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  1. Thanks, finally got it. Yeah, I spent a long long time last night and today looking for something like that, hidden or invisible. If you do a map revision it might be worth making it just a little more obvious somehow because it's very well hidden. I was even starting to wonder if the map was corrupted and it had gone missing.
  2. Okay, that was a lot of fun. Love the System Shock 2 vibe the first couple of floors give you, the ambient music worked very well. (By the way, that's Korg M1, Roland made the D50). I've completed the mission. I'm still missing two secret areas somewhere, but what's really bugging me is how to get ...so reluctantly I'll have to ask for a hint there. P.S. Nice record collection in the recreation area, and I particularly loved the power generator.
  3. This was really well put together and I'm eagerly awaiting the followup. The storytelling was brilliant and the difficulty was about right... I managed to find 4 of the 5 secrets off my own bat. My one criticism is that the voice acting in the intro, although well-recorded, sounded a little wooden, people reading a script rather than living the parts. I appreciate that's not going to be easy or quick to change but it might be something to watch out for in the future. Having an outtro video was excellent, though. I wish more people would do that! It's annoying to have this great story build-up and then... just a score with the intrigue left hanging rather than an aftermath or epilogue of any kind. So very well done for that.
  4. For what it's worth you're in good company - you could do a similar trick in Thief in the Haunted Cathedral (though I heard they patched it in Thief Gold).
  5. Out of sheer perversity, I... Apart from that it was great. The only other thing which left me feeling slightly disappointed was that...
  6. Funny you should say that. Since it wasn't encouraged to blackjack the guests, I was blackjacking their dinnerware instead, with similar results.
  7. I enjoyed that, though I spent far too long trying to annoy the guests, or tricking the guards into killing them. One of them does have a tendency to climb up the pillars by the stairwell, that just seems to be a thing he does, regardless of where you are in the quest. Climbing on one of the statues in the hall in hopes of finding a quest item behind it got me stuck and needed a reload (or noclip) to escape from, but apart from the occasional slowdown I didn't see many problems. I did like the storyline and the ending, I presume that also explains the business with the telescope. Do we ever find out what happened to
  8. Yes, the M1R. They got cheap on ebay a couple of years ago so I grabbed one. It's been a fun addition to the studio. I had been meaning to ask if you used the real thing or the VST in these, but it didn't seem worth digging up the Hidden Hands 1 thread to ask something that's irrelevant to most people's enjoyment of the mission anyway... @prjames Those keys should become apparent in time. As for the cube:
  9. Just completed this, it was amazing. I particularly love the soundtrack work in this series, and am still impressed you managed to find suitable uses for the M1 Pole preset. I've also enjoyed the slipping in of contemporary lyrics and musicians. A possible bug is that one of the undead in the crypt was apparently flagged as a regular NPC. When I took him out with a fire arrow, the game ended because I had committed murder. I think he was also immune to holy water, but I didn't last long enough to find out for certain. EDIT: Oh, yeah also
  10. Ohhh, right. I thought that was an overflow pipe. Thanks! Hopefully that should see me through to the end. EDIT: ...and finished. It would have been kind of nice to have some kind of follow-up, e.g. an ending video, at least some kind of closure for the story. Not many mods do that, but it's a nice touch for the story-heavy ones.
  11. OK, I was hoping not to have to ask this, but I have hit a wall. I am stuck . My character makes a 'hmmm' sound which implies that he's missing some kind of tool to perform this operation, but I can't think what. It may be that the missing tool is suitable for both tasks, but either way I'm out of ideas. This aside, it's been a lot of fun. The mechanic of having to carry the lantern around and put it down when you need to do something else is a little frustrating, but it is more realistic and, AFAIK unique (for DarkMod missions). It adds an interesting twist. I think 'Alone In The Dark' did this too.
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