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  1. That site is great. I always knew how Deus Ex was supposed to be larger and more expansive and the realities of game development cut some stuff out, but I'm surprised just how many assets were not only unused but remained within the game files and COULD still have been used if the scripting was modified to incorporate them (particularly audio files like AI barks.) By far though my favorite "cut content" is one I've known for a while. During the chapter where Paul is hiding in his apartment from UNATCO (which is of course the best place to lay low when people are after you), he asks JC to
  2. This game looks rather expensive to make. Still, cyberpunk is one of my favorite sub-genres of science fiction and there's just not enough (good) cyberpunk games/movies out there so I'm quite hopeful this will satisfy that desire. Hell, if nothing else it should hopefully fill that hole that was caused by Deus Ex's lack of a ending to the current series of games.
  3. I assume this is you then? https://reddit.com/r/linux/comments/j91pt8/the_dark_mod_linux/ Lots of responses, good to see.
  4. Ah, my apologies. I do remember reading that bit on their web site, but I just assumed what they were referring to is how with most sites which contain those cookie messages, regardless of whether you click "Accept" or not, the default will be to silently accept regardless. Heck in most cases those messages don't provide an option to reject the cookies, it's more of a notification anyway, so not showing it means the same as clicking accept. Maybe that's the benefit of the extension as opposed to just the filter block list - it essentially clicks yes on those messages for you just in case
  5. I'd like to give a thumbs-up for @STiFU's recommendation of "I don't care about cookies" (https://www.i-dont-care-about-cookies.eu/) It comes in both extension form and as a filter list for an existing adblocker. Whichever one you use, it hides every single "accept cookie" popup and banner notice I've seen, and I've tried it on many sites that I know have the message and it stops every single one. It should be noted that this is all it does - hides the cookie message. It doesn't silently click the "accept" message these things usually have since, as the site states, most of these sites us
  6. Can you just alt-tab to a different window?
  7. I use Adblock Plus, mostly out of habit. I've tried uBlock Origin but it doesn't offer anything that ABP doesn't already do, plus I know the quirks of ABP well enough and I've added several additional block lists as well as custom patterns for anything that falls through the cracks. It works well, that's all I need. I very much wish it wasn't required but the vast majority of the web is unbearably chaotic without adblocking.
  8. So I've been steadily progressing though the campaign, did the prologue and episode 1 first despite having played it before since I wanted to refresh my knowledge of the story. I don't know how far I am through episode 2 so maybe this is answered near the end, but I gotta ask now:
  9. Well it's not like this is my "own original game", but if we're talking about games in a similar vein to those listed, a recent one would be Ion Fury. She's basically the female version of Duke anyway. Doesn't have power armor unfortunately but does have a shit-ton of weapons.
  10. I don't think we can help the Uyghur, at least nothing directly on an individual level. The only thing that will help is if China is less powerful/less influential and hence less capable of such barbarism. At an individual level that basically means buying fewer China-made products where possible. It's actually beneficial even beyond the treatment of the Uyghur to have China brought down several pegs, given they have so many fingers in so many pies around the world. But it's kinda like the battle of climate change - if you just look at the end result it's easy to become apathetic and feel like
  11. I can't attribute it to anyone, but I remember hearing someone from ID once describe classic Doom as being more of a action/horror game, but the horror part couldn't really be represented properly at the time due to primitive rendering technology. So they had humans impaled on spikes, masses of faces embedded in walls and the like, but it didn't sell the horror theme much. But with Doom 3 the tech had caught up so it was much easier to do so. I also liked Doom 3 but understand why the newer games are more popular, because they're closer in style to the classic fast-paced action experience
  12. Oh wow, I remember when the first episode was released. I played it and enjoyed it, but despite ending on a cliffhanger I didn't expect the devs to continue making more episodes. I recall the first episode took quite a while to make so I figured they'd just burn out like a lot of modders with ideas of grand single-player campaigns often do. So that's nice to see. Also the expansion for Doom 3 is Resurrection of Evil and not Return to Hell, but I like that name too.
  13. I haven't finished this mission yet but I find it kinda... odd in a way. It's what I'd consider my ideal TDM mission - packed with areas to explore, tons of secrets, interesting lore and so on. But at the same time it's almost too much. It's very much a city mission in that it's easy to get confused about where you are and where you need to go, the disorientation effect is very real. I'm not sure that's even the mapper's fault to be honest; for all I know it's a consequence of playing too many modern games with objective markers telling me where to go. But at the same time I'm pretty good
  14. To be fair most developers/publishers like to keep their options open, at least publicly. Square Enix has said that Deus Ex isn't discontinued despite Eidos-Montréal being made to focus on other crap. Fortunately the Dishonored storyline was essentially finished with "Death of the Outsider" so we have some closure there. Adam Jensen is going to be stuck in Purgatory until SE decides that there's still a market for immersive sims.
  15. Here's the announcement post for the source code: https://frictionalgames.com/2020-09-amnesia-is-now-open-source/ I'm curious what can be done with the code. It's useful for archival purposes of course, plus it means that it'll always be possible to find a way to run the game on ever-changing systems (especially Linux in which older proprietary games sometimes just up and die on newer distros), also maybe someone will port it to ARM or something. I'd be surprised if the engine can be used as the basis for a new game since it's probably built specifically for Frictional's purposes rat
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