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  1. Thief 4 has been confirmed for shit. Its now up to TDM to be the real Thief successor. I'm so fucking depressed after seeing these videos. My favorite activity has been taken over by retarded fratboys and feminists. All challenge is gone. Stealth is fucking dead, takedowns, getting fucking XP for shooting someone in the head, incredibly simplified ui and light gem for idiots, AI is shit and takes eternity to spot you. So fucking bad. This game is garbage, and I'm so sad to see Looking Glass's memory dishonored (see what I did there) with this abomination. Oh and its unmoddable, con
  2. The modem/router is under my control. US ISP-issued modem/routers are required, by law, to have a factory reset button and a default password/login name printed on the side of the physical device. I can access the things settings and change a plethora of settings, but the interface for doing so (most US modem/routers will use a web GUI) doesn't have the option of changing the lease timeout. And I'm not trying to insinuate that you don't know what a lease is, I was just explaining for anyone else who may be reading this and has a similar problem. It took me forever to identify why youtube video
  3. No. American ISPs (most of them) issue a modem that USUALLY doubles as a router, which plugs into the wall line that leads outside. You can plug more routers into it though if you want, I have a secondary router and the only differences is that when forwarding ports, you must forward the port on the modem/router to the secondary router, and then from the secondary router to the specific computer. You can also usually connect a computer directly to the modem/router. Each ISP has its own in-house brand of modems they give to clients, and only their modems will work. You can't replace it. They al
  4. This was one of the first missions I played in dark mod, and it was thoroughly enjoyable, I especially liked the hidden rooms and secret places. The priests lookout room was the best, imo. My only real gripe with it is that there is too much use of that cursive font - I have terrible eyesight and had trouble reading it.
  5. West Coast USA, apparently. Wish I could switch ISPs, but its not total connection loss - its a lease renew. Online games like MMOs or shooters or whatnot aren't affected - only downloads.
  6. I have a shitty ISP. They have, for some ungodly reason, hard-wired their modem/router boxes to refresh leases on computers connected to it every 10 minutes, and it isn't changable in its interface. This basically means its impossible for me to download any large files that take over 10 minutes, as the lease expires and refreshes and the download loses connection during this process. That means I can't download any large game or file if it doesn't have a pause/resume function, which makes the tdm_updater exe file useless, as it does not have a resume function. As a public service for both myse
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