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  1. Forgot to post after I finished this last week! Got distracted with VR stuff and forgot. Anyway, this was FUN. My ideal perfect map size. Not so big you get lost as hell but compact and dense enough that it feels big and full of life. Right amount of challenge, the patrols were perfect. You gotta be patient to find the windows but they are there. I definitely didn't find everything on my 3 hr playthrough; Can't wait to get it all on my second run with VR next time. Thank you for this mission, I really liked it. Key hunt in the Builder compound was just right, made exploring all the floors meaningful, like not a chore. The story was great. Thank you.
  2. @grodenglaive Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for the kind words! For anybody else interested, I've played and beat it using cabalistic's VR port, and it was awesome. No real problems other than peeking through keyholes with func_peek being borked in VR.
  3. Ooh sorry for the double post. Entity func_peek appears be broken in VR. A screen shot won’t do it justice. At first when I crouched by a door handle and leaned forward to enable func_peek, it produced a floating 2D keyhole texture that didn’t wrap to the edges of the screen, and looking around through it was wonky and weird, to put it bluntly. Letting go of lean forward disabled it and everything was back to normal. Now, tonight when I try it, it’s a bit different. Enabling the func_peek entity causes the HUD and first person view from the headset to be offset from the player body by 10+ft at varying angles, even after letting go of lean forward. Gets stuck like that. Restarting TDM from a save before the glitch spawns me outside the map with the wonky offset view. Shutting down TDM and VR then relaunching resets things and back to business as usual while refraining from func_peeking. NOT a gripe! Everything else has been golden so far and I’m having the time of my freaking life right now! Haven’t figured out how to record video in VR yet and a screenshots wouldn’t help, so please just test it for yourself to see what I mean. Moving Day has func_peek placed on just about every door in the map, so I hope this helps you investigate. Again, thanks so much for this mod! Just when I thought I couldn’t love TDM enough, playing in VR has me giddy like a ten year old playing Bafford’s Manor for the first time on an EIDOS demo disc all over again. Also, I’d like to say, I’ve seen some folks on Reddit praising you for your HL2:VR mod! Wicked awesome, keep at it.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply on Discord @cabalisticI got it working and the first mission I decided to try is Paying the Bills 0: Moving Day by myself and I’m happy to report it all works beautifully and I dare say, this is now the definitive way to play for me! I’ve barely begun and I’m still messing around and tweaking stuff but it’s super fun. Many, many thanks. You are doing The Builder’s work! edit to say: The joy of playing one of my favorite games ever in VR combined with with the fact I’m doing it for the first time in a mission that I created, has me bouncing off the freaking walls. Thanks again, so much for this!
  5. Finally ordered a VR headset thanks to a Labor Day sale, should be here this week. CAN’T WAIT to try this!
  6. I finally finished it (BIG break from gaming this year) and wow that was fun. Huge classic Theif vibes. A nice departure away from The City and had me flashing back to the Bonehoard (not sure if it was nostalgia or PTSD) but hot damn, I can't wait to replay it. Thanks for making this.
  7. Congratulations on the release! It's on my list.
  8. Thank you so much for playing! The blunt direction of “get in, grab stuff, and get out” was half my direct approach to objectives and half learning the ropes of DR. I’m glad your playstyle benefited from my mapping style. The sword in the display case in the lounge is definitely lootable, as well as that servant with the coin purse that wanders into the dining room. Play around with windows of opportunity in the patrols, and maybe a gas arrow or two might help. Few have found the loot in the foyer contained in the painting(s) and chandelier; good eye! Again, thanks for playing, it really means a lot! While I’ve begun work on the next chapter, progress is admittedly slow; my dang S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly addiction is getting out of hand.
  9. Ha I figured you hit the first tag that pops up after typing J I should be thanking YOU. It wasn’t a chore to stick with it; it only took so long because my free time’s been so limited I had literal weeks between plays. I forgot where I was going and where I had been so I restarted a few times and that ate up time. It was the most fun I had actually PLAYING the mod in years. I’ve tested a handful of missions and been preoccupied getting my map out for the past four years, I haven’t really played a mission just for funsies in a while. I had a blast every second so thank you. And, ooh, the title of “fellow mapper” gives me warm and fuzzies haha. Really tho, my input as a mapper means little since I’m so inexperienced in that realm. But as a player of Thief since demo disc days, I hope my opinion that Iris is an instant classic that raises the bar, reminds you to keep mapping. This is what TDM is all about.
  10. Took way too many breaks in between play sessions, but I finally finished it and it was soo freaking fun. I could go on and on all day about how perfect literally everything was but I’ll just say the writing was my favorite. Sucked me right in and didn’t let go til I got back ‘home’. I went nice and slow and only found about 5k after 5.5hrs, gonna hafta play it again in a couple months and do better. Well deserved win, I can’t wait to see what you roll out next. You give the best of the best a run for their money!
  11. Definitely not intended. I’ll look into this as soon as I am able.
  12. Well dang thanks for linking it then. His words sting less now. “He got LAST in the CoNtEsT!” I was like geez thanks for reminding me bruh haha It’s still super fun for me to see someone play something I created. Watching those “Got ‘em!” moments, or seeing a roundabout way to tackle a situation I hadn’t dreamed of. Couldn’t be happier
  13. Thanks for that! I love watching other people play. How embarrassing that first chokepoint is borked, no one reported the first lantern guard in the forest having a broken path. (when you looped back around and saw him again "Oh he's back to his old tricks!" made me chuckle.) On the list now obviously lol. Still watching the vid; 3 hrs might take me a while to get through A few quotes: "Alright horse gimme ur money. Oh what? I just robbed a horse!"
  14. I used to love opening the manual for the first time and flipping the pages real quick in front of my face whilst taking a big nasal inhale. Nothing better than new game manual smell. You just don’t get that anymore.
  15. Tru dat! My first ever Thief experience was in 5th grade, when my older brother brought home a PC game magazine that had an Eidos demo disc with it. Included were demos for Tomb Raider 1 & 2, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Omicron: The Nomad Soul (wasn't effin' David Bowie in that game?!), Revenant, Commandos, and lastsly TDP. Some were just cutscenes, some were playable demos of the first level, so obviously I must have played Bafford's Manor about 200 times. Naturally I bought it and TMA and played the ever loving shit out of them. My dad must have taken them away about 10 times because he didn't want me playing M rated games, so I would just keep buying them at a different EB Games after he chewed out the employees for selling it to a minor. At one point I got my hands on a promo copy that was still Rating Pending, and I convinced my dad it stood for Role Playing so it wasn't as bad, haha. Fast forward a few years to TDS and I bought an original XBOX just to play it. Used to frequent GameFAQs and that's how I stumbled onto TTLG. Disappointed like most everybody else with TDS I learned about FMs, and went back to TMA for years. Learned about TDM around 2007 and lurked for a decade because my machine was trash so I was content to play old stuff til I got a decent rig. Always had the dream I'd like to make a Fan Mission of my own. Couple years ago I got a gaming rig specifically to FINALLY play TDM, and damn. It was like reliving my childhood. I played a bunch of the classics and helped beta a few FMs before I decided to take a crack at making an FM. Got stuck on the first dmap for 6 months before I had the courage to ask for help, and I'm ashamed I waited so long. The friends I've made along way, the funny convos and ideas tossed back and forth have been invaluable during this pandemic. Starting a family and a business leaves me with no time for a personal life, so it's no understatement that TDM and this community have been my primary source of stress relief for 4 yrs, and I wish to express my thanks to any who bothered to read this far. Not only that, but designing and building an FM has been the FUNNEST (albeit technically frustrating because I'm a dyslexic caveman) gaming experience I've ever had. I used to want to be game tester like all 10 yr olds, always loved making maps for old PC games and thought maybe a level designer or environment artist might be more feasible. I learned however, I am not cut out for the schooling and I'd never be able to find a stable gig. So this passion project helps fulfill those dreams I had as a kid, and I still get goosebumps every time I create a new room and plop some furniture and an AI in then test it. Releasing this mission really does mean A LOT to me, practically a life long dream come true. And the overwhelmingly positive feedback makes it that much better! Can't wait to make the next (much smaller) FM. Just want to say thanks to the community and this FM is just my small way of giving back. Thanks for playing!
  16. Thanks man, I appreciate that. I’m happy to have been in the running at all. Can’t believe I even finished a map, so it’s a win for me either way! I’m still working my way through all the content entries, yours is up next!
  17. ^what he said. IRIS!!! Whooo congrats @Wellingtoncrab its a good day to taff around!
  18. I’m not sweating it, just a missed opportunity to learn something, is all. This mission is finished and released! Version 2 gets some work when I need a break from PtB:1.
  19. I’m really blown away with the number of 5’s I’ve gotten in my poll thus far. Glad folks seem to be enjoying my mission overall. As for the 1 in gameplay, I am not butthurt. But if the user who cast that vote would like to share why, either publicly here, or privately in DM, I’d greatly appreciate it. All criticism is constructive for me as a newb mapper. Thanks, taffers!
  20. It’s never too late to pay respects! To say this community wouldn’t be what it is, or won’t be the same without him, is truly an understatement. He’s helped so many newb mappers like myself over the years and inspired so many. I barely talked to him besides a few mapping questions, but always wanted to reach out and have a cup of coffee or a pint. I live less than a 20 minute drive from him and frequently travel there for life and work anyway but never got around to it Got busy with starting a family and new business and the pandemic. Not gonna lie it chokes me up a bit every time I boot up TDM. Thief has always been in my top 5 favorite games, and his contributions to the mod made him seem legendary to me. I just wanted to thank him in person for helping to inspire me to make a map for my favorite mod of all time. Just never got around to hitting him up and saying “hey let’s get together for a drink and some nerdy game chat!” Such is life sometimes, but publishing a map was a dream I’ve had for over a decade, I lurked around for a long time before registering and started work on a map, so I want to say thanks here for indirectly helping me fulfill a dream, grayman.
  21. Thanks for playing! I’m glad you had fun. Hopefully I constructed it in a way a second play through on higher difficulty will still be fun. I agree with your last statement. If the pagan cave was already discovered on your way up, then there’s little excitement left on your way back, other than an opportunity to grab loot you missed. When I update, I plan to have the gate by the stables be an alternate exit point, once all objectives are completed. That would really help I think, thoughts? -Jedi
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