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  1. No, I can confirm that. I'm also experiencing head bob from walking around, which feels a bit unnatural in VR and potentially nausea-inducing. I will try your method of autocommands as a stopgap measure, thanks for mentioning it. Since I'm posting now I may as well mention a few other things I've noticed so far. Apologies if these are already known bugs. 1. At the start of the mission where you get the prompt "press attack to start the mission" you see a world-spawn only view of the map, where in standard TDM the screen is black all around. I assume this would be the case in standard TDM if it weren't for the black background added on, maybe that can be done here as well? 1. The spyglass only creates a flat overlay which doesn't actually zoom. 2. The compass shows up as a big black square when you bring it up in the inventory. I know the compass is notoriously buggy, as even the flatscreen version has had problems with it not showing correctly. 3. In-world text is unreadable (fuzzy and "double vision syndrome"). By in-world text I mean the GUI that is on open notes, books etc. 4. The text in readables is transparent to the background. It looks pretty dark but when you read something and have light source behind it it's obviously shining through the text and makes it hard to read. 5. I had a bug that suddenly started happening where visportals weren't drawing correctly. It's really hard to explain and it didn't show up in my screenshots unfortunately, but essentially it was cutting out large swaths of things that were mainly around the rim of the portal and just showing skybox there instead. Saving and reloading didn't help but restarting the client did. Not sure if it's reproducible, but if it happens again I'll try to figure out how to explain it more succinctly. And, echoing BuckleBean's sentiment, this is a huge improvement and quality of life things have really helped a lot. Huge kudos for the work you are putting into this! The only thing I can't confirm is the performance increase, but I will have to try different missions in order to confirm or deny. So far it seems to be 120+ fps in low complexity scenes, but hitting low 30's in medium scenes that the flatscreen mode runs just fine. But like I said, I will definitely need more data points (missions played) and will look a bit deeper into the graphical settings (though they looked good at first glance).
  2. Awesome! I will definitely give this alpha a swing!
  3. Wow they don't call it Newbie DarkRadiant Questions for nothing... thank you, that makes them relight it!
  4. Thanks! That worked a charm! I'm also struggling with making AI use switch lights, again. I had this same problem in CoS 1 and never found a fix. I have electric lights that are controlled by atdm:mover_button entities. When I turn them off in game the AI just mutter that they can't relight it, eventhough I have set "canOperateSwitchLights" "1", and "chanceOperateSwitchLights" "1" to take out the randomness. It seems they don't operate it because they can't tell where the switch is? Is there a way to tell the AI to operate a specific atdm:mover_button entity to relight this particular light? Or the targeting of the light from the button should be enough in that regard?
  5. Wow, that's quite a surprise. I was hoping to get my mission rolled out to help out with this beta a bit before release, but you beat me to it! Congrats to the entire team! Will definitely have to play the final version of this!
  6. I tried adding an atdm:target_call_scriptfunction and adding the spawnarg "Call" "Lock". The console tells me "Target 'atdm_target_callscriptfunction_1' specifies non-existent scriptfunction 'Lock'!" when it gets triggered. Should I be using the object function variant instead or is the spawnarg wrong? It seemed to recognize "Call"...
  7. Ok, sorry you ran into a bug, I'll put it on the list for a potential update. I hope you enjoyed the mission!
  8. Is there any way to make a door lock itself during runtime? I tried using an atdm:target_changelockstate but it seems that one only unlocks doors. It has the spawnarg "unlock" but from what I can tell does not respond to "lock", and "unlock 0" doesn't do it either. I also tried going to the S/R system by setting spawnarg "locked" to "1" on _self to no avail. Ideas?
  9. The scroll for the completionist challenge says it I think: it will only tick off when you are close to home, basically when you go to the catwalk thing leading from the rooftops. Unfortunately that was the only good way I found at the time to implement it. For CoS 3 I have a new system that seems a bit more robust, and will tick off completed as soon as all side missions are completed. If I make an update on CoS 2 I will change it here as well. But for now, if all your side missions are complete (and no, the other challenges are not required as they would conflict), and you've made it to the balcony outside the home base and it didn't tick off, there must be a bug. If you haven't tried going there yet I would do that first.
  10. Ohh. I see. I wonder how you knew that you need to do it then. The objective is added once you read Caroline's journal. It is
  11. It certainly sounds like you're getting down in the weeds of the twisting alleys! We should probably keep the commentary to the beta testing thread though, to avoid spoiling the fun for others
  12. Welcome aboard! Sounds like you'll have have your work cut out for you with this mission. There's a lot of "obscure" content to discover!
  13. That's what I like to hear! You won't be disappointed ^^
  14. You'll find it in the beta testing forum thread! Welcome aboard!
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