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  1. Way too far fetched. I only saw strict rules against promoting, justifying piracy on old Steam forums. Probably also valid for the new discussions thing. But they are a store and a game company. Steam is also DRM in an of itself. So I guess that explains the reasons. Not sufficiently user friendly due to their monopoly as well. Yeah author's rights matter morally, but copyright doesn't mean that one should be a copyrast (pederast) for profit. And that's what copyright became.
  2. If your internet provider doesn't care then it's ok.
  3. EAX in TDM seems very mild compared to Thief Deadly Shadows. I wonder if a soundcard increases the effect or not.
  4. If we settle on apatheism or any other form of related atheism than we can move on to something meaningful.
  5. System Shock 2 which is made on the same engine as Thief 1 and 2.
  6. Greed is behind loot crate gambling and other horrible inventions. It knows no limits. it will only get worse if it's not stopped.
  7. Nordic Games and THQ under Embracer are now very cool. They remastered and updated many old games like Red Faction Guerilla, Titan Quest and Darksiders for free.
  8. Speaking of which, Red Faction made some good use of synth sometimes. Especially 1 and 2. But I loved the rock and the ambient equally. Especially the remastered tracks in 2. I think 2 tried to sound more serious. 2 Used to be my favorite game. Completed it like 30 times. Black & White also had some cool synth though I like the second game more personally.
  9. REALLY catchy music intro I heard in a while for an anarchist, socialist revolution game. I think the last time I played a game with such a theme was Red Faction.
  10. Bearing in mind that TDM and the Idtech4 engine is not made for many AI going being alive at the same time for the sake of performance. Bearing in mind that the Arena feels empty without any kind of spectators. Would it be possible to have any way of having a line of soldiers or something like that to enforce some boundaries and to ensure only 1v1 matches? Even something like good quality animated 2D sprites of legionaries scripted to encircle the player once he gets in the middle of the arena. Idk something like this. Or maybe it would be a waste of time? Possibly too melodramatic for a simple arena death match but such a scripted scene could be useful for other FM's where the player is supposed to be ambushed or something story-wise. Is it feasible?
  11. I hate the most when I save thinking that the NPC didn't see me, but when I load that save it's exactly at the moment when he has already spotted me but hasn't acted up on this.
  12. Featured on the Moddb site and some gameplay from the official mission featured on the Moddb channel on YouTube. This video reminds me that there are no #shorts with The Dark Mod. We need to fix that.
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