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  1. Ah, interesting. I was seeing something similar the other day. I was replaying Sotha's Thomas Porter series, and on "The Glenham Tower", I noticed that my fire-arrows tended to go through the haunts in the cellar and smack into the wall behind them. I would assume that this is a related issue.
  2. Out of interest, are we likely to see another entry in the Hidden Hands series?
  3. Listening to it again, it starts out fairly similar to other ambient music tracks, but then it adds a pulsing synth track, and eventually drums and guitars kick in. So maybe it's just that I lingered in the house longer than anyone else for some reason. As for the hints: Thanks again!
  4. Yeah, the Hodgson house was playing some unexpectedly dynamic ambient music each time I entered it. It's pretty good actually, it was just not what I was expecting to hear for a random house. If I have time I can record a clip or search through the ambient music library in Darkmod's resources to work out which one it is, but I won't be able to do that tonight. Thanks for the hints (and the mission too, of course).
  5. Just finished the mission. It was amazing and I did not suffer the crashing bug under Linux which others have reported. However there are a couple of loose ends (that I know of): All in all it was fantastic and I'm amazed that all this fit into a 34MB file, even with compression.
  6. I've been playing this for a couple of days now, it's fantastic, though the street sections did seem to be making the machine chug a little. It took me far too long to work out... Thanks again, your efforts in making these things is greatly appreciated.
  7. This was nice, but I would definitely like to see the original version retained - maybe that should also be available as a standalone when Quinn is updated? Having just played the two side-by-side, the updated version definitely looks nicer, and the smaller premises definitely match the "failing bank" motif better, there are a number of things which I like in the original that just don't come across in the new version. The wiring puzzle, the larger guard presence being more of a threat, and the idea of having fees deducted for knockouts is an interesting one. In addition there's something incredibly satisfying about walking away with 25000 gold coins or more, compared to the pocket money you're usually walking away with. I get that the lugging-the-loot around part can be a little tedious but in a way I found it made the payoff worth waiting for. Again, don't take this the wrong way, I love that you've updated it, I'm just giving feedback on why I prefer the original.
  8. I liked this. It was surprisingly large and complex and there's probably a lot I've missed while following my target. Mercifully I didn't encounter the segfault problem other people were seeing on this mission, though that happened quite a lot with "Adventures of Thomas" which I played afterwards. Thanks for providing so many mines as well, I spent far too much time setting traps for the courier. Turns out six mines is not only enough to blow the corrupt official to pulp, but it can also blast you clean off the balcony into the bargain.
  9. I've just completed the unpatched version last night. None of the other NPCs seemed to display the T-pose issue suffered by the folks in the Belcher. The mission was impressively large and I particularly liked the whole portal business. Good stuff, and a very enjoyable mission. I'm sure I'm missing a few keys, but the only thing I couldn't do which I think is probably a bug was: I've reloaded and tried a few times, but it seems to be a persistent issue.
  10. This is exactly what I mean. There is clearly some mechanism for them to flee and get reinforcements, I figure that discovering multiple simultaneous bodies (say 3 or more) ought to trigger that.
  11. Has anyone considered altering guard behaviour if they find multiple bodies? Particularly when playing Full Moon Fever I have a tendency to take out the guards one by one and stash them in a pile behind the greenhouse. When a guard sees a body they usually seem to examine the body and then go on alert and prowl. That's fine for one, maybe two unconscious/dead folk - but when you come across, like six of them, or ten... you're not dealing with an intruder anymore, you've got a dangerous maniac on your hands. Hence, I have been wondering if it would be worth making the guards, on discovering 3 bodies or more at once, scream or yell a custom retort ("By the Builder!", "What the hell?!", "Oh my gods!") and then immediately run for reinforcements. I'm not sure how much of the I-found-a-body code is scripted and how much is internal to the engine so it might be harder to pull off than I'd expect, e.g. if a function is returning a single value for a discovered body and now needs to return a list. Still, I figured it's worth throwing out there.
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