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  1. Perhaps I'm just seeing this from the viewpoint of a player and not a content creator. I wasn't going to speculate on what artists think of contributing to an open-source project, but it seems like projects such as TDM have done pretty well so far for what is a niche game to begin win. Is there any evidence that someone has wanted to contribute assets to TDM but stopped short because of the lack of encryption? It appears this is all in relation to a Discord discussion which I haven't been following so I'm probably missing some context, but still.
  2. TDM is an open source project, and as such there are certain ideological aspects that tend to come with such projects. Not everyone cares about that of course, but the idea of copy-protecting resources in an open source project doesn't really go down well. It's the kind of idea that tends to be a part of corporate/proprietary software, not a free and open project. I'm not sure how widespread the abuse of freely provided assets in different projects is, although I've definitely seen it happen. It's something of a balance between the interests of the artists and that of the project. If you'
  3. To be fair, the fact you're checking the Linux version of tdm_installer also makes for a strong suggestion of the technical type. In any case, play TDM, it's a good way to deal with the (hopefully short) lockdown...
  4. Well I tried it out. Did some comparison between 2.08 with my customized settings and 2.09. It inherited my settings and looked identical (as expected), so I renamed my config and allowed the game to recreated a fresh one for comparison. It was brighter until I remembered gamma was still set to 1.2 by default even though the color correction was now disabled - setting it to 1.0 made it look better and similar to what I had set before. Which leads me to a question - the default in 2.09 are now as per this post (which is also where I got the idea to reduce gamma to 1.0). I don't have 2.08 a
  5. I apologize but I'm still a little confused. The changelog suggests the color correction stuff has been disabled in 2.09, yet you also say the menus in 2.09 may look blown out if the "color curve" post process settings are modified (i.e. color correction). As for sharpening, I'm curious to see what it'll look like even at 100% render scale. I just hope the default scaling setting isn't too dramatic and doesn't cause artifacts.
  6. I'm tentatively excited about doing this update, although I will have to wait until I get home. Only reason I'm tentative is due to the massive number of under-the-hood changes, but I guess that's what the beta testing is for. Couple of questions though: (1) As per the changelog, "The additional color correction that got included into 2.08 has been disabled". What is the reasoning for the reversal? I'm fine with how 2.07 worked and I'm happy I won't have to tweak postprocess settings again, but I'm curious what the official reason is for walking back the code. (2) There's a sharpenin
  7. Having followed this mod/game for roughly 8 years or so, I have to say that the general quality of first-time submissions from new map authors is really, really good. I don't know if the increased availability of tutorials and other resources has contributed to this, improvements to the editor, or maybe just a desire to keep standards high, but I am impressed with almost every new author's release these days. If I don't like a map it's generally due to the gameplay not being my preference rather than the quality of the map itself.
  8. Another trick I read somewhere - if you want to know whether a game's FOV is comparable with the FOV you expect, you can try this technique (only for first-person games): (1) Set the game's FOV to 90 (2) Find two relatively long walls that join into a 90 degree corner and back yourself into the corner, facing out (3) If the game is correctly using 90 horizontal FOV, you should only be able to have one of the walls on the screen at any given moment. At a listed FOV of 90 in the menu, The Dark Mod fails the test which means it's not actually 90 degrees. I've also found that GZDoom,
  9. The only issue I have with upping the FOV in some games is that it can narrow the things in direct sight, which may or may not "cramp" the main areas of interest even if you are getting more peripheral imagery. Having said that, it seems like different engines can have different effects when high FOVs come into play. I have found that I need at least a 90 FOV (actual, horizontal 90 FOV) at a minimum before I'm happy, but even then I've noticed some games with an FOV of 90 seem fine while others feel like I'm too zoomed in. For example, Deus Ex 1 has a default FOV of 75 intended for a 4:3
  10. I'm just looking at the news of all these new graphics cards, and all I can think about is how to get better at OpenXcom. I don't think I'm currently the target for this hardware.
  11. This is interesting because I recently felt that there was something off about the FOV. By default it's set to 90 but the actual FOV seems more like 105, at least from visual comparison to games like Quake 3 when set to such FOVs. In the bug report linked above, @stgatilov has a comment suggesting the FOV is based off a virtual 640x480 screen (so a 4:3 resolution). This makes sense since in Doom source ports it's convention to have the FOV specified by the user mapped to a 4:3 display as well (reference), so while the default in GZDoom is 90, the rendered FOV is also more like 105. An actual F
  12. But that also includes Chromium itself, which Chrome basically is but with a few extra things bolted onto it + branding. So even Google's own browser won't be able to use the APIs if I understand it correctly. It seems to potentially impact Linux users more since Chromium is FOSS. According to this guy, distro makers (or the people bundling Chromium for the distros) were given access rights to the API via keys back in 2013, so this is basically pulling the rug. Personally it doesn't affect me much since I only use Firefox on the desktop and Chrome on Android, but I can see why some Linux
  13. I'd be curious to see if piracy levels rise because of this, if sellers up their prices in response. Of course if piracy is already rampant then it might not make a difference, I dunno. The people who actually pay for games instead of pirating them are probably doing so for other reasons so they may just at worst change their buying habits (e.g. wait for more sales).
  14. That's under the assumption management care. The larger a group gets the more spread out the hierarchy becomes. When NMS was released Hello Games were a fairly small dev group (actually it still is, only 26 employees apparently) and presumably management is fairly close to the devs, so when the game was released to major criticism I guess heads like Sean Murray took it rather personally, but more importantly, maturely. After a couple of tweets they basically went radio silent and worked on improving the game without any media coverage (at least until the major updates were ready). Now No
  15. Thought some people might be interested in this. A fellow by the name Psych0sis recently did a Thief II speedrun for the Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 online event, but he also did a Thief 1 run in 2018 for the summer version of the event. If you like to see classic Thief games broken in style, maybe they'd be of interest:
  16. Probably the original Deus Ex (wow what a surprise, see avatar/sig). The good thing about the game is that it's enjoyable enough to replay on its own given the variety of playstyles as well as just finding new things here and there, plus the GMDX mod gave the game a new lease on life since so many little things were changed and improvements were made. But you can't forget the mysteries, the surprises, the twists, and I'd love to be able to experience all that from the beginning again.
  17. My general preference is to have DRM-free games which have no launcher/platform requirement at all, apart from the operating system to run them on of course. So stuff like GOG or the DRM-free titles off of the Humble store for example. This way my ability to play the game is completely independent of the whims of the vendor. I don't have to worry about service downtime, Internet connectivity to authenticate the game, or the health of my account so that I"m not locked out of my collection of games. The problem of course is that puts almost all of the control within the hands of the user an
  18. Indeed. I should mention that I haven't and won't preorder the game. In fact throughout my gaming experience I've very rarely pre-ordered any games. The last two games I pre-ordered were in fact the last two Deus Ex games, and while Human Revolution was a good pre-order, Mankind Divided was not - too many technical issues on release, had to refund it. After a while the bugs were mostly fixed and it ended up being a pretty good game, but not at release. So I learnt my lesson without being burnt too much. Never played the Clan mod for Bloodlines 1, just the Unofficial Patch. They're poked a
  19. I think that answers my question. I'm enjoying the mission but I could never devote over 10 hours to it, or any other FM really. That's a lot of time to spend scouring for loot. If you have the time available (and the determination) to do than I give you credit, but I guess it's not for me. At some point my brain would starting asking me what I'm doing.
  20. I have a question - assuming people are being honest, how do people even get all loot in a mission like this where loot is hiding everywhere and it's so easy to miss a coin hidden in the dark or a crevasse no normal human would look twice at examining? I can only assume it's done via playing the mission for hours upon hours to check everywhere, backtracking into optional areas and then backtracking again and so on, without getting lost, and still getting 100% stealth. I'm not sure I even want an answer, it's more of a "throw-hands-in-air" thing that I can't master.
  21. I'm fine with jank (eurojank especially). Some of my favourite games have technical quirks and issues that wouldn't be seen as acceptable nowadays and yet are still considered classics. But the continual delays, the lack of any gameplay beyond what was shown in the 2019 E3 demo, the firing (or "letting go") of Brian Mitsoda who did a lot of the character writing for the original Bloodlines and was considered an important part of its development, and so on. Hell they even needed to bring in a consultant formerly from Ubisoft who's sole purpose seems to be to actually push to get the game r
  22. Well I was looking forward to Vampire Bloodlines 2, but there's been so many developmental stumbles so far that I have my doubts it'll have even a fraction of the quality of the original.
  23. I'm definitely a fan of imgur and have had no issues with it for basic image sharing. I especially like the fact it's easy to create links to images and you don't need to mess around with accounts or anything if you don't want to. Having said that, if an image is important to you, don't have it only available on a cloud/hosted service. Keep a local copy just in case. There's always the likelyhood of even a popular site like imgur ending up doing shit like Photobucket: https://petapixel.com/2017/07/01/photobucket-just-broke-billions-photos-embedded-web/
  24. I didn't hate Mooncrash, I just felt a profound sense of indifference. I could see what they were trying to do but it didn't click for me because it was trying to force Prey into a style of gameplay that I wasn't interested in. I got bored and distracted because I wasn't finding things engaging enough, so I stopped. Maybe I'll try it again someday, give it a fair chance once I've dealt with other games I want to get through first.
  25. Oh and Harvey Smith (lead producer of Dishonored) isn't very happy today either:
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