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  1. Juuupie! Thanks a lot! Just downloaded the latest mission.
  2. It´s still down. So sad. It´s just a great Game!
  3. Hello. Since update to 2.07 i´ve played the missions from a to b. I haven´t played all, but i noticed some really strange behavior, which it makes it nearly impossible to play a few levels. I play all levels on hard. Alberiques Curse- The golden book falls through the floor. You can still grab it, but it is "invisible". If you play the level for the first time, it is impossible to get it. For try i restarted the mission and rushed there. In front of me the book fall through the bottom of the altar. King of Diamonds- Two hard crashes. Hard restart from pc. To get in the attic you need a key. One of the main characters wears it. Normally the guy walks through his house. But at my play he was stuck between the chair and the desk in his attic-room. Oh dear. I had noticed via noclip. So, it makes it unplayable. The missionobjective can´t be solved. I retried it several times and the result remains the same. The guy is running at one spot between his furniture. Full Moon Fever - This isn´t really a problem, but it´s not good for your ears. Several levels have this. It´s a a sound problem, maybe bug. You hear close to special light spots a sinus-sound. I own a creative SB Recon 3D PCIe, latest driver, win 7. Better gameplay on my laptop, no disturbing sounds. And on some situations, there are Biep-sound. When an object is "hopping" above the ground. Or a door is opened. Not really annoying, but striking. Many other levels run fine. Few crashes sometimes. I can´t tell what makes that trouble. It could be that "frob" problem again. In most every level objects are falling half the way into the ground. People get stuck. I can´t really tell, but on my opinion, it worked better on 2.05 and 2.06 ... I made a clean installation of the game and made no changes in the adjustments. Except screen resolution and gamma correction. What´s your experience? What do you think? Solutions? Greetings.
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