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  1. What's going to happen now? WS6 and 7 are still in beta and have been put off on release until 2.09 came out.
  2. Surprise, here's a high definition playthrough of A New Job: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvT-6CbkZd0
  3. Here's my playthrough video of Dragon's Claw, which happens to be the 900th video currently active on my channel:
  4. Those German language sign textures were actually changed to correct these mistakes in AHO's Unofficial German translation patch for MoT, which I adapted in the MoTmod Enhancement Addon.
  5. Always happy to test a mission, especially if it's William Steele.
  6. Here's my playthrough video of The Factory Heist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SagaKf88nA
  7. Thanks for that grayman. Hopefully by the time the version after 2.09 comes out, I'll have a new computer and a newer version of Photoshop (been using 5.0 on this computer for nearly a decade now, it was a work copy that I can't reinstall anymore since we've moved), so hopefully I'll have better luck trying to recreate something like your logos.
  8. The first Fan Mission of 2.08 that I'll cover on my channel is The Factory Heist, but I need to update the logo. grayman, do you have it prepared for me? If so, can you send it to me as soon as possible please? Thanks.
  9. The original Hitman 2 or the modern one?
  10. I know I'm going off-topic, but since you're talking about 2.03, can I please have a look at the ambience soundshader files from 2.03 so I can compare them to those from 2.08?
  11. 2.07 if possible, if 2.08 is released as a final build, I'll happily test it on 2.08.
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