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  1. Dark Descent and Machine for Pigs are now Open Source (the engine) https://github.com/FrictionalGames/AmnesiaTheDarkDescent/ https://github.com/FrictionalGames/AmnesiaAMachineForPigs
  2. Old texturing problem on some objects still present in 2.1:
  3. Straight from Thief 2 warehouse? All those red bricks!
  4. It seems that in OpenGL it doesn't work right (better, it works but it introduces some quirks).
  5. Found the culprit! The G-Sync..... Disabling it problem got solved in TDM too!
  6. 54 FPS -> 39 FPS after a savegame load.....man, NV OGL driver is behaving erratic The scene is the same (no moving around, no turning around)
  7. Surprise, it happens in ioRTCW too ! ( https://github.com/iortcw/iortcw ) So it's driver-side...... I load a savegame and got 40 FPS. Look around -> 60 FPS (no vsync enabled) -> Wait some time -> 40 FPS again!
  8. This is the major release after 7 years
  9. Only after the savegame loading+ESC, then the situation goes normal ! And yes, for who's asking "What map is that!?!?!?".....it's a nice surprise coming to you from our good PranQster (with some little support by me)
  10. 39 with 60 FPS cap too.... WTF, in other missions too!
  11. Let me try with another cap
  12. No VSync (I'm using an adaptive sync monitor) an 80 FPS Cap..... Adaptive sync perfectly working in the declared range (48-75, so smooth!) 39 FPS after loading the savegame -> Esc->Menu->Esc -> 54 FPS......
  13. FPS increase after the menu loading Why???? GeForce 1050 Ti, lastest drivers
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