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  1. Have you tried setting this in darkmod.cfg in place of 'seta s_device "default"'? I have the same named audio device and had to set the following manually: seta s_device "HD-Audio Generic, ALC1220 Analog (CARD=Generic,DEV=0)" If that gives you audio, it's through ALSA and will not share with pulseaudio but for one active output. In other words (especially for those mapping with DR), while running TDM audio output will be only from TDM. So you can't test speakers in DR if TDM was run first. Also, if DR is run first and audio is played there, then TDM will have no audio output until after DR has been closed.
  2. After having broken the elevator, and having fixed it again, it's having some issues again. AI sometimes get stuck entering or exiting the elevator. This is not related to pathfinding or m/c issues. When that was happening, the AI would go through their path motions even though they couldn't reach them. What is happening now is AI simply not loading onto or off of the elevator, thus not continuing with their path. The player can help by calling the elevator to another floor, causing the AI to re-call the elevator and continue on their merry way. It seems that the more elevators and mover_multistate platforms are in the map, the worse the behavior gets (nope, that wasn't it), and I added another mover_multistate to the mission, not even near the existing paths of the AI or elevators. This was first another func_elevator, but the AI all had immediate problems loading onto the existing elevators. When this new thing was changed to a mover_multistate, the AI started using the elevators in a more reliable manner. But they still sometimes get stuck. EDIT: Progress is being made with the elevator. I have edited the Y and Z origin values for the multistate position entities and the elevator is working much better. I think I got the Z values set fine, but the Ys need some fine tuning. On the last build I did not see any issues with AI using the elevator. So: I will make a copy of the mission and experiment with redesigning it with only one 3-floor elevator, preferably near t he middle of the building. I'll delete the elevators at the west and east ends and try the central elevator only. The balloon was always an 'atdm:mover_multistate', and now is a new item I added which I am not willing to remove. So... the elevator likely needs to be moved. I can't release the map with the AI getting confused over whose turn it is to press a button or step onto/off-of a platform. EDIT: I did remove the 2-floor elevator in favor of stairs, despite having made improvements to the 3-floor elevator.
  3. I put quirky little things all over the place. Thanks for the encouragement Since I'm in the process of a final major update of the mission's aesthetics, I'll be sure to put some more little things here and there.
  4. How about 2021? Likely early in the year or late 2020.
  5. Keep my "Pagan Tree Village" listed, please. That is in semi-active development, and will be fully active upon the (yes, FINAL) release of Siege Shop 5.0.
  6. How about a main forum topic for "TDM in the news", where a pinned thread for PCGamer could exist alongside other threads for media coverage?
  7. Scratch that last post claim of 1 week. Time flies faster than I realize. Also, I have a few more ideas which I feel need to be incorporated into version 5. I also need to experiment with the elevator call positions a bit more. AI are sometimes hesitant to step onto the platform after having called the elevator to their floor. Since I will be re-doing the cave at the beginning of the map, it would be a good time to re-do the cliff walls as well. The player will require more hiding places in the outdoor area, due to changes with the way things are illuminated. Some creative landscaping is due to accommodate this.
  8. FYI, everyone, I'm likely about 1 week (yeah, right) away from Siege Shop v. 5.0 (Beta). This will be the biggest re-design since v. 3, and the final version of the mission (sans bug fixes for future TDM releases). I just need to make a new cave area for the player to pass through, finalize some lights, adjust some AI paths, and finish modifying/decorating about 3 or 4 rooms. I also have some fancy furniture which needs to be replaced with some rougher furniture. Readables will then be given a once-over and it will be ready to release for Beta testing.
  9. I have so many missions to catch up on, I can't decide which to play first. These reviews will help.
  10. 'bureau_door_frob_controlD2' is the name. Yes, the frob control makes the items frobable when the door is open and not when closed. The door itself was clipping the frob control brush, causing the door to become unfrobbable when it was closed. So if the key wasn't grabbed while the door was initially open, it can't be retrieved. All oil lamps have been replaced, but not all with lights which can be extinguished. That may change, but some parts of this map will be easier while other parts will be more difficult.
  11. Allow me to re-post what I already posted. That part about the door becoming non-frobable applies to all contents of the desk as well. It has been fixed. This fix will be in the next release, which will be relatively soon.
  12. I'll check into all of this. I'm likely a week away from having a beta ready, so all of this will be addressed soon.
  13. One of my AI bashed his head last night on the elevator which was never broken. It was one of those cases which I need to address where an AI leaves a path network and then chooses to immediately re-enter it. This AI, the cook, came down the elevator and stepped off, turned around, and stepped on the elevator again. Then he activated the switch for the upper floor before he had even walked all the way onto the elevator. (Maybe...I might be mistaken...) This caused him to bash himself upon the upper frame of the entrance to the elevator. I guess he learned his lesson, because he turned around again and stepped off the elevator and continued on his normal path on the lower floor. I guess he gave up on the second floor with a raging headache.
  14. Ahhh! But of course! I did make changes to the bookshelves, replacing simple shelves with full bookcases. And I have been lazy and right-clicking on models and choosing to surround with m/c. I have not been extending those to the ceiling, though I had when originally making siege. Thank you in advance. I'm sure that's it... about to find out. And thank you after having fixed the problem. I will be much more careful with m/c in the future. Now I can get back to making it look better. This would also explain why AI have sometimes been hesitant to exit the elevator platform.
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