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  1. Quick update: Mission is now working, yeah I should had known, the problem was caused by a corrupted download. Looks like the mission files were not properly downloaded which caused the black screen glitch. I re-downloaded it and it fixed the problem right away. Thanks for the help, next time if this happens again for future FMs, I'll remember to re-download the mission again, sometimes a bad connection can cause missing files within the download itself.
  2. I download all of the Dark Mod's newly released FM's from "darkfate.org" That Russian Thief fan mission site for all things Thief. Perhaps, the download there isn't working correctly. Also I could not find the "Iris" fan mission on Moddb, it only shows me the latest version of The Dark Mod to install.
  3. Ok, thanks for letting me know, so not necessary to use any of the dev build versions, just stuck to version 2.10 beta version 6. Yes, that's correct. I'm only able to get to the objective screen before starting the mission, but even the objective screen is also missing the script to describe the mission itself. It's just showing a blank sheet of paper without mission info. And then I click on "Objectives" and takes me to a black screen showing nothing, just hearing music/ambience sound in the background. I'm able to play the other FMs just fine without issues, "Down and out", "Written" and Hazard Pay. They all work fine except for "Iris" (Christmas Connections Contest)
  4. Ok, here is my "darkmod.cfg" As for the "iris_is_black.txt" file, it's not there in my Dark Mod directory unfortunately. Weird, after opening the mission, I had to forcefully close the game because it would get stuck in the black screen and couldn't go back to the main menu. So, without it, hope this is enough to figure out part of the puzzle. Darkmod.cfg
  5. Yes, I did install version 2.10 beta version 6 and still got the problem with hearing music and ambience only, but stuck in a black screen. Should I install the latest "dev" build instead of using version 2.10 beta version 6?
  6. Ok, so any other solutions if you know anything else? I mean, this should be easy to fix without completely modifying my system. It must be the video card or something in the graphics settings since I'm not seeing any picture.
  7. Nope, sorry it didn't work. I think the developer needs to patch the mission file. It's not my game. It's the FM itself, it must be broken.
  8. I just downloaded the latest beta version of the Dark Mod right now and by starting this specific FM: Iris, I get this black screen with the music and ambient sounds in the background, but no picture showing. I was only able to get to the mission briefing page showing the objectives of the mission and then by clicking on "Objectives" It takes me to a black screen. What is causing this issue? My other fan missions work just fine, I tested out other ones, so it's not my game. Could be this is a broken fan mission?
  9. Oh ok, I see. Thanks for letting me know. I didn't know that. Glad you can help. This is an easy fix then. Now installing the new version.
  10. The newest fan mission titled "Down and out on Newford Road" doesn't want to install because I get an error message saying, "Cannot install this mission, as it requires The Dark Mod v.210. Well, there's a problem, version 210 doesn't even exist yet, so how can I update my game if that version hasn't been released yet?!?!? The current version is still version 2.09. I need help with this issue please, thank you!
  11. I see, you do make a good point. As long as the game looks good and plays good, that's all that matters.
  12. Yeah, true. TDM is good just the way it is. One thing I would love to see but it will never happen because of so much work to do is release TDM on the PS4 and Xbox One systems. A console version would be great, but it's alot of work to do and using the source code for that is very difficult.
  13. Imagine running TDM in UE4, the graphics would look so realistic.
  14. Thanks, I already have it installed. Now, need to watch the Youtube tutorials.
  15. Steam has the UE SDK tool kit to download and see what it can do.
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