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  1. I have to admit I was a bit confused until I realized I had rebound my crouch to CTRL which is apparently the default key for creep. I thought CTRL was the default for crouch in most games (except some who think C is an acceptable alternative) so I tend to rebind where possible. As for creep I bound it to ALT which works well since it uses the thumb rather than the pinky. That said, I agree a toggle feature would be useful. I just hope it's an option though because I can imagine the number of people writing posts asking "why is my movement speed stuck so slow all of a sudden".
  2. Oh wow. I've been playing TDM since the time it was actually a mod for Doom 3, and I guess I always considered mastering KOs in this game to be something of a rite of passage, given there's always a chance you'll fail no matter your experience. Now you are able to get a visual indication of a guaranteed takedown, which I think is an overall positive but it takes some of the uncertainty away. On the other hand, I will freely admit to save scumming. I would often save before attempting a KO even if I thought it would have a high chance of succeeding. So I'm trading lots of saving in a mission for an animation showing the chance of success. At least there's a cvar to allow for both styles, I like that.
  3. Xolvix


    Shame I have an Australian accent, probably doesn't fit in the TDM universe. Oi cunts I 'erd something. Fucking taffa!
  4. I had a look at the full list and I don't I've played a single game there, not even the oldies like DOTA 2 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I don't think I'm a very good contributor to the gaming economy I think.
  5. Apologies but I don't think I can. All I remember is it first appeared a while back (not sure which update) and I'm pretty sure it was in one of those "Beta testing" threads for the version in question. That's all I can remember, apart from seeing the report once.
  6. I've noticed this bug was introduced a number of updates ago and I think it's been reported as I remember reading the same comment in another thread, but given it's mostly aesthetic and extremely quick I don't think priority has been given to fix it yet. HOWEVER... around the same time this bug was introduced I did notice that sometimes, if there's a guard in your area looking at you but you're hidden in darkness, but you save then quickload, the guard will sometimes react that they've noticed something. If you quickload again then generally they won't react. Basically I wonder if that brief flash you are seeing also affected the global illumination when it happens and as a result it also affects gameplay because it reveals your location for a split second.
  7. I generally dislike DOF in games except in three circumstances: (1) in-game cinematics, (2) characters engaging in conversations with someone, or (3) some sort of in-game menu system. Basically so long as the depth of field is being used in non-gameplay parts of the game, that's completely fine and often enhances the result. But TDM is virtually all gameplay and doesn't have such systems, so all DOF is going to do is make the game harder by making things in the distance less clearly visible. All that said, I ain't got a problem with it being integrated into the engine. There's a handful of missions that do have cinematics, albeit small ones, so it'd be kinda cool to see it being used in such situations.
  8. Depending on what it's using, if it's simple enough it should be able to run using Mono on Linux though. Look at how KeePass 2 runs on Linux to see how to run a .NET application in Linux (specifically the Other Unix-like systems section): https://keepass.info/help/v2/setup.html#mono
  9. If you're asking if I have the ability to make GUIs then yes, you can literally draw them using Qt creator/designer. If you're asking if I'm going to do it for the purposes of this project, probably not right now as I've got barely enough time to play TDM as it is. I just don't think that website development translates well to desktop development. But you are right, these days you'll certainly find more people in general able to do UI development using web-based technologies, so in terms of the availability of people it most definitely has an advantage over traditional native apps. BTW, that joke about rewriting using Rust is because it's basically a meme in the programming community to rewrite old codebases in Rust because it's more secure or something like that. Plus it has a lot of fanboys. Just wanted to address the confusion.
  10. Unfortunately this is also the reason we're getting slower applications with greater memory requirements. People don't want to build native applications anymore, they want languages originally intended for web development but repurposed for the desktop via Electron because it's... easier. Somehow we managed to make zippy applications using C/C++ for ages (even cross-platform using toolkits like Qt/GTK) but now that's IMPOSSIBLE apparently. /old-man rant
  11. You've named the Nameless mod twice already. You have good taste. I may as well also suggest Deus Ex: Nihilum. Kinda similar in terms of production values as well as having plenty of voiced NPCs.
  12. Just make sure it's rewritten using Rust, that's what all the cool kids are using these days apparently.
  13. I agree that the mission browser and management functions in TDM are limited due to the nature of the in-game UI. You could implement a launcher component that is part of the main code rather than a third-party tool, and that might be useful because you can then transfer all the mission selection stuff to the "launcher" which by using the desktop windowing system, will have much greater opportunity for flexibility. Unfortunately it won't integrate as nicely into the TDM GUI itself though. On the other hand... you could just redesign the entire TDM GUI. Smaller fonts, push menu elements out to the edges of the screen a bit more to allow for a greater density of info in the middle of the screen for the mission browser. That kinda sounds like a major task though.
  14. I guess the issue is that The Dark Mod is just the one executable. It doesn't have a launcher since the means of browsing, downloading and launching missions is all integrated into the same program used to actually play the game. Which I kinda prefer due to its simplicity, but I suppose it does limit the number of extra features you can shove into the GUI. Technically I guess there's nothing stopping anyone from making a separate launcher. The code for reading the mission server, acquiring missions, unpacking and reading mission metadata is all there anyway. One could build a GUI application that would then allow the extra features you wanted, plus the information density would be much greater compared to the in-game browser. Even launching missions would be easy since you'd just have to change the currentfm.txt file and then launch TDM as normal. So yeah. Someone could write that I guess, as a side project...
  15. Oh man. I have a lot to say about Invisible War but I think this dude summarizes most of what I think much better than I could explain: Also if you do intend to play Invisible War at some point, please for the love of God, install this unofficial patch after installing the game: https://www.moddb.com/mods/deus-ex-2-visible-upgrade/downloads/visible-upgrade-full-edition The quality of life improvements are so significant it's basically mandatory on modern systems. It adds widescreen resolutions, removes the pop back to desktop between level loads/quickloads, adds some really good community texture packs, and so on. If you go and look up screenshots of Invisible War, it's actually quite fascinating just how much variation there is between pre-release screenshots made during development and what was actually released. There is a particular screenshot that shows what is clearly a PC-centric HUD kinda similar to that in the original Deus Ex, which makes me think the decision to make the game cross-platform with the Xbox was not in the original design and perhaps came from Eidos management. Unfortunately the exact screenshot I remember well but seems to be partially lost to the Internet as it's REALLY hard to find. I'll keep looking. EDIT: This isn't the image I'm looking for but it does show the HUD I'm thinking about. If only they didn't experiment with the eyeball HUD they ended up with...
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