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  1. Good work. I would use it myself because eventhough I'm not stressed for keys it makes the controls easier if it's nice and close like the delete button to my arrow keys.
  2. What do I do with those settings, do I just paste it into the end of the darkmod.cfg or autoexec.ini?
  3. Nice one. I'll have to try that out.
  4. Ah I see. I didn't see that until now
  5. I suppose your right. The Dark Mod was originally made to be a challenge for those familiar with the Thief games, in terms of difficulty and perhaps lower in accessibility to the newer players. It wasn't meant to be a re-creation of what its like to fight or sneak or stealth takedown enemies at all of those games or to mimick real life in anyway. Its just supposed to put all our skills to the test. With that said, I sorta wish the dark mod took a different turn and made the gameplay and difficulty more organic and natural, rather than always relying on bumping it up by forcing certain rules on myself when playing. Like no tools except lockpicks, no KO's, and no killing any human NPC's, put everything back where it was except loot, and keep being spotted to a minimum by only moving around when the enemies our out of sight if I can help it. Your mod is certainly a improvement by a significant margin because its got some consistency that I appreciate And its also got a whistle and peek through doors Great work of course.
  6. Yes this is what I'm suggesting to. Give extra points for a connection to the lore!
  7. If T1 wins then I suggest people also have the option of doing something with story from the dark mod to make it more relevant to the community.
  8. What happened to the "make a middle mission" option... eventhough someone already made one before.
  9. Yeah ill help you out. Just send me a Pm and link the mission. I'll test it out from top to bottom.
  10. Yes. This is finally about to drop. Congratulations TDM team!
  11. Excellent. This will take up my whole upcoming week, I'll take all my time off to good use testing the latest release candidate and suggest if there's really any problems. The devs are right that the beta sounds like its no longer regressed between introduced features. This is going to make my week!
  12. Biker dude has stellar skill and attitude but he wants more leeway, influence and direction then other creatives are willing to give him. I hope he does come back too.
  13. Awesome. We may actually see this released this month due to the fast testing for this version. I'm glad the major issues are resolved. Good work everyone.
  14. Is this is going to be officially released soon?
  15. Really? What else are you removing now that its being implemented, I thought that would be it?
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