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  1. I played this on Expert and really enjoyed it. I got all 5 secrets but even so, and despite checking round the map again, I could only get 4,941 loot so could not achieve the optional 5,000 loot objective. The total loot is only 5,081, so maybe the loot objective is set a little too high. That aside, I'm looking forward to the sequel(s)!
  2. I have just played version 1.31 on Hard. I can now take the lion statuette and made the loot objective, without finding all of it. I still cannot access the canal area - presumably that is deliberate.
  3. I'm playing the version posted by kingsal above, on Hard. I can't make the loot total. In the plague quarter, there's a which I can get close to, but cannot frob. There's also talk in this thread about loot in but I can't access that part of the map. There's an unfrobbable iron gate to the east of the Market Place, and I haven't found another way through.
  4. The objectives direct me to certain individuals' houses, but the map doesn't say where they are. Where is Franklin's apartment please, and is it readily accessible?
  5. I managed to finish this, on Expert. Apart from some frustrations circumventing the undead, it was great. I have a couple of questions. 1. Is there a use for the 2. I found I could get rid of the "red headlight" undead in the Quarters Thanks!
  6. Just to pick up on some points here: I have seen the BJ video before, the one reposted by AluminiumHaste, quite some time ago. It improved my success rate, but only to a degree. I think I also played an in-game tutorial, again a long time ago. I have my AI settings at Nearly Blind and Nearly Deaf, and Combat Difficulty at Normal (which seems to be the easiest setting). Knocking out non-elite helmeted guards when they are standing or walking on an incline seems a lot harder than when they are on the level. And if you don't want to avoid the undead but dispose of them, other tha
  7. Perhaps I am in a minority in having these difficulties (which weren't solely about the BJ, incidentally). I wonder how big or small that minority might be, and whether any survey has been attempted on what players like and dislike about TDM, whether they be TDM authors or solely players, and whether they have come to TDM via Thief or not. If the minority is a sizeable one, it could be the appeal of TDM is being unnecessarily limited.
  8. I’m sure this will have been discussed before, and I admit I haven’t checked through the other 82 pages of this thread. But I believe, and have done for some time, that the biggest problem with the game is the combat system. I acknowledge that some regard Thief as too easy, and I know TDM has different difficulty settings. But the easiest TDM setting is still too difficult, and in no way comparable with Thief. I’m currently using TDM 2.08, 64 bit, but have also used previous versions. Here specifically is what I don’t like. 1. The blackjack is too erratic. I realise that, just
  9. I had already opened all the doors in the main hallway, and been to the Library, my query was how to open the doors specifically for the Quarters and Prison. For anyone else stuck on the Prison key, on Expert:
  10. I'm playing on Expert, and I'm in the Citadel. I've got the parchment obtained I've been in the Court but cannot get in the Quarters or Prison. Any hints please?
  11. I cannot get this to install properly. I'm using an up-to-date TDM version 2.08, 64 bit. I've tried using the in-game installer, and also downloading it separately from all three of the download sites on the FMs page of the TDM site. The result is always the same. On installing the mission, I get a blank Objectives parchment, and cannot proceed. I have uninstalled the game each time before trying another download. Does anyone have any idea what is going wrong? NB: is there a way of verifying that a download has completed without corruption, other than by trying to install the FM? OK
  12. I have the access code for the number lock that protects the metal door to the Hammerite area upstairs, and it works. But the same code appears to do nothing when used on the number lock that protects the glass doors near a security camera in the basement. What am I doing wrong please? OK, I have just found the readable which gives the correct (and different) code for those doors.
  13. I'm playing on Expert. I can find no clue to the [spoiler] code for the safe in Room 3. [/spoiler] Found it. I hadn't spotted the [spoiler] readable in the same room! [/spoiler]
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