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  1. My thought if QuickDoors became a fleshed out feature, would be to have an optional flag on the NPC that could toggle whether they're capable of turning on the speed. So in the end, you'd have mapper control of that across the NPCs. Maybe only have it so that it's off by default unless checked on. Could be useful in a scenario where you gotta bring some heat for the player to deal with.
  2. This reminds me of the quality of life improvements we did with separating mantle heights to a longer or shorter climb animation, depending on the distance. I'm definitely a supporter of this improvement. On a side note, how funny would it be if AI could optionally, also slam doors when running (or in alert state)?
  3. I'm gonna add this one to the list of missions to play. Looks terrific and I look forward to playing it!
  4. Oh sure, I get that. I myself just give it the same name (or very close) to the model it's based for (eg. arc_transformer_001). You'll always know an Epi based product in the directory if it ends in the _001 convention. I've never had more than 50 variants of a single mesh, like ever; but I just like seeing those three numbers at the end of every name. I think it's from my time on Source modding, beyond that idk where it started. I understand that with world building textures it's not associated directly with a specific asset. I still think the arbitrary path name was a bit of a over the top choice though. I would bunch the organization under one or two keynames. And then a description. This helps me when I do modeled sets for an FM or a project that drives a whole list. This instance is specifically project related but it could be modified for generic assets too. "The Mask of Eddius, induction cooler" would then be condensed to, edd_generator_cooler_001 Normally then anything else related to generators would always start with, "edd_generator" and then tack on the rest. Sometimes it can get a tad longer but at least everything in the title is describing the asset that way. Not just defining an arbitrary path with a vague description at the end. Then when you know your asset base, you'd just type the beginning of that and find everything on that category. Swap edd for tdm if it's a stock, generic asset and that's basically how I'd do it if I had the option to go back in time and change the hierarchy.
  5. Ahhh okay, I wasn't sure if that was a new engine feature or a Blender feature. I'm still waiting patiently for a viable fix to material edges being split by the engine at run time. I've despised the material naming convention since I joined the mod. At the same time however, I understand how making the path name the same as the material name can simplify things. But to a degree. It's good rule of thumb to just copy and paste material names anyways, but the path length almost demands that to limit typos. I'm just thankful Maya preserves forward slashes in a material name.
  6. Interestingly, my main problem with stock materials had been that slash instead of underscore. Since I used Softimage for a long time, I had problems because it didn't preserve forward slashes. I've used underscores in spaces ever since for my own material definitions. I'd love condensed names but that would be an entire duplicate set of mtr defs just to make that possible. The DR material selection isn't all too fun as is, so if these were standard BSP world textures you'd have two of everything. @OrbWeaver That skin method is something close to what I used for testing materials on a single mesh without re-export. What exactly is FullName?
  7. Sometimes life throws a curveball - other times it straight up tries to take you outta the game. Been one thing after another lately but I ain't goin without a fight! :D

    1. thebigh


      You got this. Take care of yourself.

    2. JackFarmer


      That's the spirit!

  8. Thanks! That's the benefit of throwing all the detailing at texture data. There's actually very few (separated) meshes in that scene. Most areas are divided into single chunks to save on the draw calls. Currently with the entire scene in view, it clocks at 454 draw calls and 16,625 shadow count. That's the added benefit of a fully modeled scene and having total control. Downside is that with it being all combined, major changes to the layout a very difficult to do when it's all finished. So it forces you to plan well in advance and anything reworked has to fit in the bounds of what you've already made.
  9. As some of you may know, I've been building up my dev portfolio in preparation for launching into professional Environment Modeling. Goldwell was kind enough to offer me a collaboration in an all new seaside location, which in turn granted me something neat to showcase. The goal was to create a larger area using all models to attempt something unique and visually compelling. This is a combination of high resolution sculpts in Zbrush + more traditional hard surface modeling in Maya, & textured in Substance Painter. Cape Aniva was also a huge inspiration for the lighthouse design. Very excited for the final playable version but till then, we've got some teaser shots for ya'll!
  10. Considering the fact any of the developers (to my knowledge) interested in adding this save room feature, are just going to bank on adding both difficulty sets; none of the cvar stuff would be necessary. As then people could play the standard difficulties or just stick with the hardcore saveroom mode. Hazard Pay was simply a test bed for this but clearly there would be a different approach were this implemented in future mission releases. Let me remind folks, nobody during testing was ever advocating for all out replacing the standard difficulty mode but rather more exploring a new feature. This feature if implemented further, will just be offered alongside existing ones so that nobody is forced to go without.
  11. I really enjoyed the save room option and was a strong advocate for it in testing. It puts a slightly more real spin on the consequences of player actions. As yes, should you not ration out your save progress; it can end badly. It forces you to play much more intentionally as you don't have a safety net, which I much prefer.
  12. Really enjoyed playtesting on this one! Quite varied and a wonderful change of pace to the expected norm.
  13. I just downloaded it now and I gotta say, there's a lot more here than I was initially hearing about. Fantastic work fellas!
  14. Yeah editing the ruleset would be your best bet for that scenario I think. However that does really bring up the idea of different outcomes. It's a lot more gameplay to manage but I know you can set conditions in the level that will only activate, depending on the difficulty you chose (as the FM designer). I always wanted to do one with an RPG choice kinda spin. Where depending on the difficulty you chose, whole areas will either be added or removed; creating a much different experience.
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