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  1. Ah you ment after idtech 4, well theres some parts of idtech 5 in bFG but that one was the last indeed.
  2. Well the upcomming horizon zero dawn forbidden west sequel might spur some interrest with ps3. I doubt ps3 is going away any time soon, to much invested in that platform to scrap it and they just released a new console. Still since horizon recently came out for pc as well i kinda hope the ps3 sequell will also have a pc sequell.
  3. Huh something else i did not know, human head studios was aquired by bethesda last year after the release of rune 2.
  4. Sin 2 or Sin reborn as it would have been named is at the end of the video. Looked kinda crap considering it was running on the idtech4 engine but early alpha footage was nice to see idtech 4 running somethings else than a corridor shooter though.
  5. Ah hard to find but here https://www.game-debate.com/news/28578/3d-realms-releases-video-of-their-cancelled-prototypes-including-sin-2-and-bombshell-fps
  6. Atleast thats what wikipedia claims https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Id_Tech_4 though i newer seen any mention of it either.
  7. Well that would suck though i doubt they would go that way, i have a feeling they just want to rein in some succesfull game developers to promote there own streaming platform.
  8. idtech 1: quake / hexen2 / (commercial modified idtech 1) half-life 1 and source engine (yep the original source engine used an enormously modified quake 1 engine). idtech 2: quake2 / (commercial modified idtech 2) heretic 2 / Sin / kingpin life of crime / soldier of fortune / daikatana / anachronox / and kingpin reloaded idtech 3: quake 3 / (commercial modified idtech 3 not open sourced) return to castle wolfenstein / american mc gee's alice / star trek voyager / soldier of fortune 2 / star wars jedi knight / resident evil dead aim / wolfenstein enemy territory. And many many more. Probably the most used idtech engine out there. idtech 4: doom3 / (commercial modified idtech4 not open sourced) quake 4 / PREY / enemy territory quake wars / wolfenstein 2009 / brink / (canceled) Prey2 / And (canceled) Sin2 idtech 5: (partial code) Doom3 BFG Then there are the pre idtech doom engines which used sprite models (wikipedia seems to think this one was idtech 1).
  9. Pretty much any idtech engine since idtech 1 have been opensource
  10. Yeah i use open shell menu so there are workarounds, but it has become increasingly hard to keep windows from changing settings whenever theres a major update. I have to use several tools to hammer it into submission so that it does not revert to what microsoft thinks i should use.
  11. Heh i find myself in the akward situation that my ass old mainboard asus rampage iv extreme actually works better on win10 than on win7 Oo. Lots of other bugs with current windows but they do seem to have the driver support down with win7 i have to use a really old usb3 driver or the OS would crash to no end when i plugged something into the usb3 ports, with win10 it just works. Id still prefer the win7 interface though, the weird metro interface has allways struck me as something they should have put back in the drawer.
  12. Not the best examples with zlib and png agreed though i do seem to remember one of them used to be GPL, still id call it a valid concern and if you newer see the internals of of a game anyway you would have a hard time convincing any court that they broke the rule. Personally i have nothing against them using opensourced code, a little thank you to the devs would be much appreciated though .
  13. Heh yeah thats true. Also GPL licensing has become a joke, if all code was open companies could use whatever fix some poor slob who happens to have the right solution for something they broke and not pay a dime. Does this actually happen you might ask, well go through some of the engines that did happen to go opensource after they where no longer viable income sources and have a look . Also a lot of corps do in fact use opensource libraries like zlib / png and a whole ballpark of other free code disregarding the GPL rule that once you use these you have to opensource your own code pronto (you could get around that rule by linking to a shared version though they dont even bother to do that).
  14. I know bethesda is no saint in that regard i just abhor monopolism and while it may seem like a good thing to some to as you say put all your egg's in one basket im not sure it will be in the long run. Actually carmack had pretty much promised that idtech 5 would also be opensourced someday before he left id but bethesda reneged on that as they took over, hence why im having a hard time seeing it getting any better. EDIT: at least we got parts of idtech 5 with BFG (multithreading for instance) would have been cool to get a look at the internals of the new megamap code though.
  15. Well that puts the nail in the coffin for id software omg... We all know microsofts stance on open source right... not that there was much hope that any code after idtech 4 would ever see the light of day after bethesda aquired id software, but with ms at the reins theres is no chance at all.
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