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  1. I would recommend a game I just played, "The Bard's Tale". It's fantastic, not something I expected, sure it does have some "flaws" and perhaps a feeling of loneliness and nostalgia, but it's still great, worth playing it. I played it during Winter, but I bet during Summer it's also just as good. Great music, great voiceacting (Tony Jay is the narrator, may he rest with sexy mature women), nice environment, good graphics even for its time, not too bad of a simplistic Action RPG gameplay...Just go fucking play it already, you taffers!
  2. I know I'm not active much, but it feels a bit too silent in here. Is everyone taffing around, again?

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    2. Xolvix


      It's a form of profanity in the Thief universe isn't it? Or it is in the older games anyway, Thief 4 decided to use modern profanity instead even though they had an in-universe alternative. Taffers.

    3. thebigh


      Must be one of them grubbers again.

    4. datiswous


      I asked Chatgpt:


      As an AI language model, I don't have access to current statistics or any recent updates about the forum. However, there could be a variety of reasons why it might seem quiet on the forums:

      1. The Dark Mod community may have migrated to other online platforms or social media channels.

      2. The latest release or update of the game, which may have reduced the number of forum users' needs for support.

      3. Forum members might have moved on from the game or are taking a break for an extended period.

      4. Other members might be inactive and haven't logged in for some time.

      5. There may be a lack of new discussions or news updates happening within the community, which could discourage users from participating.

      These are some potential reasons why it might seem quiet on the forums, but the official Dark Mod website or social media accounts could provide more context.

      I think point 2 is interesting..

  3. Hmm...That does sound like a good habit, I really need to get myself to do that. I can see one problem here being personal (not on my part) and that is being introvert, I'm very sure most people aren't too willing to give a negative review because they fear they'll get into a conflict and they don't want that, as an example. Or they simply feel too embarrassed to make a review, let alone one in public and have somebody else get in the argument. Honestly, to all that, all I can say is...Have no shame of yourself if others are trying to shame you for no good reason whatsoever other than their petty sycophantry.
  4. I love playing The Dark Mod when it's cold in my place. Bonus points when it's a bit (or even very) dark and it's raining, too.

    1. SeriousToni


      Me too, I noticed that I'm playing Thief and TDM mostly on autumn and winter time. Less in summer and spring. The rain is always a bonus for most games, haha. Not to mention distant rolling thunder!

    2. Shadow


      Yep a well done MOD is extremely immersive, especially if mimicking your real life environment.

  5. I've been having stutters in Vulkan, apparently it's Nvidia Drivers' fault, so I reverted to 512 according to this: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/geforce-graphics-cards/5/505679/regular-microstutter-in-vulkan-applications-after-/?topicPage=40

    And no, that did NOT fix it. What's going on? My GPU is an RTX 2070, by the way.

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    2. The Black Arrow

      The Black Arrow

      Actually I didn't give any info, this problem happens in Vulkan games only and any that uses it, for example, GZDoom.

      I don't think it's related to shaders, it's more like, the "frame pacing" or something is very uneven, at 72 FPS on a 75hz monitor, there's no tearing yet there's like a very slight stutter that makes it feel like playing at 50 FPS, on OpenGL though, it's completely fine.

      It does persist even when restarting the game.

    3. nbohr1more


      Did you try messing with vid_refreshrate, vid_maxfps, and vid_vsync settings? Perhaps the application is not properly recognizing your display refresh rate (etc)?

    4. The Black Arrow

      The Black Arrow

      Yes, I did mess around with that, there seems to be no vid_refreshrate though, I think GZDoom uses your desktop to set that in the latest versions.

  6. Hey, I got one question for now; how can I test Volumetric Rays when I can't find any? The three official missions don't seem to have any, can any of you suggest a map, or two, or hell every map known that uses Volumetric Maps? Always liked those things, I want to give it a proper try, the more maps to try on the better.
  7. What do you mean "legacy missions"? It's an old mission that got a remake? Either way, I don't think I know what that map is, it should be fun to play, thanks for the info.
  8. Aww man, I was hoping this contest worked but then I noticed no new missions from month 6 to this year.
  9. I'm not into Beta builds but I think I should give this a try, after all it has the "Better Crouch" function I requested and @Daft Mugi was kind enough to make. Thank you yet again Daft Mugi, and the Dark Mod devteam for accepting it! Lovely update as always, I am glad to see you're all happy and healthy and still going. Also, a bit off-topic but what the hell; Happy New Year!
  10. I didn't say this is something nobody wants, I said that this is something nobody cares about because they got used to it, meaning adding it really shouldn't be a problem. Also your second sentence confirms my point. And no, this IS broken, because like I said, if you press a button you want it to have no delay and be responsive, in TDM it is not so. It doesn't matter if it's a "toggle" that you must unpress, it just has no logical sense at all to do so, are we back to the very old arcades where the controls were horrid? Just because people think it's not broken doesn't mean it isn't broken. And since you put me in it, how is this a big of a deal? Use stagilov's solution.
  11. A spidey! I love spideys 🕷️

  12. Please Mugi don't let your energy be dampened, I think you did a great job, hell actually, an amazing one because your fix opened up to another bug, which is good because it's been there for a time (at least from what I read, it's the conclusion I get), now that can be fixed too. I don't think the issue with the ladder should be part of your patch or you yourself, it's just an issue that appeared, it's now for the TDM devs to fix it. From what I can see, they do like this "fix", I mean, it would be illogical not to might I argue, because...Who wants to press a key just to unpress it to make sure it works? That's notable delay and unresponsiveness, it's objectively a flaw. People got used to it though, so I dare predict that if a "community poll" is made, most will vote "Don't care". Anyway, just relax and be proud that you fixed it up, it's now "dev shenanigans" time!
  13. I'm curious, what happens if I didn't tell you more hints about Eric? How would you interpret the guy, perhaps back to being a "blank state" type of youngster? One of the reasons I keep characters mostly unknown is because I like to see how the authors would turn him out to be, it's part of that "artistic freedom" that I absolutely adore. Although, yeah, it's actually easy to make a blank state character and have anybody else write about it, but then it doesn't envision mine or let alone anybody else's...Well, hopefully the next level stories will give you better hints, I intend to make Derelict be a 6 missions campaign. Also thanks for your comment, heh, funnily enough you sound like a "positive nihilist", but I'm sure I'm wrong about that I always say that Time is the Grim Reaper himself, it's something we take for granted and always say we don't have much, well guess what? Grim Reaper isn't some skeleton with a big black cloak and a scythe, it's literally just "Time" itself and it always gets its ultimate goal. Anyway, on topic, I have changed Derelict to add Mission 3.
  14. Boy, I remember living in Britain back in the 2000s, am I glad I left it out.
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