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  1. not sure it was there smartest move to discontinue there QA department in retrospect when things like this happens, but yeah i also seen numerous reports from testers who have machines that there own program says are A ok but which do not want to install it anyway.
  2. well heres something rather interresting for wsl https://opticos.github.io/gwsl/ seems you can indeed run the linux desktop on win10 now.
  3. could also be the tpm module needs to be enabled in bios, not all systems have it on by default i found.
  4. i heard a rumor that 11 would possibly only work with the latest cpu's, if that is true then that might explain why you cannot get it installed even if the tool says everything should be ok, i would be in the same boat then
  5. Aye that has been a problem since uefi even with win8 and worse in 10, windows has allways had a nasty way with there filesystem but it became a real nightmare when the bootloader defaulted to another partition it would sometimes screw up and put it on an ass slow mechanical harddisk instead of the drive the "C:" partition was on
  6. compared win7 standard uefi bootloader about 45 secs here to with the win8 bootloader it starts in 3 secs Oo booting win10 takes allmost the same as 7 with the old bootloader atleast on my machine which is pretty old > 10 years. It still has enough horsepower to run even the latest games without sacrificing to much, unfortunatly my R9 390 went up in flames so now im stuck with an 970 gtx with half the ram though it does an ok job but on some of the later game titles i cant crank up the resolution because of it. luckily i can get a tpm module for my board so win11 is a possibility down the road but im perfectly ok running 10 untill all the bugs are squashed (there are allways bugs hehe)
  7. not every aspect, true it should be more secure but faster than 7 ?!? not really, it all depends on what hardware you have ofc. And the only reason some hardware runs 10 faster than 7 was that 7 had a rather immature version of the new uefi bootloader, install the bootloader from win8 (yes it does work with 7) and watch 10 get its ass handed to it. The addition of wsl and the ability to run distros directly from within the OS was a major win for win10 though, but you can only run the console applications by default because windows 10 lacks the X11 window manager. You can install this yourself (vcxsrv) and a few of the gui elements do indeed run but dont expect the linux desktop to suddenly appear .
  8. earth will still be here we and a good deal of other species as a whole wont... im old enough to have seen the changes in climate and they are by no means subtle.
  9. also remember you need a tpm module for win 11, most newer boards today have that as a standard and some older boards can take one but prices for these are high atm due to the chip shortage.
  10. the good ones allmost allways die to early
  11. i think id prefer just about anything... else after playing biomutant
  12. loads of bugs (the kind that bites not engine bugs atleast xD).
  13. well i know of quite a few false positives it does suffer from (anything remotly related to gcc etc. atleast versions made before we got mingw-w64 builds that supported ASLR and DEP and 80% of things that was built using these), but they also trigger most other antivirus engines so in that regard its neither better nor worse.
  14. a built in security solution should pr default be one of the best means to avoiding unpleasantries does not mean it does not have to be on its toes though. luckily defender has come a long way since the bullcrap they touted back in the win7 days, so i feel atleast a modicrum of security with it. that they changed win10 to an ad platform is kinda a letdown though
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