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  1. OH! Ok, Thanks grodenglaive! I guess it's because I didn't see any change in that room! (I guess this is my own lil OCD but I HATEZ wonderin bout things like "just what the h-e-double-toothpicks did I do back dere?"
  2. From the very start I was one happy taffer! Of course I was pleased by the great textures and all, but it was the little touches in even that very beginning that enthralled me! Such as the fireflies flitting around the tree, and the coins (all four of 'em! lol ) in the fountain! (I hope the wishes came true already, cuz they aint there anymore!) And - crap! duck & dive fo da dark!! I entered via - and now a question: What the heck did that
  3. OOOOH! See - I KNEW I was missin sumthing!! A whole 'nother attic! Or is it just a diff. separated section of the single attic? Hmm? Oki, Moonbo - I shalt gird mine loins (tho one should never talk about ones loins with anyone other than their doctor!), and shalt enter that abomination's world once more! Thanks Moon - you're too much bud! (as if one could ever have too much bud! ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well, I finished it!!! Will post my final 1 1/2 cents later, right now I gotta lean back in my chair a
  4. Yes Moonbo, that one. I am pretty sure that I have used that statue and that it is still frobable. And like I said - I've been in the attic in the spirit realm and didn't see anything there except the jars and pots I mentioned and the
  5. I have more screenies to post but I'll hold them for my final post on this thread! I want this post to concentrate on: HALLP! I seem to be missing sumthin somewheres somehows! I have the (which I don't get the purpose of since I already ben dere - done dat!). Re-united the - least in ectoplasmic form! So I have been in the attic in both realms, have seen the pottery shards mentioned in a post here (but no blood near them) in the living realm. Have seen two jars (one with the lid off) near two big blue pots in the spirit realm, BUT - (and nothing there is frobbable!) So ple
  6. Well, Goldwell did, well, Gold Platinum on that VO! Now I'm gonna havta go and play Requiem again and concentrate on the VO's! (You sure know how to resell a product doncha! ) OHH, okay - I'll load a save from that place in the mish just to take a look at the waiting statues then pop outside of the manor in my current save and see 'em in place! You also know how to really do "product placement" well cuz now Imma goin ta havta check out summa Goldwell's mishes!!!
  7. Okay, covered some more ground! Saw this: DANGER WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Wow, I can just see the Mechanists drooling all over themselves with the thought of reverse engineering these babies! Talked to Sir Henry - who the heck did his voice? Frikin awesome! Utterly perfect!! Among so many great voice overs in this incredible FM, that one was the best (so far )! Also it's the best I have EVER heard anywhere! In the industry, games or films/tv, work that good would command top dollar! Moonbo - you also must have learned guilt from a Jewish grandma! You just had to let me find after I
  8. You my friend are a JOKER! (and I don't mean the Heath Ledger variety!!!)
  9. Thanks guys, I have saved both links to my desktop and will def check them out! nbohr1more - that link has at least a couple of things I will take a look at! Particularly the info on my looooong arse loading times! (damn near long 'nuff to have a meal, then a beer, then a belch, then a visit to da privy! ) ((or, a lil bit of "the ole in an out")) ^any1 know the reference???^
  10. Oki, thanks HMart! I figured the on-board chip was the problem - they have NEVER been good nuff for gaming! I also hate gaming on a laptop! (but twas all I could afford) They are generally not very powerful and I have to keep the touchpad disabled cuz I use a mouse anyways and my left hand tends to keep "clicking" the pad! and always at the most freakin inopportune times!!! ) By "bring the graphics down" do you mean run it at the lowest res? I will check the net for any poss. driver update but it's been my xp that things like on-board GPU chips aren't supported by their makers for very
  11. LOL! As soon as I started to get hit by the I was like: Um, yeah, like somewhere in the immediate vicinity of the astronomical body known as PLUTO!!! Moonbo, I have only finished the first mission but I have to call it a night, I can't stay up till 4 am like you forced me to last night in order to finish Requiem! BUT - I just gotta say man, I knew I was in for a treat from the very first visual: HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD! (or the Builder I guess in this case!) Dude, your name my be MOONbo but you sure do one HELL of a be-u-ti-ful SUNrise!!! Now that's something a night owl like m
  12. OHO! Why you sneaky lil ! Oki - will shadow slip my way back and scan with my lil thiefsie peepers for it! OH - also, I too loved the song in the requiem service - glad you didn't loop it, I would have been frozen in the rafters for at least 4 or 5 run throughs of it! I knew the singer was Irish from the git go - like all the Celtic music, so melancholy, soulful, and hauntingly beautiful, and damn but she has a SET OF PIPES!
  13. OH WOW! He did!! That's fan-freakin-tastic!!! Will have to haul my comp down to where I can catch a Wi-Fi signal ( mine is temporarily down for the count ) and get those puppies into my darkmod folder asap! (um, Aluminum - that's only one link; you said he did 2 more.) edited - Moonbo cleared my mind! ((and isn't that FM already listed on TDM's built in DL page? cuz if so then the link, tho mucho appreciado, isn't needed!)) Thanks for the 411 AluminumHaste! Boy - this forum has great peeps in it just like ttlg You did?! See above!!! (an actual sequel? ohhh yummmmy!! I sequels!!! '
  14. Dude... I mean... Um... Well... That is...... DUDE!!! I am, I think, yeah, at a total, yup, TOTAL, loss for words! None have yet been coined that can do due (not doo-doo!) diligence to what thou hath wrought! The Builder doth be much pleased! (in coding:) if doo-doo then Deified Doo-Doo (that's "Holy Crap" to us common taffers!) this FM is unnatural Anything that can be said has been said by pretty much everyone who has had the incredible fortune (and the gray matter to choose it to play) to experience this gem! And this was your first FM you say?!? Oh M Freakin G!!! the autho
  15. Hi, bikerdude! Thanks for the welcome!! (did ya get my PM?) Here they are: Operating System: Windows 8.1 64-bit (6.3, Build 9600) (9600.winblue_r9.150322-1500) Language: English (Regional Setting: English) System Manufacturer: Acer System Model: Aspire ES1-711 BIOS: V1.04 Processor: Intel® Pentium® CPU N3540 @ 2.16GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.2GHz Memory: 3978MB RAM Available OS Memory: 3978MB RAM Page File: 2420MB used, 4601MB available Windows Dir: C:\Windows DirectX Version: DirectX 11 Card name: Intel® HD Graphics Manufacturer: Intel Corporation Chip type: Intel® HD Graphics DAC type: Internal Dev
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