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  1. Hey, I finally got around to trying out the latest version. Makes things slightly easier with the removal of half the guards in the guard tower. However, there's a bug at the start - the voice clip that triggers after reading Astrid's note can be triggered every time you finish reading it when it should have played once. Also, with the dialogue now voiced, datiswous needs to update them with in-game subtitles.
  2. And here is my revised playthrough: https://youtu.be/mUaDXcdrPpc
  3. I'm definitely going to have to update my playthrough video with this latest unexpected change. With the changes to the loot placement, and the new secret area, the overall value of loot is slightly higher. Not to mention with the light switches removed, I'll have to revise how to go about taking out certain lights with only a minimum amount of Water Arrows. Also, I've taken a screenshot, the window underneath the new secret area is bright even when the nearby torch is out. Or is that intentional, to mark the secret area?
  4. It's taking too long for Beta 3 for Hidden Hands: Blood and Metal to come out, so I'll test this one out in the meantime.
  5. Fuck that, by the time we hit Version 3.0 we need some wraiths riding giant Japanese spider crabs.
  6. Here's my playthrough of The Terrible Old Man:
  7. Okay, so I managed to beat all four of the previously-released Hidden Hands missions in preparation for this upcoming campaign, so now I'm ready to tackle this bitch once the thread's up.
  8. Now that 2.12 is out and I no longer have any issues with it when moving around outdoors, here's my playthrough of A Bridge Too Far: https://youtu.be/nWa-vTy1WTQ
  9. Knowing this series, they're going to be really large maps which take at least three hours for a hardcore stealth gamer dedicated to minimizing AI casualties like me to finish which makes dedicating time to making videos for them difficult.
  10. Wait a minute - wasn't Down By The Riverside based on this Lovecraft work? Anyway, I'll be glad to do some testing for you.
  11. Here's my playthrough of By The Cookbook: https://youtu.be/IQ6kulMvxMs
  12. Here's my playthrough video of The Spider and the Finch: https://youtu.be/HrrkrZwn7zc
  13. Bigger? You mean Now and Then doesn't count? I'll be happy to beta test this new one now that you've finished work on it.
  14. Here's my playthrough video of the Threepenny Revue:
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