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  1. I don't think that finishing games means that players are more mature. Some people simply have other things to do. Same why people don't touch or finish certain books or movies. Especially not watching all seasons of some show. In general, "completing" a game is a very relative thing if you measure it by the achievement system, since there's often some bonus or hidden content or some DLC without which you can't say you 100% completed the game. So, for the most part "finishing" the main story concerns difficulty spikes that keeps certain people away from playing to the end rather than intentionally dropping the game without any reason. Therefore it's not necessarily the mature people that stay but simply the hardcore fans. The fact that about 9% complete the game also doesn't necessarily mean that the game was hard or something. There's simply lots of people that play a game for 5 minutes to see if it works and since they don't get all the achievements - then the whole statistic tips in favor of those who only tried the game. Making the remaining 9% get smaller in percentage and the majority of people who tried the game closer to 100%. TLDR there's lots of explanations. There's a good article on the whole rationale behind all this completionism: https://medium.com/super-jump/how-to-measure-the-success-of-your-game-design-c2d51bc1da9a
  2. Hmm, it depends. The low-end Microsoft Lumia 550 was rather cheap and had either software or hardware problems with random restarts or freezes when heating. I'm still actively using one. It's as cheap as they get besides button phones. They do seem to be resistant to damage but they're not exactly rugged phones. However there's still something about cheap devices that makes them rugged enough. In the sense that there isn't much to break there in the first place. Idk if Nokia still makes good stuff or not.
  3. I wish they would remake Amnesia: Justine and allow saving because it wasn't an expansion short enough to restrict such an option.
  4. The original Fallout 1 can now be played on mobile devices. https://github.com/alexbatalov/fallout1-ce#readme
  5. The problem with this line of thought is when you apply it to everything in your life. Like, the last good cars were in the 90's, early 2000's and then they started having lots of electronics and you can't repair anything etc. I mean these are obviously gross generalizations. There's some exceptions all the time. And it doesn't always mean that the exception confirms the general rule.
  6. There's still good stuff like Pathologic, Disco Elysium.
  7. I don't think restricting mantling while carrying a body is such a big deal from a difficulty standpoint. It just makes the game feel less arcady. Thief Deadly Shadows didn't allow it and I didn't mind. It would look ridiculous. And it will look silly if there are plans to allow third person camera in The Dark Mod too. So mantling and jumping while carrying a body is useless.
  8. Anderson

    Free games

    Although not ground breaking for many but I had this game in my wishlist for a long time. Epistory. Touch typing game to train our fast typing skills. Free on Epic https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/epistory-typing-chronicles-445794
  9. Made a run this evening and everything seems fine with EFX. I also nocliped the entire map. I thought any missing places with EFX might be especially some of those secret tunnels or the vents over the cathedral. But I didn't see anything out of the place.
  10. https://www.reuters.com/technology/spotify-epic-games-get-ally-musk-fight-against-apple-fees-2022-11-29/
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