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  1. Did you look in the mission .pk4 file for any unique audio files? If none exist then it would be in the TDM sound files. The mission could be opened in DR and the audio file found that way.
  2. Thank you. Clicking on one external window is no problem. I usually have a web browser or file browser open, so it's an easy click.
  3. With the latest git, Mageia 8 reverted to both the Texture browser and Media browser being non-refreshing. This was with wxgtk 3.0.5.
  4. Thank you for the release! When built with wxgtk 3.1.4, I get this: $ darkradiant darkradiant: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/darkradiant/libwxutil-2.9.0.so: undefined symbol: _ZN12wxWindowBase19SetVirtualSizeHintsEiiii, version WXU_3.1 Will try with 3.0.5. As with the previous release, DR runs when built against wxgtk 3.0.5 and the Textures browser refreshes properly with mouse scrolling. But the 'Media' browser does not show a texture preview until its frame is re-sized.
  5. With the new master and 3.1.4, I can browse the textures in both the media list and in the texture browser as well. However, DR segfaults when loading any existing map. I can however create a new map and assign textures to brushes without issue. When built against wxgtk, maps can be loaded and the texture browser scrolls properly and textures can be re-assigned to brushes. However, the 'media' list still does not show selected textures until re-sizing the frame around it. Otherwise DR seems fine at first glance. Will look further after lunch.
  6. I had no better luck with 3.1.4 from github than with 3.1.4 installed by Mageia. I then tried 3.0.5 from github after having uninstalled all wxgtk devel packages provided by Mageia. This resulted in DR not finding 'libwx_gtk2u_gl-3.0.so.0'. This was weird because the 'libwx_gtk2u' libraries in my system are from version 2.8, not 3.0, so even if they are installed they are named wrong in this case. Re-installing the Mageia devel packages for wxgtk 3.0 allowed DR to build and run again, but the problem with the textures refreshing still persists.
  7. I have tried two builds of 2.9.0. The current build and the previous build. Both showed the same behavior, but the previous build had the issue with the segfault. I could have sworn that I had previously built 2.8.0 using wxgtk 3.1.x and all worked well, while I also had these issues with 2.8.0 when built with wxgtk 3.0.x ... at least I believe that was the case. My latest attempt to build 2.8.0 with wxgtk 3.1.x failed. DR 2.9.0 has so far failed to build with wxgtk 3.1.4
  8. Textures can now be selected in the texture browser and changed on brushes and patches without causing a segfault. However, now I can see that the texture browser does not refresh it's view unless I re-size the frame around it. Scrolling the texture window only shows the scrollbar moving and the texture list stays put until I re-size the frame. I also cannot preview textures in the Media browser. I can select them, but the texture preview does not show until the frame around the media browser is re-sized.
  9. OMG no wonder changes to the .ini didn't do a damn thing. LOL. Maybe now I can get the sound working when the s_device is "default" instead of the named card.
  10. So, should I update the text files and call the current release version 6? That might be easiest to solve issues with updates.
  11. Blame that on me for naming the previous release "4.4" instead of "5". As such, I should have released the current one as version "6". Live and learn...
  12. In this screenshot is a hand warming network from siegeshop. The top nodes are path_wait for enter and exit of the rit network. the enter node points to the 5 path_corners, below. The path_corner nodes point to path_turn entities, which in turn target a single path_anim, with its values shown. That entity targets the path_wait entity which is the rit network exit node. None of these entities have any wait_min or wait_max values set apart from the path_wait entities having "wait 0" set.
  13. OK, I'll do that now. Thank you! Got it sorted. Building now.
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