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  1. I think there already is a Tetris like TDM mission...
  2. I have nothing against an odd mission, but you said no weapons, no loot, no story and instant fail if you are detected. Also you talk about it being like a walking simulator. So basically you are removing a lot of gameplay choices for nothing to gain than it being odd!
  3. Maybe this is just an attempt at trolling, but your mission would include everything I do not like about TDM, so good luck.
  4. https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dark-mod/addons/the-dark-mod-unofficial-patch
  5. Sadly yes. I fixed that in my Unofficial Patch as I think it's important to know which version you are running.
  6. If an intermediate state like this is added, it should still be possible to blackjack the guard during the time. At the moment most of them become ko-immune before they even have their weapons drawn...
  7. That would be cool, no more loading a save once you are spotted, just rewind time :)!
  8. Hm, I'm pretty sure in Bloodlines they always swing away from you which is unrealistic, but better for gameplay.
  9. I never noticed this, but if it is true I am all for fixing it! Also I can't imagine a situation in which a mission author would use this on purpose and I think me must get away from the idea that we can't do thing because of earlier missions. As just discussed here with the open-on-frob problem, it's better to go ahead and fix the missions where this is a problem later!
  10. Maybe there could be a FAQ somewhere of frequent suggestions and answers why they are not considered? Also I noticed that even if the code is provided, like I sometimes did with stuff from my patch, changes to the core game are rare, and I think I found another reason for this: Many e. g. of the changes in my patch need editing of the strings file, which I do for the English part as the patch is in English only. Anything that would go into the core game would need editing of all the languages provided there, and I have the feeling this might be a reason why gameplay modifications are done so seldom.
  11. Yes, but sadly this breaks some missions where a door opens on a trigger and isn't frobable afterwards if it didn't.
  12. I just did a quick test by moving my fms folder away and I get the full list and correct screenshots...
  13. wesp5

    Speed potion?

    Very interesting! I never read that because I only ever use the installer to update TDM . Maybe if I have some time I could update the Wiki a bit, there are still changes highlighted for version 1.00 which is rather out of date I would say...
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