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  1. bioshock was intended as a spiritual successor to system shock so that might actually be the case :). SS2 was actually built with the original thief source code.
  2. you can allready do a lot to make SS2 more modern looking the mod manager from the patch allows for updated textures models etc. I havent found a complete texture overhaul unfortunatly which makes some areas stand out a bit, still it does beef it up quite a lot. The weird thing in SS2 is mostly weapon related as the most powerfull of them are allmost newer a good idea to put points in cause they are to expensive to use and do to little damage for the points allocated in them. The best weapon i found was the crystaline sword (forgot the name) but it can litterally oneshot even a rumbler (if yo
  3. Luckily i bought it before all the troubles began
  4. P.s unzip it to this path only C:\Msys64 or some tools like python might break because they rely on absolute windows paths. You can also update the Msys2 packages from the main repository the mingw-w64 packages cannot however as they use a different exception model so are incompatible with this version and the default update path for those have been disabled. Over time i intend to have my own repository where users can update from as of now it is safest to just build and install packages locally. There are also quite a lot of build tools like cmake meson ninja and bsd make as well as
  5. Been working on/off for more than a decade on this one. An Msys2 CodeBlocks cross development environment with all the bells and whistles, the windows compilers were previously based on the TDM patched gcc builds but as we hit gcc-10 i ran into a snag as the compiler now defaults to hardening (ASLR / DEP) it turned out the TDM patches no longer worked (crashes and segfaults galore). As a result the compiler is now more like the standard, you can still link to the static runtimes but it requires a bit more work now. putting -static-libgcc in LDFLAGS if building with the Msys2 bash she
  6. Thank corona and the ever vigilante bitcoin miners, with recent price hops on bitcoin buying a load of not so cheap muscle gfx cards it is a small price indeed compared to the dough you will cash in sheesh...
  7. Aye i was a bit unsure about that one, but seems my old hdtune does not correctly support ssd's. 25gb's was a bit unrealistic tbh. Still 2.6gb's is nothing to scoff at :).
  8. strange though that it says 2600MB while hdtune says around 24GB maybe a bug in the program ?. EDIT: sorry 25GB ca.
  9. Its built into my asus laptop so not sure without taking it apart but from there site it looks to be this one -> https://en.accessoires-asus.com/laptop/storage/ssd-nvme-storage/modele/a712fa mines just a 500GB
  10. Sadly neither my old RIVE or the replacement board can use an nvme drive for booting unless i hack the bios (which i did a long time ago with UBU hehe) so when the X79 deluxe is in i might buy an nvme add in card for it.
  11. Aye these boards are all used though sometimes you can get lucky and get a brand spanking new one though prices on ebay are rather unrealistic for those 1200 pounds or more for those are not unheard of. In these days the CPU does not really matter that much anymore for gaming atleast since most of the heavy stuff was moved GPU side, still it is nice to have a workhorse capable of 12 threads or more when multitasking which i do a lot .
  12. I ment comparatively but yes it gives a nice boost regardless. measured my asus laptop once and the throughput was in excess of 25GB per second... that is insane no wonder i could not manage to hit any buttons.
  13. Just packaged my Msys2 mingw-w64 CodeBlocks build environment, for some years i maintained a special version of codeblocks made to work with Msys2 mingw-w64 compilers but my build from then was getting a bit long in the teeth. Old package was based on the TDM mingw-w64 compiler so it linked statically to the gcc runtimes, sadly this trick no longer works as the newer compilers now rely heavily on hardening (ASLR and DEP) which the TDM compiler does not support. Porting the code for it also turned out to be a nogo as changes in gcc have broken it. This is a developer package and as su
  14. ssd's really give a kick especially on older pc's depends on the chipset though, the older asmedia and marwell chipsets are slow going still faster than mechanical but not lightning speed. Fastest i seen yet was the one in my asus laptop it used an intel chipset win 10 litterally started before i could hit the bios key Oo which is nice speedwise but not so much if you need to make changes in bios lol.
  15. found a few on ebay at about half that even comes with cpu and ram though it only comes with a core i7 4820 still it seems to be a good deal. Got a xeon laying around also though it is even worse than the 4820 as it is also a quad core but has no hyperthreading like the 4820, still it might come in handy for some if they just need a cpu for testing a socket 2011 board. The nice thing about the X79 deluxe is that it has allmost double the amount of ports for sata 6 and usb 3 compared to the RIVE, also sports a built in wifi card and the asmedia usb 3 chipset was updated to a newer version comp
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