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  1. Just got the latest ver of DR and I'm messing around with the Stim/Response system for the first time while following along with the wiki, but I do not see my desired effect present in the dropdown for Responses. I'd like to Remove the target. Am I missing something? Thanks, Taffers. To clarify: I have a Triggeronce set up to play a VO. My goal is to have it only play if entering a specific way, and wish to disable it upon entering the alternate two routes.
  2. Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory did this for co-op. It was awesome playing cat and mouse with guards and a buddy as another spy. You had to be careful in your planning as you talked to your buddy or the guards would hear you. It was funny, we’d yell “Hey DICKHEAD!” And they’d go “who’s there?!” So it has been done in a stealth game before but really only viable for co-op.
  3. Well I can't explain the existence of the comma haha, but it's absence cleared up my problem. They stack by default, even without the inv_stackable 1 spawnarg. Unless they break again I'm just gonna leave it lol. Thanks for the help @Dragofer!
  4. Need some help. Nearing the end of my list of fixes, and this sprang up at random, thankfully I caught it by chance. I've got an issue with some locked doors and corresponding keys. At first they worked perfect, but now the key(s) won't unlock the door(s). Here's the set up. I've got a room with three doors into it. Two of them are locked. There is a key outside the room on a guard, and one inside the room hidden somewhere. Attached is a screenshot of the properties of the keys (top row) and the doors they correspond to (bottom row.) I should note, initially I started with just one key outside the room, placed on the guard. While it technically worked, beta feedback dictated a second key to be found inside the room. No problem, the first time I implemented it and dmapped it worked exactly as intended, with my new second key unlocking both doors, and vice versa for the key on the guard. So I moved on and didn't think about it for months. But randomly I noticed they don't do shit no more! I swear I haven't changed the spawnargs since I got it working the way I wanted, but clearly something is wrong and now I'm perplexed. Thanks, -Jedi
  5. Taff it all. Not what one expects to hear when returning from a semi hiatus He was undoubtedly a pillar of this community and consistently set the standard. His art gives me goosebumps when I played WS, and he raised the bar with each installment. Please find solace in the fact no one around here will forget him anytime soon, his work and his legacy will live on. Watching Jack Farmer’s tribute brought a tear to my eye and typing this even now I get choked up. Living in Apex a mere stones’ throw from Raleigh (20 min drive, I go there on business at least once a week) I always hoped to grab a cup of joe or a pint and sit down and pick his brain about TDM. I never got around to even broaching the subject as this past year had been so crazy and I’m still a newbie here. TDM owes a lot to that man, thank you for stopping by @grayson he will be missed. Much love to you and your family.
  6. On my old rig where the problem occurred: Using test8795 and changing “r_glCoreProfile” to ‘1’ does not work. Setting it to ‘0’ does, and it now loads fine. I hope that helps you devs, I don’t use this machine anymore but I’m happy it runs now. It has been a non-issue for me since I got a new PC but hopefully this gives you meaningful data you can use Thank you
  7. That did it. Crisis averted! Thanks taffers, you guys are the best.
  8. Here's what I've got: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eDeam61rAMkdT1Ylya9BhmBviXBbREuI/view?usp=sharing
  9. Anybody know why my .pk4 stays a zipped folder after I rename it with the right extension? I guess I should note this is my first time packaging a mission on my new PC, maybe there's an Administrator setting somewhere I'm unaware of? Trying to push out a new beta ver and this is stopping me in my tracks, oh the humanity!
  10. Used to have an old Asus with a Phenom II and a Radeon HD6950 and 8GB RAM on some old 60Hz monitor Now I'm running a Legion5 with a Ryzen7 3700X and a GeForce GTX 1660 Super and 16GB RAM on a curved 144Hz monitor It's really nothing special by today's standards but all I've wanted to play the past ten years was TDM so I can thankfully crank shit up without slowdowns and running around my WIP actually got me randy. Felt like a brand new game! (new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly 1.5.1 with some new modpacks was super sexy too) Now I can let my kid destroy the old PC with Roblox all he wants and I don't have to worry about losing my precious work. Oh, and DR runs soooo much better too, I expect my mapping workflow to dramatically speed up, so maybe after six months of radio silence on my beta, I can finally have something to show.
  11. I’ll be honest, I procrastinated troubleshooting this further because I was busy and had a new PC on the way. I am happy to report 2.09 works perfect for me now and I can resume work on my map. Thank you for your time.
  12. Oh my I can’t wait, this sounds like fun. In a masochist way, I love troubleshooting; maybe I’m weird but I love hunting down map leaks lol and shit like that edit: welp I was up til 4am with the baby and today is my other son’s 9th bday so I’ll get back to it sometime this week.
  13. Ok I’ve been busy this weekend, but should get time to sit down at the PC tonight...where should I pick up? Does the last transmission apply to me?
  14. Thank you so much, that sounds promising; I like maps over stencils anyway. I will test it tomorrow evening, it’s getting late here now. thanks again : )
  15. So what now? How does this build differ from release? And is it stable enough to play missions? Moreover and perhaps more importantly, is it SAFE to continue building my map with ?
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