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  1. Anderson

    Free games

    Free for a limited time. But only the first 2 chapters: https://store.steampowered.com/app/94300/The_Dream_Machine_Chapter_1__2/
  2. Btw the question should probably include the elephant in the room - if social media is a problem i.e. Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram etc. Face that off against the principle of taking a balanced approach. Don't crack a nut with a sledgehammer. I don't know how do we take out informational trash apart. Spotting fake news is usually too politicized in this regard. Not individualized enough.
  3. I think it's the same as with the age censorship on music and motion pictures. Arguably the kids that grew up in the last century were often left to be educated by TV, even though any kind of media in excess doesn't do good. People need to go outside and stuff. Doesn't necessarily mean that they're guaranteed to make themselves best friends with someone but no media is a substitute for education. That being said we still have to find a place for media in education. Especially as we all know today, schools can easily close during pandemics and/or other situations like that. For me, t
  4. Also unrelated but me being an idiot on my commute today:
  5. The menu is not as loud as the factory pistons in Thief 1 and 2 but it's not as discreet as Thief 3 neither. I loved how well the quiet ambient in Thief's 3 menu had blended with the overall style of the game. TDM is kind of in the middle here I guess. But I would as well prefer the quieter Thief 3 way of doing it.
  6. Anderson

    Free games

    Rusty Lake Hotel free on Steam until 1 May https://store.steampowered.com/app/435120/Rusty_Lake_Hotel/?fbclid=IwAR3HenckIgnbTE9Sxst2AFG6mVdQZt0LRVHTmTvV1vQbcYMfZZsPB3pjtCY
  7. Anderson

    Free games

  8. Just use The Pirate Bay. Through VPN if must. Lest the party van comes around.
  9. Valve must have been high up in the ivory tower when they didn't add simple controls to play Half Life Alyx instead of VR gimmicks.
  10. Fantastic report on loot box gambling came out this month. I'm amazed how deep the roots go. Well structured analysis. No wonder we missed the red flags and got to the present controversies. Studies like this help me rebuild faith in humanity. https://www.begambleaware.org/sites/default/files/2021-03/Gaming_and_Gambling_Report_Final.pdf
  11. New settings for Europe with conform to data protection rules, with regard to cookies on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/account/cookiepreferences
  12. That's valid for Portal 1 which was Valve's best game, but in Portal 2 they fixed that with the "Perpetual Testing Initiative" and the endless Steam Workshop submissions. Not enough to exhaust even in a lifetime. Technically, mods don't count but the modding scene is also stellar for both Portal games. I wonder what more would they have been able to do had the Source engine been open source.
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