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  1. I agree, that the graphical representation might require too much work, but why not add this just in text form? I like the idea and it shouldn't be too difficult to find class names...
  2. I agree. I always had this activated but honestly I can't really remember a situation where it was actually necessary.
  3. Is this a mission where you have to enter a deposit room at a bank? Because I remember having the same issue there! Also it probably can't be fixed for everybody as the affected doors might be different.
  4. Couldn't this be fixed for all missions by readding numberwheel_lock.script with the changes you added?
  5. I think it's time to take a closer look at the "Open Doors on Unlock" feature, as I got once again stuck because I had this set to off. Missions that are affected are the upcoming "Now and then", according to the forum search function also "The painter's wife", "The Alchemist" and "Hidden Hands: Initiation", and I remember another mission where it happened to me. Can this somehow be circumvented by updated dev or script files or do the mission authors need to fix this on their side? If there is no common solution, shouldn't this option be removed? I don't know how many players there are w
  6. I find it very annoying! For each successfull attempt the failing sound is played. This wasn't the case in 2.07 and should thus be easy to fix.
  7. Ah, I must have overlooked that thread. Good to hear it is already fixed! Anything new about the failed lockpicking sound playing all the time?
  8. I would be interested too. Never did a TDM beta-test yet ;)!
  9. Speaking of maps, what often annoys me in fan missions is to see an old map of central Europe with Bridgeport being somewhere on the southern coast of France. This doesn't make much sense regarding language and climate unless you can explain somehow that in the TDM universe the English conquered France and not the other way around ;).
  10. Okay, so I found another issue which may be connected to 2.08 or some specific missions: Sometimes for notes a font is used that is very pixelated and barely readable. See this example from Shadows of Northdale Act II:
  11. Finally played your missions and while I found Volta 1 was nothing special because it was the usual mansion, maybe even a little bit on the large side, Volta 2 was wonderful! It reminded me very much of Arx Fatalis and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic with those cool underground areas . Once again, amazing how versatile TDM missions can be!
  12. So this is kind of a "the sound is missing" sound. Nice idea! With Bloodlines you always need to check the console for that ;).
  13. If it is not set to 0 by default it should be, because it sounds very much out of place most of the time! Or choose a more subtle sound than a beep.
  14. I don|t know if this a problem of 2.08 or of my setup because I tested an audio update, but I often hear a beep sound where I guess there shouldn't be one. Like when starting or ending a mission, last experienced with Volta 1...
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