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  1. I see, you do make a good point. As long as the game looks good and plays good, that's all that matters.
  2. Yeah, true. TDM is good just the way it is. One thing I would love to see but it will never happen because of so much work to do is release TDM on the PS4 and Xbox One systems. A console version would be great, but it's alot of work to do and using the source code for that is very difficult.
  3. Imagine running TDM in UE4, the graphics would look so realistic.
  4. Thanks, I already have it installed. Now, need to watch the Youtube tutorials.
  5. Steam has the UE SDK tool kit to download and see what it can do.
  6. Oh so, installing and playing Tomb Raider fan missions using NG Center as the fan mission loader isn't as easy as the Thief FM loader?
  7. Cool, I'll check out Opentomb then. Thanks! I'm in need of something new to play.
  8. Oh yeah, that's right. All credit goes to Looking Glass Studios for Thief and Core Design for the original Tomb Raider games.
  9. Oh wow, very interesting. By the way, since Eidos made the Thief franchise, I also know Tomb Raider was made by the same company. To stick with the same topic, like Dark Mod is a spin-off from the Thief series. What about Lara Croft, did anyone make a spin-off game from the Tomb Raider series as well?
  10. Oops, sorry maybe I should say he was inspired from the original Thief games that he had an idea of creating a game similar to playing as Garrett, but thanks to the other team members that made it possible, special thanks goes to Springheel who was the creative director now retired. He lead the team to creating this amazing masterpiece!
  11. He is a big fan of the Thief franchise like us, so he would create something out of a spin-off from the original game.
  12. Well, when I’m ready. I’ll let you know.
  13. I never thought my post would get this far into possibly making the game better, well sorry guys. All of you are on your own without me. I just don't have the time to be part of this to be honest.
  14. What does Deus Ex have to do with The Dark Mod? You're off topic dude.
  15. Don't worry, you're not spoiling anything for me.
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