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  1. Making some lava flow and sculpting some rock today.
  2. Siege Shop has a "school" of Arcturus' fish swimming the moat*. They were rotated and resized so there was variation. Then I bound each to a mover on a spline. My WIP pagan village map also has the same fish in a river. They are nice, but would love to see more animated fish. And birds! I need some ravens. *One pass in about a minute or so, swimming upstream.
  3. I have an outdoors / pagan-village map that I have been working on/off/on again since 2011. I never did come up with a plot for it, so this might be a good opportunity to do so. The city gates are shut and the player starts at a drainage pipe, so maybe they will have to seek a cure in the forest. Perhaps they will seek help from the pagans, but at the least will have to enter their territory.
  4. Hmm. I already have a group of AI wearing plague masks in Samhain Night. There's a bit of work that won't need to be done.
  5. Ok. Here's a new version. I'll list changes in a little bit. If nothing is seriously wrong, then this will become the official version. Siegeshop * Current Release March 16 2020. This is likely the final version. Current changes: Minor tweaks to the start area in the cave. New trees and plants in the outdoor area. Added bushes along the moat. Added some (broken) bars to the open end of the moat. Modified the design of the basket for the hot air balloon. Changed the outdoor lights a bit. Fixed some leaky brushwork and leaking light near the key room. Made sure the cook spends more time cooking than he has been doing. Gave the cook a bit more to work with in the kitchen. The cook keeps the guard captain stocked with herb. Added more rain splash to the top floor area. Made the guards to do more than sit down when visiting the loo. Stunk the place up a bit. Gave a snail some purpose in life. Decorated several rooms and under the stairs. Moved a little loot and added some too. Shed some light on the rec. room, so it's a bit harder to venture there now. Modified a few RIT paths. There is a generator room now where there were two dungeon cells before. It has become the duty of the dungeon guard to check the status of the generator. Freshened up some blood. The flies have multiplied. A couple sounds were changed. A few empty mugs were filled, Reverted the workshop to a lighter rock texture. The drawbridge now moves one time only, since multiple uses can f**k it all up. The drawbridge can now be crossed again by AI once it has been opened. Theoretically, the surviving prisoner in the dungeon can now again make it outside if he has a successful jail-break. Whatever else I forgot...
  6. So very soon. I almost made a release the other night, but I have a bit left to do. Stay safe. We're still in pre-rampage mode here in northern Cal, but we'll be having our turn rather soon.
  7. Getting close to an update. I am now going through the whole map and giving it some polish. Fixing things I was never happy with and adding some models here and there, changing some lights, etc.
  8. Here's version 3.3: Samhain Night Changes: Added clip brushes in places where the player tends to get stuck. Changed some textures. Changed parts of the end tunnel. Added a door switch where some players were getting stuck in a room. Changed the total amount of rope arrows in the map. Tweaked some lights and added a couple light sources.
  9. I could not find any issue with the player lantern anywhere in the map. I'll wait for more reports of this issue.
  10. Ok, I will run through the mission and check the lantern in all areas and see if something triggers it to turn off. It's possible that I put a place where the lantern is triggered to turn off on purpose, like it gets blown out, but don't remember doing so specifically.
  11. I haven't found the broken lantern yet, but will check every light source in hidden areas as well as user lantern through the whole mission. Starting to go through and place missing clip brushes to areas where players can get stuck. Particularly where the floor has collapsed. Will add a door switch inside the (certain place) for those who re-frob the (certain item) and jump through the closing (certain thing). Either that or I will disable the switch after one use. I need to decide how cruel I want to be. A second switch will probably be best. Changing the tunnel texture near the end and (maybe) adding a few light sources in the tunnel. That dark rock is just a bit too dark and I don't want to increase ambient lighting. Since there are new textures and models, etc. available in recent years, I'll be looking into updating some things here and there. But I am fine with my "in progress" missions being sent to the mission downloader. The main goal was to add the openal audio support and re-compile with an updated TDM. Updated versions of Samhain and Siegeshop should be completed within a few weeks.
  12. I'm going to go through Samhain, looking for outdated textures and things which can be improved upon. It's quite possible that I will do no more updates and have the recent version be the official. Once I have finished with Siegeshop updates I will look closer at Samhain.
  13. I'm looking for a solution to this, but don't have much hope. That is already in the tdm_sfx_world soundshader. I tried doing it custom with no luck. I also tried raising the volume with no luck. Though... I did this to the basic frob_loot sound. I did not look further for a frob_loot_underwater or such... To be continued... Nope, no such thing.
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