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  1. I think what you would need to set the tone for a mission like this is to have new scary/irregular enemies that are creatively introduced. The biggest working component of what makes the Cradle work as good as it does is uncertainty. If you can get a new enemy that is brooding with unpredictable animations/pathing, you could do a lot right there. One way I always thought this fear factor could be done, would be through the means of making the enemy combatant more illusive and mobile than the player. In Thief games you normally have a vastly superior ability to outwit the dumb NPCs in the game.
  2. Older post I know, but my recommendation (from the modeling aspect) would be to use tiling materials for the large faces and model/bake out unique details for pillars, frames and corners on a single UV texture. What you basically could have is a three or four texture building that way, you only would want to focus on the cool detail bits as unique and then use a tiling texture for the upper and lower portions where the wall changes color/features. Otherwise it's an easy project for burn out if you don't prioritize what should be left as unique details and what can be fudged with tiling m
  3. If I'm reading this correctly I think it's just some needless complication I left in the material. As a matter of fact I'm not even sure why it has a local map when it's so tiny to really not need it. I was pretty extra back then but I'm 99% certain this is something off in the MTR. I'll make a note to self and check this when I wake up tomorrow.
  4. feather_duster_001.zip Okay, it's super lightweight as I didn't wanna kill the budget for a tiny carry-able but I think it'll do the trick. Give me a holler if something is up and I'll try to take a look at it!
  5. Alright, so here's the first pass. If you want it more dense with feathers I can add in more. The lighting is a bit harsh but I'm kinda running into the limitations of our lack in subsurface scattering. Or soft alpha filtering. Let me know what you think, it's super simple but I figured was about the detail you'd need. NOTE: it's only static so it'll need a collision hull treatment if you want it to be player-chuckable...
  6. Sorry I'm not near as active on the forums these days since pursuing the portfolio again but this could be quickly whipped up I think. If anything I'd just need to get a suitable material for the feathery parts to look... feathery. If Springheel provides a model, obviously we shouldn't need two but in the case that cannot be done I'm sure I could come up with something.
  7. While it seems like the next step at pushing boundaries, (which is what HL games tend to try and do) they intentionally didn't do this with HL3. I see this as a creative reintroduction to the series and my hopes are that we finally get some kind of EP2 sequel in the not so far future. As a major HL2 fan (that being the game that kept me in modding btw) still has me really stoked. That will however leave me very stoked and broke for the next couple months. ?
  8. Thanks! It happened to be the only map I had to test with water and a working cubemap already setup. However one day when I'm ready to get back to work on it, I'm hoping to reshape it into a neat FM.
  9. A new Gondola for Neon's project. (NOTE the background map isn't related to it). Still kinda swamped with stuff to do (and other requests!) but least to say the Epi is still cranking models here and there.
  10. Ahhh my bad, I thought the camera tutorial was just for the one that buzzes the alarm if it spots something. Yeah that looks to be the reference material I was needing. Just kinda wanting to reverse engineer some template so I think this will work.
  11. Yeah it's not working now on my end either. Trying to figure out why the hell we keep having so many outages in recent.
  12. Currently mission downloader is dead again. Where are we at with this? We've had several months and we're still running on a stand in forum, no bug tracker and I still haven't heard any news on what's being done to remedy this? I understand things take time but we're starting to lose more functionality rather than see things fixed. And it feels like we've had overall less traffic on the site because of it.
  13. Hey quick question, how do you get a camera position to be rendered in real time to a material surface? Wanting to create a neat effect but I'm having a hard time tracking down documentation on the matter.
  14. Yeah I think I messaged around asking anybody at one point if I could look at the current resources for it. A lot more busy just trying to wrap up current requests and getting back to the portfolio but I'd still like to help out on that again if I ever get the chance. Had talked to Kingsal at one point about what adding my own NPC's would take. So while I'm busy af right now, I'm still really keen on working with animations (especially since I'm now learning Maya). ? I just wish id4 had more broad plugin support with other, more modern modeling apps.
  15. It will probably have to change for me in the future but I hate drawing myself my own concept. It's a strange thing but I feel a lot more comfortable (usually) just hammering it out in the editor rather than going through a ton of concept. I do the thing where I take down notes that I toss on my desktop and usually refer to online references of the real thing I'm trying to attain the look of. But that's also from a modeler's standpoint where I do a lot of blocking and going over the design in the early stages of it anyways. However. Having very rarely been given 1:1 concept art, I will say
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