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  1. Well it seems we do need some of the tools from HPL1 like hplhelper to setup the format correctly for the editor, besides that the only change to collada from 1.4 to latest was the addition of kinematics and B-rep and some FX redesigning, sadly there have been no changes as to how collada exports so even if i update it, it wouldnt help. Later models of the maya exporter plugin can have problems with scaling so need to make sure to set units to centimeters also modo does not triangulate meshes automatically so need to enter geometry/polygon/triple for it to triangulate it correctly. https://wiki.frictionalgames.com/hpl3/engine/model_export luckily i just got all the tools building with msvc 2015 to
  2. The collada version included is actually fine though its lacking a few things like rotation support, the main problem atm is that the newer versions of collada relies on a rather old minizip version. If keeping with the needed minizip version is not a problem it should be possible to update it, though the HPL version uses a specialized version of it with different function names so porting it might take some time. Not even sure if it would gain us anything as the old version is just as compatible with blender (which means not the best but useable with some tricks) as the newest just has a few less functions which the game does not use anyway. Only problem i had so far is sound getting a little choppy at times, but this might be due to the openal version included is the original one from creative and not the opensourced one.
  3. https://wiki.frictionalgames.com/hpl2/third_party_tools/3d/blender This should help you get set with using blender for the penumbra HPL1 engine. And heres my build https://sourceforge.net/projects/cbadvanced/files/penumbra overture/redist.7z/download just unzip it to the penumbra overture game root overwriting the existing binaries. If you have problems starting the game you might need the msvc2015 runtimes. EDIT: the sources will be uploaded later when im done cleaning them up.
  4. Got the demo of penumbra overture and it runs fine using my newly built version the tools however seem to be missing some assets. I recompiled ogg vorbis anglescript and theora with msvc2015 because the original libraries had been compiled using VC7 and msvc2015 was bitching loudly about it. also fixed a few small whoopsies like including the functional header (needed for std::greater with newer compilers) and the openal wrapper code was missing a needed source file in the project solution leading to a confusing linker error. I started wrapping up the messy solution so that building it will be a lot cleaner.
  5. well it took some time but i got everything besides the HudObjectEditor building with msvc 2015. Unfortunatly i dont have the game itself so i cannot test my builds, but if you like i can send the builds to you. These include the tools and dll's needed (though im not even certain all of the dll's are needed anymore). When i get some better time ill have a look at cleaning up the sources since to be frank its a mess in its current state (dependencies have changed since the original game and documentation is scarce at best).
  6. SSE related problems that where also noted on the github page. stack misalignment when using SSE optimized libraries. Mostly some linux distros that are affected by this and can be fixed by setting AS_MAX_PORTABILITY to on and then recompiling angelscript. The library versions needed for building are provided here https://github.com/FrictionalGames/HPL1Engine/downloads latest angelscript and newton needs porting before they will work with the code because of changes to the api.
  7. Sorry for the late reply, i suddenly had to move from my current lodgings so i been busy as all hell these last few months. Internet will be up again today, im writing this using internet from my smart phone which is not exactly the fastest. Latest opencollada will require some tweaking before it will be usable with HPL1 the biggest problem seems to be anglescript atm.
  8. NP m8 we all have our daily lives. Still looking at the source code, and there might be a few things i need to ask FG so good call.
  9. Trying to hammer something working out of it now seems angelscript also needed some updating. Ill report back if and when i have something working.
  10. Oh its the Penumbra engine used in overture cool. Looks like it uses cmake and Cg shaders, going to have a look at it soon
  11. Im a bit on off these days, (retired) but from time to time i do still code a bit. The tools are all there but the documentation for them lacks a bit, you might have better luck getting help from unityhq since they still work on lithtech stuff. A few of the tools required obscure compilers like borland C++ 6.0 which no longer works if you use win10 so i took the liberty of rebuilding those with the latest embarcadero compiler after fixing incompatibilities they dont get built by default anyway. Not familiar with HPL1 ? but if looking for another engine to sink your teeth into then serious sam engine was opensourced to. -> https://github.com/Croteam-official/Serious-Engine This is the first iteration of it so its a bit dated but it looked ok even for its time and the community has been hard at it adding bumpmapping and fixing other stuff.
  12. Well i was right in regards to not being able to use this engine as an update for NOLF2. The help file even states that it has had some changes that require recompiling the game assets (which we dont have) only a few test worlds and most of the shaders models etc. Its good if you want to build a game from scratch though, so ill upload it to git when im done with it. Then people wanting to use it can just fork it.
  13. Old but still not to bad F.E.A.R used the next iteration of jupiter -> "ex" with some work this jupiter could probably eclipse that since it now has access to the latest dx9. The unfortunate thing for me is while i can probably get the engine upto speed, i sorely lack the skills to create the needed assets (shaders etc.) so im stuck in that regard. Ill probably update the sources to use cmake though. Might also remove the old dmusic crap and replace it with openal. Atleast bink is no longer needed since this version of jupiter uses dshow for the videos, it can still be enabled but would need to be ported to ffmpeg.
  14. Indeed got it mixed up. i done some work on the source and it now builds with the latest dx9sdk. unfortunatly the needed compiler (MSVC .NET 2003) is to old to work with this so i had to do some hacks to get around the lack of sal.h and rpcsal.h (provided dummy ones). next on list would be updating to a more recent compiler but i fear this might not be the most easy task since a lot changed in msvc over the years.
  15. Old post but i thought i would pitch in. The Lithtech Jupiter source code might be the full version but... the source can only be used for mods, it is incompatible with the released NOLF2 game. I have built it with no problem besides having to use a rather old msvc .NET compiler, unfortunatly this version simply cannot run the full game it will crash and burn if you try. NOLF2 used an old version off DX9 the enterprise source version uses a somewhat newer version and there are some assets that needs changing to reflect that. So untill someone with a good grasp on the lithtech engine and artistic skills comes along. the only thing you can do with it would be running some samples and creating mods for the game ( it atleast works well enough to show off your work ).
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