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  1. Okay DMs sent! Happy to let anyone else on between now and the first revision. (also I wasn't sure if you wanted in or not @AluminumHaste)
  2. Thanks Vozka, glad you had a good time! I've actually gone back and made more new ambients for where I'd used stock ones here: you're right in that they're great, but we've all heard them by now. New ones will be in this mission when the next one in the campaign hits shelves worldwide, and I'll probably post a compilation if others wanna use them for variety!
  3. "What? You again?!" Yes, I'm afraid so! After 60 hours of mapping in just under 2 months, Chase Mercantile's remake is almost ready for beta testing! It's bigger, better, harder and more complex than LBB's remake, so this time around I'm opting for a closed beta. If you've the time and inclination to spare, sign my GeoCities guestbook below and I'll send some DMs in a day or two!
  4. Could you not put your map in its own thread, or one for your patch as a whole? This is @Kukutoo's thread for his work.
  5. Can you? I could swear the map says Bridgeport.
  6. I still remember that time in Rome ages ago where the Pope shot force lightning at this Ezio guy, who then decked him in the face and went to speak to space aliens. Happened in Rome in a video game so I can only assume that was real.
  7. The map that Kukutoo's working off has been on the TDM wiki since I first got here. He's done a lot of work on it and it looks rad!
  8. Seconded! The map of this corner of the world is great; I wanna get out of the city and do some big secluded forts and esoteric wizard's towers in the wastes at some point, but it'd be cool to see all the locations within the city marked on a cutaway too.
  9. Thanks Thiefette, glad to see you're still around and enjoying the missions! The next instalment might be coming sooner than you'd think
  10. Robbing a bank and forgetting to take the bag sounds like something I'd do
  11. So long as all your objectives are done, the front door where you start is the way out! I'll be making the location volume bigger for next go round as a few people mentioned it's fiddly. Have to make sure you're carrying the loot bag too, that's all I can think of!
  12. I know at least one of them won't spawn an objective item if you don't opt into the objective in the shop. (That is, unless you noclip past the triggers that delete them). But yes, the reason I did it that way is because the objectives are mandatory once you agree to them, no backsies! Lovely, thanks! Very comprehensive, way to notice everything
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