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  1. Now you're in the modder empyrean with Durante, Crosire, Kaldaien, ENB's Boris
  2. https://www.pcgamer.com/modder-adds-amd-fidelityfx-super-resolution-to-skyrim-vr-fallout-4-vr-and-more/ Any plan for a non-VR version @cabalistic ?
  3. Just make a law declaring police is uncorruptible so there is no curruption there
  4. Problem is: in a market-driven world this kind of dynamic is hard to fight an politician exploit it exactly because of that. Market+Tribal Nature= nearly unstoppable force
  5. You see? Make the law and they'll make some tricks to bypass the law thanks to another law.....and the state itself - in the officer person - does it! Freedom is really pointless if there's the state. A giant hoax to appease people
  6. Against the interest but sustaining their power fantasies. It's how you manipulate a tribal-minded right voter (in every state of this miserable world). And yes, they are happy with this, thanks to the criptospiritualism hidden behind right/far right ideologies.
  7. Catholic theocracy would be the SAME as iranian (Shi'a) one. Really really the same. So not bad as ISIS How/how much Franco's legacy is still in Spain today?
  8. "Businessman" -> "It's one of us, it's a hero fighgting for freedom against damn communists who want to take away our FREEDOM!!!111" (re-read my former words about "freedom fighters" engagement dynamics ) Really Kurshok, you are misundersting the reality and how it works beyond ideological propaganda words and "the law".
  9. There's no such thinks as "apologists", there's the petroldollars. Market world needs them. And heroin. About talibans, you know how talibans control the heroin production for the West? You search for "hypocrisy" (it's a psycho-ideological interpretation) but in reality there are only market and political interests. Islamic terrorism and "conservative way of life" is perfectly functional to these interests.
  10. The sovereignty resides in who already has actual power to wield and exert it thanks to popular consensus
  11. But "human rights" TODAY are not "intrinsic values" of mankind - the same stands for democratic values - but state/law-based.....so we get back to what I'm talking: POWER (->state/law) handling. Of course I stand for collaboration among ALL human beings - and it's why I love so much this community - but the state/law enforcement of this IMHO can't work: when you make the "collaboration" (or the social justice) a political goal.....you're building the foundations for a possibly hellish situation. And NOT because politicians are stupid, but because they are among the smartest bastards.
  12. Liberal representative democracy - from the power handling perspective - has finely tuned the consensus-based dictatorship mechanisms. The problem is not they're not perfect, the problem is they're TOO MUCH perfect at this "Freespeech" today is totally enslaved to politically-represented interest. We're NOT living in an Orwell-like authoritarian world (North Korea or similar states apart), we're living in a nightmarish Huxley-like society.
  13. Hate speech simply stands for "politically-exploitable-hate inspiring speech". All the question in its totality is nothing more than a political weapon (either the hate speech itself and the law against it) Either political wings can, alternately, be for or against the law (the dual scenario is to call "hate speech" any antinationalistic "self-hating" speech and fight the related "hate speech" law as a "resistence", as you can see in classical '900 fascist dictatorships with their censorship laws). They are really nothing more than tools to gain consensus. Thanks demo*N*cracy (or consensus-based dictatorships, being the representative democracy the evolution of the former ones from the power-handling perspective) to create these mind-manipulating conundrums. There are no "truths" here, only an everlasting consensus-seeking hunger from both sides, sometimes acting as rulers / elites, sometimes acting as freedom fighters / "small people" defenders. They're perfecty swappable on demand
  14. Because they're really prone to physical violence thanks to "meritocratic vision of the world" They see themselves as "condamned prisoners of injustice" thanks to meritocratic propaganda so they're inclined to believe in every scapegoat theory (immigrants stealing jobs, rights, welfare, etc.) you throw to them as you throw a bone to a dog. Just give them the "right" spin and you'll got willing soldiers. Why? In a non-(fake)meritocracy-driven world the working class vote left because they realise meritocratic propaganda is a bait/trap. In a (fake)meritocracy-driven world they vote right dreaming to be the "ones who will succeed with sheer will following the guide/fuhrer/dux" Of course they'll will NOT succeed but they will be sacrificed like the good soldiers they're so eager to be "fighting the globalist elites".....for the other elites This is not "hate speech", this is how the democratic game is *designed* to be. They are grown stupid by *design*. They're grown to be used and thrown away. And because they literally love this disfunctional democratic engagement process just let them self-destroy voting Trump-like figures.
  15. They do NOT care about, it's all fictional. It's posing having totally different goals. In a right-mirrored world you'll got the same "hate speech" nonetheless, targeting who writes/speaks against the "Motherland" or the "Fatherland" and you'll be prosecuted for treason....but not because the leaders are patriots nor because "Homeland" is a real thing, but because they need this idealistic machine working to process more and more consensus and getting voted! Just progressive constructs against tribal constructs with the same electoral goals: KEEP THE POWER.
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