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  1. I would say that the Thief/Skyrim way of doing is more amenable to reading long documents as the game is actually paused and you are safe to read at your preferred pace. On the other hand one of the great things about TDM readables is that there is quite often some tension involved as a guard could come bursting in to the room at any moment catching you with your spectacles on. I do feel like keeping the readables relatively brief in TDM is a good thing though, especially static ones. That's not to say that a well written book couldn't be enjoyable to read in TDM, provided it goes in to the inventory and there is a nice, safe place to read it. In front of a roaring fireplace or on a bench in the night with the sounds of the city as atmosphere.
  2. These will come in very handy, covered furniture provides a lot of ambiance/atmosphere. Thanks for putting in the work!
  3. Agreed, that is a great idea. Probably lots of people will be in need of quality gaming material, and we might even be able to reach a new audience. We'll definitely need a theme and timeframe I would think though.
  4. Welcome to the forums! That would be a cool addition for those who like to do Ironman-type challenges. I once toyed with the idea of making one of the difficulties non-loadable from saves to force an ironman scenario, but decided against it. As far as how complicated this particular feature would be to implement, I have no idea, but if it's easy enough I say we should go for it!
  5. Yay! Had a blast beta testing this, I'm sure players will enjoy this one a lot as well!
  6. I would be glad to return the favor! If I'm not mistaken you have beta tested all of my missions!
  7. Yeah that glitch is annoying and seems to happen consistently when an AI is sleeping in a bed, and sometimes when they are sitting in a chair. It would probably be possible to work around as a mapper, but would only make sense to add if you're supposed to knock the person out. I guess I'm guilty of the Developer's Foresight trope haha. Though I think that's more a sign of an eye for detail than anything!
  8. Glad you enjoyed the mission! I have to say I was fully expecting nobody to ever discover that little detail. Nice catch? You monster!! ^^ 2/3 good deeds and one very bad deed! That's my girlfriend doing the voice line.
  9. Bienie

    1917 movie

    I wanted to go see this, but my gf dragged me in to Birds of Prey instead. >.< I feel like I would have enjoyed 1917 a lot more. They don't make movies like they used to I guess. Thankfully there are still a few games made every now and then that appeal to more mature/hardcore gamers. Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Escape from Tarkov come to mind, though there are plenty more in recent years. Just have to look hard enough! And then there is TDM of course ^^
  10. I could definitely help out with a beta test, this mission has been teased for years now, exciting to see it nearing release!
  11. Thank you for the high praise! CoS 3 is coming along well, and will hopefully be able to live up to this mission while tying up the loose ends.
  12. I love adding easter eggs to my missions, and always add multiple ones. I usually make them quite hard to find though, so that the player feels a sense of accomplishment / reward for discovering them. I don't think that I will be adding any gothic horror / low fantasy type easter eggs though, since I'm not very into it. I also miss the days when almost all games had many easter eggs littered about the place.
  13. This is a really cool feature, thanks for making it and releasing it Dragofer! I do think that it should be used sparingly, but in some cases such as with ships and smaller interiors it makes sense. I never really felt like the immersion was too badly affected in Skyrim due to their door system, as a caveat TDM is a very different game though. It does make the job a whole lot easier for mappers for those special cases.
  14. Congrats on your first release! Glad to see it has received some extra polish!
  15. I don't think there is an option, though that would be great. It would be good to at least see it in the console feed or something. What I've done when I've done supreme ghost runs is I've modified the mission to add an objective to not alert an AI to level 1, that way the objective fails every time you get a first alert giving me the feedback. Let me know if you need more information on how to add this if you decide to go with that method. It's possible that there is another way that someone more tech savvy knows about.
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