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  1. If the risk of re-infection is high this IS a serious case. If not it's like classic influenza. We really don't know shit
  2. Vaccine avoids propagation and mitigates re-infection risks (and damage from multiple re-infections). We don't know if and how much the self-developed defenses last 'cause the virus is an newly born version of the old SARS one (not a son but a brother/cousin )
  3. If you ask me, the big problem from a medical perspective is not the - yes I must be cinical here - the death of elder people already affected by other conditions. Or the (little number of) "deaths" in general. They're inevitable "casualties of the war". Problem is that this guy has the 75% of the SARS genoma and the SARS-related research was abandoned for all those years passed since 2003! So we're left relying on the Flu model for the epidemic dynamic but we got NO clues about the follow-up of the *healed* people. 'cause maybe they're NOT healed at all.
  4. As expected it has arrived Italian: https://www.ecodibergamo.it/stories/Isola/coronavirus-nuovo-caso-a-cisano-tampone-positivo-e-un-50enne_1342745_11/ "Cisano" is 1 km away from my house (far left in the image posted before)
  5. Of course! No need to worry for me! It seems we're @ 9.462 screened individuals with a 95% resulting negative. Maybe the test is not sensible enough but with a 90% too the lookout is good for the infection containment. Once the spreading is halted we must analyse the damage done to a patient lungs and how the virus goes quiescent (if not wiped out from the body) And now the winter is gone, so no risk for bad pneumonia cases in that 5% .....thanks to global warming
  6. I know I know Problem is not for me but for my parents of course! Still we must monitor the consequences of the infection in the "healed" ones (the follow-up), specially the ones gone through the intensive care unit (lung damage risk). As italians I hope we can be a world trailblazers in this fight, so we can show the good points in our health care system to all the other states. And medical research too!
  7. I'm gonna for the FLASH BOMBS, 'cause you know, badass explosion of light in the end!
  8. Guys, no, dear TAFFERS since 1998, I salute you :v It seems that Coronavirus is knocking @my door! Hope me not knocking @Heavens door The Trickster eventually found me after 22 years
  9. Of course we all thought "Gray Death!!!" but this is a Thief-inspired forum Australia? Well, 100 times better a SARS-like virus than a country literally on fire!
  10. Coronavirus european epicentre some Km from my town is good enough as status? Thi4f 2014 in real life THE GLOOM......
  11. NOLF 2 (retail) engine is D3D8 (no D3D9 with PS 1.x, pure D3D8).
  12. Another thing, maybe TDM-wide: frobbing notification sound is EFX-affected. It's classy and a bit nostalgic (you know, those good old A3D/EAX days now long gone ) but underwater not very good.
  13. After some time (1 minute?) standing on the wood platform the waterfall sound disappears, please fix! (I'm testing with the self compiled trunc version) Moving around the corridor and turning back -> sounds reappears. Loop problem?
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