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  1. This was nice, but I would definitely like to see the original version retained - maybe that should also be available as a standalone when Quinn is updated? Having just played the two side-by-side, the updated version definitely looks nicer, and the smaller premises definitely match the "failing bank" motif better, there are a number of things which I like in the original that just don't come across in the new version. The wiring puzzle, the larger guard presence being more of a threat, and the idea of having fees deducted for knockouts is an interesting one. In addition there's something incredibly satisfying about walking away with 25000 gold coins or more, compared to the pocket money you're usually walking away with. I get that the lugging-the-loot around part can be a little tedious but in a way I found it made the payoff worth waiting for. Again, don't take this the wrong way, I love that you've updated it, I'm just giving feedback on why I prefer the original.
  2. I liked this. It was surprisingly large and complex and there's probably a lot I've missed while following my target. Mercifully I didn't encounter the segfault problem other people were seeing on this mission, though that happened quite a lot with "Adventures of Thomas" which I played afterwards. Thanks for providing so many mines as well, I spent far too much time setting traps for the courier. Turns out six mines is not only enough to blow the corrupt official to pulp, but it can also blast you clean off the balcony into the bargain.
  3. I've just completed the unpatched version last night. None of the other NPCs seemed to display the T-pose issue suffered by the folks in the Belcher. The mission was impressively large and I particularly liked the whole portal business. Good stuff, and a very enjoyable mission. I'm sure I'm missing a few keys, but the only thing I couldn't do which I think is probably a bug was: I've reloaded and tried a few times, but it seems to be a persistent issue.
  4. This is exactly what I mean. There is clearly some mechanism for them to flee and get reinforcements, I figure that discovering multiple simultaneous bodies (say 3 or more) ought to trigger that.
  5. Has anyone considered altering guard behaviour if they find multiple bodies? Particularly when playing Full Moon Fever I have a tendency to take out the guards one by one and stash them in a pile behind the greenhouse. When a guard sees a body they usually seem to examine the body and then go on alert and prowl. That's fine for one, maybe two unconscious/dead folk - but when you come across, like six of them, or ten... you're not dealing with an intruder anymore, you've got a dangerous maniac on your hands. Hence, I have been wondering if it would be worth making the guards, on discovering 3 bodies or more at once, scream or yell a custom retort ("By the Builder!", "What the hell?!", "Oh my gods!") and then immediately run for reinforcements. I'm not sure how much of the I-found-a-body code is scripted and how much is internal to the engine so it might be harder to pull off than I'd expect, e.g. if a function is returning a single value for a discovered body and now needs to return a list. Still, I figured it's worth throwing out there.
  6. Thanks! As it happens, one of the first things I did when I got the
  7. I don't think there has been another mission that kept me playing it for weeks on end. And even right up to the end I kept getting lost. The scenario was a little morbid and depressing for my taste but the sheer amount of work that went into this was unbelievable and more than made up for it. And I still haven't been able to get the alternate ending yet. Hopefully one day. I do have a question: Anyway, fantastic work on this one.
  8. Yes, that's correct. You probably do want to patch that. FYI I usually play missions on Easy first time around, and from what I'm reading that makes quite a big difference on this one.
  9. This was a fun mission, finishing and releasing it was definitely the right decision. That puzzle was definitely challenging, even with the hints. I was trying to take the letter case into account. As it happened, I accidentally That aside, I loved the writing - I think I've seen that poster in one of the other new missions and wondered at the time if it meant something like this, so well done indeed for tying that into the storyline. Also the ominous music in the foyer was a good pick,one of my favourites from the Darkmod soundtrack.
  10. Ooh, so close. I had examined both of those locations for goodies, but clearly not closely enough. And yes, I had wondered if there was anything I could do for the beggar as well.
  11. That was nice and mind-bending. I had some fun I had to resort to hints for Impressive stuff. I am still missing a secret, though. Anyway, there's been a crop of great maps recently, and this is definitely one of them.
  12. That was fun. As others have said, having a female protagonist made an interesting change though the guard voices obviously assumed a male protagonist. The intro music is awesome. Now I don't think I've seen this mentioned, but I managed to
  13. Keep in mind it's part of a series - it would be really nice if they were compiled together into a campaign at some point so there's less messing around playing them in order.
  14. Okay, that was absolutely amazing. I found it got off to a bit of a slow start, I got lost a lot in the early sections and had no idea where to go at first because the streets were all blocked off from one another. A lot of FMs (and of course, Thief itself) will colour in the section of the map you're currently in - something like that would probably have made my life easier since I'd at least have a better idea of where I was. However, once I actually found where I was going, it got a lot more fluid and really engrossing. That new special effect was put to an excellent use. The writing was good too, just enough readables to paint a clear picture of what had gone wrong. This map also has the dubious honour of being the first one I've played that caused the Threadripper/Vega56 setup to jitter. Some of Jack Farmer's missions have caused the fan to go into overdrive, but this one actually made it stutter in a way I haven't seen for many years. I'm not sure how much of that is the map and how much is down to 2.10 being beta (since it may have been built with optimisations off for debugging etc). One question: Anyway, congratulations on making an awesome mission, I really enjoyed that.
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