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  1. About necrothreads.....STEAM RELEASE?
  2. nbohr1more, he's trolling.
  3. It's not a "command", it's a VARIABLE. You know nothing about ID3Tech engine, LOL, Mr "I am an experienced tester" Are you a friend of Shadowhide?
  4. It shows that the AMD driver is compliant when the Nvidia one (or MESA) needs extensions override mechanism to run IDTech 2 based engines.
  5. I know but the implementation of AMD enable some kinds of automatic extension compatibility, 'cause ID2 Tech based games need manual extension override control on Nvidia GPU systems. MESA too needs to set it manually (via environment variables)
  6. To wrap up the behaviour: r_glCoreProfile "0" -> 3.3 compatibility profile context r_glCoreProfile "2" -> 3.3 core profile forward-compatible context Either way r_useBindlessTextures is not working (so maybe it's a bug and not a compatibility issue)
  7. r_glCoreProfile "0" Here's the screenshot (with r_glCoreProfile "2" - 3.3 core profile - I *CAN'T* take a screenshot, the screenshot is all black! ) https://postimg.cc/fJ767nhV Performance is pretty the same, still BindlessTextures NOT working right (if set to 1). No need to vid_restart, just setting it to 0 solves the issue directly in game.
  8. It gives me "3.3" and with GL_ARB_COMPATIBILITY Green! No more red!
  9. OK, but the problem now is if "Bindless Textures" are 3.3 compliant in AMD implementation. There's a RED cross in the console extensions list when you start TDM, about "GL_ARB_COMPATIBILITY", just right after "Bindless Texture" (GREEN CHECK!)
  10. So maybe TDM is running in 3.3 mode but 3.3 mode is NOT compatible with BindlessTextures (only 4.x?)
  11. Example in ioQuake3 Classic Renderer (Opengl 1.x?) https://i.postimg.cc/jq62xw0d/0.jpg New Renderer https://i.postimg.cc/xCDjYY6z/1.jpg
  12. AMD uses its own "compatibility profiling" (for the driver) to avoid/solve problems with OpenGL extensions. It's why you can run '90s OpenGL games (example: SiN) with no tweaking needed.
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