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  1. Maybe protection mechanism for fan mission is not bad idea at all, since plagiarism is happening even by a mod hero. It doesn't prevent the author to grant permission and share source files with a person via private chat.
  2. darkmod player controller is pretty suitable for highway & rooftop missions, yet there are very few missions on this.
  3. I heard antidepressants are good for treating ocd. my two cents.
  4. http://www.sonniss.com/gameaudiogdc2017/#
  5. pack1 is available via torrent. Thanks
  6. . I couldn't progress at all in a week. I demand a forum badge: participated in all contest and failed all the time...
  7. I'll participate with a simple map. Start time: Now! End time: God knows, but hopefully before deadline.
  8. An error occurred You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day
  9. I didn't like this, I love this! it looks so good in game
  10. you are making a great work RPGista. I believe you'll boost the process of replacing d3 assets to get darkmod stand-alone. Sweat.
  11. very very nice lighting. It looks to me a work from a level designer in the industry. Seriously, decoration & audience are also very good placed. My only concern is, what will happen when player climb up there and strike people? I hope you already considered this.
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