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  1. No, just modified darkmod.txt files with < and > added to mission name so the A and The sorting doesn't work!
  2. I think this is being discussed for the core game and maybe some day it is included. For now if you want some order, just download the Unofficial Patch and only copy the fms folder in the archive into your TDM directory to get a better listing!
  3. It's good to know that somebody is taking care of this in the long run, thanks :)!
  4. I don't really know what this is about, but I will use the occasion to remind everybody that there is a surplus pixel at the lower left side of the capital W character. People speculated this might come from another character nearby in a font table but I don't see how V could have a pixel at that position....
  5. Oh, I just removed whistle and peek doors, because I never use them and the latter has some consistency problems when doing it on doors without a key hole ;). Both are still in Snatcher's Modpack though :)!
  6. I completely agree, what I wanted to say was that there is no need for a huge overlap between our works! BTW, did you ever test what happens if both are installed at the same time?
  7. I made a small update today removing two modpack skills that were indeed not regular features of the original game, namely Whistle and Peek Door. The real reason though was that I never really use any of them! If I want to alert a guard, I can always hit something with my blackjack and I almost forgot about the peering through a keyhole feature before I noticed that it works with handles without a keyhole e.g. in the current mission I beta test. I kept the numbers scroll, because this basically gives you access to something the game already has only any time, and the Blow skill, as a last resort if mission creator use uncommon flames, again like in the current beta. Also this way there is a bigger distinction between Snatcher's modpack with all the cool new stuff and my patch!
  8. While this might be true, a loud noise alerting everybody nearby would be a great compensation to this. On the other hand, even extinguishing oil-lamps never made it into the core game, so good luck with this ;)!
  9. Thanks, it's much better now :)!
  10. Is there a reason why you post with white background and black letters? Because it is really hard on the eyes with a dark setting!
  11. I fixed the alphabetic order and the campaign connections in my Unofficial Patch, but I agree that more options here would be great!
  12. Shouldn't it already work in the training mission?
  13. Can you not add this as an option to your modpack for anybody interested?
  14. I had this discussion a lot with my Bloodlines Unofficial Patch and honestly, nobody really knows what an unofficial patch can or should do, because a) it's unofficial and b) many developers add or change features with their patches (just look at CP2077 2.0 or TDM itself). I kept the name because it's similar to the other patches I do and does not stray as far away from the original game as e.g. Snatcher's Mod. Also to me, being able to extinguish candle flames but not oil flames, or enemies getting magically immune just by noticing the player are bugs. If not of the pure computer gameplay kind, then certainly of the consistent world building kind ;).
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