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  1. Anderson

    Best AntiVirus?

    Just for the sake of asking a question and not making a new thread. Is Kernel Patch Protection still a thing? Is it oudated? Is it worth doing it on a system with Win 10 installed? Does it offer any protection at all in 2020? I remember there were more tech savvy people doing it instead of installing antiviruses. Implying a DIY approach and to reject any antivirus except maybe Windows Defender. Thoughts?
  2. Btw, does the team contact people on the Moddb page when they have questions/bugs? https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dark-mod/#7528499
  3. There's the Lower Ward and the Godsmen faction in the Fountry from Planescape: Torment which is very steampunk. That goes without discussing how this one is one of the most significant classics. Fallen London free on the internet. Text RPG. More than 2.5 million words. Bigger than War and Peace by Lev Tolstoi. And other games by the same developers - Sunless Sea, Sunless Sky....
  4. I hope Hepatite C remissions are not a thing. Not something that happens to me. Is the way to fight procrastination in this life, expecting the worst from Murphy's law and to start preparing for that? Want to sleep? Try hard to not sleep and find other topics for your mind.
  5. Once upon a time when people hated Thief: Deadly Shadows, now they hate Thief 4. Once upon a time when people hated the prequel trilogy of Star Wars, now...
  6. The most updated map of TDM needs OpenAL support (reverb sound). Any plans for that?
  7. Thank you! I'll try this as soon as possible. It's ok for me to do this manually as well. It is somewhat amazing that an amateur cell phone app can do it while nothing similar can be found on PC's. What's important is that I cannot have access to these documents forever so I want to be sure the images are saved and then I can work with them in peace on the PC at home/office. The TinyScanner app has the problem with not saving apps that are not yet processed if it crashes.
  8. If this dude would agree to donate his voice, that would be great. If/when he can do it.
  9. Hi, knowing that this is a more tech savvy forums I wanted to share a struggle with some documents that maybe someone has any knowledge how to solve. I've been working for the past days looking for ways to edit a large number of pages (1850) into an easily readable text, read for instant printing, all of this being easy to email in portions. The text are photos I made from some text files but the margins are not even all the time. Therefore I need an application that sees the real margins of the text and can crop it automatically to those margins. Tried everything ABBYY Fine Reader 11, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Adobe Photoshop, Scan Tailor, AVS image converter. None of them seem to have any options to properly bring these files in order. I need to have some margins removed so that only the text remains for printing. But I need to do it fast and automatically. I do not care about this being editable/searcheable text like Optical Character Recognition features. TLDR I need an app like TinyScanner for phones https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appxy.tinyscanner&hl=en . However I did not have time to wait and let it process 1850 pages in one day. Also that app occasionally crashed while processing files. But, the features that it has, it seems I cannot find on PC's which I'm baffled about! If anyone has any clue where to look for, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  10. Still have flashbacks of awful motion blur, bloom, HDR in some games. I swear that it worsens my eye sight when done poorly. Some developers don't know the limits.
  11. They actually do notice it and it matters a lot when increasing difficulty and AI awareness.
  12. https://www.moddb.com/groups/2019-mod-of-the-year-awards
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