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  1. I don't think restricting mantling while carrying a body is such a big deal from a difficulty standpoint. It just makes the game feel less arcady. Thief Deadly Shadows didn't allow it and I didn't mind. It would look ridiculous. And it will look silly if there are plans to allow third person camera in The Dark Mod too. So mantling and jumping while carrying a body is useless.
  2. Anderson

    Free games

    Although not ground breaking for many but I had this game in my wishlist for a long time. Epistory. Touch typing game to train our fast typing skills. Free on Epic https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/epistory-typing-chronicles-445794
  3. Made a run this evening and everything seems fine with EFX. I also nocliped the entire map. I thought any missing places with EFX might be especially some of those secret tunnels or the vents over the cathedral. But I didn't see anything out of the place.
  4. https://www.reuters.com/technology/spotify-epic-games-get-ally-musk-fight-against-apple-fees-2022-11-29/
  5. There are also great soundtracks.
  6. The problem is that NPC's don't say much very clearly for us to determine what is the cause - why did the NPC become alert. In Thief Deadly Shadows it was very easy because you could usually see the subtitles, even if you're far away and you know what triggers them.
  7. Randomly found quality Russian, Soviet prison and prison subculture-themed drama rap from no name Georgian emigrant Гио Пика. Lots of great songs:
  8. Sorry, is it acceptable to test in a few months if it will be released? At least to note any errors for future updates.
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