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  1. Happy to oblige, here's a little description:
  2. I think it comes down to the ability to tame a horse and its subsequent utility to humans. I remember a FM where a pagan had "spidey babies", it would be cool to see a mission where you played from that perspective. Anyways, I just didn't put much thought into what "team" the horses were on in my FM. The stated reason for no killing is to give you a clean getaway, so we'll just pretend that a dead body of any sort leaves clear evidence of misdeeds, whereas stolen goods are harder to investigate
  3. @Zerg Rushlittle do you know, during beta testing that horse was briefly responsible for the death of every other AI in the map!
  4. I've experimented with giving models nonexistent material names (for example "virtual/stone") and then using a skin to provide the real texture name ("virtual/stone" would get mapped to "textures/darkmod/very_long_path_to/actual_stone_material"). I found it more useful when trying out different textures on modular-type pieces, but it would also get you around the name limit without having to create a duplicate material definition.
  5. I still don't know the cause, but it gives me an idea of what I can try to prevent it. If I PM'ed you a .pk4 file of the FM with a possible fix, would you be willing and able to copy it over the old file and try it out?
  6. Thanks for the bug report - I've been trying to reproduce the problem and haven't been able to make it happen myself yet. I did a lot of testing in that room to make sure nothing breaks even if everybody gets alerted at the same time. There's nothing special about the particular AI in question, so my first guess would be the CPU load related to the number of AI in the room. Would you be able to answer these questions? What model of CPU do you have? In Settings / Video / Advanced, do you have Uncap FPS turned on or off? What FPS do you have in that car? (set com_fps 1 in the console) Oh, and proximity to the stove doesn't matter
  7. Background Eastbound is a FM created for the Christmas Connections contest. Although it was not ready in time to meet the contest deadline, its original inspiration is still present. This FM will be the first in a series following the Thieves' Guild member and protagonist Samuel Wilson in the events following a heist gone wrong. What will now be the second mission in the series was already nearing beta testing when the contest was announced (and it already featured a few "connections" of its own), so this presented an opportunity to fill in the backstory even more. Credits The TDM core team for all the hard work they do creating all the features, assets, scripts, and tools that we can all use in our FMs YOH and others for the custom sounds Everything else within the FM was created by me or modified from either stock or CC0 assets Special thanks to nbohr1more for organizing the contest Special thanks to thebigh and Wellingtoncrab for their valuable feedback during alpha testing All the beta testers, whose efforts led to many fixes, playability improvements, and general polish: Acolytesix, Cambridge Spy, datiswous, nbohr1more, prjames, thebigh, Shadow, Wellingtoncrab, wesp5 Technical stuff This FM requires TDM 2.10 or newer as it makes use of some of the latest features. The mission will look its best if you have shadow maps enabled instead of stencil shadows (Settings / Video / Advanced, Shadows Implementation = Maps). The mission will sound its best if you have EFX enabled (Settings / Audio, OpenAL EFX = On). Screenshots
  8. @Acolytesixthe party's over here! https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/21384-beta-test-for-eastbound/ You can take a look now, or wait and be a fresh set of eyes on Beta 2 sometime next week.
  9. The beta thread is up, head on over there for a download link: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/21384-beta-test-for-eastbound/ Looking forward to hearing feedback from my alpha testers on the adjustments I made as well as more fresh perspectives!
  10. My FM that was originally intended for the Christmas Connections contest is finally ready for beta! Many thanks to @thebigh and @Wellingtoncrab for the initial alpha testing and feedback. I have nothing left to add, time to shake out the remaining bugs! I'll make a post in the beta forum with a download link later tonight.
  11. It turns out my map has 2 func_static beams that go missing and turn into something like this down at one end of my map. I haven't had a chance to look into it further, but I can confirm there's an issue. Mine didn't crash though.
  12. Tried out the latest master and the ambient lights definitely help get us closer. It's the difference between the lighting preview being usable vs not in a lot of areas. Separately from this, in normal fullbright mode I've had a light diamond totally disappear on me a few times, totally at random. It's happened when changing the light color, and it disappears in both the 2D and 3D view. I have to go hunt it down in the entity list, and when I select it, it looks like this: It happened to me in pre2 as well as master. This is without any of my translucency experiments, and other lights show up ok. I'll write up a bug report if I can figure out how to reproduce it...
  13. I think at least part of the problem might be related to ambient lights. I built a quick little test map, and it seems like ambient lights are treated like any other point light. Instead of providing even lighting, they are illuminating surfaces according to their normal and have a falloff. EDIT: added https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5936
  14. I found light/Renderables.cpp and was able to hard-code in an alpha value, I mostly like it: The intersection with another translucent material got a bit wonky, but that's not totally unexpected. I tried to set the alpha on the colour variable in RenderableSpeakerRadiiFill::generateSphereVertices but it didn't seem to have any effect. @greeboany idea why that one would be different? At a first glance, the rendering code looked very similar for the light and speaker gizmos.
  15. The "MD5 Animation Viewer" from the Entity menu is my go-to. I don't know of any lists in the wiki or anywhere else.
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