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  1. There hasn't been a halloween contest for many years. Sometimes authors will release a halloween themed mission on their own (like this one two years ago), but I don't know if there are any in the works this year. There is a contest announced for Christmas but it's not necessarily Christmas themed...
  2. I don't know about approval, but it would definitely give me a good chuckle! Exciting that there is a new contest out, haven't had one of these in a long time! I like the theme of connecting storylines too. We'll see if I have time to participate, been rather quiet from me lately unfortunately, but I am well on my way creating a prequel to the CoS trilogy. If all goes smoothly with that perhaps I will have time to flesh out an unreleased 3-mini mission campaign I've put on the shelf for this contest, but I would definitely have to put my nose to the proverbial grindstone to make the deadline.
  3. Same here. I've only visited the forums fleetingly of late, but I'm sorry I missed this bit of sad news. Grayman's missions, specifically the early William Steele missions were so amazing to me when I first played them, that it inspired me to try my hand at mapping. Without that experience my own catalogue of missions might never have existed either, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Additionally, I echo the sentiment that he was always a kind and helpful fellow, truly a great asset to the Dark Mod community. R.I.P. Grayman, you absolute legend!
  4. Congrats on the release! Will be playing this one soon!
  5. @ddaazzaa seems several people have left if you're making an update to this mission consider adding the spawnarg "notPushable" "1" to the key to keep this from happening.
  6. It was actually more of a general thing in the Inn and bottom of the apartment house, which could have been a conscious choice. I'll show you a few pics of what I mean.
  7. Finished it, excellent stuff! Very high production values with the intro/outro videos, and a very engaging storyline with rich worldbuilding. Will definitely be looking forward to part 2! Anyway thanks for making the mission, I had a blast playing it!
  8. Awesome! Congrats on your first release! I've been avoiding spoilers for this one, going to play this tonight.
  9. Thank you so much for going out of your way to say thank you, it means a lot to us mappers to know our work is appreciated!
  10. I can agree that the S/R system seems unstable, but I think it might just be a bit limited. A lot of times when I try to use it I just have to abandon it because it often won't react to the stim I'm using, and I have to find a different mechanism...
  11. Wow, that simple huh? I enabled ongoing and it works a charm! I remember having issues with the no-kill objectives in Pearls and Swine because of this same reason, but with very different symptoms. I think the startmap pack has a functioning no kill objective which I normally keep but must have overridden it this time I guess. Thanks for finding the fault!
  12. Well since the objective completes but mission simply doesn't end I don't that code is the problem. Hopefully it's not a bug like JackFarmer is describing... Maybe deleting and remaking the objectives could help, haven't tried that. I can upload just the map file I guess, if you would like to take a look for me: dropbox
  13. I didn't realize that was a thing. It's completely empty though so I'm guessing that's not the problem.
  14. I'm running in to a weird problem where my map doesn't end when all mandatory objectives are complete. I've never seen this bug before... When I playtest it and go to the exfil area it says "objective complete" and continues on instead of getting the "mission complete" screen. I've triple checked all my objectives to make sure none have the mandatory flag that shouldn't have it. Any one have other ideas of what might be happening?
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