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  1. Hello, can anyone point me to an example start mission so i can download. Thanks
  2. Or maybe a cyberpunk/post-apocalyptic environment that could be interesting indeed.
  3. The problem i see to make a stealth cyberpunk game its the tecnology. With infrared cameras you cant hide in the shadows anymore, unless you use a stealth suit or something like that but then its not about your skills and more a gear aproach...just my thoughts.
  4. But thats what i said that im willing to help..??? i follow TDM mod since the begining and believe me i know the huge work was made by the TDM team. Im just discussing ideias thats all. Regards
  5. I haven't been here in a long time, nice to see that people are still around. I think move to U4 could be a good solution to get the mod to a new level, i could even offer some assets to the cause just to start. In the past 3 years im working with Unity trying to make a RPG game, but im interested in put my hands on the Unreal engine editor. Theres an asset in the store called "Shadow Stealth" works with blueprints and i think im going to try it and let you know.
  6. @freyk The ideia its more like a RPG style game like the old Commandos games but using the TDM Thief style. Thanks for the link. @nbohr1more Can you point me the controls scripts as i hould like to have the mouse as input. regards
  7. Hi there, along time pass since my last post. I Would like to ask to the TDM Team if its possible to have a submod for a Top Down View of the game without change the core engine... I think the CAMERA should not be a problem..!!! The controls to get input from a mouse i dont this should be to hard to..!!! Making the maps and the light system could be the major problem but i dont know about the code to say more than this.. So in general do you think its possible do it??? Regards.
  8. What can one say.....you are really a true artist.
  9. Well, what should be a simple back door entrance to the castle. just results in this. And theres still alot to do in this zone.
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