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  1. Interesting article: Lightmaps in Doom 3 Engine: A Hybrid Approach To Real-Time Lighting tutorial - Mod DB
  2. Just reporting (for the future ) Release RBDOOM-3-BFG 1.5.0 · RobertBeckebans/RBDOOM-3-BFG (github.com)
  3. I'm NOT talking about "AI" but about "large language model" and that's the SAME thing people do (they DON'T think, they just apply learned patterns in their work) You misread my post, I'm saying people are "stupid" just like the LLMs "The human brain is capable of so many things machines couldn't even "think about" doing" And I'm saying people DON'T use brain capabilities when working, they use patterns.
  4. It's exactly how the 95% of humans work and how society works.
  5. What if we can add some sort of supersampling (and automatically disabling MSAA) before? With a clear disclaimer about performance hit/fall. Or add FXAA/SMAA as a global option (in mutual exclusion with MSAA) as last step. *Conformal Perspective option ON -> no MSAA + optional SSAA + frame correction + optional FXAA/SMAA *Linear Perspective + optional MSAA or FXAA/SMAA (as now, just add FXAA/SMAA)
  6. Very good performance on a TOTALLYBASIC system (Intel i3 8300 with its integrated GPU UHD 650, pre-Xe) on.....Linux (Fedora 38 beta, MESA 23.0.1) 75% resolution of 2560x1440 (1920x1080), no SSAO, Hard Stencil Shadows, 32 bit color precision AF 8x It's just amazing.
  7. No evident issues, all seems fine!
  8. No (RTX 3060) default: https://i.postimg.cc/zGChP87G/0.jpg single pass: https://i.postimg.cc/CMRmrnqM/1.jpg
  9. maybe eventually we'll get rid of that old 1998 bug, that strange gem flashing in the bottom part of the HUD......completely ruining the immersion! :v
  10. Maybe the best name for this side project would be "The Dark ADDON"
  11. TDM 2.11 *Blackjaking this guy=instant kill=mission fail: *This door can't be closed IF an NPC got first stuck there - opening it - and then st*R*uck with the blackjack (TDM issues, replaying from the savegame without the NPC stuck doens't have any issue) :
  12. I don't think if FM-related (In Plain Sight) but this table lamp + shadow maps with high softness creates VERY BAD shadows (low softness way less)
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