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  1. socially engineered to accept ads... nope not gonna happen bit unsettling though to get this from mozilla
  2. my current phone (huawei p20 lite) sadly has a locked bootloader which you need a token from huawei to unlock so it is a bit more of a problem to root than the old samsung (brute force does not work with this model do not try).
  3. quite a bit more life in the old hardware than most would imagine, new features are mostly good but not allways as was seen over the years (example intel started using TIM internally in there cpu's instead of soldering the chip to the IHS the result was way worse thermals and subsequently the chip could not reach higher clocks) they finally got the hint but it took about 10 years and now all the higher end intel cpu's are soldered again. example from UEFI while mostly a nice change it turned out corsairs ICUE would break some UEFI bioses (i had that unfortunate experience with a PC i built for a friend). My old intel 3930K is still happily chugging along with an OC of 5.2 ghz on air newer hitting 80 " which is an OC of 2 ghz it runs 3.2 ghz when not overclocked by comparison my devils canyon 4790k which is a good deal newer can barely do an OC of 200 mhz before it hits 95 " with a liquid cooling system... by comparison the devils canyon runs 4 ghz standard so a bit faster than the old sandy bridge but even at stock the devils canyon only beats it in single thread applications despite having a higher clock and not by a lot.
  4. considering the beastly performance of todays cards it had to drop at some point, not to mention getting a case where that 4090 ti will fit i also need a nuclear power plant to drive it hehe. it is quite funny AMD was allways known in the past for power hungry toasters when it came to gfx cards but no AMD card today holds a candle to the 4090 in power draw not even the R9 295 Xt which had a rather ( blow your fuses ) attitude the 4090 can go up to 800 watt power draw!!! that is insane and just shows how powerfull a card has to be to drive an 8K monitor. but here is something rather scary the AMD rx 7900 xt can match it if you remove the restrictions on power draw ( a guy tried that out recently ) with a hacked driver. the card needed a tripple fan liquid cooling system but that was all and it stayed at 45" while trading blows with the 4090 ti holy sh..
  5. oh they are supported you just have to lower your settings untill playable in most cases the difference in quality is minimal from ultra to high/medium but not allways, and in 4k it really stands out if it does not look well.
  6. yep that thing was a monster sadly it does not support the things needed here in denmark or i would have been all over it had an older samsung which i rooted and installed my own distro on while not a "brick" like the nokia it was atleast not burdened with data stealing apps and i could use it for banking etc. sadly the the connection for the charger in the phone broke and it was to expensive to get it fixed.
  7. i use f-droid myself and dns66 to block unwanted crap from accessing my phone. but ill have a look at the app you mentioned to . besides i dont use a slew of things on it, sadly in denmark you have to use the phone for allmost everything official unless you want to do stuff the hard way with keycards and tokens, nowadays we use it for banking (fingerprint needed if you dont want to use a token) and for any access to official instances (myid same crap as as above fingerprint needed). and still they get hacked... tbh i cant remember how many times some official instance have leaked private user data and if they dont leak it themself the data gets stolen... welcome to the new world hah.
  8. As for the clever way of getting the light angles for proper bumpmapping normally (atleast in the old days before shaders etc.) you had to use per pixel lighting to get proper moving light sources, quake did not support anything but ambient at the time which were static lightsources so some of us got crafty and hacked together real entity lights using per poly collision as a model. The result looked insane but it was really i mean REALLY heavy to run (tbh i doubt any card today could run it at 4K resolutions without going up in smoke and embers, no not even the 4090 ti). This was ofc not nice so we brainstormed it for some time and came up with an idea to use the players position to calculate the light offset, the result was quite a game changer at the time where the old code could barely run at 30 fps at 800x600 resolutions the new code could run it at several hundred frames per second at 1980x1200 on a geforce 3. I tried out the old engine on my current 1080 ti card and i actually had to limit the framerate it ran that fast.
  9. also it is the old edge the new one also does not play 4K content and no other browser can. the netflix app should be able to play 4K if you have the premium package but you might need the HEVC codec before it works (this used to be free but you can get it from windows store for a small fee now). vlc should be able to do 4K but i heard rumors about massive lag spikes. smplayer also does 4K (this is the one i use) and so far i had no problems with 4K content whatsoever. using kodi for your streaming -> forget it... the plugins use widewine drm and it can only do 1080 on windows.
  10. tbh im pondering rooting my phone and installing something which "I" have control over... p.s uninstalling that app was a nightmare in itself hence the steamroller
  11. heh yeah lately there was a major debacle here in denmark because of childrens app that turned out to expose everything from family meetings to your bank account, worse it did not only spy on them when they were playing but the mic and camera actually sent real time data streams to the developer and it could not be turned of by any means other than rolling the phone over with a steam roller .
  12. also 4k looks great when setup correctly but it is also the most annoying part of playing in it... -> need to setup HDR brightness/contrast correctly or everything looks washed out, win10 does have a HDR setting for running your desktop in 4K but it tends to disable itself if a game you play does not support HDR to begin with making things look weird at times. You also need to enable scaling of the desktop as otherwise the text gets to small to read and the icons are allmost impossible to hit with the mouse. i use a 42" smart TV and have scaling set at 175% win10 actually sets it to 200% but thats a bit big for my taste win11 has auto HDR so it reenables desktop HDR when you exit a game atleast. Also if you play on a TV like i do 4K gets quite vonky in movies if you try to use full rgb mode (blocky/noisy video playback) this is due to the fact that most movies you can stream are not actually 4K even when advertised as such and get scaled up, in fact only one app in win10/11 can play real 4K content and that is the netflix player and only if you have the premium package. this is caused by microsoft removing the codec needed for 4K playback due to the film industry complaning about people who (might) be copying there 4K content so they were forced to remove it before win10 hit release. the old edge could also play 4k content but this has been removed in the new edge and no other browser can play 4k content now. you might get lucky and find the codec somewhere on the net but take exceedingly good care cause you might get more than you barganied for (malware / virusses -> other nastiness).
  13. indeed... my old R9 290x still kicks ass in pretty much any game at 1080 with its 4g ram where it starts to cough is at greater resolutions as the vram usage skyrockets in 4k. my 1080 ti runs most titles quite fine in 4k due to its 11G vram but coughs a bit on titles requiring dlss most games do atleast support both dlss and fidelityfx so i can get away with using fidelityfx and still be able to play it though not with 60 fps (dips to about 45 fps with fidelityfx and raytracing in callisto protocol at 4k). though most competitive gamers dont want to go near a card that cant do 60 fps minimum i honestly cannot feel the difference as it runs quite smooth even at 45 fps but im not the youngest anymore so that might be why . at 1080 resolutions the 1080 ti is a beast still and flings a bit over double the performance of the R9 290X while staying a lot cooler so i could actually OC it for a bit more performance. the 3060 ti is about the same performance as the 1080 ti but has less ram so wont actually do so well in 4k but you do get dlss as a bandaid.
  14. probably not going to run that flawlessly but this is what i get in superposition at 4k underclocked even. card newer hits 60 degrees as you can see and it still manages to get allmost 60 fps minimum which is rather good when compared with similar cards. the only game atm that really goads my current setup is the callisto protocol where i get around 45 fps at 4k with high settings, considering that this is on a 4970k devils canyon from around 2015 (same with the board) id say i manage ok. the card had some rather nasty goo (and plenty off it) used as tim so i replaced it with kryonaut and the thermal pads have all been replaced with gelid pads. also discovered that gigabyte cheaped out a bit on cooling the ram as half of them did not even have thermal pads so i corrected that and it has been running really stable since.
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