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  1. Yeah, the one place where I (purposely) lax'd the rules for overlapping lights with shadows is the torture area... mostly because of the little fireplace with lights in it to make a poker glow red.
  2. Could you please update the mirrors? I updated the .pk4 on google drive. Thank you.
  3. Thank you. I'll take a look at these oversights and quietly sneak an update. Your comments regarding the front gate as an entrance were discussed, but I only wanted the one way in. The same goes for the second gate just inside. I just updated my original link. I'll have to request an update to the mirrors. I fixed most of the issues listed.
  4. Would it be possible to update the splash/title image with the one from the top of the first post, please?
  5. Edit Menu > 'Paste to (0,0,0)' or similar. Several times I have created something in a mission and then decided to export it as a prefab, but it's a long way from the map origin. Typically I select everything I want and either duplicate it and drag it manually to 0,0,0, or I copy it and move the camera to 0,0,0 and paste to camera. After export to prefab, I then delete what I exported at 0,0,0. It would be handy to select/copy items for the prefab, and then choose to paste them to the map origin before export so they are sane to import into other maps.
  6. Who can help me get the mission database updated? ... Or give me access to edit it myself?
  7. Title: The Siege Shop Short Description: Obtain the secret weapon plans from a small fortress run by a rogue-faction. Version: 5.0 Author: PranQster & lowenz Required TDM Version: 2.08 Version 5 beta testers: lowenz, wesp5, thebigh Download: The Siege Shop Please read the "framerate disclaimer", below. Long Description: East of town, by a pass in the mountains, lies a small fortress. The Builders once used it as a training camp for their archers. Their needs outgrew the small outpost years ago and it was sold to an independent buyer. It is now occupied by a gang of thugs and former city watch. Raids on supply carts near that pass are likely being diverted there. The fort houses a weapons factory, with sounds of hammering, sawing and smithing happening 'round the clock. I need to pay this fortress a visit tonight, to retrieve something another guild member failed to secure. The front gate is not a good way in, but a small cave leads to the rear entrance...so I'm told. A few weeks ago, the local thieves guild was able to get a man into the place, hired as a cook. There were rumors of large siege weapons being built inside the fort, and he was to acquire the plans to any of the weapons he could. He is now more than a week late in returning. The guild fears he has either been caught, or has taken the plans to sell to a more lucrative market. The guild has hired me for an old-fashioned break-in job. If anyone can pull this off, it's me... ------------------- This mission is the fifth release of The Siege Shop. It originated as a tutorial map when I first started working with DarkRadiant. The first release was very rough and gradually improved with subsequent releases. This has been a big learning curve for me and I apologize to all for repeatedly whipping a dead horse. I feel that this version is a vast improvement upon the previous releases, so hopefully players will find it worth a re-play. ------------------- Highlighted Changes: +Outdoor lightning effects +New mission start +More AI +More loot +Goodbye to the elevators; hello to the stairs +Darker/dirtier with lots of texture changes +Lots of lights were changed +AI doing more stuff (and some do less) +Some things long since broken were fixed (textures, z-fighting, AI relations, the list goes on) +Re-designed front gate and workshop cavern +Equal Opportunity Employment +More fun things to see and do +Four-legged creatures here and there +Eight-legged creatures might make an appearance +Several more things moving around on splines +There's a Floater (no, not the one in the bucket!) +New splash screen and loading GUI +New & changed readables ------------------- Framerate Disclaimer: Due to new lightning effects, the frame rate will drop noticeably when these effects are triggered. There is no way around that. It is brief when it happens & hope it doesn't ruin the gameplay for too many people. Lightning flashing inside the building: This will happen while the roof door is open. Just pretend the light came in through the windows. The same goes for the inventor's spectacles, due to the open front gate. Ugly Spider Web Disclaimer: Please ignore the ugly spider webs if you see them. Just use your imagination. Some day I will get proper webs in place of the ugly ones. First I will need to rig something up to prevent lightning flashes on them while the player is in the cave. Regarding AI killing each other: Yes, unfortunately this can happen when two AI decide to use the same path node at the archery range. If that node is occupied, the second archer simply lines up behind the first and lets the arrows fly. This should happen infrequently, but due to randomness, who knows. I suggest a quick-save before going to the roof. That should allow enough time for different path-finding decisions to be made by the AI. Sometimes these guys share a toilet bucket too. ------------------ Screenshots:
  8. under construction... testing links here
  9. Thank you! And thank you for the help with it.
  10. It's pretty much done now. Interestingly enough, a player in another game dropped a hint that siegeshop is ready to be played. So I'll be getting screenshots and release notes ready soon. But first I need to battle with holiday shopping tourists who really don't give a rat's ass about what 6 feet is.
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