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  1. Which is why I tried to pair stats together with enough space inbetween ;). As for the mainmenu_loadsave.gui, it is possible to reduze the font there, but it looks weird! I found the name in the executable though and changed it :)! Does anybody know what the "Mission_1" is about? You can only play one mission in the current iteration of TDM. If this is not needed anymore I suggest to remove it in the next core release, so I won't have to blow up my patch size only for this detail ;). P.S.: I just filed a bugtracker for this as the fix is quite easy and should be in the core game!
  2. P.S.: While looking at the Mission Statistics, I noticed that the Mission_1_Final_Save name is too long for the UI and gets cut off. Does anybody know where this is stored, so that I could rename it to "final_save" or something similar instead?
  3. I usually skip the Mission Statistics window, but after adding datiswous' fix I took a look and found it rather confusing. I arranged some of the lines into groups and also explained that the Stealth Score is reversed for an update of my patch.
  4. That works fine so I added it to my patch crediting you. I needed to upload a hotfix anyway...
  5. You can already adjust the hearing of the AI so I don't really understand why we would need changes with the footsteps. Yes, they are loud when running or walking, but most of the time I am crawling in TDM anyway :)!
  6. Great to see that you took my idea and made a connection to your other mission! You should now rename "In Plain Sight", and maybe consider to just call these missions "The Lieutenant 1" and "The Lieutenant 2" while moving the title into the description, as otherwise the name will be cut short in the list. Speaking of which, is there a way to have the mission list sorted strickly alphabetical and not with "A" and "The" ignored? Because right now it's looking rather confusing to me...
  7. I too like it, but it's still no guaranteed success. If the target is moving it often happens that the blackjack is raised, but by the time you actually hit, the target has moved out of range...
  8. That's why I never do it, it's also not my style. But it was nice to see that it is possible!
  9. Nice, it does indeed look easy when you do it :)! Maybe I should try parry and then attack like you do more often.
  10. I'm pretty sure cards are already in the game, but what I meant was, is it possible to drop them in your mod? Because I think the current difference between Skills and Tools are that you can drop every tool, even if you started out with it.
  11. Congratulations on a new release! I have a small nitpick to make though: I always wondered what's the difference between Skills and Tools and for myself decided, that the former is something you can always do and the latter is something you have to get an external tool for. So if Shadowmark is now a Tool, have you provided a full card deck model for mappers?
  12. I always die if I try to fight a guard with the weapons they have right now. Does anybody kill them?
  13. Hi Snatcher, have you played the beta of "High expectations" yet? Because there is a custom jewelery box which doesn't work with your bottom-not-frobable-trick...
  14. Does the hash file include the date or only the content of the file?
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