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  1. ooh my bad . "Peeking through door" is a poor choice of word to describe "poking your head around the door to see what is inside the room" . Ultraviolet(UV) thief detection powder is designed for theft detection and the identification of stolen or altered items but i think it's too advanced for an era in which TDM is taking place.
  2. i used to strolling around the r/privacy subreddit from 2018 til 2021 and i still remember the recommendation on file sharing providers & techniques i received from many folks on that sub. Some folks on HN YCombinator forum shared the similar opinion as well . Someone on that sub suggested me to encrypt the file with cryptomator or boxcryptor beforehand and then upload it to google drive,onedrive, dropbox,etc(if you decided to use tech giant's file sharing provider) and the other suggested me to use cloud storage provider like private nextcloud, nextcloud disroot, wormhole app , onionshare, send(dot)tresorit(dot)com or go self host your cloud provider. I'd say that sub and forum is great for privacy minded person. I used to have extreme paranoia when it comes to privacy but i am quite lax now Bear in mind that those providers don't have official support/integration for shareX
  3. i wish door peephole, footprint trap and "peeking through door" feature to be added into TDM
  4. i wish chad channing had stayed in the band longer , the whole nevermind album would have sounded so different especially the drum part. Nevermind is a good album, i used to like listening to whole bleach album until puddle of mudd made a cover of Nirvana's song About A Girl
  5. Does the feature to distinguish readable and non readable books exist in TDM? i know it seems like cheating somehow but i have lost count of how may times i picked unreadable books from the stack of books lying on the table/desk i want to suggest one feature for the next TDM release, this might or might not be considerable & dismissible , How about allowing players to write notes with paper scroll, hiding in the closet, tamper proof document for city watch record room and bank, and make 19th century railroad lantern equipped wth focusing lens available to player?
  6. This sog title reminds me of judas priest - before the dawn , i like the eletctric piano part in that song , dunno what kind of eletcric piano they used.. but it sounds like fender rhodes characterisitically i have searched every nook and cranny on internet but can't find the information on what sort of synthesizer they used for that song
  7. This might have nothing to do with the version of TDM per se, but guard can kill you when you stand behind a locked door ?
  8. i wanna blast metal musics after listening to some scarlatti's works LOL, particularly k.141, k.175,k.517 I remember i had small talk with my economic subject teacher(i described him as both charming and stern guy in his early 40s) outside school hours when i was in high school , i asked him "what sort of musics did you listen back in your college days?" then he replied "ooh i primarily listened to pop musics , disco , rythm and blues and some classic rock music & metal, i also remember breakdance music was all the rage and got an airplay everywhere". "woah, what metal and rock bands were you listening to?" he answered "well, that's a lot to mention, i listened to a lot of it from '88 to '93 , first you should know that every genre has its subgenres. For instance , metal has dozens of subgenres. I love listening to thrash , speed metal , hair metal and power metal. I suggest you to try to listen to bands like kreator, testament, helloween, megadeth , death and obituary. You want a heavy metal? black sabbath might suits you. I still keep my cassette tapes somewhere in my houses. I began listening to more alternative bands from 1994 onwards" Guess what? i instantly hooked to these bands. The first time I heard obituary - the end complete, it was brutal. The funny things is i never got such exquisite and deep discussion with my music teacher, but i got much classical knowledge from him though lotta stuffs going over my head. oh i forgot, here are some ambient musics :
  9. Yep using ryzen setup for the time being is reasonable given it has more capability to run this game . I am planning to wipe out all games from my elitedesk 800 g3 tower pc and using it merely for development and low power home server. Usually you don't dwell about GPU upgradeability when buying prebuilt desktop until you have to and you subsequently start to think "why did i buy this pc instead of custom-built pc and why did i go <your tiny form factor choice> route" ? . This is happening to me right now LMAO. i become more dissastified with the performance outcome and i am having an urge to enjoy more graphic demanding games. The good news is i went to full-tower form factor so i didn't have to think much about low profile GPUs. But at this point another interesting problem has come up : Finding a right PSU for HP prodesk or elitedesk(especially the one which is rated at 250 or 300 watt) is a major pain since power supplies tend to be proprietary for HP prebuilt PC thus you can't just throw in any PSUs available on the market. The same goes for dell optiplex and lenovo thinkcentre PC
  10. HP Elitedesk 800 G3 with i5 6500, 8gb dual channel , 256Gb SSD and 1 GB VRAM allocated to intel skylake integrated graphics. The result was disappointing, i got all-time low fps in TDM, stutters all time, my lowest fps was 7-8 fps and the highest i can get was 70 iirc. Thinkpad T480(yep i know business laptop isn't supposed to run games and i use it mainly for development purposes) with core i5 8250u , 8gb ram and 512GB SSD : minor improvement from above spec, probably around 5-6% Ryzen 3 3200G APU with 8GB dual channel 2666mhz DDR4 RAM, 1GB VRAM and 512 nvme SSD+ 512GB SATA SSD : able to hit above 60-80+ fps without much effort
  11. how to disable tiny white dot that appears for a second on a center of the screen while picking/hovering over an object in TDM 2.11 ?
  12. wow that's insanely long time, has it been running without reboot? My biggest fears in running PC for a long timeframe are PSU meltdown, CPU stock cooler going bad over time and blown capacitor... *Tangential, i have 18 years old Pentium D and 20 years old AMD Athlon XP PC that have not been powered up for a long time , I'm afraid it will explode when I turn it on
  13. anyway what's your longest system uptime ? mine is roughly 32 days , running eve-ng virtual environment, hyper-v, and docker container for learing purposes i am too lazy to hit shutdown button to cool it down, i want it to be available at any time without having to wait to boot up, i am such a lazy ass
  14. My core i5 6500 with SSD and dual channel 8gb RAM slapped on it barely hit above 80 fps on the dark mod(lowest setting, 768p resolution) , framerate is crazily high on loading screen, sometime it suffers dramatical fps drop on certain spot and freezes for a second and goes back to normal. I have tried playing with all non essential program shut down to minimize background process but to no avail. This applies not limited to the darkmod itself, strange lag spikes also occur when i play decade old games such as far cry 2, splinter cell double agent and SC: conviction, sleeping dogs, hitman absolution and Just cause 2 , all of which could be handled easily by modern intel integrated graphics. I know i have budget to upgrade but i am trying to push my pc to its limit. i borrowed my sister's pc yesterday and tried running latest dark mod on ryzen 3 3200g with 8gb ram and 1GB vram allocated to its IGP , the difference was night and day. Gonna purchase ryzen 5 5xxx with cheapest AMD/Nvidia GPU and this HP elitedesk 800 G3 would be repurposed as my next homelab
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