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  1. Thank you for a second round of praise! Unfortunately I'm very bad at going back to patch up my missions as I tend to be focused on building something new all the time. I'm ashamed to admit that I've known about the safe bug since just after release, but have never gotten around to fixing it. I was hoping to patch it for Christmas this year, and take a look at changing up the snow particles among a couple of small issues... I think I could probably fix this mission up in a day or two of work so I should probably just bite the bulllet and do it.
  2. Glad you're enjoying the missions!
  3. I was also positively surprised. I live in a little sleepy town of 3000 inhabitants and they put on quite a show around midnight. My GF said it seems like everyone is celebrating that the trainwreck of a year that was 2020 is finally over ^^, but hopefully the festivities won't translate to an increased infection rate. We still don't have much in the way of laws or mandates for Corona here, mostly sternly worded guidelines. No restrictions on selling fireworks either. I did notice a lot of teens/tweens gathering outdoors without masks, but no sign of indoor parties thankfully.
  4. Glad you enjoyed! This series is definitely best when you take your time and explore everything. I think you'll have your work cut out for you, since the sequels are even more expansive
  5. I will be looking forward to this episode! I've listened to a few IAL episodes and they're always enjoyable. I second peter_spy and greebo's recommendations but would probably add Grayman to the list of authors as well. I think Duzenko and cabalistic probably have a good handle on the inner workings of the mod as well.
  6. Oh my, is there a list of these I can read somewhere? I'm currently working on a 3-mission campaign, so hopefully there's nothing major.
  7. Thanks for the high praise! I'm glad the mission is straight forward enough to not cause frustration, that's something I always aim for. By inventory buildup do you mean that you have too many keys? In my missions keys are always dropable for this very reason. I do realize that sometimes you don't want to drop a key if you're not sure it'll be useful later, but I try to name them in ways that it's clear they are for one specific door or area only. I certainly managed to pack a lot of side content into this one, glad you immersed yourself in it!
  8. Just finished it! Interesting mission with some pretty good world-building, but has some performance issues (maybe due to the transparent windows?) and some odd choices taking you out of the zone occasionally. Comments: All in all a fun little mission, looking forward to what you come up with in future missions ^^
  9. I've finally finished the update for this mission! It's available in the in-game downloader. It's mostly bugfixes and quality of life improvements, but there is a major Halloween-themed addition in the form of a new challenge that I highly recommend those who are looking for a reason for a replay!
  10. Thanks for all the effort you put into solving this! I think I have an acceptable script now, though it's a bit different than the one you suggest. What I ended up doing was merging your idea with @Dragofer's, who suggested turning off the stims of the corpses by using "$name_of_ai.StimEnable(14, 0);" and then putting the spawnarg "acuity_tact 0" on the revenants. Now they completely disregard the corpses on the ground, but interestingly they don't lose their ability to sense if the player knocks into them. This way I don't have to worry about setting teams / enemy status. My script essentiall
  11. Not sure if it's helpful but I had a lute player in CoS 1 that was deaf, blind and mute. The setup is very ghetto, but if you can keep him from taking damage (or the lute stays floating mid air and sound keeps playing) and he's doesn't need to do anything but play the lute it should work.
  12. As it happens I am actually working on the exact same thing as @MirceaKitsune for a Halloween update of CoS 3. I've ran into the exact same problem, my revenants go haywire when they see the corpses of the former guards around town. I tried adding the .StimEnable(14, 0); to the kill script, and it seems to work... partially. The revenants no longer "see" the corpses, but if they walk into them they become alerted. Don't know if there is a "proprioception" stim that you can turn off as well to maybe solve it? I just tried becomeRagdoll and stopmove and hilarity ensued! I was walk
  13. Glad you enjoyed the mission! The vertical space thing was definitely something I tried to work in as much of as possible. Där ser man! Vi är ett par stycken verkar det som.
  14. I've put it on the list of things to consider for an updated version. It seems the forum software got an update and the old [spoiler]spoiler content[/spoiler] is no longer recognized, now you have to add it in your original post by clicking the eye next to the emote before you post. Adding spoilers while editing a post does not seem to be possible.
  15. Thanks for your feedback, glad you enjoyed it! It certainly was a labor of love to finish making the mission and the series. I was a bit afraid that that would happen to some players, i.e. finishing all main objectives and then going about finding the secrets. Unfortunately the only way around this at this time is to noclip through the city gate and go forward a few meters and then go straight down. this way you do not hit the exit box before you are able to grab the spinning coin. I'm not sure what I can do about this, aside from maybe making it not a secret, and not loot. I will think a
  16. This is exactly what I mean when I say the patrols are randomized. Not that guards will randomly walk around and all congregate in one spot sometimes, nor that they walk along super strict paths like robots. The happy medium where gameplay and immersion is at it's best is when the guards follow a patrol route, but random, unpredictable things can happen within discreet areas. Say that the guard walks in a room, and then proceeds to do one or more of these things randomly; studies a painting, sits in a chair, stands by the window looking out or scanning a bookshelf, causing him to criss-cross t
  17. Same here, I also feel like it's more exciting if the patrols are unpredictable. Though I think CoS 1 is probably where I used it the most.
  18. Very interesting little bit on an urban home converted to art gallery. Couldn't help but notice a familiar painting at 10:29 on the left side ^^
  19. Just finished it. A good little mission you've made! The setting feels quite unique, and the factory, while small provides a lot of interest and challenge. Patrols were tight and brutal on Ghost difficulty, which is good though some of their routes bordered on unfair. The loot goal was also very challenging. I only found 187 organically over my 30 minute playtime, and some of the pieces were incredibly hard to find. I suppose that's fair enough on the highest difficulty.
  20. Finally finished the mission last night! Great work! It really held quite a few surprises which is always enjoyable. The city section is really well made and the places and people you can visit feel natural and organic.
  21. Congrats on the release! Looks promising! Will be looking in to this one very soon, probably tonight.
  22. Congrats on the release, will definitely give this a go soon!
  23. Looks great so far! Maybe you want to link up with @Petike the Taffer who does most of the work on the wiki when it comes to making pages for individual FMs. Maybe there could be at least a link to the wiki page embedded in each FM entry. The only thing I noticed was that there seems to be a bit of inconsistency with some missions having the loading screen as the first screenshot and many others not having it at all. That and the Undead/Spiders/Ghosts spoilers seem to be wrong in many cases. I saw my mission Langhorne Lodge was listed as having neither, when in fact it has essentially not
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