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  1. Thanks for the 2d view zoom. I also reported it months ago as I see LDAsh reported it already, glad you have done it. I'm so excited to try the other features thank you Greebo
  2. I didn't know him personally but as I see he contributed to the development of TDM, big respect to him. Rest in peace Grayman.
  3. Big thanks for this update lord Greebo ! "Feature: 3D grid feature", I know where it come from
  4. Also I mean if you have like 50 same prefabs in the map then you need to do some modification it will update all your prefabs like this example
  5. I don't know if it possible to do that is a very useful system that cod radiant use, you can place your prefab in your map go into it make your modifications and save them without re export your prefabs again Here's an example from my old map: Another example, select the prefab go into it Make modifications save them, leave the prefab and it'll be updated in your map
  6. Png 16 bits is no longer supported in 2.10.0 everytime you try to open it causes Radiant crash only 8 bits working .
  7. Merging patch function works better than I expected what a very good job you've done here !
  8. Press P > Camera, uncheck "freelook mode can be toggled" then you have to keep pressing RMB to have the camera free mod, try it Edit: as Greebo says your prefab has x5467 and y-9519 it's a complete map ?
  9. Yes that's it! Better said than my shitty english, I reported it
  10. Even if I remove key mapping, put them to default I still have the issue in 2.9.1 version. 2.8.0 working good I don't have that kind of problem.
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