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  1. Oh no try this, won’t expire: https://discord.gg/85xsFkr
  2. Super big congrats on release! I was honored to have a sneak peak.
  3. Congrats on the release! What a fine summer for FMs, so many coming out .
  4. No I mean memories of TDS not TDM.
  5. seta g_showPlayerShadow 1 While not perfect it brings back old memories and I prefer it on.
  6. @Fieldmedic your inbox must be full. Here’s TDM discord https://discord.gg/uVVZeQ
  7. I've played your missions and loved them, excited to hear you are reinvigorated about mapping and can't wait to see what you come up with next! You ought to hang out on the discord channel for DM, as a noob mapper i've had a TON of help and inspiration fine tuning the process and finding my ideal workflow, just from talking to other mappers and getting ideas on how they work. It's also fun to have a finger on the pulse of the mapping community, I find it helps inspire me to keep hustling, kind of a healthy competition to keep my self motivated. When you got like five or six people asking you every week how your map is going, its hard to get lazy!
  8. Oh my goodness, screw real life right now I just want to be irresponsible and taff all night. So many betas happening.
  9. Congratulations on your first release! It’s an exciting summer for TDM. Wish I had the time to help you test, looking forward to your next project.
  10. Very similar setup. Same card, really can’t believe how decently it handles the mod. For being 9 yrs old, I’m impressed.
  11. Got lost on the YouTubes the other night watching random videos and landed on this, sort of related, was fun to watch.
  12. Oh snap. I can’t commit a ton of time as our baby is due any day now, but sign me up and I’ll get on it when everyone else is asleep.
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