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  1. So did that key in the drawer ever get fixed?
  2. Ok, I found some issues, yet I will say I could actually play this little game on my mom's 6 year old laptop. Was a bit bumpy with the frame rate, but it worked. The bigger FMs just crash it.
  3. This is driving me nuts! Sorry about the delay. Trying to upgrade my xfinity to 900mbs, but it only gives me 118mbs, so most of everything won\t work. Just like my keyboard for some reason. Anyway, I\m in for testing. This speed issue should be resolved soon.
  4. Hi guys, I'm glad I didn't get a new PC yet. My old nVidia had 3.88Ghz or something I think. Don't remember. It was always the RAM that was important before. So an FM that craves 5 Ghz or more? What processor is that now? Had the i5 in my xfx machine. What's the best, but not most expensive machine to get for these newer FM's? I like building them myself, but I'm not spending 6K again. Not with todays technology! Any suggestions? Mom's HP laptop works with smaller games (20 or less Mbs) with TDM with the 2.10 & Win 10, but even the Acer Desktop with Win 11 is having slag issues with the latest version. If I'm gonna build my own FM (one day) I need to know this for the future
  5. Just wanted to let you know the in-downloader for the game does not show up on the list to download. I went to play the released version, but there's nothing there...
  6. Ok, I need help in locating All the books to find the 2nd compartment...
  7. How do I edit that signature about my old PC? I went to "edit signature" but it don't say anything there. Wanna edit to 24 years of Thief too. Anyways, You got a link to your FM yet?
  8. I don't wanna cheat I'll ask for hints on the forum every now and then. If I cheat in the beta then maybe the game play won't do what was intended for this FM. Just say'n... You got a link to Lucy?
  9. Where exactly is this God mode in console? I can't find it. It would kinda be cool to be immortal, but I usually just save a lot, so I can keep going anyways
  10. What does this mean? Can't seem to download the tdm_installar.exe instead I get that.
  11. The longer the better. What is godmode? I made all the guards deaf and blind, but that's it.
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