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  1. Kiss - "I was Made of for Lovin' You" uploaded as a remaster
  2. Sounds like those old Adlib sountracks - Dune 2, Daggerfall etc. Btw, random, out of the blue hardcore song that my head hurts from listening too much bc I just can't handle dat bass:
  3. Basically The Journey with multiplayer. The soundtrack is gorgeous. It's from 2019, it's kind of old by now. But I'm amazed that this isn't on PC and consoles yet. It's only on Android and iOS as well as Nintendo Switch. No loot boxes. It's free:
  4. I think someone modded this before but it never made it into the official game. I always thought that footsteps were not beefy enough compared to Thief. Even Thief Deadly Shadows had oomfier sounds. In TDM it's always a hit & miss:
  5. Not (yet) exactly directly connected to CPU's and video cards but some good news. Maybe we will do away with the 3 USB connections common for modern devices now and we'll only have 1 - the USB-C. Atm Apple protests a lot because they want to keep their lightning charger for their devices. Bullet point - "USB-C will become the standard port for all smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers and handheld videogame console" Source: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/ip_21_4613 I simply hope that this will be the new standard for internal hardware components in the future too. I mean the connectors to and from the motherboard etc. That would simplify and streamline PC buildings and basic maintenance so much... I don't know if it's feasible and so on but it's just common sense... Pulling_the_plug_on_consumer_frustration_and_e-waste__Commission_proposes_a_common_charger_for_electronic_devices.pdf
  6. Anderson

    Free games

    Love these free point & clicks https://store.steampowered.com/app/1603980/If_On_A_Winters_Night_Four_Travelers/
  7. Anderson

    Free games

    Titan Quest is now free on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/475150/Titan_Quest_Anniversary_Edition/?curator_clanid=33006853
  8. We will have a 50 Ghz CPU in 20 years! 20 years later: 50 CPU's with 5 Ghz:
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