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  1. Oh, I forgot to mention this in my feedback, but I had huge issues understanding what the player voice was saying, It wasn't loud enough compared to the other dialogues or it was somehow played too far away at the wrong coordinates...
  2. I already wrote this here, but I will do it again. All these issues can simply be fixed by removing the knock-out immunity once a guard is alerted which I do in the Unofficial Patch. Thus if you fail to black jack the first time for whatever reason, you have multiple tries until the guard intervenes with their weapon! I usually get the right angle and distance before they can do that :).
  3. I just finished this great mission and I am once again amazed how different modders can make completely different scenarios in TDM! After all the city maps I recently played this was a welcome change, starting slow but then providing the first ever TDM underwater station followed by some Indiana Jones style subterranous caves and last not least the big citadel itself. My compliments! I experienced a few issues though, like I had several crashes in the citadel part when killing undead. Maybe this was caused by myself spawning more fire arrows as I really hadn't the patience to sneak through all those wide and brightly lit areas surrounded by enemies you can't kill. If I could make a suggestion, I would recommend to add some more holy water and fire arrows at least on easy difficulty. As somebody already said, some undead in the crypt are set to human so killing them with firearrows makes the mission fail. Strange enough not when using holy water. Also you could clip into some stuff in the station. BTW, is there any way to kill those floating eyes?
  4. Yeah, but you are not using a bat or something, but a small item exactly made for that purpose. What I know from movies and books, you do it from rather close up...
  5. Could this be fixed by changing the cone? Because for most people if would seem reasonable that you could not ever fail in real life by being too close...
  6. I belong to these people too, which was one of the main reasons I made the patch. I would guess most of the developers here are professionals, while I play TDM once in a while when a new mission comes out or I when am bored. Regarding the black jacking, the act as such is not problematic in my opinion but the enemies getting immune once they are alerted. Why should a guard suddenly get a force field around it's head the second he hears you ;)? In my patch you can black jack normal guards unless they have their weapon between you and the blackjack after which is gets very difficult as it should...
  7. I agree to that which is why I removed the magical zero-seconds immunity to blackjacking in my Unofficial Patch. Please test it and tell me if this would be more like you imagine it! You can find it as a TDM addon on the ModDB...
  8. I read a bit in the beta thread and it seemed everything was about shader details so I would have thought obvious issues like this would have been caught anyway ;)!
  9. Thanks for the explanation, but depending on the mission this really looks weird sometimes. Is there a way to fake complete blackness there before the game is started?
  10. While we are at starting up a mission, I want to report another thing that I might guess is new with 2.08: On my system the background for the "Press attack to start mission" window isn't black at the start, but shows some kind of brick wall. This might be different depending on the mission itself, but I haven't thoroughly checked this yet. Also would it be possible to start the mission with the frob key too? Start by attacking is not fitting for a stealth game ;).
  11. Ah, that might be indeed the case, as I have that option off and the same happened to me! Making the grate frobbable should probably fix this.
  12. This is a bug introduced by 2.09 and I already reported it here! Somehow I can't access the bugtracker itself though...
  13. If you install all missions the whole TDM folder goes up to 12 GB, so we better say something like default 5 GB to 15 GB needed (for future missions ;).
  14. Exactly. In TPW this happened to me with the assassin. I knocked her out without knowing who she was or getting any kind of quest, so when I did I had a hard time to remember where I met her! Something similar happened here with the Clara side quest: I found the solution much earlier than the quest and I guess most players will do so, unless you fix the windows ;). Also in that regard, please make it possible to take the breads before you get the quest. Just stop the player from eating them, because here again I had to backtrack a lot after getting the quest trying to remember where I already had seen them...
  15. I already tried wrong codes and it was like you guessed, I opened the door first. In the end I used noclip to get inside I only wanted to know if I missed something and to give you a bug report. As for "The Painter's Wife", in my opinion they overdid it. You spend little time on the ground at all! I love TDM for sneaking, not platforming ;).
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