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  1. It's worth nothing that you'll be able to put Windows on it if that's your thing. If the marketing is to be believed it's a full-blown PC with all the flexibility it affords. In some ways I consider that more interesting than the gaming aspect.
  2. There's also the potential for destroyed or at least damaged reputations. I don't know about anyone else, but in my experience I've found myself disliking people I used to respect, whether that respect came from things they've said in the past, or perhaps things they made and shared on the forum and community. People who normally seem perfectly well adjusted, friendly and welcome can have the absolute worst opinions about certain groups of people that are completely unjustified and extremely hateful, that you wouldn't have even realized they held unless they were provoked into a political discussion. Now I'm not talking about anyone in particular here; this forum is generally one of the better ones, but it's just something I've noticed about political discussion on the Internet - it seems to bring out the worst in people (not always, but often enough).
  3. Hey guys I haven't been here for a few weeks, what's being going o...
  4. I generally dislike TAA/temporal antialiasing because so many games implement it badly. It does do its job pretty well but as mentioned before, it creates a subtle ghosting effect during motion that plays badly with my eyes. In many cases if another antialiasing method isn't available I'd rather go WITHOUT antialiasing than suffer with TAA. That said, implementation is key. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has temporal antialiasing that seems to be reasonably well done and doesn't bother me as much as some other implementations. I suspect it also has a lot to do with the scenery. Far Cry 5 has TAA as an option and it blurs the shit out of grass/foliage in motion and really gets distracting. DXMD doesn't have much in the way of grass and fine scenery and has more suburban, lived-in architecture, so maybe that helps. TDM would be closer to rendering more of the latter so it could be tolerable, but please if you ever do it, keep the classic MSAA that's already there (which I use at 4x with no real problems).
  5. Damn, I remember hearing about Sir Taffsalot's story a while ago as well and how grayman made a mission in his honour. This sucks.
  6. As others have said it is most definitely possible for the AI to relight torches. It is a bit unusual for it to be the mapper's choice whether the AI can relight a torch or not, rather than the player being able to force the AI to do so (or not) under all circumstances with a menu option somewhere. It's certainly a surprise when it happens though, and definitely increases the difficulty if you don't knock out the guards (or are restrained from doing so due to the objectives).
  7. I'm 38, don't feel like it though (feel much younger, but who doesn't I guess). First computer we had was a Commodore 64, then later an Amiga 1000 and then 2000. The Amigas made quite the impression on me in my formative years, but unfortunately it didn't last forever and we finally moved to the PC era in I think 1994-95.
  8. Looks good, can't way to play it! Quick question though - those soft shadows are some of the nicest I've seen in TDM screenshots. Which shadowing settings were they set on (stencil or maps, shadow quality) and is it playable or requires a beefy machine? I've been sticking with hard stencil shadows (i.e. Doom 3-mode) for ever so I'm wondering if it's time to take the leap.
  9. @randomoneh Can you provide any more info about the screenshot? I assume it was saved with a filename somewhere, so maybe the filename is a clue? If you can find out when the screenshot was taken it might help narrow the timeframe as well.
  10. I was bored and tried searching for the image, but an image search using both Google and Bing failed to find anything directly matching it. It could be a developmental image that's on a site that's not being crawled by search engines or blocked because it's only open to donators/fundraisers. I even tried looking at many screenshots of various retro-flavored games but still nothing. There's some similar-looking retro stealth games in development, but not a single one has that distinct lighting icon at the bottom left that would confirm it.
  11. Still rocking my GTX 970. It's old but it certain has legs, and for the stuff I play it's normally quite good since I'm still on 1080p. The only game that's been able to brutalize it even on low settings has been Cyberpunk 2077, but my enthusiasm for that game has gone a bit timid at the moment so it doesn't bother me that much. I will eventually upgrade, but this isn't a good time for such purchases. I just hope it doesn't blow up and I need to purchase something quickly to replace it (knock on wood). That being said, I still run TDM using stencil shadows with no soft shadowing because things will start slowing down if I bump it up. But if I'm honest, the other reason I don't bother with soft shadows is because I can't for the life of me decide whether to use stencil or shadow maps! Stencil + hard shadows is classic Doom 3 which I like. If I'm gonna move to soft shadows though, I may end up waiting until the TDM devs decide which shadowing tech they want to solely rely on.
  12. Xolvix

    Free games

    https://www.gog.com/game/shadow_warrior_complete This game has been free for a while actually, it went permanently free since the preorder of SW2. I hadn't bothered with it though because I had played it in DOS/DOSBox back in the day and wanted to use a source-port similar to EDuke32, but while there were a couple of ports they all had issues and/or were abandoned after a while. Well it turns out the EDuke32 folks were working on their own engine variant called VoidSW, and it appears that it entered public beta at some point in the sysnthesis builds of EDuke32: http://dukeworld.duke4.net/eduke32/synthesis/. All you need to do is downloaded the latest build (which will have a new voidsw.exe binary), dump the Shadow Warrior files into the directory you've extracted the build into (after installing the GOG game somewhere), and run it. It's not perfect (some issues with the menu for me), but it feels pretty robust and with the EDuke32 people working on it, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that it works well.
  13. @Gadavre, please understand that despite what I think are genuinely good intentions, when someone come into a forum and their first posts are them beating their chests, boasting about their programming experience and shows an adversarial tone towards the project by calling it a beta when it's not and using phrases like "Only a competent programmer can help", do you really think is a good-faith means of eliciting help? You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. I hope you are able to resolve your problems.
  14. What version of OBS are you using, is it the latest (26.1.1)? Also is OBS encoding using whatever AMD's GPU encoder is called or is it using raw CPU? Might be worth logging CPU and GPU utilization when recording, maybe when the slowdown occurs something obvious will crop up on the logs. Maybe RAM as well, in case there's a leak somewhere. Also: I know some people don't like reinstalling Windows that often but damn!
  15. Perhaps I'm just seeing this from the viewpoint of a player and not a content creator. I wasn't going to speculate on what artists think of contributing to an open-source project, but it seems like projects such as TDM have done pretty well so far for what is a niche game to begin win. Is there any evidence that someone has wanted to contribute assets to TDM but stopped short because of the lack of encryption? It appears this is all in relation to a Discord discussion which I haven't been following so I'm probably missing some context, but still.
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