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  1. Dude yes. The little thief scaling the V is dope.
  2. How many more surprises are you gonna whip out? Any ETA on when the full kitchen assets pack will be done?
  3. I love the classy manufacturer’s stamp on the front of it
  4. Too soon? thinking this should be my main menu ambient track for my FM. Amadeus’ idea But seriously I hope this vid finds everyone doing well and lifts a spirit or two.
  5. Mmm turmeric and ginger! Keep it coming STRUNK, this is awesome.
  6. How many different foodstuffs you doing STRUNK? I would love these in my kitchens.
  7. Good to know. Many thanks! And yes I’m trying to get through all the notes I’ve received so far. Going well, it’s so fun, but hard with a full house on quarantine Hope to go open within a month.
  8. Oh my. Fantastic. I will have to replace all my old ones with these updated ones. Thank you a ton.
  9. thats what I meant lol. LAYERS. Always forget.
  10. I’m a dummy with filters I always forget to use them. Look on the wiki for custom filters
  11. Haha, polish the spear. But for real, the only reason every character of mine in every ES game exceeds 500+hrs without beating the main quest is because i get distracted by the atmosphere and lore, the books being a big part of that. Oh and The Real Barenziah. I used to love collecting complete works and decorating my bookshelves in my homes, putting them all in order.
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