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  1. I didn't know about this. If it hasn't yet be integrated into the base game, maybe this would be something for the Unofficial Patch? I'll check it out...
  2. I completely agree with that! The training mission has no story at all and can't even be finished, so it might give a bad first impression to players unless they continue...
  3. A lot of good ideas! Most of all I like the ideas with the moss arrow, which I rarely use and which would have a new meaning, and picking it, if that is even possible on a moving object. I think a normal arrow to the right spot would look too much like a lucky shot, also it should be armored all over. And how would we even make the animation of binding it's legs with a rope?
  4. But even if it is run electrical, drenching it with water might work, especially if there could be some sparks or flashes when it dies :)!
  5. That sounds more reasonable to me than whaking it with a leather blackjack, it's based on a small steam motor, isn't it?
  6. I haven't played the beta yet, but to be honest, I use the immediate shouldering of guards all the time although it always felt wrong. This sounds more realistic now! Which on the other hand is a rather big change to the gameplay, compared to e.g. exstinguishable oil-lamps which are also more realistic but had no chance to make it into the core game ;)...
  7. I agree, it's not that bad. But combined with the intro videos which sometimes are at least as long if not longer, I would really like the mission to start loading in the background. The old Call of Duty games did this perfectly and as they were based on the Quake engine too, it should be possible with TDM...
  8. I'm pretty annoyed that this is actually quite often the case with Unreal Engine games too, even AAA: textures popping in visibly when the game starts! As for TDM, I think it would be very cool if the mission is loaded in the background while the intro is displayed, as was already suggested here.
  9. Maybe the Epic store conditions are not as restrictive as those from Steam? They are giving away free games every week, if TDM could be among these, surely a lot of people would just grab it because it's Epic exclusive and free and maybe discover an overlooked jewel...
  10. I have already fixed that in my Unofficial Patch so this should be easy to implement into the main game!
  11. I agree and I love the readables in TDM! Actually I love that the whole TDM theme including most UI elements fits the game. Not e.g. like in Dishonored...
  12. No, I just included Dragofer's item which displays the current score.
  13. Yeah, as promised above in this thread I included the solution of Dragofer :)!
  14. I like the basic idea, but not removing cool content like the loot icons from the mod. How about modifying this so instead of loot types the stealth statistics are displayed in the inventory grid? Like in the top line there instead of the loot types or above it?
  15. Many thanks, that works great and with your permission I will include it in my Unofficial Patch! Maybe there will be a solution like I suggested, but in the meantime this is fine.
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