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  1. Okay, so I'm very late to the party, but this was more fun than Old Habits 1 ;)! Still there were some issues that should be avoided in other missions. I had very low framerates in the shed which probably was caused by the many objects there. I had to come here and get a hint on how to enter the priests room because I blackjacked him in the chapel. He should have carried the key, I mean how is he supposed to enter his own room after he left? Climb through the vents? I don't think so :). Also I had no chance to solve the crown torch riddle due to the fact that there was only one holy water which using my changed Unofficial Patch mechanism I threw at a statue and had none left for the other. Even for an optional objective one more holy light water, and maybe some additional gas arrows, would have been safer! I read about the correct order here and managed to finish the mission, surviving the nasty trap without noclip or chairs at least ;)!
  2. A wonderful mission full of winter atmosphere! I love stories that go from simple stealing to something more and I think I managed to fullfill all the objectives, even finding the hat on the way home. I have two suggestions though: I searched a lot for the snowman eyes because I expected them to be coals. As everything else can be found very early on, this will make players waste time around the schoolhouse. So maybe put some coals there and add the jewels to the loot? And about the spiders, why not add an objective once you find the message in the hut to look into what happened to the guy while implying you can't repair the stuff yourself? This way the spider update would be clear in the end!
  3. I agree and the def solution is very elegant, does not depend on the mission creators and works for older missions too. If you deem the whole change too risky I will include it in the Unofficial Patch and with a little luck I might get feedback if missions get broken by the change ;)! P.S.: And done. I will test this myself while playing too of course...
  4. It always annoys me when it is difficult to get loot out of containers because the container bottom is frobable and you have to move the mouse around a lot until the loot is selected. So when I played one of Dragofers great missions recently, I noticed that his containers behaved differently. I asked him about it and this is what he replied: "As for the unfrobbable container bodies, they're all atdm:froblock entities so it should be possible to overwrite them with a modified version that changes 'frobable' from '1' to '0'. It's entirely possible, however, that this entity class is used in other ways as well, potentially breaking missions, but looking at i.e. St. Alban's Cathedral it looks like it's used exclusively for container bodies." Would this be a possible change for the core mod? Otherwise I will add it to my Unofficial Patch...
  5. Thanks, I will test this with the next missions I will play!
  6. A cool scary mission, but sadly I had the same problem as others here in that the door to Olivia's room was not open. I got stuck completely until I checked this thread and noclipped through the door, so you need to fix that fast! I had a similar problem with the closet on the ground floor, the skeleton blocked the door and it couldn't be opened. It worked after a restart, but you might take the chance to fix that too. Last not least it fealt strange not having lockpicks and the doors being unlocked by the ghost instead! Why not make all doors without keys pickable? I don't think the story would change much and I wouldn't feel like the stupiest thief ever, having lost his lockpicks :)!
  7. Still UE4 also has disadvantages, even in professional games like "The Outer Worlds" I get ugly texture-popping-in-effects I haven't seen that bad since the original "Rage"!
  8. Even so, they never show an overall awareness that something weird is going on if they see doors being open that shouldn't be. In that regard I agree with Destined, how should they assume a shadow belongs to an intruder and not another guard?
  9. Very probably. Also it doesn't really fit with the cleverness of the guards! Most of the time you can open and close doors when they must know there shouldn't be anyone around and they don't care :). Granted, they sometimes comment on it, but overall they seem quite stupid to me...
  10. I would say no. TDM is great as it is and from the Unreal 4 games that I have seen, I doubt active shadows and lights would be much better anyway! Also as has been said, who should do the work building something from scratch, when even the planned TDM campaign hasn't been finished for years? Or the city hub that many players dream about...
  11. So is there a list of missions that already contain beastmen?
  12. wesp5

    TDM in The News

    Blues News announced his first TDM mission (Langhorne Lodge), and I made him mention the anniversary as well . So is there any way to see whether this has some influence on download numbers?
  13. A wonderfull mission, full of great atmosphere and cool details! I had a weird bug though: the guy in the room next to Anna tried to open the door when I sneaked by and he got stuck, so I heard a continuous thumping and thought there was a monster behind it, maybe connected to Anna's curse! Luckily while searching Anna's room he somehow got unstuck, but speaking of Anna's curse, if you update the mission maybe you could remove a hand from the chest so it makes more sense? I also noticed that you made it so that only the lids of all containers were frobable which makes getting loot out of them much easier. Would it be possible to use a def trick or something to make this work with other missions too? Or is the only way to do that for the mission authors to implement it themselves?
  14. Is this supposed to be the home in the clockwork tower in newThief? If so, I miss a view out of the window at the roofs of the city ;)!
  15. About the shovel, I used it exactly as planned, but sometimes I had to crawl around a lot on the coffins to get the heads being highlighted. Maybe their area could be increased? And yes, the crash was a hard crash, like back to desktop with the message TDM stopped working. BTW, is there a way to make the gamma not change the desktop brightness?
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