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  1. Whew! What a great mission. Over 3 and a half hours to complete with 7455 loot and only 3 secrets. I needed to review a video for a couple hints late in the game though. A difficult and challenging mission for sure but very satisfying to complete. Thank you authors.
  2. Oh yes. It's part of a series too! Even better. Thank you.
  3. Um, is this mission no longer available for download? I didn't find it in the TDM download list.
  4. Having great fun playing this mission. Having a mansion to roam through is my favorite type too, very Thief-like. I did not play on hard as I don't like limits on knock outs however. Big chuckle when I ko'd a guard at the buffet table and he had a carrot still in his hand when I dragged him out. Thanks for making this FM!
  5. I'm fairly new to TDM and am curious as to what factors determine a player's stealth score? I tend to be a knock out player and assume the number of KOs I do certainly factor into it. What are some other things that will affect it?
  6. Having just completed this mission on medium difficulty I found it to be one of the most challenging to be sure. I was stuck a couple times but after viewing some online videos I was able to complete it. The only real problem I had was the difficulty in knocking patrolling guards out. Not sure why but I was only able to KO a couple and had to sneak by the others. Found only 1 secret on my own too!
  7. Enjoyed playing both chapters very much. Any news on when Act 3 will be released? Thanks!
  8. Ok, I think I have this sorted out. So I guess I can't just toss a flashbomb any distance like I could in Thief. In TDM it just drops in front of me when it goes off? I wish I could have more control in where I want to place it. Thank you all for your help.
  9. Tried using the U key but still no luck. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  10. I've tried to use them but in each mission I have played I can't get either of them to work. I select one from my inventory but the only key that works is 'R' which just drops them without activating. Wondering if I messed something up in my settings. Something dumb on my part probably. Any help is much appreciated.
  11. Ok, I got it. I missed a readable in the office which pointed me in the right direction. Important to read everything!
  12. Wow, I'm enjoying this mission immensely. Having played the first two missions in the series this one is also lots of fun. I keep exploring and exploring. I haven't played any of the challenge missions yet but I will when I complete the main mission. I have a question about Capt. Edric Sorditch's office:
  13. May I add one more thing? I loved the way mission ended. How cool would it be to use that method of transportation throughout the entire mission. I would have loved to have more areas to explore using that system. I suppose I may have missed some areas as I only found 1 secret though. Please make a sequel!
  14. Just started he mission and really enjoying it. Very immersive. Are their any health potions to be had? I kind of singed myself using a fire arrow.
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