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  1. On a sidenote just bought myself an RX 6800 XT so now im ready for cyberpunk.
  2. Been trying different playstyles also the sign based build is quite fun especially with the enhanced mutations from B&W. Bombs can be quite a lifesaver earlier in the game with northern wind freezing whole groups of enemies if you are outnumbered.
  3. definatly worth going for the grandmaster wolven armor and its the easiest of that bunch to get you can apply up to 3 different oils to each sword with this gear (does not matter for the steel sword though as there is only one oil that applies to that "hanged mans venom") and you can throw bombs without delay.
  4. P.s enemy upscaling will be brutal on death march, the genie on the quest the last wish will oneshot you no matter what you use for protection. I newer tried with detlaff but i imagine he would turn me into this many kibbles.
  5. Well its easier, but you miss out on the best steel sword in the game olgierds. Also if you are a completionist the wiper silver sword can also only be had if you save olgierd. Olgierds sword has a rather funny buff, you can charge it with your own stamina and pretty much onehit anything in the game with a charged strong attack. Carefull though you might kill your self if there are many enemies and you spam it.
  6. Amazing game to bad it newer got the love it deserved my local copy has a huge amount of bugs fixed, but i can only get so far without the source code.
  7. Heh yeah it can feel a bit long in the end but its tons of fun B&W will also have you up against a higher vampire forget about eredin... this guy is trouble as you newer seen before. Hearts of stone also gets you to meet up with your old friend shani and a guy who made some rather poor choices in life (hint he is immortal) and while that may seem cool this sorry fella does not think so cause he sold his soul to get it and got a heart of stone as a bonus. You will beat the devil at his own game nuff said.
  8. they are bedrest royale buffs, after you beat the game you get your own wine estate and a royale bed plus your own alchemy lab. Also dependeding if you do the "turn and face the strange" quest you get a major boost to mutations which has some interresting options like turning ard into a northern wind like ability.
  9. Had Used one of the strength decoctions but it had run out when i reentered the game after turning osd on to get framerates, the white honey is just for quickly removing any potion effects like nightvision which looks rather black/white in daylight. Need to clean my inventory badly hehe.
  10. Game is quite good though a bit of an offshot lovecraftian wise, cthylla ?!? instead of cthulhu so his daughter ( damn his sexlive must be scarier than the actual horror stories about him xD ). Game is mostly detective work though some areas can be dangerous but nothing to serious. Compared with the old dark corners its easy mode, but that one was plagued by so many bugs that it did not matter how good you were.
  11. as for witcher 3 check this out -> https://ibb.co/rZrsNR7 that is with 2 compilers running in the background on 12 threads hence the high temps and everything on ultra besides hairworks at resolution 1920x1080
  12. Me2 bro still playing games as old as the first blood. I dont much care for graphichs quality anyway if a game is thrash otherwise, so some oldies are a mainstay even if they look dated by todays standards. Most games today are locked at 60 fps max anyway so untill recently i did not see much point in upgrading.
  13. AMD cards have a tendency of aging gracefully but it also depends on the rest of the machine. Atleast i got lucky pairing it with my old rampage iv extreme and 3930K and even today it still runs every game i can find with acceptable FPS > 30 though some would prefer > 60 FPS. Its due an upgrade shortly though if any of the RX 6800 XT models get avaliable that is
  14. Hmm besides hairworks being a pain with AMD i have not had any truble with witcher 3 either, i can even play it at max settings minus hairworks on my sapphire R9 390 with more than than 30 fps.
  15. Over some time i been working on adding these changes to stock Doom3 both because it is nice to have a profiler for hunting down bottlenecks (for future modders) and the smp changes help with higher res monitors and also help a bit on some more resource heavy maps. Some time back i had actually added the smp changes but i lost the work in a github crash and im having trouble re adding it as some of the code lacks commenting so it is a bit hard to figure out which parts need to change. So anyone with some time to share is welcome to point out which parts i need to complete it.
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