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  1. Good catch! Maybe these icons could just be place in front of the names instead?
  2. Still there should be an option to turn the outline off for those of us that want the better atmosphere and not the easy hightlights. After all with a little bit of experience you could probably figure out what to frob without any highlights...
  3. So because of maybe 1% of objects we will get artifacts like in the attached screenshot for basically every door? And each highlighted object will show the blockyness of the models as if we are playing a retro shooter? What is the sense in that?
  4. What does that mean? Wasn't it planned to replace the frob-helper-option with a remove-outline-option anyway?
  5. I haven't tried this myself yet, but just looking at this screenshot makes me dislike it again. I don't know if this is due to your bloom settings or not, but do you see all the big white pixels in the almost vertical lines that look completely gamey? They kill the atmosphere big time!
  6. Interesting! The old Hammer editor I use for Bloodlines can't do this. So maybe somebody with experience in DR could take a quick look at that chest and fix it?
  7. Coming back to the issue in the tutorial mission where you can unlock both the base and the lid of a chest, until somebody makes a remaster of this, is there an entity editor for TDM to fix this quickly without the need to recompile the whole map?
  8. Bad news, I played around some more with the chests and noticed that e. g. the jewelery box in Sothas "Bakery Job" needs the lid to be frobable to work and I know of another mission, where the base needs to be frobable, so it would probably break some missions if we changed anything there! But at least the script below could be included into the core mod to change the lid sounds, and if it isn't I will include it into my patch. Also somebody should take a look at the tutorial mission as it does not give a good first impression when the first chest you open already has a bug in that you can unlock it twice! // Modified chest sounds, by Dragofer and wesp void tdm_chest_sounds() { entity e; entity m; float i; string s; do { e = sys.getNextEntity("classname","atdm:mover_door",e); if (e) { m = e.getEntityKey("frob_master"); if ( (m != $null_entity) && ( m.getKey("classname") != "atdm:froblock" ) ) { continue; // skip, this is not a chest lid } if ( e.getKey("snd_open") == "door_open_01" ) { s = "door_open_creaky02"; e.setKey("snd_open", s); } if ( e.getKey("snd_close") == "door_shut_01" ) { s = "door_shut_creaky02"; e.setKey("snd_close", s); } } } while (e); }
  9. But this is not what I want, because it makes just the lid frobable from the start. You might remember that I already added your only-lid-is-frobably def to my UP once, only to get stuck in a mission where the base needed to be frobable. Which of course makes more sense too, because all chests have the lock on the base and not on the lid. So the best way would be to dynamically swap frobability from base to lid once the chest unlocks.
  10. It seems frob_lock in tdm_frobactions.script could be the place. If we could find the lid of a chest there, we could make the base unfrobable and the lid frobable. Like below although this does not work because I know nothing about scripting ;): void frob_lock(entity ent) { ent.Open(); ent.setFrobable(0); lid = ent.getEntityKey("frob_peer"); (or whatever the correct key is to find the lid) lid.setFrobable(1); }
  11. 1) The trigger does not seem to work if I set the lid to unfrobable at map start. Is there a way to set the frobable state of something dynamically during gameplay? Your old solution did not work with some missions, we need the body to be frobable because the lock normally is there and then the lid to be openable, not the other way around 2) What is the difference? I just copied the ogg name into the script file, but without the extension. 3) I never tested this with old missions, but it is the only one I ever remember it to have happened.
  12. Forgot to state that I am on NVIDIA, and indeed most of the time the torches look normal, but sometimes this effect is visible. I would guess like nbohr1more suspects some LOD sprite has the order not set correctly so you only see if when that is active.
  13. Another thing, while testing the chest sounds in the tutorial mission, I noticed a bad artifact in the heat gaze of the torches. I can't remember seeing this before, but I had similar problems while adding this to Bloodlines...
  14. We discussed this in the other thread. There are other issues besides the look and feel which some player don't like as well! So either we leave it out or give the option to turn it off, always keeping it on, ugly and half broken, is not a good solution.
  15. P.S.: So I figured out my own questions above in the meantime and got it to work with some sounds that are hopefully much more rare than the default door sounds. Weird enough the chest sounds included in the sfx pk4 are not recognized and several others I tried did not work either! Also while testing this in the Training Mission I again noticed that the first chest you have to lockpick already has it's parameters set wrong, like you can pick both bottom and lid even after the chest has been unlocked. I guess this could be fixed in the mission itself, but as I suppose that nobody is willing to do that, maybe the very same script could be used to implement the cool feature that dragofer uses in his missions, namely that the lid of a chest can only be frobed after the bottom has been unlocked at which time the bottom becomes unfrobbable. Dragofer, do you think this could work? P.S.: Adding e.setFrobable(0); to the sound script makes the lid unfrobable, but then you can't open it after the chest unlocks. Where could it be set that after unlocking either the bottom opens the lid or the lid get's frobable again?
  16. Ah, I understand. Any chances to get my strings suggestions into the core game or will this never happen because it would need to be translated into all the languages which nobody has any time or nerve to do at the moment ;)?
  17. Okay, so the frob outline has been completely disabled in the latest version. I thought the idea was to add an option for it instead of the frob helper? Is this coming in another version or has it been discarded altogether?
  18. Thanks, I think it should be the same sound each time so that player can recognize it and not be confused by different sounds. I have a few questions though: 1) What is the frob_master atdm:froblock identifier exactly? The fact that the chest has a base and a lid? 2) Will this be triggered by containers like cash boxes or jewelery boxes that should have a different sound and could these be identified by parts of their name instead? 3) How can I call this at map start in the first place? Can I call it from tdm_user_addons.script?
  19. Great testing! So in summary I would say that the frob outline should be set to r_frobIgnoreDepth = "0" as default with the option to turn it completely off if players don't like the effect or the slowdown is too much for their system.
  20. Can you please take a look at this? I could provide you with sounds that would fit better for a lot of the containers that use the default door sound right now. They are all already included in TDM, so nothing else would need to be changed! One way to find most container entities would be to check that the angle of opening movement is on the z axis.
  21. I already found different sounds and changed them in the prefabs, but would it be possible to do this on the fly using scripts or defs? The classname is atdm:mover_door.
  22. There is already a different chest opening sound in the game, but sadly the door one seems to be default and is used by most old missions. Is there no way to change the sound in the core mod?
  23. Speaking of the sound of opening a door, what annoys me much more is that the exact same sound is used for opening wooden chests! These should be different sounds.
  24. I don't think anybody would be able to hear a lock being picked unless they would be very close standing still and listening, which the guards rarely do.
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