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  1. I have to report that the new installer can't update itself and gives the error it can't find "D:\The". Which makes me assume it can't handle spaces in the path as mine is "The Dark Mod". I renamed the temporary files and will continue from there...
  2. Another report that was already valid for the last few versions and should better be fixed in 2.09: After downloading missions both these missions and the "nothing new..." text are displayed on top of each other!
  3. Oops, my mistake. Also you are right about the AA x16, I just wanted to see what is possible after peter_spy asked to set higher defaults ;). Just now I noticed that he only meant AF x16 which indeed does not make any performance difference. BTW, when testing this in the training mission I noticed that the orange loading bar keeps going outside the frame at the right side which doesn't look professional. I don't know if this is set in the mission itself or in the base game somewhere.
  4. So I just updated to 2.09 beta using the new installer and everything worked fine! I can't reproduce the problems with taking screenshots, but I had bad stuttering with Vsync on and AA 16 and AF 16 until I turned Uncap FPS off, and then I still needed to lower this to AA 8 and AF 8 on my humble Geforce 1050Ti. Also I have the following suggestions: - The installer needs a TDM icon :)! - When exiting the game the answer to "ask this every time" is too many spaces away which looks not good. - The double lockpicking-fail sound is still there, both when failing and when succeeding w
  5. If you only want the stealth stat scroll, I took it from some thread here so you might be able to get it from there. Otherwise take a look at the def and script files of the Unofficial Patch and delete everything that you don't want. The names should be obvious, otherwise ask me again here.
  6. Yes. It's basically a small collection of features that are not (yet) included in the main game. Like more exstinguishable light sources, the stealth statistic scroll and just lately an electric stun mine as two flash items are one too many in my opinion ;).
  7. Have you tried my Unofficial Patch already? I removed the immunity of blackjacking which in my opinion is it's main problem. Now if the first hit doesn't connect, you have more chances until the guard has his weapon actually drawn and in position.
  8. Speaking of that, why isn't TDM on NexusMods too? You even get some virtual currency for each download there...
  9. No, many campaign or at least series missions are not recognizable as such in the ingame list, only in the web list. This needs to be fixed first!
  10. In my opinion it would be enough if campaign missions are at least named in a way that players can see that they belong together. I always do this in my Unofficial Patch, but I think this should be a core mod feature already!
  11. I think it would fit on top or below the loot section using a similar style.
  12. Ah yes, this is a case where I agree. There are some goblets that look to similar. Maybe I can add this in my Unofficial Patch? Have to figure out how it is done first...
  13. I agree, the sound alone makes it clear and I can't remember much junk in TDM missions anyway.
  14. So how large is the TTLG crowd? I for one only play TDM and nothing even further in the past ;)...
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