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  1. Oh wow I thought you were dead. Welcome back.
  2. Maybe this is good news for cheaper mobile devices: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-arm-holdings-m-a-nvidia/nvidia-nears-deal-to-buy-chip-designer-arm-for-more-than-40-billion-sources-say-idUSKBN2630UE
  3. I think the best example is Operation Flashpoint, ArmA body animations. Both in third person and in first person they are very clunky. AFAIK it's still clunky in ArmA 3 despite working on a new engine. Try climbing a ladder in those games and then returning to shooting in Close Quarter Combat. Same applies to Thief Deadly Shadows. I liked the body awareness but it was buggy and ladder climbing, mantling, jumping sometimes glitched out. Original Thief 1, 2, System Shock 2 had more fluid controls. TLDR I think TDM should not consume precious human resources for a marginally cool looking gimmick. If body awareness was that important to everybody, everyone would have bought VR and play Half-Life Alyx. But they don't. It's still a thing for minorities. Until VR becomes more than something experimental, none of this is a priority. Not important to go all the way to the end with respect of this issue.
  4. Right. The consensus seems to be that player shadows should not affect the light gem and the player's visibility to AI. Just like Thief Deadly Shadows. The main hurdle is the lack of third person animations - they were really good in Thief Deadly Shadows.
  5. Speaking of Deus Ex. The Nameless Mod got updated to ver. 2.0. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1774011024&searchtext=
  6. Free https://store.steampowered.com/app/209630/Magrunner_Dark_Pulse/
  7. A little random but coming back to TDM's origins, the sounds, ambients created by Trent Reznor for Doom 3 are impressive. The monsters may be useful in particular if you are not happy with stock TDM monster sounds. https://download.cnet.com/Doom-3-Trent-Reznor-sound-pack/3000-7441_4-10309314.html Trent Reznor talking about his experience with Doom at 5:43: It can fit perfectly to many TDM FM's. Including the monster sounds.
  8. Just today, I nearly shat myself when PC didn't turn on after routine cleaning. It launched as normal on the next day. I suspect the reason would be the condensate that appears when pressing the compressed air can for more than 1-2 seconds, which I suppose acts as a refrigerant. Another suspicion was that I was too active with the vacuum cleaner to take all the big dust leftovers around the computer case. So yeah, always work in rubber gloves, put the power cord in the electric socket for grounding, turn off power supply if you have a switch for that. Also, ground yourself against metal at all times. Simple rules but if you do not work regularly it's so easy to forget. It's like handling acid leaking car battery. Easy to forget how sensitive these things are. Much harder to clean laptops, but same rules apply, even more strictly.
  9. Rest of world: cat videos are so cute. Meanwhile in Asia:
  10. Ditto! But what about black & white? I mean, it is like this monochrome thing going on with the „Inner City Life” video.
  11. Wow. Thank you kindly jaxa. Can this link be inserted into OP? Very handy!
  12. Serious Sam 1 free: https://www.gog.com/game/serious_sam_the_first_encounter
  13. Just a heads up to inform that I've found a hot fix patch and uploaded it on Moddb. The admins of Moddb kindly added the game itself to the site. So now, the game should be completable. https://www.moddb.com/games/rebels-prison-escape/downloads/rebels-prison-escape-patch-for-crash-at-the-romero-memorial-second-stage
  14. At least the hologram gimmick seems futuristic enough so that it would be worth pursuing. I always had some weird impression of being cheated on some remastered, presumably high resolution videos which were, in reality simply resized/stretched. Ofc this is coming from a layman that always acquired and still acquires warez. I reckon there are ways to give this optical illusion, whereas actually the video remains of the same quality. It's kind of hard to spot the difference between 480 p and 720 p. A fortiori it's harder when talking of 1080 p and 4K. Not that I don't appreciate the quality! We just need to get there hardware wise as well. Many home computers/internet connections struggle to deliver anything more than 720 p. With respect to the drum & bass video you posted, I think this is the problem. It's not obvious that there's a 1440 p option unless you look into settings. And, per a contrario there's just some video clips with great shots where it may not be obvious that it's even 360 or 480 p. That being said I hope 1080 p will be increasingly available/affordable/standardized and not something extremely demanding such as Blu-Ray was.
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