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  1. I sometimes use a program called "dimmer", that helps take the edge off, but a fully realized dark mode would be the best I agree!
  2. Bienie

    2 Bugs

    Yeah this on my to-do list. I have a similar setup in CoS3 that works with "open on unlock" set to no, so I will just make a similar setup in CoS2. I just want to make sure I address any other problems the mission has at the same time so I will have to look through some old notes.
  3. I think that since either way it will require an update I'll just figure out a way that it will work with either setting to begin with. Thanks for bringing it to my attention though!
  4. Thanks for the praise and the feedback! I thought I had fixed that lever thing... I know it's related to "open on unlock", unfortunately I designed the map without knowing how that setting even works. I'll keep it in mind, maybe soon I will get around to making an update.
  5. This is an interesting little mod, never occurred to me that limb damage could be a thing in TDM. The way you've been implementing it reminds me a lot of Escape from Tarkov. Not sure if you are familiar with the game, but it could be worth watching this 5 min video explaining the healing system, might give some inspiration.
  6. Thanks for the in depth review. I think I agree with most of your criticisms, and will be moving in that direction in the future. I can't remember about the water arrows off the top of my head but I think there are some to find around town.
  7. Glad you are enjoying it so far! The slow match is for a side quest in the catacombs that you may not have found yet.
  8. Looks like we're keeping this wonderful project going! I'll be happy to contribute a few under 2021 as well!
  9. Thank you for a second round of praise! Unfortunately I'm very bad at going back to patch up my missions as I tend to be focused on building something new all the time. I'm ashamed to admit that I've known about the safe bug since just after release, but have never gotten around to fixing it. I was hoping to patch it for Christmas this year, and take a look at changing up the snow particles among a couple of small issues... I think I could probably fix this mission up in a day or two of work so I should probably just bite the bulllet and do it.
  10. Glad you're enjoying the missions!
  11. I was also positively surprised. I live in a little sleepy town of 3000 inhabitants and they put on quite a show around midnight. My GF said it seems like everyone is celebrating that the trainwreck of a year that was 2020 is finally over ^^, but hopefully the festivities won't translate to an increased infection rate. We still don't have much in the way of laws or mandates for Corona here, mostly sternly worded guidelines. No restrictions on selling fireworks either. I did notice a lot of teens/tweens gathering outdoors without masks, but no sign of indoor parties thankfully.
  12. Glad you enjoyed! This series is definitely best when you take your time and explore everything. I think you'll have your work cut out for you, since the sequels are even more expansive
  13. I will be looking forward to this episode! I've listened to a few IAL episodes and they're always enjoyable. I second peter_spy and greebo's recommendations but would probably add Grayman to the list of authors as well. I think Duzenko and cabalistic probably have a good handle on the inner workings of the mod as well.
  14. Oh my, is there a list of these I can read somewhere? I'm currently working on a 3-mission campaign, so hopefully there's nothing major.
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