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  1. Hard to follow up some of the recent screens people have been posting, but here's a little something for my beta testers to reassure them I've not forgotten about them! Part of a new area, really going for a natural feel with some pagan vibes, might be hard to notice but I've got some of @STRUNK's new bats flying around and they cast a great shadow in the moonlight as they pass by the cave opening (it's in the screen but looks way better in person!) Ignore the fps counter; I've got a misbehaving VP in the area.
  2. Thank you so much and congrats! It’s been nigh a month since last I mapped so I can’t wait to dive in.
  3. Jeremy Bulloch was the man behind the mask (helmet, rather) who played Boba Fett in the oringinal Star Wars trilogy. He died yesterday of Parkinson’s. He was not only a fan favorite, but his booth routinely held the biggest lines for autographs in the festival circuit until he retired. I’ve been a member of many a forum over the years, and once upon a time I endeavored to make a 100% screen accurate Fett costume; The Dented Helmet was there to help and along the way I made many a friend who not only shared my passion for SW but creativity in building something tangible. I never met the m
  4. By recent I mean like 2013. The story behind this story is interesting in and of itself, with about a billion different versions but I think according to the forward, this one is the definitive version. It was cheap too. Original prints definitely not; relics from Soviet propaganda kinda like artifacts from the Zone itself
  5. Me too. Most recent was Roadside Picnic, upon which S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is based. Ashamed I never got around to it until this pandemic, seemed kinda fitting tho. Written by a couple of Soviet brothers who were I guess kinda famous, but what I found particularly interesting is in its original form it was highly censored. The copy I got was recently retranslated with a nice forward by the surviving Strugatksy brother.
  6. I know I am among the minority, but I love it when this happens! Maybe I am weird but that feels like true trial and error and raises tension even more when it was all for naught, especially if a roaming guard is nearby. From a gameplay perspective it’s a bitch and I predict it at this point but I still love wasting time opening every door and cabinet and pulling out every drawer, and picking up every scroll and meticulously setting it back down exactly as I found it. I do it every time and love it even tho I know 95% of the time it pans out the same way. Im all in favor of new options for
  7. Is there any reason that water brushes that make up a body of water mysteriously break in between saves and essentially allow you to clip right through rather than swimming? You can see the texture, but sink right to the bottom.
  8. What I enjoy about it is voting in between rounds and throwing other people under the bus, it’s like Survivor in space.
  9. Out of left field but anybody else get roped into the Among Us phenomenon? My 8 year old has been making me play with him and I have to say it really is quite fun. There is a certain social stealth and hiding in plain sight aspect to it that really appeals to me. Plus those damn streamers keep making those fucking catchy ass songs that have been on repeat in my house and car for three weeks straight. Also random, I would rather hunt down leaks all night than diagnose VPs. I'm an idiot when it comes to remembering to snap to grid so everything I make is different grid sizes, thus making po
  10. That’s awesome, peter. I’ve been way behind schedule on my FM’s beta testing. I started a new area and redesign, then the proverbial fecal matter impacted upon the cooling apparatus in RL. Once that cooled down I got distracted by an exciting new business venture that may prove lucrative and beneficial to my family; the logistics have been fun, albeit time consuming. I tour my potential new location on Wed and if it all goes well I’ll put a deposit down and sign a contract and give the bad news to my current boss. If this pans out I stand to make a lot more money to get out of debt and star
  11. Quite right. Might take more work than it’s worth, but how bout the other sorting categories, would those be easier? Just wishful thinking, minor quality of life type of thing.
  12. To add to the above, is it possible to give the ability to Sort the Mission List? Not just A-Z, but also by Author, by release date, by recently updated, and perhaps a far cry, a voting system (been brought up a million times) to sort by top Favorited by The Community, and then a personal favs list?
  13. I hope it gains traction, this would be life changing in outdoor areas with lots of sloping ground. Making caves would be so much easier.
  14. Here’s my $0.02: Flash Arrow YAY EMP Arrow NAY Could the Flash Arrow be used as an alternate holy water arrow against undead? I’d like to argue the Inventors’ Guild has built a grounding cable into electric lights to prevent overload, as to why the EMP arrow shouldn’t work. Besides mapping concerns already stated. Just one taffer’s opinion. This is a fun discussion to follow.
  15. DUH William Steele how the taff did I forget that one, so ashamed of myself.
  16. Yes somebody correct me if I’m wrong, Thomas Porter: Mandrasola, and more recently A Good Neighbor had breath steam.
  17. I can answer number 6. Entity limit of about 8100 or so. In my big map I’m working on I’ve hit the limit several times. Combining models within visleafs will drop your count thus freeing up more room to get creative. But yes the downside is you better make sure you’ve got them right where you want them for good before combining/exporting. As for water, when applying a texture look under the folder ‘water_source’ or something like that. I do wish choosing water color was like choosing a light color. Please also see the Newbie Radiant Thread, it’s pretty damn active, I’d say there
  18. ok idk why i quoted myself, im stoop Here is a better angle with my lantern on
  19. Man, September and October have been a shit show so progress slowed down a ton. But I just had a lot of fun wrapping some blood around this boar's neck. It was a bitch and took forever to get the patch just right, but the desired effect was pulled off nicely. Like someone hacked his head off and plopped it down in front of the altar. Now some flies and a couple bloody handprints, once the rest of this cave is decorated it will have a pagan vibe.
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