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  1. To think I was here back in 2011 and never finished that ambitious Bamburger Castle (UK) FM. But now, I,m gonna give it another try with a smaller mansion (out of the Hudson Valley in New York) instead Just gotta finish The Painter's Wife 1st. That FM is huge!!
  2. I have gone through all the sewers doing the "go to the left" thing all the way around. Now I'm in the cistern. Is it in here somewhere the ?
  3. The assassin, right? I can't find any other on the map in that direction. There's a locked door on the corner of Arch Way & Lower Street. Where's the key for that? Also there's a pole sign that says Tower Street & something with an A, but it's not on the map, it's in the pumphouse area, spun me around a bit until I found the Bridge Street sign on the wall lol Oh yeah, the gambling den. Which building was that in again? I'm at the pumphouse. Gonna try and find that chapel again, after I text Biker I need to talk to him anyway. You know if he's busy wit
  4. ** Ended up using the fire arrow on the guard with the anti-arrow helmet on the streets. He was the last armed guard left on any of the streets. Got Lily home ok BTW, the abbot up in the healing tower. Arrows just bounce off his face. I know I'd fail the mission, but just say'n...
  5. That's actually happened in many TDM FM's for me. Sometimes when they are sleeping and you shoot them in the face they squiggle all over like fish out of water. You gotta pick them up real quick or the game crashes. I can't seem to BJ them on the twin beds, just the big beds. Gotta climb up on the bed and lean forward. Bunk beds are the worst.
  6. OOps, didn't need to hide all of that. Also, there's a locked door in the gambling den. Anyone know where the key is? I knocked everybody out in there. Oh, and the assassin, where is she again? Can't find any text on that in my inventory, but I know I read it or heard it somewhere in the game. One more thing, Lilly. Where do I bring her? The guy on the balcony at the Lion's inn is gone. Would that be apartment? What's the fire arrow for?
  7. I read somewhere that I'm supposed to go under the . I was just there & I got all the way down in the cistern too, but found the secret under the could be buried, but no luck there. Thought I'd report a little bug down in that when walking on the bottom of the pool, thinking I'd walk up the edge, but no. I go through the slope and into space. There's even stars there. Thought I was closer to finding that Can I get a spoil on where in the pumphouse area I go to get to the ?
  8. Thankyou for that. I feel like such an idiot. I didn't even see the oil lamp up there...hehe I gotta ask though. In the vent tunnel, across from the generator there's a room with a hovering solid black box that is not frobable. What is that there for? Out front of the manor there are 2 guards. 1 arrow proof face & the other not. The one without got shot in the face just now & he dies, but then the screen flashes black & the game crashes. Didn't even have time to save... Gonna reboot & try again, gotta clear the streets for Lilly & I . There's no roof walks wi
  9. That happened to me to. Didn't find no either. The last stone when leaving the campsite. I jumped onto it and instead of being able to jump off, the rock passed through me (since it's moving) & finally I fell into space. Luckily I save all the time, so didn't lose too much, but then I backed up all the way before entering the twilight zone because I can't figure out how to get to the altar after the fire chamber ?? Do you remember? And how do I get back to the city?
  10. So, I backed up to an earlier save. Right before entering the other dimension in the bizarre library. I couldn't wait, I really Love this FM. It's so BIG I'll go back to that again later. Anyway, in Marlow's Manor, in the basement. I need help locating a key that goes to the door (above the room where the painter's wife is being held hostage), I'm guessing that's where the in the basement somewhere, but I can't find it. In the Machine Room, after turning off the turbine I noticed a frobable vent behind it. I can't get to it since the turbine is in the way, but how do I get
  11. Oh wait, the water isn't supposed to do that? Mine is the same, but I got passed it & passed the fire chamber, but what do I do in the altar room, to get across to the altar?
  12. Wow, I never finished this one last year. Couldn't find my way around this huge map. I like what you've done with the in-game map in the update. I remember the old one, couldn't see anything. Good Job!! I need a spoiler.
  13. Nah I'm good. I'll wait. I got 3 other TDM missions I seem to have missed. You should direct people to ttlg.de 's site. They have an extensive FM library as well. Google has a translator now. Good to know since the whole site is in German. The translator box pops up to the upper right when you enter the site. You gotta do this every page you visit, but so worth it. Tried registering there, but something is not letting me. Tried their e-mail, but it came back, so I don't know about that part.
  14. I don't know where to put technical stuff when it comes to the in-game downloader/installer, but since it has to do with the FM's, well you guys move it if need be I tried downloading the updated version of The Siege Shop, but I got a pop-up with something went wrong and I should contact the admin. Didn't catch the whole note cuz it disappeared really quick. It did not download either way. I got a question. When you download an updated FM, does it automatically replace the 1st version? You got to start again right or can you go where you left off? I found some double copies of games tha
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