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  1. Wow they don't call it Newbie DarkRadiant Questions for nothing... thank you, that makes them relight it!
  2. Thanks! That worked a charm! I'm also struggling with making AI use switch lights, again. I had this same problem in CoS 1 and never found a fix. I have electric lights that are controlled by atdm:mover_button entities. When I turn them off in game the AI just mutter that they can't relight it, eventhough I have set "canOperateSwitchLights" "1", and "chanceOperateSwitchLights" "1" to take out the randomness. It seems they don't operate it because they can't tell where the switch is? Is there a way to tell the AI to operate a specific atdm:mover_button entity to relight this particular light? Or the targeting of the light from the button should be enough in that regard?
  3. Wow, that's quite a surprise. I was hoping to get my mission rolled out to help out with this beta a bit before release, but you beat me to it! Congrats to the entire team! Will definitely have to play the final version of this!
  4. I tried adding an atdm:target_call_scriptfunction and adding the spawnarg "Call" "Lock". The console tells me "Target 'atdm_target_callscriptfunction_1' specifies non-existent scriptfunction 'Lock'!" when it gets triggered. Should I be using the object function variant instead or is the spawnarg wrong? It seemed to recognize "Call"...
  5. Ok, sorry you ran into a bug, I'll put it on the list for a potential update. I hope you enjoyed the mission!
  6. Is there any way to make a door lock itself during runtime? I tried using an atdm:target_changelockstate but it seems that one only unlocks doors. It has the spawnarg "unlock" but from what I can tell does not respond to "lock", and "unlock 0" doesn't do it either. I also tried going to the S/R system by setting spawnarg "locked" to "1" on _self to no avail. Ideas?
  7. The scroll for the completionist challenge says it I think: it will only tick off when you are close to home, basically when you go to the catwalk thing leading from the rooftops. Unfortunately that was the only good way I found at the time to implement it. For CoS 3 I have a new system that seems a bit more robust, and will tick off completed as soon as all side missions are completed. If I make an update on CoS 2 I will change it here as well. But for now, if all your side missions are complete (and no, the other challenges are not required as they would conflict), and you've made it to the balcony outside the home base and it didn't tick off, there must be a bug. If you haven't tried going there yet I would do that first.
  8. Ohh. I see. I wonder how you knew that you need to do it then. The objective is added once you read Caroline's journal. It is
  9. It certainly sounds like you're getting down in the weeds of the twisting alleys! We should probably keep the commentary to the beta testing thread though, to avoid spoiling the fun for others
  10. Welcome aboard! Sounds like you'll have have your work cut out for you with this mission. There's a lot of "obscure" content to discover!
  11. That's what I like to hear! You won't be disappointed ^^
  12. You'll find it in the beta testing forum thread! Welcome aboard!
  13. I hope you will be able to! It's tradition at this point ^^ besides, in the mission there's a promise fulfilled to you from last time.
  14. Hello fellow taffers! My mission is now ready to be beta tested and will be available in the beta testing forum. No formal sign up necessary, just say hi here or in the beta tester's forum. Come one and all! It's not required to have played the first two missions in the series, but it would probably be helpful from a narrative perspective. 2.08 beta is not required but if some people would like to test on that version, that would be great.
  15. Nicely done! I actually had use for exactly this entry today, since I always find using the entity_gui system confusing and I have a couple of texts in my map that were way too small.
  16. Congratulations on your first release! I really enjoyed testing and playing this one! Looking forward to where you take the story in the next one!
  17. I think I'm starting to make some sense of the tdm_playertools scripts. I assume that I can copy a fair bit of the flashbomb setup, but I will have to change the projectile to something custom that causes a teleport of that AI to where the projectile lands. That should keep him from spawning into a wall as well I think, since the projectile should stop or bounce if it hits a wall. I'm not quite understanding the flashbomb projectile script, though maybe after reading it a few more times. Is it possible to have "teleport AI to point of impact" as a result from a projectile? It's probably possible to have him spawn, but I don't want multiple copies running around if used more than once. If that part can work I may be able to cobble together a script for this. But let's just say I'm in uncharted waters as far I'm concerned.
  18. The items were static items, so they were never dropabable to begin with so it can't be that unfortunately. It has something to do with the stacking I'm pretty sure. If I try to finish this thing I may have to figure out a way to make them go in to the inventory as single, separate items. Your description of my proposed system is perfect! Specifically, it's 4 pieces of a medallion that I made a special model for (the stacking was only for minimizing inventory clutter, and not necessarily a must). The medallion should become an item in the player's inventory when all four pieces are found. When the player uses it, a specific undead builder guard appears who is on the player's team who can be used to cause mayhem on the map. It's not balanced for gameplay reasons, I guess it's more of a curiosity for players, probably those replaying the map, as it won't be easy to access. First you have to find the readable, and only then can you go hunting for the shards of the medallion spread out across the map. As far as programming goes, I am aware that practice makes perfect, and I probably could learn it if I really tried. But I have tried many times before and I have a hard time to make it stick. I feel as though some people are more naturally adept at learning such things, probably related to math ability and hierarchical thinking more so even than language ability. I'm under no illusions that I should be expected to know some coding as a mapper, hence why I refer to it as a blind spot instead of saying I'm not a coder or Let the programmers do that! For small scale modding like this you really need to be a jack-of-all-trades type person, and that is kind of the charm of FMs in my opinion, because they have so much uniqueness and character imbued by the author.
  19. Changing it to remove() instead gave me an error called "too many parameters"... I even tried to have it just do it once and it was still too many parameters Gosh, that sounds far too complicated for me to make. Scripting is my biggest weak spot when it comes to mapping. I looked at the playertools script and it looked to me like it was just referencing other scripts in an unknown location. The triggerlook script might as well have been Chinese, I had no idea what was going on in there. I may have to abandon that idea, it was not central to my map in any way, little more than an easter egg.
  20. Thanks for that script, though it seems there is a problem. When it runs it gives me the error: Entity not found for event 'replaceInvItem'. Terminating thread. I've made sure that the items are correctly named and correlate to the script (the objective ticks so it's not a mistype). edit: could this be another instance of the "items changing name when they stack in the inventory" bug? If this is even going to be an objective I keep though I have to also figure out the second part of it. I need the item that is given to the player to teleport a specific AI in front of the player when it is "used", i.e. similar to using a key on a door or drinking a potion. I looked at using the stim/response system, but the teleport function there seems to only allow for teleporting to fixed locations? Basically there is no option for "relative to player" only "relative to origin of object being teleported". Also trying to make the stim/response system recognize the player "using" an item seems to be a problem? Couldn't find an appropriate stim category, as "frob" did nothing. Thoughts / Ideas?
  21. Quick question, is there a way to add a custom item into the player's inventory? I see a target_itemremove in the entity list but no "itemadd". I want to have the game add a specific item to the player's inventory when an objective is completed. I have made the custom item, which doesn't need to be dropable. There are also four fragments of this item that need to be removed from the inventory at the same time, though I assume the itemremove would do that for me?
  22. Thanks for the tip with g_showEntityInfo 1, I can confirm that is exactly what happened. Once you pick more than one up only the first item retains its properties while the others revert to their "stock" movable form. I guess I will have to rethink that objective and maybe not use stackable items. I don't really feel like writing a whole script for one little side mission.
  23. I have both 2.07 and 2.08 installed, I'd be more than happy to run it on 2.08.
  24. I don't think it's a problem with the drop location actually, since it works just fine as long as the items did not stack in the players inventory first. It must be that something happens to the item in the stacking process that makes them unable to tick the objective. I tried doing this with two breath potions just to see if they would act the same way and they did. That makes me suspect that this is a limitation of the objectives system in TDM. Perhaps one of our resident coders like @duzenko / @stgatilov / @greebo could shed some light on it? edit: to be clear, referring to this post: I think this is simply a skin that uses the alabaster material, that has been this weird fullbright and semi-transparent texture for as long as I can remember. I just make sure to not use any of those skins or that texture in my maps.
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