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  1. Dont i know it been scrounging parts for a mediaPC for my bedroom, have an older MSI medion board with a core i7 2600 and an even older geforce 9600GT + a corsair PSU, still need some ram and a cabby and maybe an SSD though i can live with it not being super fast booting and i got a 1TB HD laying around :). As for Alyx some other guy is working on a better implementation for keyboard/mouse setups where all the actions can be mapped.
  2. is actually possible but not very easy to play half-life alyx without VR you need https://github.com/r57zone/Half-Life-Alyx-novr and some stuff can be rather hard to do.
  3. my bad was another game sadly wheel of time is not on gog. most bugs can be fixed by following this https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/The_Wheel_of_Time which also has a link to the d3d11 renderer. If you prefer glide to get the old and dusty feeling get nglide which works like a charm with it. the quicktime cutscenes do not play on win10 though some report that it does for them with the fix from the site above (depends on win10 patch level i think). If the game crashes at startup this is the bug i get and the only way around it is to either delete the movie folder (if copi
  4. https://imgbox.com/XHCaFkGk wheel of time with d3d11 and bumpmapping SSAO HDR etc. not bad for a game from around 1999 eh
  5. P.s only problem so far with wheel of time is that the quicktime movies crash the engine on win10 even with the quicktime fix so i had to remove them which imo kinda sucks because a good deal of the story comes from those.
  6. actually quite a lot of the old sprite based engines have engines that run on win10 today, most of the build based games like blood (which took bloody decades to get running on modern os) duke3d shadow warrior etc.
  7. hehe yeah i remember all these ports like the old boom port there was even one based on the quake source code (vavoom i think it was named) it allowed playing from wad but you could replace the sprite models with real 3d quake models which incidently dont look all that good today risen was one of the more advanced i remember, zdoom was another as well as the doomsday engine.
  8. the gog version still runs pretty well on win10 and you can now get a directx 11 renderer for it which helps somewhat with the dated visuals.
  9. Well got a ways to go before that, in denmark you can only go on pension if you're from my time at the age of 69 (unless you are as rich as bill gates) and the younger you are today means this gets pushed even farther. The youngest people here today will only leave the working force feet first so i kinda feel bad for them.
  10. probably one of the first 3rd party unreal based games and it was newer widely known still it was fun though you had to do a lot of planning at times due to the complexity of spellcasting in it. The story is kinda a preample to the series so you wont see the dragon reborn in it, instead you get a bit of backstory.
  11. wheel of time but this time make the whole damn series dammit!!! also needs a better way to select spells the way it is set up it is allmost impossbile to select a spell before you are dead hehe.
  12. The old dogs like us who know how to hack it when microsoft does something we dont like might have this down to an art bit more problematic for the avarage user these days. For me the 80's was a time of change i was growing into adulthood and needed to find my place and what i wanted to be. Things didnt pan out to well because of bad descisions taking a scholarship as a radio technician which a few years after was made allmost obsolete when the industry settled on creating cheap hardware which ment that the price of getting it repaired was most times larger than simply buying new. Got by in t
  13. Both good and bad with that id say after microsoft decided to just force updates you are now facing inherent system failures because of unstable and not thorougly tested system updates, and then there is the idea they had with making the OS into an ad driven mess. Hell i could sorta get behind it if win10 was a free OS but it is not... Weather "has" been getting odd in the later years, just here in denmark we are either drowning in rain or soaking in our own fat because the temperatures are reaching extremes which we have newer had before.
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