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  1. I just tested the latest version and couldn't find an option to disable the new bright frobbing outlines. Can this please be added? I think there were several people here not liking that and it could be a simple toggle option besides the Frob Helper for example...
  2. I see no conflict there and an arrow that could disable electrical lights would make much more sense! It could be similar to my electrical mine in effect: if it hits a lamp, electrical arcs shorten it and it goes out. If it just hits a wall, the same electrical arcs light up the area for a certain time in blue light.
  3. As I already wrote above, I don't see any use for this. In fact it would be the third item with a flash effect while we have only one with a non lethal effect, the gas arrow. As I belong to the sort of player knocking out everyone I would rather have another means to do that, like the electrical mine I created...
  4. Still unless you drop the chair from very high up, he would not have much acceleration and probably would also not hit a sensitive part of the enemy. Speaking of which, are the elite guards helmets supposed to have special buffers onto the shoulders or why do they don't react to blackjacking while other guards with similar helmets do?
  5. I disagree. I think the reallife counterparts of blackjacks were quite heavy and could have brought up to a tremendous speed hitting only a very small area. Compared to that a wooden chair just falling from a moderate height should not have enough impact.
  6. In that case I wonder why the blackjack itself should not work. Maybe you juat gave me an excuse to fix that in my Unofficial Patch ;)!
  7. Well, it never was that important to me :)!
  8. Yes, but most missions don't provide them :(...
  9. How do you do that? I hate those guys because I always have to avoid them.
  10. That's my playstyle as well :)!
  11. I agree. Just recently due to all the ransomware attacks I noticed that Windows 10 has an in-build protection of the user document folders. When you turn that on you need to allow each app to get access to those! I can see this become the default in Windows 11 which could cause a lot of confusion by common users then...
  12. The latter did the trick, reverting the visuals almost to those of before. Can you please add a toggle in the UI to switch the outlines on and off? Like "Show Frob Outlines" below the "Show Frob Helper" options, then everybody would be happy :)!
  13. Yeah, this might be fine for developers, but what about normal people? Not everybody is active here...
  14. So I have tested the new build and I still don't like the new highlight system. It's an immersion killer big time! Not only due to the bright look, also due to artifacts, see the attached screenshots. The lines in the first one are very obvious and on a whole the AA works really bad. In the second screenshot you get a transparent looking candle which looks stupid as well!
  15. I think this is still a bad idea. There should be a place where you can see which version you run.
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