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  1. OK, did all that, entered the hotel via the lower arch, opened the shutter onto the square, went to the old town then via the canal into the church, and this time he was there.
  2. Rather than a complete restart, I loaded a save from before my entry into the hotel. This time I entered the hotel, again before going to the mansion or church, but did so via the river side instead. Having knocked everyone out in the hotel, I then went directly to the church. Coates was there, with Griffin and the 2 body guards. So the bug seems to be linked with the hotel entry method is some way.
  3. I was balcony hopping along the north side of the square and missed one, but landed instead on the ledge of one of the open arches above the hotel's front door. That's how I got in. I took a little damage, but since those arches have no windows or bars I assumed it was a legitimate means of entry. There were two Coates' body guards in the hotel bar, but no Coates. I only discovered later that you could enter the hotel from the river side. I just returned now to the hotel to see if my subsequent entry into his mansion has triggered his appearence, but it has not.
  4. That's right, he's not in any of the three named locations. Presumably, despite Coates enjoying disguises, the player should be able to identify him somehow otherwise they would be repeatedly failing the 'don't kill non-targets' objective.
  5. I have a problem. Playing on Expert, I went to the hotel first. I have done the optional objectives relating to Atkinson, Burns, and Sharpe. I have 866 loot. I'm still getting warning messages about entering the prison, although I have made some limited forays in there out of curiosity. I haven't found the combo for the hotel safe. But I can't seem to find Coates. The first post indicates he should be , but the only people in there are Griffin and two of Coates' bodyguards, all now unconscious. I have also been to his mansion and, as I say, to the hotel, and he doesn't seem to be in any of those places either. Is it me or is something wrong?
  6. In the passage area, if that's the right name for it, in one of the areas outside the mansion there is a tower floating on a rock island a little way off from the other accessible locations. The tower has a single window, with what looks like a semi-transparent blue figure in the window. Is that tower accessible?
  7. No. I didn't put anyone down there except myself, with fatal consequnces! I think both AI were in the 'normal' realm. One was definitely the bald helmetless bearded man who patrols outside the mansion door near the starting point. I dropped him on his plaform area and he 'floated' to the ground with his arms outstretched. There is water all around that platform but I didn't put him in it at any time. The other AI was, I think, a male servant in the mansion. I could go back and see if I can find him if it helps. Arby is the first one I mentioned. In fact he only seems to behave that way if I drop him on the small wooden extension on the west side of his platform, he falls normally if dropped on the stone part or the other wooden part. It's as if the wood isn't there and he has fallen into the water. I haven't found the other AI yet - either that, or he is no longer exhibiting the floating behaviour. But I have found the trophy in the chest that people have been discussing, and I too cannot frob it. Another AI is Harold, a City Watch guy who patrols one area of the dockside. If I drop him on or very near the wooden cart where he patrols, he does the slow 'falling through water' thing. Drop him anywhere else, and he falls normally.
  8. Fantastic mission, thank you very much. I played on Expert. I managed to I had a couple of bodies of people I'd knocked out which, when I picked them up and dropped them, behaved like they were falling through water, even though they weren't. Other than that I don't recall any technical issues. What a ride!
  9. Apologies if this has been asked before, but I can't find it being discussed. Is there a way to open the large rectangular waste containers in the commons area? I've done all the main objectives and revisited a lot of the map. (I'm playing on difficult).
  10. Welcome to the forum! If memory serves, the key to the Eaton manor windows is The other key is I think the crypt key, and I believe that is If I have got that wrong, hopefully someone will put you right.
  11. pax-downunder, there's a readable with a hint. You will need something from I'm guessing you haven't been there yet.
  12. I just came out of TDM completely, restarted and loaded my latest save game, but the safe contents (three gold bars and two purses) do not highlight. I've tried crouching, leaning forwards, leaning sideways, jumping, but no joy. I'm wondering whether I have a corrupt download. If I redownload the game and reinstall it, will I lose my save games?
  13. I'm playing on the hardest difficulty, and have Is that intentional?
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