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  1. Thanks for your feedback. Yes I will look into the chest mechanisms as well as they are a bit unstable.
  2. Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the mission and found the challenge level enjoyable. Ghosting CoS1 is indeed tough, though it is possible to supreme ghost it (no first alerts, no extinguishing lights). I hope you will get even more enjoyment out of replaying and going for side missions and challenges! Expert level is mostly meant for replayability or those who like punishing difficulty, as are the optional challenges. It does seem like quite a few people have run into that pesky lever bug now, even though my testers or I have never been able to reproduce it. I suspect it's not easily fixed, but I think I might just remake the mechanism to remove that bug. There are a couple more "quality of life" fixes I've been meaning to add anyway. I guess I will take a break from mapping CoS 3 to take care of it, should only be a few days work.
  3. Nice! Slowly but surely we're working our way back up to the glory days. I'm going to be releasing probably at least two missions this year.
  4. Just finished the mission. Great work! I love how alive the little town feels and all the little side missions you can embark on. It was well designed and optimized and the story was intriguing!
  5. omg what a pleasant surprise! Will definitely be giving this a spin in the coming days! Thanks for the Christmas present!
  6. Bienie

    Merry Christmas

    A Merry Christmas to all! (I've already gotten my celebrations out of the way, time to kick back!)
  7. Thanks for the tip, I definitely have to pick this series back up at some point! Best Sci-Fi series I've ever seen I think.
  8. Thanks for the thorough review! Glad you enjoyed it.
  9. The link in the OP has been updated to version 2, which should have fixed the issues below. It should be available in the in-game downloader within the coming few days, but anyone who wants to play the mission in the nearest few days should prefer to download the mission manually! Thanks everyone for your feedback!
  10. Alright, seems like a lot of people are experiencing these bugs, and it should be pretty quick to fix, I'll try and get an update out this weekend, thanks for your feedback!
  11. I think that it will be a really cool AAA title for VR, which is something that VR certainly needs more of, but I wouldn't be too quick to liken it to the main Half-Life series which had a lot of puzzles and other hallmarks that are not easily translated to VR. So it's not the long awaited prophecy of Half-Life 3, but it looks like it will be a fun time!
  12. I like how you're getting better FPS in the second shot! ? The atmosphere is thick as molasses, really digging it, and I love all the custom adverts/billboards you add to your missions! Core needs more of that imo.
  13. The Moor works fine, the problem is it's singular, I.E. one head and one voice. That doesn't really make for a whole mission unless there's only a single AI in it. Would be nice to have a female version too. I may have to revisit Cauldron of the Gods at some point then, I don't remember specifically seeing egyptian themed assets but I do remember a large section of it being reminiscent of The Lost City, which had that kind of feel to it. It is a very eclectic and expansive mission though, so it wouldn't surprise me. I don't have a very good experience trying before, though I was trying to make decals and they seem to be extra hard. There are quite a few free textures out there that are mostly ready to import I would think and that should be a lot easier.
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