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  1. Yeah, but also for vehicles. Vehicle is MD5, terrain is ASE.
  2. Maybe that's the requirement my mesh doesn't fulfill - it's not convex.
  3. I can. In fact, I just set flag "solid" "1" on ASE model and it gives me collisions. I just figured maybe .cm collision file might have some benefits over direct per-poly collision with the ASE model. So I wanted to give it a try. After I asked original question, I did a lot of tests and I think it's just physics of AFEntity that give me issues and whether it will be .cm or material key or entity key, it wouldn't matter.
  4. Where can I get LWO exporter for Blender 3.4.x to give it a try ?
  5. Is there an LWO exporter that works with Blender 3.4.1 ? I use some rogue ASE exporter and while it seems to work fine on small low poly models, it seems that it doesn't export properly larger higher poly models
  6. https://modwiki.dhewm3.org/CM_(file_format) Literally what .cm files are for - map and movables. So, I don't understand why you change the original meaning of CM.
  7. Well, I am not sure where you get your information from, but I couldn't export selected ASE mesh in the map as CM model. It's either a bug in DR or the limitation is that only brushes can be exported as CM (which is in fact how dmap generate .cm files - only from brushes)
  8. After reading that article, it sounds like only brushes can be exported as CM files?
  9. Is it possible to export ASE mesh as CM collision model (and then somehow view it to visually confirm if it's good or not) ? If I select my model and then go to File > Export Selected as Collision Model, I get model selection dialog window popping up and when I select model there and hit Ok, nothing happens (window closes and I am back in the Editor). No .cm file gets saved.
  10. I like to navigate the map using 3D view (especially large map, with a lot of geo). So when I get to the point of interest in 3D view, I'd like to center/pan/zoom over the area where camera is in Ortho view. Is it possible to achieve? If so, what's the hot key ? Thanks
  11. Nah, I think it needs to be level design friendly DarkRadiant's feature (via plug-in?).
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