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  1. nukems framegen mod has also been updated for FSR3.1 though vulkan support is not completely supported yet (from what i could read on the github site he does not have the knowlegde to get it fully supported and it might newer be added unless someone with a good understanding of vulkan takes over that part). this unfortunatly means that it might newer come to pass with more and more game companies adding there own support. i tested it with alan wake 2 and horizon zero dawn and it works well enough atleast.
  2. aye so i heard ghost of tsuchima was allegedly the first game to add support for AMD's framegen and is said to run really well with it. there is also talk about lossless image scaling in regards to AMD though from what i heard its still some ways off in quality but better than what was. nvidia has been actively deleting posts on reddit and several other sites to stem the rumours but shooting themself in the foot instead when it became public knowledge that it was indeed working .
  3. looks like a foregone conclusion but several game studios have now enabled framegen via AMD's FSR3 on nvidia cards from previous generations (it had to come). a bit bad for said framegen mods who will now face obscurity except for a small number of titles who wont patch in support maybe ?. the framegen mod for pre RTX and pre FSR 3 cards like the 5700xt will probably still be needed since none of these cards support DLSS anyway and so are pinned for FSR 2 to allow using raytracing.
  4. nobbling along in homeworld 3 atm , quite a bit different than the 2 (well 3 if you count cataclysm) previous games. things like being able to hide your fleet or parts therof in debris / asteroid fields, ground assault etc. dialog is mostly forgettable and where the the previous games focused on a people this seems to lock in on 4 select persons. gameplay is fun though.
  5. Yep another turn of the wheel in a few days its my turn again to. sadly immortality is nowhere around the corner , could have used some better health since im moving this month and im allready beat up .
  6. well hello Oo actually found a universal sata driver for win9x here and it works https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/2020/04/windows-9598me-sataachi-driver.html so now im running win98se on a core2 dual (only uses one core though) with a geforce 6800 gt (last card that supported win9x) and woh boy is it fast... . the 6800 gt card only supports directx9 and opengl 2 (partial support for opengl 2.1). so running win9x from an ssd is well fast actually a bit to fast sometimes and there are some drawbacks because win9x does not support trim and the defragger is rather insistent on defragging the ssd constantly so im going back to a mechanical sata harddrive instead. the cdrom and cabby i got from a neighbour (old phoenix) well it was actually complete and the mainboard ran 98 se without a problem with a conroe P4 (hot hot hoooot). this board did not have sata at all but it had both agp and pcie for gfx Oo. asrock 775-vsta. gaming was actualy pretty fun with titles from back then the 6800 gt has plenty umph to run even timeshift at 1920x1080 dos games usually dont go that high and those that do have horrible performance at higher resolutions.
  7. Hehe yeah sometimes forget it myself
  8. one weird thing i noticed with the x99 was that the gfx port downscaled to 16_1 when not running something that required the muscle as soon as i started a game it went up to 16_3 (verified with gpu-z), my older x79 allways ran in 16_3 even though it did not need to so it seems there were some changes in the pcie handling on later cpu's. when the intel x299 came out the pcie lanes went up a bit 48 i think it is now, not sure if amd also upped theres ?.
  9. you can actually cast it to your tv if the screen feels to small works much the same way a playstation does.
  10. also you have to be carefull when adding new cards as the pcie slot allocation is determined by the cpu, i found that out the hard way back when the x99-AII was running with the original 6800k. the 6800k only has 28 pcie lanes and wifi steals 4 of those and the extra usb3 slots steals 2 more lanes plus the nvme also runs away with 4 lanes the gfx card muzzles in and gobbles up 16 so when i added a thunderbolt card that came with the board i suddenly noticied my gfx card was running at x8 instead of x16 because the thunderbolt card also took 4 lanes. with the 6950x i have 40 lanes so plenty of room for everything as long as i dont go sli in which case id be back to square one with atleast one of them running at x8. some boards use a special chip for multiplying pcie lanes but it does take a toll on performance so i havent seen many of those lately. still with the 6800k i had to either disable the extra usb3 ports or the onboard wifi if i wanted an nvme and i dont normally use a ton of usb3 ports but dragging a cable for my internet into my room ment 20m of cable so i opted for the wifi so instead the extra usb3 ports were turned off.
  11. doh i remember now i actually had an E300 laptop myself at some point mine was from asus and came with win7 32 bit though it could actually run the 64 bit version as well but it was damn slow even with the 32 bit version. so yah i allready went through upgrading it and i remember now that even with an ssd it was a slow starter (not that weird tbh the cpu was ment for the mobile market that it could actually run win7 was pretty fantastic).
  12. yeah even win7 was starting to have problems speedwise with a mecha monster (mechanical harddrive) x), one huge improvement would be smacking a cheap ssd in it and use the old bookweight as a backup drive but since it's a laptop the books need to be light hehe. the E300 is a bobcat series so not exactly fast pr core and it's age "released 2011" means its threading in hazarddous territory even on win7/8 but can it run 10 ? sure will it be fast eh ? nope... some more ram might also help a bit since win10 runs best with atleast 8gb. sounds likely, if your gfx card is pcie 4.0 though some pcie 4.0 cards actually run better in pcie 3.0 heh.
  13. can be a fun project (or drive you to madness) it can be fiddly to get the cards to work together i can attest to that having used an old nvidia card as an accelerator for my no longer used amd R9 290X. when it works it works beautifully but it does not really make sense for games that dont use physx.
  14. yeah at some point several years ago they gimped the physx driver so it could only run with GPU acceleration if no amd card was detected, as expected they got quite a boatload of flak for that move but it persisted for some generations of the physx driver before they removed it again.
  15. oh it is indeed possible could even use an old nvidia card like the 6600 gtx as a physx accelerator but the drivers can be hard to get to live together
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