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  1. ok idk why i quoted myself, im stoop Here is a better angle with my lantern on
  2. Man, September and October have been a shit show so progress slowed down a ton. But I just had a lot of fun wrapping some blood around this boar's neck. It was a bitch and took forever to get the patch just right, but the desired effect was pulled off nicely. Like someone hacked his head off and plopped it down in front of the altar. Now some flies and a couple bloody handprints, once the rest of this cave is decorated it will have a pagan vibe.
  3. Damn, @STRUNK, I’ve wanted fireflies forever. And those bats, lovely. I can imagine those looking nice on a lamp or torch that has some bugs or flies too. And the fact they cast shadows is super sexy. I want to use both of those, to compliment your already fantastic kitchen assets! I’ll pm ya.
  4. That’s some nice stuff! Can’t wait to use it my next FM
  5. Is this something I’ll be able to slap on my loading screen GUI as a watermark?
  6. Just one guys opinion: if that’s the case and the animation for the shadow can be altered, simply widening his stance when crouched (looks like he’s sitting on an invisible chair with legs at right angles) and doing something really anything with the arms ( currently just down by his side like standing at attention) would go so far.
  7. Ok guys thanks for being patient. Topic is up in the Beta Testers Forum:
  8. Congrats! Wish I could’ve helped beta this one too! (was that already a year ago??) Can’t wait to play it once I get some free time
  9. Builder’s beard! Having a last minute catastrophic setback. Please stand by. And thanks for the interest! EDIT: Crisis averted! Phew, joe figured it out, another classic noob mistake lol. Stand by for a link in the Beta Testing Forum.
  10. Thanks fellas. No rush joe, you’ve already helped a ton and likely won’t see anything new (unless you missed the huge redesign, I forget) except an in game map, a load screen and some VOs. Wish I could’ve helped you with TFH, thebigh, I honestly didn’t think I’d have time to finish my own map this year.
  11. After many months of delays and a few successful alpha rounds my first FM is just about ready for open beta. I’ll welcome any and all, and appreciate every set of eyes that check it out. Once the interest has been garnered and I have a small team I shall make a new topic in the beta testing forum. So just holler and stand by! Thanks in advance, taffers!
  12. According to to Studio 1 (the program where I originally recorded them) yes as well as in Audacity ( which I test in and it played fine, I’m starting the switch to audacity henceforth) so they both export it at 44100 and play fine within both those as well as DR. Edit: an update; kingsal has figured out the culprit, a space in a file name. I should have it all implemented and resolved tonight or tomorrow.
  13. Could some please clarify for me what I am doing wrong here? My goal is to attach custom sound files to some global speakers to be used as internal monologue voiceovers. I can get my test .ogg to show up and play within DR but not in game. I have tried simply attaching it to a speaker with and without looping. I have tried putting a global and waitfortigger spawnarg with a trigger once entity that targets the speaker. No dice. The latter seems to be the set up I need for an internal thought you hear but no other ai in the map will hear, but what am I missing?? I feel it is
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