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  1. On this topic, I have a problem with a particular USB flash drive. One time I tried to print some files from it at an office but it gave me complete hieroglyphs. The notification bar in Win 10 suggested to repair and restore it. I clicked ok, and then it removed all files with the exception of 2 folders which were unopenable and had a few Kilobytes on them. After trying to format the drive and copy the needed files just for experimentation purposes for multiple times I ended up with similar results. While troubleshooting and trying to format it again, right now I'm stuck with the USB flash drive in write protection mode. I tried all the guides on the internet to remove the write protection mode and it is stuck. There is no physical switch. Current Read-only state is locked to Yes in Command Prompt when using attributes disk command in diskpart settings. Attempts to reset it failed. Still stuck to Yes. Changed the Write Protection Registry Entry in Registry Editor to 0. No dice. The problem with Write protection appeared when I changed the name of the device from my computer. Can this be the problem? I try to restore everything to default while formatting. The first error is "windows was unable to complete the format". Next time I try it it gives me that it's in write protection mode. Othertimes it doesn't even see the stick, but when that happens I remove and reinsert it a couple of times and the PC sees it again. I have 3 theories on what is the culprit: a) excessive cold outside while I was carrying the USB flash drive; b) physical damage to the USB flash drive that might have been caused by it falling down somewhere (though I carry it in a small bag together with my keys when travelling, is it really that sensitive?); c) incorrectly removed the USB flash drive without using the safety eject function and forgot that I did. Is the USB flash drive dead? Do I have any hope of using it or should I stop giving myself brain cancer? I thought USB's were supposed to be more reliable than Compact Disks. First time ever I had this problem with any USB stick. All other USB flash drive work on this and other computers as I have tried so the problem is definitely something related with the stick.
  2. Silent Hill: Alchemilla is just a standalone Source mod for Half Life 2. You can download it right away and play it. If you have Steam it'll recognize it as the Source SDK and run like any Steam game. Unfortunately it has no NPC's or too much of a plot in consequence. It's just a fan mod made by 2 people who couldn've found an animator to do the job. But it is a faithful recreation of the original locations and the mod has a soundtrack too: If you haven't already listened to the soundtrack of the first two Silent Hill games, you should! The combat in the original games was easily one of the weakest parts of the game and the puzzles were archaic but it was all in there just for the pacing. Today Silent Hill's legacy is in the Amnesia game and I've heard that SOMA is pretty good as well. I mean that, as in you can't fight your enemies there, which was the point of the whole thing. Besides, enemies respawn in Silent Hill so killing them can be useless sometimes.
  3. Great. Looks just like my creepy home town.
  4. I might add https://www.moddb.com/mods/alchemilla-mod
  5. Yeah mod saturation is a problem for Stalker. Half Life suffers from the same trouble.
  6. I'm glad that after Stalker Lost Alpha there are more and more standalone mods for the game. Had no idea modding would become so big for this game.
  7. Free-ish games/demos of horrors Good stuff https://store.steampowered.com/app/1170820 https://store.steampowered.com/app/1094030 Second one is Japanese horrorâ„¢ Makes me proud that TDM has a couple of good horror FM's of its own. 22.01.2020 Update: all Half-Life games are free to play until March when they want to release Half-Life: Alyx. If you want to see what's all the hype about, there it is for now.
  8. Yeah, some laptops have such apps from the factory. But I'm poor so I need to use what I have. Hurts a lot to replace this stuff. Notwithstanding I suppose manufacturers don't care because it's profitable to sell new batteries. I've seen people whose batteries die in about a year because of disregarding common sense things like that.
  9. Btw, if you're anything close to being as stupid as me, I highly recommend this battery limiter mini-app that warns you to disconnect your charger from the laptop so that your battery won't die faster than it should. Especially if you're laptop has a battery built in like on some Lenovo laptops that I saw, where you cannot remove it physically without disassembling the interior. I'm amazed how this is not a stock app to extend battery life because these things are not cheap when you want them replaced. I've had 2 second battery die on my backup laptop just because of what a senile idiot I am leaving it charged all the time. Now even when there's a power outage it won't even work for 1 minute. Completely useless. So much waste of money, energy and the environment because nobody cares to recycle these things where I live. Swollen batteries are the worst. Nowadays I usually set the minimum charging reminder to 30% and the maximum to 60% but ideally I charge it at most at 50%. I hate myself whenever I forget the laptop plugged in after working nights. Then follows a frustration knowing that it was plugged in for 6-10-12 hours as much as I slept. Just because i wanted it to be charged 30% and not 29% for the night. https://www.robotonfire.com/bl/
  10. Anderson

    Best AntiVirus?

    Is this advice still valid on systems working on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 considering the User Account Control feature which effectively blocks any actions that require administrator privileges to be performed without having the password? Could not agree more. Right now have no possibility to put any Antivirus on older backup laptop but I don't visit any dangerous sites either, use adblock on the ones I don't trust and stuff like that. Thanks for the reply and for the information. Very useful.
  11. Anderson

    Best AntiVirus?

    Just for the sake of asking a question and not making a new thread. Is Kernel Patch Protection still a thing? Is it oudated? Is it worth doing it on a system with Win 10 installed? Does it offer any protection at all in 2020? I remember there were more tech savvy people doing it instead of installing antiviruses. Implying a DIY approach and to reject any antivirus except maybe Windows Defender. Thoughts?
  12. Btw, does the team contact people on the Moddb page when they have questions/bugs? https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dark-mod/#7528499
  13. There's the Lower Ward and the Godsmen faction in the Fountry from Planescape: Torment which is very steampunk. That goes without discussing how this one is one of the most significant classics. Fallen London free on the internet. Text RPG. More than 2.5 million words. Bigger than War and Peace by Lev Tolstoi. And other games by the same developers - Sunless Sea, Sunless Sky....
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