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  1. I have also had a crash at however, I think it only happens when you have a key (or key-like object) showing in your inventory. Any other type of object (or the loot display) works. I think I may have seen something similar before, related to scripts frobbing an object.
  2. Like many people I am pleased to see that 2.09 has been officially released but can I point out that the link to the tdm_installer in the announcement goes to the original, but (now) rather confusing, post by stgatilov back in July. This now contains lots of strikeouts and it also only seems to mention 32-bit Windows which I think has been deprecated for this release. In short, IMO, for any newbies coming in, it's not easy to work out what to do.
  3. I've always wondered why the statistics screen isn't available during the game. More than once I've got to the end of a mission thinking my stealth score is pretty good only to find out that I set off a number of level 4 and 5 alerts. There is a mission which has a "Don't be seen" objective which I think maps on to level 2 alerts and it is quite interesting the situations that do (and don't) see them off. Sometimes a guard will see you a long way down a corridor and other times that you think are similar, they'll completely ignore you.
  4. I only joined up a couple of months ago (and this is actually my first post) and I *do* have the option of uploading a profile photo although the profile page looks slightly different to yours. The upload button is on the silhouette.
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