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  1. Since last year I've been playing Thief games with a house rule that any time I knock someone out with the blackjack I must flip a coin. If it comes up tails then the victim was killed by the impact and I finish them off with the sword, accepting whatever consequence comes with that. It makes it so gas arrows are the only totally safe way of taking out guards non-lethally, but the blackjack still exists as an option in emergencies. My other house rule is that anytime I reload from save I must use a health potion, thus preventing me from save scumming through such difficulties without a penalty
  2. Yes, TDM is definitely using the 970.
  3. My system specs: Intel i7-6700 (running at 3.4 GHz of 3.4 GHz), 16.0 GB RAM, nvidia GTX 970 with 4GB video memory. Graphics drives were a few months out of date, but updating them to 419.67 had no effect on the compass... except perversely making it so rather than being almost instant as previously, the soft shadow toggling trick now takes 5-6 seconds to fix the textures. An interesting note, this new delay lets me see that the compass always starts out white, even if I have soft shadows turned off before launching the first mission each game session. So I guess the compass rendering start
  4. Yeah, just the shadow toggle trick.
  5. Sure. Currently traveling and can't recall all my desktop's specs from memory (only that it has a GTX 970 and an i7), but I'll post as soon as I get back. I'm also curious whether the fix in the bug thread will work. Guess I'll find out in a few days.
  6. Yep, that's the one. Thanks a bunch.
  7. After finally realizing there was a new Dark mod update, I am loving 2.07 so far. This project continues to impress me with its commitment to customization and polish. Once I got all the new options dialed in the game really runs well and looks beautiful. My only minor quibble is that my copy of the game seems to have somehow lost the texture for the compass item during the update. I don't think anyone else has posted about any similar issues so it must just be me. I don't suppose there's an easy way to fix it, short of reinstalling?
  8. To grayman's question: In the past two years or so I've been playing, I've never been dissatisfied with the alertness of the AI. All though even on the reduced sensitivity setting they are definitely much more perceptive than the AI in other stealth games, I have never felt it represented an insurmountable challenge. The current status quo of "difficult but fair" is quite an achievement and should not be discarded lightly. However, since the effect of the sensitivity sliders is pretty subtle, and because there is merit in customization, maybe it could be beneficial to adjust things a bit. Pe
  9. Thanks duzenko. Although that tip didn't directly solve my problems, it did lead me to the right documentation. For anyone having similar issues, what ultimately did the trick for me was going to TheDarkMod.exe>Properties>Compatibility > Change_high_DPI_settings > High_DPI_Scaling_Override where I checking the box for "override high dpi scaling behavior" and selecting "application" from the pull down menu. Prior to this I had also turned off AA in TDM, in favor of forcing AA through the nvidia control panel, and I set r_nvidiaOverride 0 and r_useFBO 0 in the game console. (In cas
  10. I'm having the same problem for a much more frivolous reason. I have a 3840x2160 (4K) monitor, and really enjoy the extra resolution for day-to-day usage and gaming when possible. However, I usually prioritize maintaining a solid 60 Hz frame rate, and enjoying a game's best graphical flourishes (in that order), over squeezing a pixel-perfect rendering out of my hardware. TDM 2.06 has actually proved to be really fantastic in that respect. The game for the most part looks and runs great in 4K. The only problem factor is the Soft Shadows. My GTX970 can't quite hold 60 fps in 4K with them turned
  11. Wow, that is an insanely cool looking lighthouse. The pyramidal sides give it an intimidating and slightly alien aspect that really fits the Thief aesthetic. That will be a great setting for a mission. (I’m a new poster here, but I’m a long time lurker and enthusiast of The Dark Mod. This topic is juicy enough to tempt me out of the shadows.) I think an ideal concept for a short mission is the idea of escape. The protagonist finds him/herself in a dangerous situation and needs to get away before it gets worse. Maybe our hero has just fallen down a well shaft into an underground lake in
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