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  1. *nods While literally true, it would be more one dimensional game-play and not fit the overall theme of being a thief, if we skipped other opportunities that come our way, would it not? ;-) Rest assured I wasn't considering your issues flippantly, but offering condolences point by point would appear argumentative, defensive, or sarcastic, instead of sincerely compassionate.
  2. Thanks for the constructive feedback, it is appreciated! (Also my condolences at the non-standard loot stuff, it's my personal thing, as I get bored with generic loot. I'm right with you though on difficulty finding stuff, or figuring out things on many a mission.)
  3. If you don't find it (and it turns from fun to frustrating), let me know and I'll give ya' more specific pointers!
  4. Yes, you are correct (in part, see below, as it can be hidden in various different places--it's random).
  5. Thanks so much! And separately, I'd missed this detail previously Spring... There's a part I don't recall anyone mention finding, where a hidden objective pops up to be completed (as compared to a hidden objective that shows up from having already completed it), which shows the map in a manner you have previously expressed as something you personally don't enjoy, that was all. :-) It's more out of the way than I anticipated apparently.
  6. Thank you all for very considerate and gracious answers on a sensitive topic. Perhaps naïve (I was called worse in PM), I was honestly expecting, "...authors.txt is out of date, look here instead..."--or perhaps "hoping" would be a better choice of word than "expecting".
  7. Actually I don't understand the confusion, I did make a concerted effort to point out my question wasn't about a specific mission, but did need to provide context of why this leads me to wonder about other assets. That said, I recognize that people often answer what they assume to be the discussion, rather than what is actually being asked. Sorry Grayman to have caused that implication, vice-versa, I was coming from the innocent place.
  8. Only half of responses touch on the question. I'm not asking about a specific image, that discussion already took place and folks declared their opinions, there's no point in re-hashing it. But on TDM assets, since I have no way of knowing who contributed what assets to TDM, there's no individual to PM, as apparently there's no record keeping. Emailing everyone in authors.txt would be time intensive, superfluous and potentially accusatory. I intentionally waited to avoid the red-herring of the other discussion. Which is more worrisome, is there reason to avoid the topic regarding ot
  9. So I don't want to rain on the parade of any specific mission, since the authors are already aware of the issue, expressed their views elsewhere and made their choice. However I saw a stolen image used as a texture--worse, it had been modified to remove attribution, apparently in flagrant violation of the source's attribution-required license. I stopped playing and checked the text files included, and although there was a list of TDM members acknowledged, as well as other textures "thanked", no credits for others' work or that image. In a previous forum thread discussing a bit of this is
  10. Is it perhaps time to unpin this topic?
  11. Which reminds me, some missions can't be started normally with sound difficulty set to "Hardcore". These missions have AI and hard surfaces right at the player start, such that the player is attacked/killed right off the bat. Here are a couple work-arounds to avoid the problem... One, switch to another AI Hearing Difficulty instead of "Hardcore", restart the mission, put your difficulty setting back to "Hardcore". Two, use the "notarget" command prior to clicking to start the mission, then immediately use it again to undo it.
  12. You are welcome, and I just double-checked, this line goes in your "darkmod.txt" file with your map, if you have used these new capabilities and your map would be broken without their availability: With that the map would be prevented from running in TDM versions 1.01 (when the version check was added) through 2.01.
  13. Yes, a lot more sense thanks, and considering I'd googled for some other examples/info/"how to" unsuccessfully, I'm very appreciative. I agree it's complete, but would up the "probably" to assuredly, and I believe there would be multiple different manners in which that could be tediously designed.
  14. Yeah, I've never been that impressed with Turing machines I've heard about (one in Legos and in Minecraft made the "news" for example), as using a highly advanced multiprocessor computer, in an artificially limited fashion, to emulate a simplistic computing system with a fraction of the ability of the CPU of the environment seems pointless to me. I suppose people would be offended if I refer to them as Turing masturbations instead though. But this mental exercise was not for naught. One thing I've kind of wanted with trigger systems I've set up in previous missi
  15. As others have explained, the answer comes down to "cost". However, there's a fallacy here. There's a cost to you, the inconvenience of turning the device on and having it already partially depleted and laggy. What is the cost to you of charging it before that inconvenience would occur? Isn't it zero since you'd have to charge it anyway? I SO hate to ask this because it might be taken as "not nice", but..."Why are simple solutions to problems so frequently overlooked?" ;-) So, you have several choices... One: If you have an Android, Firefox or open source Java phone, hire someone
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