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  1. Isn't the Painters Wife now upto version 3 according to the ingame mission downloader?
  2. I think this is the best haunted mission released, though I'm having some trouble finding the location of the attic. Found pretty much everything else. Its not just you, I can also see pretty much fine and I actually lowered the brightness to compensate.
  3. Anyone notice that the compass is really bright now?
  4. The issue that I see is that the near Bridge street shop/shack is a woodsie Apothecary place but you can't enter into. The key to the door is on the inside. The other issue I found is:
  5. I float above the dumbwaiter in The Painter's Wife, can't ride it down.
  6. The mission was going exceedingly well until the guard is stuck spinning at the open window, and then after the guard was spooked away from the window then the lady of the house got stuck spinning at the open window. Shame because this was a good mission until then!
  7. The hint was to use the map with 'm' but it looks like I didn't recieve one. Should there be one in the starting area?
  8. Its not just the US. Same thing is happening in Sweden. Peaceful protestors get barraged with police, arrested and beaten. But if its afghan or middle-eastern rioters then the police stand down. Extra funds won't solve a issue of weak will i.e liberal egalitarian materialists.
  9. Didn't even have time to finish watching it and someone already posted and replied to the video XD. Anybody who's a fan of Solomon Kane and the public domain audiobooks is alright in my book. Man America is worse than any other place in the world. Blacks and illegal mexicans can murder, kidnap and torture whites in San Franscisco and Chicago, and can then get probation with the only crime they are guilty of according to those states & their judges is being caught carrying a gun. This is what happens when you let materialist leftists be in charge of anything. People where willing to start a civil war 100 years over a new tax, these days outright murder is glossed over.
  10. Correct. This only affects peoples projects who have yet to be admitted to steam.
  11. Valve demands tribute from all their vassals, loyalty without question, death before dishonor...
  12. I've added the font to the wiki, specifically in Font Screenshots.
  13. Give Goldwell the rights to manage the steam page. That should have been the strategy from the get go, the best conceptual or lead designer should be the front man, with a couple of dedicated community managers. Preferably people with experience with that, not just on thief sites but in general. I second the notion on accepting donations but entirely for server costs. Thats fu#$ing badass. +1, people like stuff like that, although thats not the best first impression because we are about stealth. But definitely a portion of a streamlined trailer should be showcasing badassery. Goldwell's first cut is really good from a technical, informational and faithfulness standpoint.
  14. This needs new direction. The promotional material & description needs to be revamped, taken away from the hands of a lead developer and given to someone experienced as a conceptual or lead designer & community relations. It should not be done democratically, because then nothing will ever get done, but rather based on merit within the team. I'm not to fussed about the name.
  15. How does the update play on Crucible Omens?
  16. What about a 64-bit patch and the Mantian monster model?
  17. Not sure if this was changed recently or not but noticed that I can't hear guards coming, until they open a door. Doors seem to be blocking all sound as opposed to 50%-60% like it normally would. I'm fine with doors decreasing sound (particularly for AI hearing), but no sound for the player means I end up getting taking by surprise to a annoying degree and unrealistic, I don't use EAX 4, just the normal settings. Is there anyway to set it back to what it was before or fix this?
  18. Yeah I'm getting the same issue for the second mission, it seems to have generated the world but it doesn't load without crashing to desktop. malloc failure for 134217736 Got a nvidia DX11 1024mb memory card with latest drivers, XP SP3, 2.40Ghz processor, 3Gb ram. Haven't had the issue on other FMs.
  19. I agree, it did feel a bit sparse in terms of things to do (ie no eaves dropping, any decent hiding places besides crouching down on any side of a hallway, no desks/closets to search through) vs largeness of rooms, amount of NPC's and long hallways. Without a map to makes it feel a bit of a back and forth running about and backtrack fest atleast on the upper floor, personally feel it seems a tad pointless to design it in such a way that you spend more time walking than anything else fun. I'm a bit ambivalent about how much stealing there needs to be although I do think some of the rooms could use more decoration to justify their size (larger carpets and more statues would be nice). I'm fine with the cathedral and library as they are (although a bit to much light and I think the library could use more reading material, something more besides one book to justify its size), I'm speaking generally. Gameplay 2/5, Aesthetics 2/5, Story 2/5, Sound 3/5. VFAT2: Gameplay 2/5, Aesthetics 3/5, Story 2/5, Sound 3/5 VFAT3: Gameplay 2/5, Aesthetics 4/5, Story 3/5, Sound 3/5.
  20. I noticed that crouching before landing doesn't cushion most of the sound anymore. I thought that was a nice feature (à la Dishonored), that made sense to me because it reflects how you would land in real life bending to absorb more of the weight, some into your arms and not all at once but landing on one leg, bending your knees as you land on the other leg. How much sound does it block out now? (audio wise it sounds the same)
  21. It all felt rather easy for me this one, except occasionally getting spotted moving into the hallway when someone switched the lights back on. Rather quick to get between the key areas, after doing an initial sweep, and the notes for hints are all in convenient areas near those key areas. The vault was pretty easy for me after knowing what to do with that pipe, although I didn't carry the bags around I figure there was an easier way if I spent the 4 gold for alternate drop point that I could have easily bought. Story and graphically its alright, certainly a bigger map than the ones I've played recently which is I think how TDM should be played. I liked the style of these missions, heists are definitely one of the better kinds of missions because you need to plan things ahead rather than just steal as go (although there is some of that to of course) and apart from novelty of assassination its what I would want out of a mission, I liked the size and more guards in slightly more difficult areas of this one better but it still felt a little to easy seeing as guards take quite long patrols (so minimal observing while doing a sweep, I go through it as fast as possible & seems to work fine) and you already have what you need to take on the 2 guards in the vault so its merely a matter of searching or buying the info to do the planning where to go first to minimize time in the hallways or going to rooms downstairs that serve no purpose apart from getting caught. I don't know how to make the mission harder given the layout, perhaps make taking out the guards not just a matter of gasing and knocking out the 2 down there, thanks for this, I certainly will play the next one if you decide to go further!
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