'm left handed) and then intended to practice the very different controls to Thief, but within 10 minutes was completely blown away by the maps design and ambience of the city. I completely agree with a previous poster that if T4 had been made correctly it would have looked and felt something like Iris. This is an extraordinary mission, not only of the highest quality but something that a well regarded AAA games company would make, and yes it's right up there with some of the greatest fan missions ever made, and that fact that this is your first mission is even more mind boggling. So thank you Wellingtoncrab for a very special experience, even putting to one side that my arthritic left wrist is now hurting like hell. I finished in the end after nearly 2 days with 9 completed optional objectives and only 9557g. PS. I don't know if it's been mentioned previously but the taps and valve (and bucket IIRC) in the kitchen of the forgotten house need looking into, they don't show until you get close to the sink, I also got stuck in a couple of places but didn't take note of where I'm afraid, hopefully others have or will pick those up.
  6. Edited. Thanks for the eagle eyes. @ Petike, Iv'e sent you a PM
  7. Only myself can edit the Brief Summaries over at TTLG so anyone helping would need to PM me with their comments and I would paste them into the thread. I have already asked The Dark One but he doesn't feel this is something he could help me with, I'll PM Petike the Taffer though. I'll also check out the Thieves Guild for more reviews, when I have the time of course. Finally I didn't make it clear previously but this project does not have to be taken up by one person only, if 3 or 4 people were to help out, intermittently sending me comments that I could add to the Brief Summaries, that would work just as well, so no, being a mission author yourself doesn't exclude you, even from writing a Brief Summary for your own mission, so long as it's fair and reasonable. After all this is not a competition thread, just one to give other players a flavour of what to expect in a mission.
  8. Help required I could do with a TDM fan giving me some help with the Brief Summaries over at TTLG forum. I started this thread all the way back in July 2017 and have kept it up to date with all the Thief missions, but I have never been a huge fan of TDM and have not had the time or sadly the inclination to play any of the TDM missions since July 2018 as all my spare time since then has been taken up with fixing all the older T2 missions with dml's. So this is a big shout out for any of you TDM fans who would like to make a small but important contribution the the thieving community by taking up my slackness and writing short and concise brief summaries for the 10+ missing TDM missions that I have never played and any future missions yet to be released. William Steele 4: The Warrens, The Night of the Reluctant Benefaction, Hidden Hands: Initiation, Cleaning up the Neighbourhood, Shadows of Northdale: Act 2, Marsh of Rahena, William Steele 5: Commerce Bank, CoS2: A Precarious Position, Hidden Hands: Vitalic Fever, The Heart of St. Mattis If anyone would like to help me keep TDM mission up to date over at TTLG please let me know, it shouldn't take you long to write these brief summaries but a passion for the game is essential in order to avoid repetitive and bland entries, a trap which I suspect I would fall into if I tried to catch up with the missing entries. It would be best to PM me at TTLG normally but I will keep an eye on my PM box here at TMD forum for the next couple of weeks. Thanks in advance
  9. I rarely post in this forum, but i just wanted to say what a wonderful time I had playing this mission. Hours of exploring up and down, left and right, over and under and I still only found 2 secret and 1300 loot. A sign of a brilliantaly designed and executed map IMHO. The fact that there is only one objective also shows that authors do not have to make complicated plots to make great missions, a trap that too often some authors fall into. I saw that Goldwell likened this mission to TDP in looks, which I agree with, but I also saw a lot of similarities with the T3 mission 'Valley' by Flux, which is possibly one of my favourite missions of all time, which may also explain why I have spent the last 4/5 hours grinning like a Siamese cat, so thank you Kingsal for a superb mission and a hugely rewarding afternoon. Be assured I'll be giving this mission glowing praise in the Brief Summaries over at TTLG. Now where are those other secrets and the rest of the loot. ps. I didn't come across any significant bugs or gameplay issues and I have a mid-range gaming laptop, apart from in one place I did fall out of the map (the v-shaped alcove just on the right after you leave the cauldron area before you drop down to Bellero)
  10. The Creeps I've found another unfrobbable purse that has not been reported in the forum before and it's easily frobbed in Fen's video of this mission. It's the purse in the hidden compartment of the bureau in the room you get to by mantling up onto a couple of crates on top of the bales in the courtyard next to where you start the mission. Hopefully this quicksave works though. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7UExWqHXPI2M3loZkN4TEZWeDA
  11. I'm having the same problem with the purse in Balcon's safe with 2.05 install. Here are a couple of save...didn't know whether you prefer hard save or quicksave, so here's one of each, I also zipped up the files, is that the correct thing to do with TDM saves? this is only my second post in TDM forums so do not know the correct procedure but we'll learn quickly we hope. ps. it's the right hand purse that is unfrobbable. pps. I didn't have a problem with the purse or the button in the landlord's safe, but if i'm correct TDM can be a bit funny if you accidentally double frob buttons etc....well that's my experience.
  12. OMG.....another masterpiece from Grayman. Time to download it and enjoy. Thanks Mr G.
  13. im guessing that almost all thief fans will play this new game sooner or later ( go on admit it you have pre-ordered it ).....me ill wait till i can pick up a second hand copy for about half the original purchase price.......and if it is truly awful that will be before the end of april....i can wait cos there are loads of great thief fms out there that i am yet to play yes i know that i will hate it on many levels but hey i thought dishonoured was a great game so im hoping ill have a ball playing it the only the i can say with certainty is this and many other forums inc TTLG will be alive with posts about the game for many months to come still at least i have got loads of thief fms to play,.
  14. A superb effort, at just the right level of toughness/frustration/emotional attachment that made the whole experience a joy to play, I hope your next mission is even bigger
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